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Three rehabilitated youths allegedly released last year are still missing – Mano Ganesan

Pic courtesy of AlJazeera-In Vanni-Aug2011

Three Tamil youths who had undergone rehabilitation and were to be released last year are yet to reunite with their families and are reportedly missing.

Mano Ganesan leader of Democratic Peoples Front and convenor of Civil Monitoring Commission has writtent to Chandrasiri Gajaderra,minister of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms on the matter.

The full text of the letter is reporoduced below-

Hon. Chandrasiri Gajadeera
Minister of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms
Ministry of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms
35A, Dr N M Perera Mawatha, Colombo-08.

My dear Minister,

1. (Mr) Kerbert Morino Leon Roxy of Alambil, Mullaitivu

2. (Mr) Savarimutththu Anton Hudson Lorantine of Kanagapuram, Killinochchi

3. (Mr) Murugesu Muruganandan of Murasumottai, Paranthan

This is in reference to the reintegration event under the theme titled in Sinhala as ‘Ekvemu Sema; Nagamu Rata’ ( Let us get together and build the country) held at Temple Trees on 30/September/2011.

This function was presided by HE president Mahinda Rajapaksa with state officials. I am told that High Commissioners, Ambassadors and officials representing USA, India, Britain, France, Australia, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, China, Japan and many other foreign Dignitaries provided credibility by their respective participations.

Local and international media described the function as the ‘demonstrative event of the government’s good and genuine intentions in addressing issue of the detainees’

Government information department said, ‘Ex-LTTE cadres underwent a two year rehabilitation programme at 24 rehabilitation centers in north and east’. BBC report said that ‘1,800 rehabilitated rebels released on Friday, Sep 30th after having rehabilitated with skills development’. It also quoted state officials having said that a delay in readiness of issuing skills certificates prevented the ex-cadres joining the parents the same day, but it would occur in a ‘matter of days’.

Dear Minister, photographic details available with me clearly indicate that above youths participated in this reintegration event. They were supposed to be integrated with their respected families within some ‘matter of days’ after the 30/September/2011, according to the government declaration.

However, to the agony and disappointment of the parents and family members, the rehabilitated youths have not gone home with their families. It is not only the case. The voiceless parents are being denied the information on the whereabouts of the detainees.

These youths -according to the parents- were forcefully abducted by LTTE in year 2008 and within 15 days they managed to escape and surrendered to the army in Mannar. The parents have not seen them since then. Therefore they have gone missing for the last five years.

Colombo diplomats and members of the international community were invited to grace the event. But these parents with whom the above rehabilitated persons were supposed to be reintegrated or handed-over, were NOT invited to the reintegration function held on 30/September/2011.

Generally the Tamil parents were told that they can take charge of their dear ones. But not all the rehabilitated persons were integrated with the families as proclaimed. I have the issues of these three persons. There may be others also. We are now checking it.

I do not know if the Colombo diplomats who participated had any prior information on the actualities of this event. I have decided to communicate with them separately on this.

The event had been photographed by Mr. R.K. Radhakrishnan for The Hindu newspaper. Colombo daily Sudar-oli had obtained the photograph from a report posted in with the photograph.

The parents have come to know the survival of their dear ones only through this media photograph. The distressed family members of above three persons have today handed over relevant details to me. They are now seeking my assistance as the Convener of the Civil Monitoring Commission (CMC) in tracing their dear ones

I am now formally requesting you, the minister responsible for the subject. Please be good enough to enlighten me on the whereabouts of the rehabilitated persons who were present at the reintegration event under the theme titled in Sinhala as ‘Ekvemu Sema, Nagamu Rata’ (Let us get together and build the country) held at Temple Trees on 30/September/2011.

Please also be kind enough to prevent any unnecessary harassments, if any to the family members who have sought my assistance.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Mano Ganesan

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