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President must intervene and scotch attempt to remove Tamara Kunanayakam from Geneva

Tamara Kunanayakam during a presentation

by Prolanka

Tamara Kunanayakam, Sri Lanka’s former Permanent Ambassador to the UN, Geneva, was compelled on to another posting, much against her wishes, and as far as is known without any valid grounds for such a move.

The President must intervene and scotch the attempt as Ms TK’s performance on behalf of Sri Lanka, at the UNHRC Sessions in Geneva, March 2012, was a performance par excellence and she outshone, in my view and surely in that of many others, all the other Ambassadors, Envoys, Representatives and who even else, gathered there and arrayed against our country.

The case she made in defence of Sri Lanka, showing also that attacking your opponents is sometimes warranted as the best form of defence, instead of mere rebuttals and fence offs, surely played no small part in 23 countries refusing to support the mighty, powerful (what else) USA’s Resolution against Sri Lanka

It seems that envy, jealousy is treading the corridors of the M/External Affairs to a virulent degree. No doubt career officers must get their due place in the Ministry’s hierarchy and postings, but some outside talent, real talent can certainly enrich its performances. Ms Kunanayakam clearly displayed that she is one who can handle key positions in the Ministry, not merely well but outstandingly, and could give as well as she gets. She gave as good as we got from the West.

Besides the need to recognize the aspect of proved brilliance in the performance of her brief at Geneva and her work in the Ministry, and as Ambassador abroad, there is also this to be pointed out to the powers that be. In the face of her performances as stated above, it would be an act of deep ingratitude to move her against her wishes, and without any valid reason (as known) to another posting, that too so soon after her Geneva feats.

There should be no repeat of what happened to Dr Dayan Jayatilleke, our current Ambassador to France after a like performance by him at Geneva in May 2009. We may have been able to tip the scales at Geneva 2012 had he too been included in our Delegation, instead of some of the ‘passengers’ that were. We may assume, nay, must assume that H.E, the President will recognize this aspect and scotch the envy- ridden manoeuvres that reportedly are the order of the day in the M/EA.

One Lesson to be learned from Geneva 2012. The Govt must not only be re-active’ but also have done other admirable things like stridently pointing out that our Accusers, have been the worst offenders as regards the Human Rights violations, moving a like Resolution as moved against Sri Lanka, against the West.

The mechanics must be worked out by the M/EA. One supposes that the support of the Non-aligned countries, our Asian neigbours, and other friendly Govts. must first be canvassed, and much other preliminary diplomatic and other work done to determine the chances and feasibility of such a counter Resolution. But why would it not be possible?

The usual “geo political realities” and “economic realities’ bugbear? Yet there’s nothing like a try, but astutely.

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