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Dayan and Tamara targeted by External Affairs Ministry cabal selling out the country to US

By Surendra Ajith Rupasinghe

The Summary dismissal of Ms. Tamara Kunanayagam from Geneva, along with a concerted attack being launched against Dr. Dayan Jayatileke and Tamara Kunanayagam accused for being responsible for the defeat over the US-led resolution, is part of a veritable coup d’état being hatched by crony upstarts in the Ministry of External Affairs.

It signifies a wholesale capitulation to US and Western Imperialism led by this cabal, backed by the Mahinda Rajapakse Regime, and the President himself.

The defeat in Geneva was orchestrated and manipulated by this very same cabal, whereas Tamara and Dayan are on record for their exemplary and intransigent opposition to the US-led imperialist diplomatic-political aggression.

Mahinda Rajapakse has played this game of deception for too long, pretending to be an ardent, cream of the crop, true-blooded, anti-imperialist patriot. Yet, it is he who sold out the country to US imperialism during the ‘patriotic’ war through the “Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement”, which has already provided the US with free access to all military facilities on call-on land, air and sea.

Everyone, except the deluded Sinhala-Buddhist masses, knows that the Mahinda Rajapakse Regime is entirely dependent on the World Bank and the IMF to finance his neo-liberal Capitalist project, adorned as the “Miracle of Asia”. He simply tried to juggle the Chinese-Russian-Iran-Libya- Venezuela connection to optimize his survival options, and have got caught in a deadly vice.

As it is, Hon G.L. Pieris is in the US to honorably convince the US authorities that the Regime shall not only implement the terms of the Geneva Resolution- although in a homegrown hybrid version-, but is busy in begging the US to invest in the country through trade and other bi-lateral agreements.

He is busy convincing the powers that be that Sri Lanka, under the Mahinda Rajapakse Regime, is quite attuned to the political, economic and strategic interests of the US, and is willing to serve as a neo-colonial outpost in the South Asian region- under the blessings and tutelage of India.

What burns us citizens is the sheer façade- at the tax-payers cost- to mobilize paid lackeys of the Regime to protest against US imperialism, while paving the way for this capitulation, including plans to set up an Israeli-Mossad diplomatic mission- an embassy- in the country.

Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing, but more importantly, where the hell is Wimal Weerawana and Champika Ranawake? What burns all progressive, democratic and genuine patriotic forces is that this capitulation is being done in secret.

The people of Lanka are not aware of these secret dealings. The talk of the possible release of Sarath Fonseka is all part of this deal to bring Mahinda Rajapakse to compromise or to be isolated, encircled and displaced. Sarath Fonseka is a far better bet for the US given that he can be trusted to plug out the Chinese connection and fall in line fully with the US-India geo-strategic agenda, and to command a military-fascist Comprador-Capitalist terrorist State, given only that Mahinda Rajapakse is rapidly losing control.

On his pathetic part, Mahinda Rajapakse is desperately trying to prove to his US masters that he is the better bet and not to dump him, and not to drag him to a war crimes tribunal. Whatever the case, the US has carved out strategic political, economic and diplomatic leverage to call the shots in Sri Lanka.

This is what the attack on Tamara Kunanayagam and Dayan Jayatileke is all about. It is being orchestrated by a parasitic, crony-mafia cabal that has accumulated a lot of political clout by undertaking extremely confidential work and personal favors for the Rajapakse triumvirate and other ministers, bureaucrats, drug barons and political pimps. Some of their clients are heads of illicit financial empires, powerful billionaires, who have served the triumvirate well to the extent that even the almighty Mahinda Rajapakse dares not oppose them now.

It is clear that Mahinda Rajapakse is fatally beholden to this cabal, lest the worms crawl out of the can and cause a deadly, poisonous stink! The vampires, monsters and demons unleashed by him have now come to haunt him to extort their blood rewards. Poor Minister G.L. Peiris, the careerist political lizard par excellence, has now to serve his masters, lest he too will be politically beheaded. So off to Washington to pimp for the cabal!

So, the heads of Tamara and Dayan have to roll to make way for this Mafia. So much for their spirited dedication in defending the Regime and going up against the entire Western Imperialist bloc on its behalf. I have expressed my irreconcilable political differences with the political stand of both these individuals in whitewashing and defending the Regime, but I can certainly vouch for their outstanding professional and moral integrity. I state this with full knowledge of the consequences to my life.

For all those who dream and aspire for an era of peace, reconciliation, freedom and prosperity under this dog-eat dog system better wake up! We are being devoured by predator Imperialist and regional hegemonic powers, aided by blood-thirsty, power-hungry Comprador wolves reining in our country.

The only way out is to unite the exploited and oppressed masses to wage revolutionary struggle to overthrow this rotting and tottering system of imperialism and neo-colonial domination and establish a People’s Democratic State where the people of Lanka shall share this Land and decide their future and their destiny and together claim their freedom.

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