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Channel 4 Video is Fake, Edited and Video taken by Video Camera

BY: Siri Hewawitharana

It seems new Channel 4 video at UN is worse than the previous one even though new video supposed to show old video clip with added drama and whole video is fake with a date indicating UTC 2009-07-15 13 :17:23 and taken by a Video Camera and Not by a mobile phone as indicated.

Siri Hewawitharana - pic:

Worst part is UN’s new Rapporteur Christof Heyns hired a new US based video specialist Mr Grant Fredericks to analyse the video.

I am surprised, with his conclusion, that the video is Edited using Philips editing software and Never Came from the mobile phone since video is using an Optical Zoom which is not available in Any mobile Camera that is available to date.

To me, video editing is so obvious that all it needs is to look into the video end to see more than one video layer, and audio is also not synchronized in with the video as indicated by the previous Channel 4 video…. The technical foot print is identical on both videos indicating it is edited by the same software and by the same idiot.

Also Mr. Jeff S. Spivack is now giving different and conflicting answers but avoiding the main criticism that video is edited using a PC and he uses childish or dishonest analysis saying rudimentary editing possible on a mobile phone cannot do this type of a video… Who is he kidding?

At one part he says the video is edited using Philips software and using a PC and other part he said it cannot be done with the mobile phones editing applications…. How does he answer Mr Grant Frederick’s analysis saying these are high quality video that came from a Video Camera?

What can he say about 17 frames of video that is inconsistent with the original video? This anomaly was created by a new video wrapper that try to create from original video camera to the mobile video format and if you work in this area you know why this happened, except Mr. Grant says he does not know why it happened? It will be cheaper that, UN hire clowns since only clowns speak like that.

To me these are what I call hired guns with an agenda but I would not dignify these people saying they are experts in video. They are experts in downright incompetence or dishonesty that can be bought for 30 pieces of silver….

My technical conclusion that was done with the previous and the present video is almost identical to Mr Grant Frederick’s analysis.

Mr. Siri Hewavitharana of Australia, is one of the world’s leading experts on digital video systems and former head of Cisco’s Global Broadcast and Digital Video Practice division. Mr. Hewavitharana is presently the Executive Director of IPTV Systems in Sydney, Australia


  1. Jaya says:

    Dear Siri

    I see that you are the only person who talks about the technicality of the footage. The government of Sri Lanka could not find other experts to contradict the statement of UN.

    Siri, there are still thousands of evidence living still as the survivors of the war. They speak loud and clear of the attrocities committed by the government of Sri Lanka.

    The missing persons are not missing but they give out living evidence of the murders committed by the Sri lankan forces.

    Dr. Jaya

  2. Mutthan says:

    Here the point is not about the format of the video.

    The initial video might have been edited with sophisticated imaging tools for publication purpose.

    BUT what people with CSI mindset saying was this killing incident was real and it was not simulated.

    Do you get that point? Don’t talk like you know EVERYTHING!

    You are still arguing the makeups! again the main issue here is not about makeup Mr.

  3. Kaz says:

    Does the company Cisco agree with Mr. Siri Hewavitharana’s conclusion? What is the company’a official position?

  4. SriLankan says:

    The fact is that there is a video or videos showing people being slaughtered and killed in cold blood. There are many wittnesses including ex-army personnel testifying against the Govt. There is circumstancial evidence as to the use of heavy armaments and ordinace. These are the real issues.

  5. Merlin Van Tweest says:


    As per your presumption you assert that the video is real, but has anyone considered that this is a fabrication video by the LTTE doctored by the Diaspora to seek revenge for the vanquishing of the LTTE.

    Do not forget that the LTTE murdered in cold blood the 600 policemen handed over to them in the Eastern province by Ranil Wickremasinghe. What is it to stop the LTTE donning Sri Lankan army uniforms and murdering the captured forces personnel and the Diaspora editing and dubbing the audio onto to the original? The technicalities can be argued on both sides and until Channel 4 reveals the origin of the video for verification (incidentally Channel 4 is reluctant to reveal the origins for verification) the outcome is a stalemate.

    Many may say the above is speculation but so is the commentary on the video by Channel 4. Unfortunately the UN human rights organisation look on this video as ‘grist to the mill’ to further their own agenda as they will get short shrift from the political powerful nations aka the USA, Israel, Britain who have performed similar actions but have the political clout and power to stop them in their tracks.

  6. Poor Man says:


    one of the victims in the video was identified as an LTTE news reader. She was previiously listed as killed in combat by the army.

    How does Mr Siri Hewawitharana explain that?

    Also is Mr Hewawitharna the only person who the government is able to rely on for an analysis of the video? The UN got three people to analyse it, does the government have any other experts who can give an opinion? This is to ensure that the interpretation of the technical details are not in some way erroneous?

  7. xsrilankan says:

    This invalid argument,

    “Optical Zoom which is not available in Any mobile Camera ”

    At the start of the program it was mentioned that some video have come from cameras other mobile phone.
    For example hand held point and shoot camera with zoom lens could have been used. They have capability
    to shoot video and cheep.

    Some people have no guts to face true nature of war in sri lanka, trying to defend war crime it self is
    equal to committing the crime.

    Would these people defend, if the women in these pictures are their sisters or wife or their daughters ?

  8. Lion says:

    Mr.Siri Hewawitharane you were assigned or hired by the ….we know …it is the Australian in the UN…..and his Govt …NO???? only to verify whether the video is Genuine or Fake. But you have thought it fit to stretch beyond the limited purpose that you were hired for by using abusive language at people who confirmed that it is genuine. The last paragraph of the letter confirms that ” to me these are what I call hired guns……. they are experts in downright incompetence and dishonesty that can be bought over for 30 pieces of silver” alas!!! Now why was it necessary instead of closing that the video at question is a fake???? DO YOU WANT THE ENTIRE WORLD TO BELIEVE ONLY WHAT YOU SAY ?? You say they were bought for 30 pieces of silver. Please tell us how much you sold your self for…come on do not hide….we know many who have been paid by your masters for barking at MOON and his Panel on War Crime allegations. You know there are EVEN Buddhist priests too in that. You are lucky by living in a western society where democracy is thriving to Bark at people who are genuinely struggling to bring Justice & mercy to people that has been denied by your masters. In Siri Lanka…you know… people vanish without a trace for crossing the line. Some get killed in daylight. You may be aware of Lasantha Wcikremathunge and Prageeth Eknaligoda and there wre many more…. They too struggle for Justice & mercy. But according to your MASTER THEY ARE PEOPLE WHO CAN BE BOUGHT FOR A GLASS OF ARRACK…..NOT EVEN WHISKY THAT YOU DRINK. WHAT A SIMILARITY. But do not tell anyone as it will be a shame on already naked masters you are struggling to save. Your Masters are calling all those MASTERS in their own Fields who have left Siri Lanka to come back and help to develop the Country. Why not you take that offer without being a hypocrite.

  9. rohan j says:

    Wow the normally intellectually impaired are getting clever, I am impressed.

    Now they have two world renowned experts the first being my namesake the world famous professor rohan gunaratna an expert on terrorism who has never never substantiated any of his droppings.

    The second is siri hewawithhrana an so called expert on the affairs of the video who in the last few days attempted to bring life to the embalmed ministry of defence websitee.

    His expert analysis has not been confirmed by another news carrier, I wonder why ?.

    Even the yaks must be bemused by the droppings by these so called world renowned experts. R j.

  10. Ananth says:

    Did you notice that Mr.Fredericks said this mobile phone video capture software was written by a branch of phillips in india. Secondly there are softwares used in mobile devices for editing. If you doubt do a google search. Sorry to say this Mr.Siri Hewavitharana you really look like a clown. I wonder how did you achieve this position as claimed. really funny. Had a heartiest laugh after a long time.

  11. dinu says:

    The Rajapakse regime should stop finding and promoting bogus experts like this Siri Hewavitharana! They also promote the so called Dr. Mervin Silva who harasses people and is a goon with a bogus Ph.D.
    Anyone who has seen the Channel 4 film would know that there is now incontrovertible evidence that war crimes were committed and that Rajapakse had Command Responsibility. The Sri Lanka military did not behaved in such a brutal way and raped women in this way until Rajapakse Bros took over. The SL military behaved relatively well under Chrandrika, Ranil and other civilain governments.
    Rajapakese and his American syblings gave the wrong kind of leadership and are a disgrace to Sri Lanka and should be handed over to the International Criminal Court!

  12. dinu says:

    The Rajapakse regime should stop finding and promoting bogus and fake experts like this Siri Hewavitharana! They also promote the so called Dr. Mervin Silva who harasses people and is a goon with a bogus Ph.D.
    Anyone who has seen the Channel 4 film would know that there is now incontrovertible evidence that war crimes were committed and that Rajapakse had Command Responsibility. The Sri Lanka military did not behaved in such a brutal way and raped women in this way until Rajapakse Bros took over. The SL military behaved relatively well under Chrandrika, Ranil and other civilain governments.
    Rajapakese and his American syblings gave the wrong kind of leadership and are a disgrace to Sri Lanka and should be handed over to the International Criminal Court!

  13. Crazyoldmansl says:

    Dear Siri,

    I can understand your situation but spewing nonsense is not going to get you out of the mess you have got yourself into by believing that China, Pakistan, India, the USA, the UK, the EU and the UN all support your crazy notion that Sri Lanka belongs only to the Sinhalese Buddhists and no one else and that therefore you have the right to drive everyone else out of this island – just like the LTTE did to the Muslims – or kill them if they refused to go.

    Are you trying to make out that because these videos were edited these events that they depict never happened and that they are no more than a movie created by the United Nations Organization in order to bring blame upon itself for having allowed such events to occur despite its having been formed precisely to prevent such events occurring?

    Matters are getting more and more confusing to us civilians who have been told that the government instructed the armed forces to ensure that not a single civilian was killed in the war against the LTTE and who have been assured that our soldiers fought this war with gun in one hand and the UN Human Rights Charter in the other.

    You know very well who told you to tell us that lie. Why don’t you expose these people who told you to tell us this story? Do you thiunk they will save you? And from whom do you want them to save you? They are the very people who are now accusing you of war crimes after having told you and helped you to go all out to destroy the LTTE even if it meant killing upto 250,000 Tamil Civilians.


    No one told us that our security forces were being ordered to kill civilians and bomb hospitals. No one told us that there was worldwide agreement that up to 250,000 Tamil civilians were to be killed if necessary in order to destroy the LTTE. No one told us that our government was being advised to go ahead with this genocidal policy by the very nations that are now shouting about war crimes.

    Let me make one thing very clear. It is obvious that war crimes have been committed and that probably well over the claimed forty thousand Tamil civilians have been killed but it is not the Sri Lankan government which ordered its troops into battle with gun in one hand and the United Nations Human Rights Charter in the other with clear orders not to harm a single civilian that is to blame. On the contrary it is ALL THOSE COUNTRIES AND THE UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION ITSELF which told the government to do whatever is required to destroy the LTTE even if it meant having to kill upto 250,000 Tamil civilians that bear the guilt for this ugly genocidal event.

    It is Ban Ki Moon who should be tried for failure to act to prevent this disaster…it should be our dearly beloved next door neighbor India who stood by patiently supportive of these killings, it should be China and Pakistan and Israel who supplied the deadly weapons that were required, and it should be America and the UK and the EU who should be on trial and not the Sri Lankan government which was simply doing what all these great nations and global organizations were egging it on to do.

    The government of Sri Lanka must immediately make public all communications it received from all these sources encouraging it to pursue this policy of destruction and show to all the world that it was misled into this course of action by these scheming nations and the UN.

    To these inhuman monsters all I have to say is it is you who happily spurred the government of Sri Lanka on to commit this gruesome genocidal massacre and it is you who bear the blame. It is you who told our government to lie to us and assure us that not a single civilian would be killed while all the while you knew that you were arming and encouraging our government to enter into what would turn out to be one of the ghastliest genocidal massacres of the third millennia.

    Those who are young and sane may be taken in by your deceitfulness but those who are old and mad see very clearly through your sick and deadly games that have only begun. As resources are depleted and the global climate changes in response to rising carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere you will find the ways and means to wipe out up to one in every eight human beings in order to stabilizes the atmosphere, temperature and weather of the planet and allow you to continue with your lustful and greed based lives.

  14. kadphises says:

    Does this fool not realise that issue here is not about what camera was used to take the footage or how it was edited and spliced but about the CONTENT of the footage. Visit , to see the whole unedited version of the footage and then come back and tell us that it is a fake. Listen to the dialogue among the soldiers in the background and tell me it was scripted. Not one Sinhalese person will honestly agree with you. The dialoge here is the clincher. It is so authentic that not even the best playwright could have scripted it.

    I was originally a bit doubtful over a couple of things. The lack of a recoile when the rifle is fired. The victim falling backwards (rather than forwards) when the bullet hits him in the back and also the lack of a muzzle flash when the rifle is discharged. But having seen the entire clip I now think there could have been other reasons for these and that feel the footage looks largely authentic.

    My personal analyses below.

    This was a well orchestrated act where the LTTE leadership in captivity was systematically eliminated. Not a bunch of undisciplined soldiers running amok.

    Listen to the man in authority ordering “Amathara kattiya methanin dan karuna karala yanna” i.e. “All extraneous people now please leave”. Also, the two soldiers who are carrying out the executions dont appear to be enjoying it or trivialising it. They look tense and disturbed. Only one guy in the background is nattering away as if it was something funny. Another chap sees the boy with the face blown away and remonstrates “Who the hell did this? You CANNOT do this… God! I dont know.. One of them is even supposed to be a doctor”

    Below is the Army kill list given on their own web site which lists a doctor Lt. Col Malavaran Master among the killed on 18th May. The News Reader Lt. Col Isei Piriya is also in the list and also among the corpses in the video.

    When one of the men is led on to the field. The soldier who appears to be enjoying it all says “Thats the guy I wanted. (perhaps he showed some insolence) look at him he is even wearing a Yantharaya” To my knowledge Yantharaya talismans are more commonly worn by Sinhalese and I havent seen any Tamils who wear them so it must be quite rare.

    The photograph below shows a group of bound captives. Among them a boy who looks uncannily like the one with half his head missing and also a somewhat fierce looking chap with a wearing a blue saraong and a “Yantharaya” around his neck. So was this the group that was later executed?

    There is another dialogue in the background. A guy relating an incident about how someone left his rifle on the ground to pick up a bottle of water when another leapt at the rifle and fired twice. Another asks “was it one of them?” and he replies “No. it was one of our guys” and concludes saying “If not we all could have died” Its not very clear who leapt at the rifle or who opened fire as the speech is very muffled and unclear. Perhaps someone with better hearing can transcribe this conversation as it sounds quite relavant.

    The Rajapakses seem to have had it all their way since the end of the war. Eliminating those they didnt like. Bullying those who criticised them. Rewarding the sycophants and the mad nationalists. Embarking on Grandiose projects for their own aggrandisement with tax payer money while the war affected suffered in their tents. But the tide seems to be turning. The Indians are getting tough, worker unrest is growing at home and now this video. The sad part is that the country will be dragged through more years of turmoil before the Rajapakses finally succumb to the eventual fate thats awaiting them.

  15. Punchinilame says:

    Let the picture come from any kind of Camera, but were they Acting the
    scene for sake of Channel 4, is the prime question.

    Mr. Siri – you decided to give evidence to the LLRC
    in Camera as you did not want to see the questions raised by the
    Commissioners and your reply, go to the public at this stage?

    You wish to stress that NO WAR CRIMES were committed by this Family Regime,
    in this 21st century as mouthed by a Professorial MP?

  16. Leela says:

    I am sure; everyone agrees that the quality of the video footages that channel 1V showed is pretty good. But I must say; I have enough common sense to smell a rot there.

    For one, hand phones with good quality cameras were very expensive in Sri Lanka before 2010. So much so, a soldier would have to spend twice his entire monthly salary to pay for a high resolution camera hand phone at the time. We all know that all most all soldiers come from poor families. And their wages were hardly enough to maintain their families. In such circumstances, is it logical for a soldier to spend two month salary on an expensive camera phone? Besides, would he carry his expensive gadget to the war theatre and risk damaging or losing it?

    For another, if such a camera was in possession with a soldier, it would have been an outstanding case. And all his buddies would have known it. Assuming this reporting is true, hand-phone cameraman would have being easily identified and arrested by now. And channel 1V would have come to know about it. And, it would have been ‘braking news’.

    Now, not just the Sri Lanka government and the army but an expert on digital video systems namely Mr Siri Hevavitharana, the former head of Cisco’s Global Broadcast and Digital Video Practice division is also rubbishing the entire film footage.

    In such circumstances, promoters of these video footings mustn’t beat about the bush. They must prove their point with proof. LTTE rump has the money. So, they can pay up and get their bogey man out. They must come out with the exact details of the victims and the culprits. Otherwise, only gullible would believe real Sri Lankan soldiers are in this film.

  17. unknown says:

    the thing is vedio footage true or fake the war has targets the tamil civilians.
    its confirm…………..

  18. Memoir says:

    Merlin Mahattaya,
    To support your theory SL govt does not claim yet that at least one SL soldier died of gun shot wound on his back of his head. All SL soldiers are accounted for. So your proposition does not hold water. I do not dispute that LTTE is ruthless.They are worst and they also killed civilians who tried to escape. But that is a different story. Had Prabaharan got his TamilEelam, today he will be in the dock because of this video.

  19. Velu Balendran says:

    You are spot on Crazyoldmansl! Mahinda for sure was egged on by US, UK EU etc. (The recent visit to the North by UK Deputy High Commissioner with his £500,000 aid proves the point. Who underwrote the arms purchases from Israel and Pakistan? Not the US? Who provided the satellite data on LTTE war ships? India or US). Good if it comes into the open officially.

    We don’t know about the 250,000 limit, but certainly Rajapakses were over exuberant with Mahavamsa in one hand and Angarika Dharmapala’s preachings in the other. Methinks they are all after regime change now – too much blood on Rajapakse clan’s hands that will easily taint them too.

  20. An Eelam citizen says:

    please count how many killings recorded in the Mahavamsa itself.
    An Eelam citizen

  21. Terry says:

    Mr. Siri Hewawitharana the Video expert hired by the Govt of Sri Lanka contradicts Prof Rajiva Wijesinha.
    I have been recently commenting in a blog (Lankaweb) where I have been exchanging views and comments with who I believe to be Mr. Siri Hewawitharana (handle name –Sirih).
    Refer to:

    Sirih in one of his comments he refers to one Mr Grant Fredricks a highly respected trial expert of Forensic Video Analysis an honest man, and in his view would give an informed and expert opinion on the authenticity of the video. Grant Fredricks had been commissioned by the Times of London to form an opinion on the first video and had opined that the first video was authentic.

    Prof Rajiva Wijesinha in an article in the Daily News however questions the findings of Mr Grant Fredricks of the first video. Refer:

    Mr Hewawitharana and GOSL MP Prof Rajiva Wijesinghe appear to have different views of Mr Grant Fredicks and his expertise. Who has more credibility C4 or MR GOSL?

    Needless to say I was banned from commenting any further in Lankaweb which comes as no surprise.

    I did comment that Sri Lankan Govt spends far too much time arguing about the authenticity of the video instead of concentrating on if the video indeed was shot in Sri Lanka or if the actors were indeed SL armed forces or LTTE terrorist or persons wishing to discredit the armed forces.

  22. Anthony Peiris-Wattala says:


  23. Navab Nagmutheen says:

    Merlin Van Tweest

    CH has maintained the highest Ethic standared in producing the video and your comments will be a spit in the ocean.

  24. Navab Nagmutheen says:


    They got her raped her and executed around 15th and listed as KIA.

    need we say more

  25. Ma-Rout-Ti says:

    .. yeah, thass right !! and what does Google say about it ? and Microsoft ?

    So there !

  26. Velu Balendran says:

    Here is Mr Spivacks credentials as given by Prof Heyns:

    Jeff Spivack is a Forensic Multimedia Analyst currently in private practice, formerly serving in that capacity with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. In addition to providing forensic video and audio analysis services, Mr. Spivack provides consulting and training services upon request to law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies, and serves as a senior forensic video software certification instructor for Cognitech, Inc., and is a senior instructor of video forensics for Forensic Data Recovery, Inc. in Canada. Mr. Spivack is a member of the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute, is designated by that organization as a Certified Forensic Consultant, and has been qualified as an expert witness on the subject of forensic video analysis in courts throughout the United States in both civil and criminal proceedings.

    Spivack says he was assisted by:

    Dr Lenny Rudin, PhD, forensic imaging scientist at Cognitech, Inc. (conducting peer review with respect to theory and algorithms of video motion analysis and related image processing used in this analysis) and
    Alex Dziemieszko, LEVA Certified Forensic Video Technician (providing a peer review of the methodology and conclusions contained in this report).

    For video analysis they used:
    Elecard StreamEye v.1.1
    Cognitech VideoInvestigator

    What are the credentials of Mr Siri and where and what software did he use?

    He is still harping about some 17 video frames in segment 2 (out of the 2411 frames in the file) which were discussed in the previous report:
    Segment 2 (Frame 71 – 612): As previously noted, an image content [A-B] pixel value comparison reveals that this segment is identical to frame 1 – 542 of VideoDJ.3GP. The graphic/logo present for the final 17 frames of VideoDJ.3GP is absent from this segment. The contents of this segment were described exhaustively in the first report on this subject, and will not be restated for this supplemental analysis.

    The report accepts that possibility and indeed the high probability that the video was edited by rudimentary editing software to delete starting or ending frames and splice up different segments. But no image manipulations are present within segments, hence giving the seal of authenticity. Mr Siri must attack that fact if he can and also find discrepancies of his own rather than borrow the oddities highlighted by Mr Spivack. Anyone who knows optics will know that to have optical zoom a camera must have more than one lens element with variable spacing between them to enable change of focal length. This is patently not present in any mobile phone. So some parts of the image were captured by a camera. Image storage formats may have changed. That is not evidence of doctoring.

  27. TRN says:

    There are many wittnesses including ex-army personnel testifying against the Govt.


    are these ex=army personnel still living in SL or had they taken asylum in the west?

  28. TRN says:

    this killing incident was real and it was not simulated.

    Yes, if so this could have had happened any time before the last phase too? Also the video could be tampered with voices

  29. Speechless Tamil says:

    Hired guns, incompetant and dishonest.Only the SL Govt and it’s hired hands are honest and competant.Wake up Siri.I doubt you are that innocent.YOU MUST BE A HIRED HAND FROM SL Govt .I for one would never say LTTE is not capable of brutalities and/or propaganda which they have prioritised all along.But we as common men and women should look at the big picture.

    The Sinhalese common man, where the military recruits are from has been brain washed BY state propaganda and the likes of Wimal Weerawansa , Pattali Champika , a section of the Buddhist clergy and by the LTTE attrocities against Sinhala Civilians. The prevailing attitude today is Any human being who has no weapons or connections to authority doesn’t deserve respect or human dignity .

    For me this MIND SET is going to be the problem in reconciliation and peace in SL.
    As time goes by, this pervasive attitude will infiltrate every day thinking of people in influential positions at all level and common man.
    Eventually any body who disagrees with the authority will not be tolerated, be it Tamils Sinhalese or Muslims.”
    ALAS Thalibanisation,Polpotism,Prabakaranism/LTTE ism call it what may a” POLICE STATE”.

    Handling of the JVP agitations and the JVP’S own conduct during the 80’s is the prime example.

    Decade ago it was JVP and its supporters, Two years ago it was the Tamils in Wanni,today it’s the workers in FTZ at Katunayake, Tomorrow it will be any body.
    Over the years the Sinhalese common man has saved Tamil lives from the Sinhalese thugs during the anti Tamil riots.
    Now the same Sinhalese masses have been brain washed by propanganda and also driven by LTTE Attacks on Sinhalese civilians.
    A just and fair trial aimed at ALL involved in this should be the need of the hour.
    All those who are guilty must be exposed and brought to justice.
    BOTH on LTTE and SL Govt side.
    Especially the leadership and command/control structure.
    This should include LTTE Brothers KP,Karuna,Pillayan,Pathuman to name a few LTTE WHO are still alive and with SL Govt, the OVERSEAS LTTE rump which provided the money and know how Ie:Nediyavan and co and the SL Millitary command and control.
    Re-educating the masses and building trust between the communities in SL Will require a lot of soul searching and honest introspection.No blame game or scape goating will help.

    All of this will require a courageous leadership with vision ( ON BOTH SIDES OF THE CONFLICT ie:TAMILS AND SINHALESE) to step out of stereo typing and politicking and to be serious about nation building.
    Only then a truely peaceful and conflict free MODERN DEMOCRATIC SriLanka which respect basic human right and the individuals rights for freedom of press ,freedom of expression/speech and freedom to practice once culture and religion if one chooses to be, will be born and prosper.

    Will this ever happen one can only hope.Until then let the Hired hands,Dishonest and incompetant so called experts and spin doctors have a field day and make a quick buck.

  30. TRN says:

    Oh ! Gosh ! u are obviously anti MR but all this u posting here will discredit mother Lanka.

    Tell me one good discipline army that had not used rape in war. I do condemn rape as violence. however this video is showing as if only Sri Lankan army only doing crimes.

    However the agenda of this ch4 video is different now they don;t want deportation of illegal immigrants too .

  31. NAM says:

    Merlin Van Tweest

    Don’t be an apologist, get real and get an independent internationally supervised trail. All the questions and concerns are sorted than could be that could be this. Why Do we have to hide the truth if not happen. GOSL is still presume innocence until proved guilty and let the international process go. GOSL already proved that they are not capable of doing anything locally ( from 1977 to this date, except in the case of Krishanthy Kumaraswamy, no such cases prosecuted – thanks to the ounce of vision by then president CBK).

    Would you sit and idle if your son, daughter or wife get killed and your daughter get raped ?

  32. Anonymous says:

    ..hand-phone cameraman would have being easily identified and arrested..

    It seems having a camera at the killing field was not an issue then. You don’t need to have a high resolution camera to make a high quality image though. There are software available to increase the image quality to certain level.

    Checkout how many cameras were used to capture the picture of that fat guy.

  33. Suresh M says:


    I think this video is the work of Tamil film director, and LTTE supporter Seeman.

  34. Rohan says:

    What is wrong with a sole but confident technical expert’s opinion. All other evidence you talk about are subjective. I would rely mor eon the science/technology based evidence.
    Also, I admire Mr. Hewawitharan for his brave decision to say what he believes based on his expertise.

  35. Rohan says:

    I admire the courage of Mr. Hewavitharana to inform what he believes based on his technical expertise. I would take evidence based on technical / scientific data more seriously than these commentors. Can any of you writers challenge Mr. Hewavitarana’s evidence rather than just making comments on this site?

  36. Thakaradappa says:

    How much was he PAID to tell the video is fake?

  37. Anonymous says:

    war crime

  38. Saman_Melbourne says:

    I think all people in Sri Lanka should get justice.
    Siri: I feel sorry for you so as for the MP with the Prof title.

    LTTE is no more. So Sri Lankans can now stand up for fairness and decency without being labelled as LTTE supporters or Eelamists.

    Here are the steps we should support:

    1) Court proceedings in Sri Lanka to punish all these animals who killed and raped helpless fellow Sri Lankans!

    2) If 1) does not work, International tribunals, sanctions and other pressures

    Punishing the criminals, apologizing and compensating the people and telling the truth is the ONLY WAY FORWARD!

    Otherwise, next time Noth Sri Lanka stands up and fight for seperation, we should not be surprised that more and more people from the South would support them.

  39. Ranjan says:

    Probably same amount that the other were paid to say that the video is real.

  40. Leela says:

    You seemed to have missed my request or rather advice to LTTE rump or Rev Emmanuel, the architect of this film footage that I mentioned at the last paragraph of my comment.

  41. Science Vs Arts says:

    Mr Grant Fredericks has no personal interest with neither LTTE or GOSL and has impecable credentials.

    It has been noted with all the Srilankan so called ” experts” and ” academics” that they go for the persons who bring the truth than the truth itself.

    This is why the GOSL is killing all the Journalist to kill the mesengers and not the message.


    Siri Hewawitharana, Contrary to his credentials, I could not come up with any good Writings or publications other than his ” high profile” postings per google search.

    Please post any books, publications by him make him an authority in this field and this will create a healthy environment in the argument that ” he is indeed an authority” in the field of ‘ Foresic Video Analysis” as oppose to video analysis.

    This is my penny thought.

  42. Another criminal in three piece suit pulling wool over the eyes of the world.

  43. Alan says:

    We have inquire with Cisco about his ID ??

  44. Thakaradappa says:

    How much were you paid by GOSL to write this??

  45. Thakaradappa says:

    I would say “trying their best to pull wool over the eyes of the world” IN VAIN. No sane or thinking person in the world believes the lies emanating from these criminals anymore. Their true colors are out. These are all last ditch efforts to protect their behinds, BUT THEY WILL BE CAUGHT AND EXECUTED BY THE WORLD AT LARGE!

  46. kadphises says:

    Another potential criminal who once threatened that Tamils will retalliate by nuking Colombo is commenting.

  47. Hela says:


    “SL govt does not claim yet that at least one SL soldier died of gun shot wound on his back.” A brave claim man. Do you know that there were NO army prisoners were taken when LTTE ran over the three biggest army detachments to fall in Pooneryn, Mullaitivu & Elephant Pass where thousands of soldiers died and later buried by LTTE using bolldozers? What about the 600 policemen summarily executed? In the last phase LTTE could not achieve this feat because they were on the run to save their own skin. To the contrary, at the end of the last phase there were over 11,000 LTTE members including hard core fighters in the custody of GOSL forces. That is the best illustration/evidence that GOSL or it’s forces NEVER had a policy of summary executions of the defeated & captured. For an army who alledgedly killed 40,000 civilians, killing another 11,000 wouldn’t have been a problem. Wouldn’t it?. The lies are exposed for everyone to see though they don’t want to acknowledge and are acting like those proverbial monkeys.

  48. Hela says:


    What BS! C4 cannot answer Siri’s questions. The problem is Siri is a Sinhalese. C4 and others have arrogated to themselves the roles of the judge, the jury and the executioner. The verdict has been passed long time ago. Therefore there is no point for SL in trying to defend. We have been pushed to the wall on numerous occassions during the last 2,500 years. Yet we have faced those challenges and survived. There is no difference this time too. The people must be united and face this challenge to their survival like they faced the terrorists during the last 30 years.

  49. Hela says:


    It is ok for journalists to use whatever technologies available to create a story and sensationalise it. It stops at that……a sensational story. It cannot be evidence of war crimes and what not. Siri’s argument is all about the validity of the video asevidence.

  50. Hela says:

    It is a movie crazyoldmansl. You can create one for yourself by downloading what are already in the Youtube. You only need some editing software that can be bought off the shelf for few dollars. You can show over 1,000 GOSL soldiers killed in Mullativu camp dead in their trenches as unarmed LTTE summarily executed by SLA while trying to surrender.

  51. Cyber6 says:

    Mr. Siri Hewavitharana, No pun intended, but Grant has more credentials and experiences in the field of Forensic Video Analysis than anyone in the world. The man is an instructor at FBI Academy in VA, LEVA instructor, former police officer and I could go on. You should stop right there, and listen to him, he has more weight than your Cisco experience. I`m sure Mr. Frederick knows that there are no optical zoom in phones. FYI: the entire C4 documentary video wasn`t shot with a mobile phone, there are videos that were shot by Tamil journalist, individuals with handheld cameras and so on. The one that C4 is grilling SL is on those execution videos shot on a phones.. Please see full video on Col. Ramesh and interrogation on you tube.

  52. Ananth says:

    Mr. siri Hewavitharana is one of the world’s leading experts on digital video systems and former head of Cisco’s Global Broadcast and Digital Video Practice division. Mr. Hewavitharana is presently the Executive Director of IPTV Systems in Sydney, Australia

    He says
    “……and Never Came from the mobile phone since video is using an Optical Zoom which is not available in Any mobile Camera that is available to date”

    So what is this???

    This does not mean it was shot by the said camera but the question is about expertise.

  53. Appuhamy says:

    Did anyone listen to the voices in this footage? Why are the orders given in Tamil? Why should the so-called Sri Lankan military personnel depicted in this footage speak in such fluent Tamil with each other? Didn’t the Channel-4 idiots know that Tamil and Sinhala are two different languages? Channel-4 seem to have screwed up this one big time!

  54. Ananth says:

    Looks like you don’t know both Sinhalese and Tamil.Take your daily dosage and go to sleep.

  55. Patriot says:


    This phone is not even released in sept 2009 and war finished in may 2009… Pls. read the article before you mail it. There were no optical zooms on mobile phones until late 2009..

  56. Patriot says:

    Grant is a demonstrator in the UNi and not a lecturer or staffer in the uni.. In that Uni you need Masters to teach..
    Siri is much qualified in his field and one of the top experts in Video standards and also sat on first DVB committee when the world DVB standards was created in late 80’s. His own company AVS/ Tekniche is top broadcast video company at that time based in Surrey and won two Emmy awards for video convertor ( that converts tv standards) and 2nd Emmy was due to his world first Film to video machine that was more than 1 million pounds at that time.
    He is quite wealthy and now teach the subject and help young engineers in this field.

    How do I know him ? He used to teach me…

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