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Movie Star Ravindra Randeniya urges Tamil brethren to ‘rise as one family and people of one nation against Darusman report’

via Dept. of Govt. Information, Sri Lanka

The veteran film star and the popular TV presenter Ravindra Randeniya has said that the challenge we face now because of the Darusman report is greater than the challenge we faced during the war.

At that time we had a known enemy but behind the present challenge there is a force greater than that and it has been camouflaged as a corrective measure. He pointed out that as per the controversial Darusman report the identity of those who have divulged information to the Darusman panel are to be revealed only after 20 years.

Referring to the Darusman report he said that even in the first part of the report they have warned that they could take concerned persons to the International War Crime Tribunal. He pointed out that this is what the UN and Human Right groups did in Yugoslavia, Albania, Sudan and many other countries when they became envious of the leaders of those countries.

The President Mahinda Rajapaksa rightly understood that the perennial problem ruining our country could be solved only by militarily defeating the LTTE and not in accordance with suggestions made by the international forces to find a solution through negotiations, he further said.

Envious of their opinion getting defeated by the right decision taken by the President, he said that the international forces are now turning their guns against Sri Lanka to defeat our President who presented a new solution to them, and to the whole world.

Addressing a media conference recently, Ravindra Randeniya said that after the war we all are now living peacefully, but what they attempt to do is to take us back to the sad situation we experienced during the last 30 years. He urged people to look at things beyond political prisms and look at things realistically and rise against the conspiracy being forced on us by the international forces envious of our development and at the instigation of the terrorist-rump roaming in the western countries.

He especially urged the Tamil brethren of this country to look at the difference of life they now enjoy, economically, socially and on other aspects for the last 1 ½ years and the nightmarish inhuman existence they underwent during the 30 years of war. He said that the President has taken all measures to rehabilitate the displaced, demine the mine-fields and build reconciliation among the communities. He said that irrespective of various differences we should rise as one family and as people of one nation against the challenges being forced upon us through the Darusman report unjustifiably and immorally, in order to reverse the country’s victory back to the sad situation that existed. He said that the Darusman report has overstepped its mandate and has been presented as an incriminatory document against Sri Lanka. He emphasized that the motivation behind the report is to create division among us, to defeat the President and defeat Sri Lanka emerging as a main power in the South East Asian region.

Ravindra appealed to the Tamil brethren who suffered most, made biggest sacrifices, lost members in almost every family to think of the hardships they underwent during the 30 years of war, and take the leadership to defeat the attempts being made to reverse the country to that horrendous period.


  1. eureka says:

    Please wake up, open your eyes and look at what has been happening between the end of the war and the publication of the report.

  2. SriLankan says:

    Film Star turned Govt Politician now talks about the Tamil people. Really what have these people done for the Tamils when they were incarcerated in camps. Now talk about rising up as one?

  3. Jude says:

    Dear Ravi,
    I hope you read this very carefully.You seem to be not in this world.You speak of all living peacefully.Maybe you do, but not the people in the North. Go to Jaffna & see for yourself, talk to those people & you will know whether they are living peacefully or not.
    Also, I presume that you have read the full content of the Darusman report.Would you have spoken these same words if you lost your kin in such gruesome manner. No Ravi,justice should be done though you think otherwise. Acheiving the peace which you talk about is one thing but willfully killing people is another thing.

  4. eureka says:

    The report ruffles you, ill-treating human beings doesn’t?

    Please read the submissions to LLRC too.

    Then you won’t call the Tamils, but you’ll the Sinhalese to serve the Tamils justice.

  5. eureka says:

    Why call the Tamils, call the educators:
    Why education matters for global security, Irina Bokova(Director General, UNESCO) 1 March 2011:
    ‘’ Education must rise on the agenda of peace building. We know the wrong type of education can fuel conflict. The use of education systems to foster hatred has contributed to the underlying causes of conflicts, from Rwanda to Sri Lanka, but also in Guatemala and Sudan.’’
    Why Sirimavo refused to visit Jaffna after 1964 cyclone
    By Neville Jayaweera, 18 January 2009:
    ”…. Building a consciousness of nationhood, or a deseeya cintanaya, is not a responsibility that can be left to politicians and constitutional lawyers. A deseeya chintanaya cannot be legislated, nor can it be secured through structural changes. Unlike a jathika cintanaya, whether Sinhala or Dhamila, which have roots reaching back over two thousand years, the seeds of a deseeya cintanaya have yet to be planted.

    It is pre-eminently an educational task, to be initiated at the level of our schools. It requires a new way of looking at history, and helping young minds climb out of the constraints placed on their understanding by the sectarian myths, legends, and memories that are embedded in their ancient chronicles, whether they relate to their Aryan origins or to their Dravidian origins. This does not mean that children should be ignorant of, much less that they should reject, their rich historical inheritance, but that they should acquire a more global view of history and be equipped with a critical sense that will enable them to stand back and look at their respective narratives more objectively. ….

    Unless and until Sri Lanka can produce leaders who can realize that truth, and are willing to act on it, it will continue to be dismembered by conflict, long after the LTTE and Pirabhikaran have passed into history.”

  6. eureka says:

    The following should bother you more than the UN Panel report even if you can’t be bothered by the inhuman treatment of Tamils. Hope you’ll call the Buddhist prelates urgently about the following:

    Training for University Entrants in Army Camps and at District Level, 3 May 2011:
    The Ministry of Higher Education has decided to make compulsory for all university entrants a 3-week training in army camps (supposedly because they are the only places that can accommodate all the entrants) and then give them 3 months of training in English and Information Technology (IT) at District level.

  7. aratai says:

    In 1989, when Srilankan military murdered thousands for Sinhalese youths, Mahinda went to International community.
    In 2009, when thousands of Tamil civilians killed, Tamils went to International community.

    What’s wrong?


  8. Kaz says:

    The comparison should not be between the last 2 years and 30 years prior to that, but between what rights Tamils and Sinhales have and how the two communities are living since the end of the war. The Tamils are living as nothing but an oppressed, terrorised and silent minority.

  9. John Wayne says:

    Just stick to acting…at which you were quite good! You are not Swazzernager (or whatever his name is) and definitely not a Reagon.

  10. John Wayne says:

    Drusman should have sent the report in Sinhalese for most of our Jhonnies to better understand!

  11. Victim says:

    You mean to say that the Tamils should say that killing their fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, grandfathers, grandmothers, raping their mothers,sisters, wives,daughters, burning, bombing their houses with people insided, burying people alive in their bunkers, destroying their possessions are justified and the PERPETRATORS are their saviors?

    You must be a sadist!!

    Have you been to Vanni before? Have you been to the Vanni now? If you had gone to vanni before and after the death and destruction inflicted by your governemtn, you would realise that the PARADISE these people built over the years with their hard work is now in shambles!! You say that these people are resettled. Living under the trees with few rags over their head is called “RESETTLEMENT” in your vocabulary!!! Snathching their lands and giving it to “sinhala thugs” is developent!!! Building houses for the “sinhala thugs” in order to keep the Tamails under slavery for eternity with the money INTENDED to rehabilitate the Tamils is DEVELOPMENT!!!

    If your government is such a “BENEVOLENT” one as you say, why is it FRIGHTENED about the truth?

  12. Kanda says:

    Hi, Ravi,
    I cannot understand you, espcially being an artist and good reputations asking Tamils to stand up with Sinhalese as one. You were never there when they insisted that the National Anthem should be sung only in Sinhala. In fact, there was a statement by the JHU stating that anyone sings the Natioanal Anthem in any other language violates some provisions of the constitution and should be prosecuted. I was singing the National Anthem in my tender years as taught to me in school and I had some feelings instilled in my mind of the greatness of our country, because what I learnt is still in my mind.

    Just imagine a child who does not understand a word of Sinhala learning by heart those somgs and not knowing what it they mean?

    What you tend to forget is that the intimacy of Tamils and Sinhalese go beyond politics. People like you who are looking for political favours or trying to escape from scathing try to use your name, only to get into the Waste Paper Basket. Nevertheless, given the circumstances, you may get a mar or two. Sadly that is SL!

  13. Victim says:

    As a member of the majority community, who supported the war Ravi can say these things.
    Is he aware of the cruel way this war was conducted?
    Many innocent souls, for no fault of theirs other than living in the Vanni were buried alive.
    Banned weapons were used. Even after the war ended, the military rules the North, and murders,
    kidnappings rape etc.. are taking place with the connivance of the higher ups.
    So who will listen to Ravi. except some who are out to “make hay when the sun shines”.
    Their time for payback is not far away.

  14. Tamilan says:

    Go and fly a kite, Ravindra. We will all unite to throw you Sinhala Buddhists to the sea.

  15. ABCD says:

    What a idiot. Is he saying that the people of the North should support the people who killed, raped and tortured their relatives, parents and children. Second of all why would the international community be jealous of Mahinda Rajapakshe, what a joke! Worst of all why would they be jealous of Sudan, one of the poorest countries in the world.

  16. Kites says:

    Since the dawn of film making, Hollywood has been producing legends. These legends, whether they are actors, actresses, or directors are responsible for taking the community at large and transporting them for two hours into a world that is unlike any they have known. Entertainment is a necessary commodity in today’s world as it is becoming more and more necessary to step out of our own stress-filled lives for a while and envelope ourselves in the usually brighter, more dazzling world of entertainment Hollywood legends.

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