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Video: Lifestyles, living conditions and livelihood challenges

Struggles of Upcountry Tamils, Jaffna Muslims and Tamils in High Security Zones

Jovita Arulanantham presents reports featuring , living conditions of upcountry Tamils, Muslim returnees in Jaffna and families returning to High Security Zone in Tellippalai; the reports were recently aired on ‘Connections’, a TV series from Young Asia Television:

The all Island Population and Housing Census held after 30 years this year, revealed much about the lifestyles and living conditions of Sri Lankans living across the country, including the Upcountry Tamils whose concerns and aspirations have mostly been overlooked throughout history.

Former residents of New Moor Street in Jaffna, who were evicted from their homes by the LTTE in 1990, make their return back home.

However their return too is hindered by poor facilities, where one of the main obstacles they face is in continuing their livelihoods due to the still imposed restrictions on trade.

Families return to their village in Tellippalai which is part of a former high security zone in Jaffna.

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