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Indian policy towards Sri Lanka does not seem to be working

By International Crisis Group

India has long been the country with the greatest influence over Sri Lanka but its policies to encourage the government there towards a sustainable peace are not working. Despite India’s active engagement and unprecedented financial assistance, the Sri Lankan government has failed to make progress on pressing post-war challenges.

Government actions and the growing political power of the military are instead generating new grievances that increase the risk of an eventual return to violence. To support a sustainable and equitable post-war settlement in Sri Lanka and limit the chances of another authoritarian and military-dominated government on its borders, India needs to work more closely with the United States, the European Union and Japan, encouraging them to send the message that Sri Lanka’s current direction is not acceptable. It should press for the demilitarisation of the north, a return to civil administration there and in the east and the end of emergency rule throughout the country.

New Delhi’s relations with Sri Lanka in the two years since the defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have had four main priorities:

-providing humanitarian assistance to displaced Tamils in the north and east;

-supporting major development projects, primarily in the north, with concessionary loans;

-pressing the Sri Lankan government and the main Sri Lankan Tamil political alliance, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), to work towards a negotiated settlement of ethnic conflict through the devolution of power to Tamil-majority areas in the north and east; and

-encouraging greater economic integration between the two economies.

India’s approach has so far paid only limited dividends. Deepening militarisation and Sinhalisation in the northern province have increased the insecurity and political marginalisation of Tamils and are undermining prospects for inter-ethnic reconciliation. The government continues to resist any investigation or accounting for mass atrocities in the final months of the war. Democratic governance is under sustained assault throughout the country, as power is concentrated in the president’s family and the military; attacks on independent media and political opponents continue with impunity. Even on Indian-sponsored development projects and economic integration, the Sri Lankan government has dragged its feet; for example, construction has begun on only a handful of the 50,000 houses India has offered to build in the northern province.

While officials in New Delhi admit they are frustrated, India remains hesitant to press President Rajapaksa’s regime very hard. This is due in part to its history of counter-productive interventions in Sri Lanka. India’s misguided policy of arming Tamil militants in 1980s significantly expanded the conflict, and its decision to send peacekeepers to enforce the 1987 Indo-Lanka accord ended in disaster as the LTTE fought them to a standstill and later took revenge by assassinating former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991. India’s interventions have made Sri Lankans of all communities suspicious, limiting India’s room for manoeuvre. Many Sinhalese see India as favouring Tamils and as wanting to weaken or divide the country, despite its crucial role in destroying the Tamil Tigers. For many Tamils, on the other hand, India is seen as having repeatedly broken its pledges to defend their rights and protect their lives, especially during the final phase of the war in 2009.

India’s reluctance to put serious pressure on the Sri Lankan government is also due to strategic considerations, in particular its desire to counter the growing influence of China, whose financial and political support the Rajapaksa government has been cultivating. India’s own growing economic interests in Sri Lanka have also tempered its political activism. New Delhi’s traditional reluctance to work through multilateral bodies or in close coordination with other governments – due in part to its fear of international scrutiny of its own conflicts, particularly in Kashmir – has also significantly weakened its ability to influence Sri Lanka.

India, nonetheless, has strong reasons to work for fundamental changes in Sri Lanka’s post-war policies. It has a clear interest in preventing either a return to violent militancy or the consolidation on its borders of another authoritarian government with an overly powerful military. India’s own democratic values and successes in accommodating ethnic diversity should also encourage an activist approach, especially as it seeks recognition as a rising global power with hopes of a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. India’s own restive domestic Tamil constituency, to which the central government needs to respond for electoral considerations, is pressing for stronger action. After decades of actively supporting minority rights and devolution of power in Sri Lanka, India has its reputation on the line. With the much-hated LTTE defeated with Indian assistance, New Delhi should, in principle, have more leeway to push for reforms.

If it is serious about promoting a stable and democratic Sri Lanka, India will have to rebalance its priorities and press more consistently and in concert with other powers for major political reforms in Sri Lanka. Parties in Tamil Nadu, in turn, will need to use their leverage with New Delhi in consistent and principled ways, even at the risk of sacrificing potentially profitable political deals.

India’s support for negotiations between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil National Alliance, which belatedly began in January 2011, has been useful and should be maintained. But the immediate focus of the talks and of Indian influence should shift from pressing for effective devolution of power to demilitarising the north and east and rebuilding meaningful democratic institutions and freedoms. This would require:

-re-establishing the authority of the local civil administration in the north and east to oversee development and humanitarian assistance without interference by the military or central government;

-holding the long-delayed election for the Northern Provincial Council;

-publicising the names and locations of all those detained on suspected involvement with the LTTE (including those in “rehabilitation” centres);

-expediting the release of land currently designated as (or operating as de facto) high-security zones; and

-removing arbitrary restrictions on political activities and on the humanitarian activities of local and international NGOs.

India should monitor its projects in the north more closely and insist, along with other donors, that they effectively empower local people. India should insist on working through the newly elected local governments and, eventually, with the Northern Provincial Council. To make this possible, India will need to coordinate more closely with Japan, Western donors and international development banks. Together they have the political and financial leverage to influence the Rajapaksa administration should they choose to use it. India should revive its idea of a donors conference to review post-war progress and to push the government to demilitarise the north, lift the state of emergency and relax anti-terrorism laws.

In New York, Geneva and Colombo, India should publicly acknowledge the importance and credibility of the report by the UN Secretary-General’s panel of experts on accountability and should support an independent international investigation into allegations of war crimes at the close of the civil war in 2009. At the same time, it should send strong, public messages to the Sri Lankan government on the need for domestic action on accountability. It should also work towards the establishment of a truth commission that would examine the injustices and crimes suffered by all communities, including those committed by all parties during the Indian army’s presence in northern Sri Lanka in the late 1980s. Acknowledging the suffering of all communities will be necessary for lasting peace.

India should broaden its political agenda from focusing solely on devolution and ensuring the rights of Tamils. Without a reversal of the Sri Lankan government’s growing authoritarianism, centralisation of power and continued repression of dissent, any devolution will be meaningless and the risks of renewed conflict will increase. India’s longstanding interest in a peaceful and politically stable Sri Lanka is best served by strong messages to Colombo to end impunity and reverse the democratic decay that undermines the rights of all Sri Lankans. By raising political concerns that affect all of Sri Lanka’s communities, India can also counter suspicions among Sinhalese and eventually strengthen its hand with the government. This will take some time, but the work should start now.


  1. SL says:

    “It should also work towards the establishment of a truth commission that would examine the injustices and crimes suffered by all communities, including those committed by all parties during the Indian army’s presence in northern Sri Lanka in the late 1980s. Acknowledging the suffering of all communities will be necessary for lasting peace.”

    This is where ICG went off the track. No way India will support this without facing a huge backlash.

  2. sr says:
    “If I(the President) make any devolutionary concessions to the Tamils, it will be curtains for me.”

  3. Chaminda Tilakumara says:

    Dear ICG,

    Please state what rights are specifically denied to the Tamils that is NOT denied to other communities in Sri Lanka.

    Look at the way Muslims have become a very influential and a successful community. There has never been a Sinhala/Muslim riot in Independent Sri Lanka. They are a shining example of how an ethnic minority community should conduct themselves. Tamils should learn to integrate in to the Sri Lankan society just like the SL Muslims and all other communities have whilst keeping their unique cultural identity. So, why can’t Tamils be like everybody else?

  4. Suresh M says:

    Indian policy towards Sri Lanka does not seem to be working, because their real focus is on CEPA (economic integration between the two economies).

  5. Bharath says:

    I have a feeling Rajabakasa know The west will invade Lanka soon to arrest the War criminals. They will do all badthings the same way Madman Cadaffi did before Allies bombed Libya
    If they can invade Libya ( much bigger and powerful country than Lanka)
    Lanka is nothing . Lanka does not have oil, nothing there except Ravanas ( Ugliest Race in the planet)
    West is waiting patiently for Lanka to respond of UN report if no respose ten country will be attacked and all criminals will be arrested or killed incuding the King Rajabakshe

    China or Russia can not do jack at all
    If They coukld not help Gadaffi why you expect them to support Lanka

    Congress I is in big big mess because of our Great Subramaina Swamy ( Janatha president)
    Spectrum scandal ( over 40 billion dollars) is going to make PM to Resign
    I honestly believe BJP will score points
    Most of the BJP are Hindu fundamanatlists . JJ is friendly with BJP
    The issue about Lanka is Hindus were killed by Budhists . Modi and other BJP folks could make a big mess to Lanka also
    The bottom line for Lanka is not how and why but when ???

    This tiny island will be invaded soon to get justice for Tamils

  6. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    What a load of crap Chaminda.

    Some of the worst riots have been Muslim Sinhala riots, one even recently in Mawanella.

    My muslim friends in SL are complaining about Sinhala extortion, even today.

    In my presence and in the presence of a former SL Foreign Secretary I have heard extremly racist statements by Sinhalese about Muslims.

    I routinely here racist statements against muslims in many areas in SL.

    You guys live in some utopian world, how the Sinhalese are angels…….do a search on the internet about Muslim riots in SL

  7. Freevoice says:

    You are keeping on repeating this comment on Muslims. The violence started against them. The successive regimes were continuously busy suppressing the Tamils who helped the then Sinhalese racists in the legal battles. Once it is done with the Tamils who were fairing well before – next will be the shining example you pointed out! – well unless the masses are woken up! – including yourself!

  8. Chaminda Tilakumara says:

    Yes correct, amongst other things supporting Tamil racist & LTTE-terrorist agendas is not top priority for the Indian government.

  9. Kalu Albert says:

    So, MS Louise Arbour knows what is good for India than Dr Manmohan Singh.

    India under Dr Singh is going full bore to lift the Economy of this ancient country, which has the second biggest population and the biggest population of poorest in the world.

    If not for the mediocre and corrupt leaders in the States, Dr Singh would have brought quicker growth and deliver the resultant benefits more efficiently among this ocean of poor..

    Srilanka, although only a minnow in land mass, but an important cog in the Economy of India has benefited immensely from the Leadership of DR Manmohan Singh.

    And MS Louise’s Arbours advice to him . “stuff Srilanka” Do what we want you to do.

    Funniy enough the warnings about the major repercussions, if India does not follow MS Arbour’s advice is a new Violent Militancy.

    May be LTTE Mark 11.

    Does MS Arbour know any sinister moves abraod leading to such a serious threat to Srilanka that will engulf India?

    May be the RAW is not up to speed as much as the INTERNATIONAL CRISIS GROUP.

  10. Dr Mervyn Silva PhD says:

    Chaminda Tilakumara

    If you haven’t learned any lessons in the past 63 years you are not going learn in the 63 years. So why waste time asking ICG?

    Mahinda’s close relative is a very rich Tamil person who fixes things for the family. Would that make all the Tamils rich and well connected? Of course when people who have everything, power and wealth to loose always forged close relationships and made class compromises.

    The problem in Sri Lanka is that the working class is divided on race(?) language lines. This suits the rich, powerful and the corrupt to continue their rule. Sri Lanka is a fuedal Democracy and it behaves the way it does where you find more loosers than winners.

  11. Dr Mervyn Silva PhD says:

    India’s long term objective seems to be completely different to what you suggest. The CEPA, proposed defence agreement, and other miscellaneous goodwill measures are the tools with which India believes it can achieve its long term objective in Sri Lanka and in the Indian ocean.

    India is building upon what it had already achieved so far, namely the revitalising of its Indo- Sri Lanka pact, obliterating LTTE, bringing some order to its back yard, increasing Indian Investments, asserting Indian ocean as India’s ocean, etc.

    However Sri Lanka will go through a painful process of accepting Indian domination and eventually relinquishing it’s so called “Sovereignty” to Greater Bharat as the “Sinhala State of India”.

    What it means is that every aspect of Sri Lankan life will be decided in New Delhi and not in Colombo. Mahinda will be crowned as the Chief Minister of Sinhala state of India. The post of Indian Ambassador would be transformed into Governorship. There is a slim possibility that Karunanithy’s son or grandson being appointed to the Governor’s office in the future Sinhala state. After his retirement from active politics Mahinda may be appointed as the Governor of State of Bengal. India might consider appointing Gota as the Governor of Orissa to put down the tribal rebellion and Fonseka as the Governor of Kashmir. Although these are remote possibilities nevertheless a scenario we should take into account.

    CEPA is only a tool among other in India’s foreign policy options.

    I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings for being a proud citizen of the island.

  12. Bruno Umbato says:

    Cry baby cry …
    I thought that these people in International Crisis Group (look at the name, International Crisis, — seems that they are ready for any international crisis) do not need any help from any group or any countries to solve international problems.
    They thought that they can could easily break the back bone of Sri Lanka … Seems that ICG now understand that it is not easy nut. That is why they are trying to get India to get their dirty work done … India is smarter than ICG think … Big egos of ICG are deflating … Sorry guys … Drop Sri Lanka and find a easy nut to break before you are unemployed …

  13. James Chance says:

    FYI – what is printed above is just the executive summary. The full ICG report can be found here:

    Go to the top right hand corner of this page and click on “Full PDF Report”.

  14. Moulana says:

    Chaminda, you guys are really very happy about Muslims. As long as people are submissive they are shining example, becasue according to you Muslims are showing HOW AN ETHNIC MINORITY SHOULD CONDUCT THEMSELVES. But how long you are going to butter them? Guess it is until you defeat Tamils mentally, until the Tamils say that they have no claim to the island, and accept this country belong to Sinhala Buddhists, and accept that Sri Lankan Tamils are just guests here from Tamil Nadu, and are ready to accept and live whatever is offered by Sinhalese Buddhists. Once the Tamils are subdued the shining example, Muslims will once again become Thambiyas, Marakalyas who have come to this little island from Saudi Arabia to rob its GEMS and other resources, and live an affulent life at the expense of the innocent poor Sinhalese Buddhists. But my friend Muslims are no modayas anymore, and Muslims know how to play the mental game according to your standard and win according to internationl standard. Be honest don’t butter to get thing done!

  15. aratai says:


    Muslims never ruled any part of Lanka anytime.


  16. Suresh M says:

    Chaminda Tilakumara, You asked “why can’t Tamils be like everybody else?”. Because we are Eelam Tamils. What part you didn’t understand?

  17. Dagobert says:

    Louise Arbour & the ICG are blinkered and on a secret mission with a hidden agenda.
    On the look out to rake up a stink.

  18. Kc says:

    Only the Rajiv G strategy will work to bring peace in the Northeast: Indian army occupies the NE; SL army is confined to their barracks; Tamililitants are disarmed; self-rule is granted to the NE – if that means this region will have to be brought in the Indian union, so be it. nothing else will ever work in SL****************

  19. Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan says:

    It is becoming increasingly clear for sometime – like in Pakistan – the military here is gradually making inroads into the political base of the Govt. The Govt may not be all out for an open alteration of the demographic pattern of the Tamil areas because of the fear of Indian and donor pressures. But the military men appear to be insisting they set right the wrongs made by more Sinhala administrations than one at great cost of Sinhala army men and this is sacrosanct army territory to which the civilian C-i-C has little say. The battle lines will be drawn sooner than later. We risk the disastrous slide Pakistan took to near-ruin.


  20. Mahesh says:

    That was a good link.

  21. Choelan says:


    You are correct that there was no Sinhala/Muslim riot in Sri Lanka, but there wereSinhala/Muslim riots in Ceylon before independence in 1948.

    A Tamil getleman named Ponnambalam Ramanathan went to UK to stop the riots. If he had not done that Muslims would have wiped out the Sinhalese from Sri Lanka.

    The tamils are paying the price for this stupid mistake made by a then Tamil leader.

    Better you learn the history from your elders.

  22. Thakaradappa says:

    Are you a shining example of how an ethnic MAJORITY should conduct themselves?? If not shut up. Look at the way how a vast majority of Hindus in India accommodate other religions peacefully. And then compare it with the racist bigotry of sinhalas.

  23. Leela says:

    This ICG and like minded groups that backed LTTE in every possible way they could during the Eelam wars, and those that aligned themselves with the LTTE rump to get what LTTE couldn’t think, ‘Indian policy towards Sri Lanka’ should be based on their twisted ideas.

    The Anglo French, the US oligarchy shows India a seat in the UN security council as a carrot and try to use it as a wildcard to check on China. But India knows that is only a game; India knows neither the oligarchy nor its paid agents like ICG can ever be its true friend. It knows its future is with the associations like BRICKS and not with the war mongers, lairs and hypocrites.

    Indeed, we can see clearly that India is making use of fear psychosis of the oligarchy to cement its territorial claims and reduce its vulnerabilities. Upsetting Sri Lanka is the last thing India wants to do at this juncture.

  24. Indian diplomacy never worked and will never work. Why? when you eat chappati and ghee all you end up with is oxidative degeneration of brian cells. I am willing challange any world renowned nutritionist on the subject. All they have are enemies, Pakistan, Bangala desh, Sri Lanka and hostile Tamils. They hate the west but I hate when they come into my office and use my toaster to toast their food as if they are tosting to the whole world.For 5000 years India has been destroyed by the invading nordics, now it is time for the dravidians to take back their nation from the singhalese in the south and the Invaders from the north. The dividing mentality of the Nordics must be replaced with uniting force of Dravidians. It is time for India to change.

  25. Bruno Umbato says:

    Dushy, you are correct in saying sinhalese are not angles .. But, you do forget to mention that they are bad and good as any other race … Just imagine in your much loved cities like London or New York without power for few days … The looting and crimes which would happen in the situation is not a yard stick to measure the general civil society or your much loved westerners .. In any society, there are bad apples …
    Hypocrite western media, NGO’s, Top people in UN, some western diplomats and individual people like you have found new whipping boy – Sri Lanka and Sinhalese. These days they are working overtime under the guidance of LTTE rump to discredit SL. Look at this ICG’s article … They try to outsource India to get their dirty things done … ICG wants “India sends strong message/warnings to SL”, “India put pressure on SL”, “India should monitor” ….
    Can ICG get India to do their dirty work which they pathetically failed to get done? way … India is smarter than ICG think …

  26. Dr Mervyn Silva PhD says:

    Vattukkottai Leela

    My advice to you and your ilk is to learn Hindi, learn fast as there is competition from the Tamils and Muslims. +

    Your country (of Mahawamsa) and its landscape will dramatically change along with growing India’s clout.

    In 1956 Sinhala language was imposed on rest of the people by SWRD B. In 2056 it would be Hindi which you will see creeping through the back door. Hindi will dominate the business,so you better prepare your future genaration.

    Those who cannot share the land its history, heritage, resourses, pain, etc with their fellow islanders will have to learn to live with 1.5 billion fellow human beings with its strength and weaknesses.

  27. Chaminda Tilakumara says:

    Any riots that took place under the British colonial administration should be addressed to the British government. British policy of ‘DIVIDE & RULE’ colonies was the catalyst and since independence the Sinhala & Muslims are wiser and no longer under this spell. It is high time Tamils woke up from this spell.

    At least, teach your future generations that your best friends are your own countrymen for better or for worse. Get them out this cycle of hatred & violence. The West will only use Tamils to further their Western interests and political jokers in Tamil Nadu will fatten themselves with blood of SL Tamils. It is a mystery why you are in this mentality as SL Tamils are much more intelligent and educated than their cousins in Tamil Nadu!

  28. Chaminda Tilakumara says:

    Read the line again “There has never been a Sinhala/Muslim riot in INDEPENDENT Sri Lanka”.
    Any riots that took place under the British colonial administration should be addressed to the British government. British policy of ‘DIVIDE & RULE’ colonies was the catalyst and since independence the Sinhala & Muslims are wiser and no longer under this spell.

    Since you are a subject matter expert: Please state what rights are specifically denied to the Tamils that is NOT denied to other communities in Sri Lanka.

  29. Chaminda Tilakumara says:

    Tamil Diaspora needs to snap out of this inferiority complex they have about themselves -Chill out. Sri Lanka is for ALL Sri Lankans and every inch of this land is the Motherland of ALL Sri Lankans.

  30. Chaminda Tilakumara says:

    Most Sri Lankan politicians are corrupt and scum in one way or another. So are Indian politicians, British & American politicians.

    However, our problems are ours to solve. Our internal affairs are NOT for Westerners & Indians to meddle in. Tamils do not do themselves any favours by carrying tales to India & the West.

  31. Chaminda Tilakumara says:

    You mean invaded?

  32. Chaminda Tilakumara says:

    India is actually learning from Sri Lanka how to decommission terrorists and suicide bombers. It may be worthwhile that you take your proposal to the pro-LTTE Tamils since they seem to be having issues integrating – good luck.

  33. Chaminda Tilakumara says:


    Only fools are the pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora. Any idea why: LTTE massacred Muslims and Ethnically cleansed Muslims from the North had to do with liberating the Tamils from alleged Sinhala oppression?

  34. Thakaradappa says:

    As you said, Mahinda and Goata becoming Governors of Indian States are all remote possibilities. The most likely possibility is those two wannabe lions sitting on electric chair before India takes over.

  35. Thakaradappa says:

    Moulana, you hit the nail on the head. This yak Chaminda is trying to pass on the notion that taking all sh*it from sinhala is how an ethnic minority should behave.

    As you said, the Muslims were next in line to receive the sinhala butcher treatment. Some Muslims were aware of that intention of sinhalas. Muslims were the FIRST VICTIMS of sinhala mob mentality in 1919. But these yak sinhalas talk as if everything started with LTTE. The sinhala plans have backfired because now they are caught in the international limelight with their pants down.

  36. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    Rights of the Tamils are violated almost daily.

    They can’t even have a political meeting without the army barging in and beating them up.

    If you are in Kilinochichi, you have to get permission from the Police before you can leave the area.

    Go to Jaffna and live for a month and you will understand what I am saying…

  37. Moulana says:

    If you have any LTTE friends ask them why they did what they did. I know many, and the explanation they gave I had to accept. Chaminda if we (Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims) have to live in this country as a family the ethnic Sinhalese have to do a lot of homework to learn what went wrong. If you look at us as Arabs and South Indians you will always have that “ETHNIC MINORITY SHOULD CONDUCT THEMSELVES IN A WAY TO SATISFY THE EGO OF MAJORITY, BECASUE YOU DEPEND ON US” attitude. If you really believe we all are Sri Lankans show it to us sincerely. We have our religions, language and our cultures. We are one and the same at the same time we are different and that should be respected. If you give preferred treatment to one particular religion, and colonize our lands, and insult us as foreigners, we will definetely act like foreigners and demand our rights. We should have a safe environment where a ethnic minority could comfortably say I am a Muslim, I am a Hindu, I am a Christian and this is my country and I am a proud Sri Lankan. But do we have that? You say LTTE are terrorists, so be it. They are gone for good why do you want to blame them for all the evils in the island. Think about what you can do to bind them ( Tamils and Muslims) with love. Unfortunately you are working other way around. Arouse the fear factor and make ethnic minorities submissive. Already you have given the message to Muslims, look at the Tamils, well this is what is going to happen to you if you ever try to be smart.

  38. Chaminda Tilakumara says:

    Yes Dushy, I’m not blind to facts you’ve mentioned. Also it seems unfair, the GoSL has security concerns that takes priority over all other Civil Liberty interests. This unfortunately will take time until the two sides are comfortable at trusting each other. That’s just life.

  39. Chaminda Tilakumara says:

    The message given to Muslims was loud & clear. The policy was enforced by ethnic cleansing the North of Muslims and massacring them in Mosques. Well… it wasn’t me who gave that message.

  40. Suresh M says:

    Hey Subramaniam Massillamany,

    I thought Malayalees eat Pittu, Hopper, and Rice like us in the Island.

  41. Dr Mervyn Silva PhD says:

    Chaminda Tilakumara

    If you don’t treat your wife properly, don’t you know your next door neighbours are eager to help your wife for moral and other reasons.

    I agree that “our problems are ours to solve”. Our wars also ours to fight. Why the hell Sri Lankan state and its leaders sought help from India, China, Pakistan, Russia, Israel, etc.

    Mahinda and Prabaharan could have fought their little wars with axe and bows. Both should not have bought war materials from those countries which made handome profits out of killing businesses.

    I agree that “Tamils do not do themselves any favours by carrying tales to India & the West.”

    So do the Sinhalese being “little sister to India”.

    As I have pointed out in these forums earlier, the undemocratic state of Sri Lanka has to rely on external powers to sustain the state itself. In every coup, insurrections, wars India was right behind Sri Lankan Government to help protect the state. So the easy option for stopping advances by other countries in the affairs of the island is to empower the people.

  42. Dr Mervyn Silva PhD says:

    It is India which would most likely to save Mahinda family from War Crime charges. Russia and China have their own interest to protect, not Mahinda’s family interest.

    In India’s case any genuine investigation into Sri Lankan war crime definitely will reach New delhi. Therefore India has its own reason to protect Mahinda and his commanders.

    Electric chair is part of American culture, but the Asians have their own ways and means of dealing with unpleasant issues. India will use its resources to absolve war crimes in sri Lanka.

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