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Pictorial: Women as tuk tuk drivers in Jaffna for the first time

By Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Head Turners ~ Women tuk tuk drivers in Jaffna.

‘There is nothing wrong for women to be tuk tuk drivers’ shares Mary Patricia Pushparajah

Renuka Thuraisingam on the road in Jaffna while beating the unbearable heat

Holy ash to bless a brand new tuk tuk

“I lost my husband in war.Decided to be a tuk tuk driver to feed my children” ~ Kavitha Satheeswaran

Their spirit is high

“I am a single woman. I’m ready to face the challenges” shares Tharmini Visvanathan.

One of the donors who donated a tuk tuk to a woman in Jaffna.

Mother Mary and Jesus Christ on the front glass of one of the tuk tuks in Jaffna.

Despite the challenges in society they have decided to be tuk tuk drivers in Jaffna.

Hindu idols are kept in one of the tuk tuks in Jaffna

It’s the first time women have taken the job as tuk tuk drivers in Jaffna

Women tuk tuk drivers in Jaffna

Beautiful Sunset in Chulipuram|Jaffna ~

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