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Local polls show TNA is the pre-eminent entity among the Tamil people

by Dayan Jayatilleka

The TNA’s Northern success, running against the ruling coalition in an area with a heavy military ‘footprint’ means one thing above all else: Sri Lanka remains a functioning, competitive, multiparty democracy.

All thinking and policy within Sri Lanka and about Sri Lanka must stem from recognition of that basic fact. Yet, will the critics of the incumbent administration and of this country grant us that much? Knowing them as I do, I shan’t be holding my breath.

All those who wrote that democracy had died in Sri Lanka with the 18th amendment, not to mention those who cannot write a paragraph about Mahinda Rajapaksa without an obligatory reference to Nazi Germany, should tender apologies to the reading public or at the least wriggle in shame in private, at the TNA’s performance in the Northern and portions of the Eastern province. But again, knowing them as I do, I shan’t be holding my breath.

An emerging ‘pivotal power’, Turkey, much admired for its secularism, moderate Islamic political party and independent foreign policy, has faced a long standing problem of secessionism from its Kurds. Today Turkey is in a better place, not only because of its admirable leadership, but because there is unprecedented space for the Kurds.

Since Turkey hardly has a federal state or regional autonomy for the Kurds, what exactly is that space? It consists of several Kurdish language radio and TV channels, over 30 members of parliament, and many mayors in the Kurdish majority areas.

All this the Tamil people and the TNA have now. This should not be scoffed at, nor should Sri Lanka’s post-war achievement in opening that space and keeping it open.

The election results confirm that which I had told the Archbishop of Canterbury, in the presence of President Rajapaksa, in 2006 or early 2007, when he asked me how sure I was that what I had defined as a Just War, would result in a Just Outcome. I answered that with the North and East liberated by the military from the Tigers’ totalitarianism, electoral and political space would re-open and the Tamil people would be re-enfranchised, enabling them to democratically re-inscribe their grievances and aspirations in the political agenda, albeit within a united Sri Lanka.

Today the domestic geopolitics of the island are clear: the UPFA is the pre-eminent force among the vast majority inhabiting two thirds of the island while the TNA is the pre-eminent entity among of the Tamil people. The UPFA preponderates at the centre, the TNA at the Northern periphery.

This reality is the antechamber to another reality. The TNA cannot dream of another political negotiating partner other than the UPFA. An alliance with the UNP makes no sense because that party lags so far behind, it cannot deliver anything in the foreseeable future, and furthermore, any alliance with the TNA will hurt the UNP’s electoral chances, not enhance them, as candidate Fonseka found out to his cost. The UPFA is the only real game in town among the Sinhalese.

Similarly, no dialogue with the Tamils is possible without the TNA or bypassing it. Any consequential political dialogue must have as its main axis, the UPFA and the TNA.

That second reality results from a third, or bottom line reality. Neither the Sinhalese nor the Tamils can prevail over one another. The Sinhalese could not be pushed beyond a point and they proved it with the victory in war.

The Sinhalese will keep the country as a united territory and the single state, however long it takes, whatever the odds, and whoever the foe, internal or external or any combination thereof. Those located or having regrouped overseas who, having lost the war for Tamil Eelam are trying to regain what they lost by enlisting the support of erstwhile colonial patrons, will learn that what Sri Lanka state has liberated and reunified, it shall hold, under whichever leader, flag or generation and “by whatever means necessary” (Malcolm X).

The Tamils for their part will not relinquish their collective identity and search for dignity.

A sustainable peace is not possible exclusively on the terms of either one or the other community. There will neither be a Tamil state (separate or federal) nor a Sinhala peace over the Tamils. There will have to be a modus vivendi. And such a modus vivendi can only be found along the Buddha’s Middle Path or the Aristotelian Golden Mean between what Sinhala and Tamil nationalism wish.

With the election results we have a new balance of forces; a new conjuncture. It is not and cannot be an equivalence or perfect equilibrium, given abiding demographic realities and the decisive results of a thirty years war. However, it provides a chance for a fresh look and a new realism.

Have we been here before? In 1977 the electoral map was fairly similar, with the UNP enjoying more than a two thirds majority while the TULF dominated the North and pockets of the East. The difference is that the War of Secession has been fought over a prolonged period, and lost. Yet there are lessons to be learnt from the avoidable tragedy that resulted from delay on the one side and delusion on the other. Let us not make the same mistakes again.

Of course, today we are in another place. Any illusions of a separate state as inspired by the Vadukkodai resolution have been burnt or buried at Nandikadal. Any illusions of imposing silence on the Tamils and eliminating their cultural and political resolve have been dispelled by the electoral map that has unrolled with the parliamentary and local government elections. Both communities have thrown their best or worst at each other and both are still standing.

What resilience and resolve! Both the Sinhalese and Tamils should not only be proud of themselves but of each other, because we are inhabitants of one island, and share the same DNA: we are brothers and sisters. What we could achieve together! I am glad we won the war, but sorry we ever had to fight one. Now, we have attained some kind of balance. If the TNA pushes too hard or overshoots the mark, opinion will harden in the bulk of the island, and vice versa.

There can be no solution to Tamil grievances which are unacceptable to the majority of Sinhalese, just as there can be no deep-rooted, peace without Tamil consent. Now is the time to reach out to each other in mutual respect and realism, and establish a durable peace.


  1. SriLankan says:

    Sri Lanka remains a barely functioning, non-competitive, quasi multiparty democracy no thanks to Rajapakse and Co. All credit to the Tamil people that they were not browbeaten by the acts of tyranny nor the seenibola diplomacy af the Govt.

  2. aratai says:

    Just 2 years ago you advised Rajapakse & Co. what they should do to stop TNA from rising again.

    They did not listen. Now you wanted them to make a deal with TNA.

    I don’t think so.


  3. Ravana says:

    Of course this is an insidious argument for establishing the “legitimacy” of all other polls held in this Country. Let’s for a moment believe that this is so and the polls held thus far have been “free and fair”.

    What does that say for the Sinhala majority ? They must be either :

    (a) A bunch of gutless cowards who shamelessly give in to intimidation.

    (b) A bunch of sado-masochists who enjoy living in poverty and deprivation.

    (c) Total hypocrites who say one thing ( constantly grumble about living under this government and vehemently deny ever having voted for it) and do something else ( vote for the Rajapakasas’).

    Well done the Tamil People once again you have what true patriotism and love for your Country means !

  4. acumen says:

    DJ has finally sat under the Bo tree to get his enlightenment. It is reflected in his statement.
    “The UPFA preponderates at the centre, the TNA at the Northern periphery.”
    Sadly, he has abandoned his good friend Douglas whom he advocated previously to head a regional authority in the North & East.
    Ironically, the above statement was the earlier political slogan of Douglas which he has abandoned under the pressure from MR; in Tamil “Mathiyil kootu achi Manilathil Thani atchi” (Alliance at the centre self rule at the region)
    DJ, congratulations. better late than never.

  5. Udurawana says:


    It took you all this long to realise and acknowledge it. Now why not advice King Rajapaksa and goons to not resort to underhand tactics to win over the tamils in the north and the east as they are no fools. The whole world is now fully aware and watching the antics of the goons and they have no place to hide other than in Srilanka.

  6. sri says:

    Dr Dayan

    This is an improved version of your usual polemics.

    But fairly free even though flawed elections do not mean the country is democratic.

    Democracy is what happens in between the elections.

    Sri Lanka in that score is pathetic and is rapidly moving towards autocracy.

    Look at the democratic institutions! -Judiciary! Rule of Law! Governance!

    18A is a serious violation but still is not the first or the last nail on the coffin of democracy!

    It is an on-going process, If not reversed immediately will have serious consequences and make even reconciliation impossible.

    If you are not ready to share power even among your own party or people, how could you do so among other communities?.

    Will you share power with UNP OR jvp?

    Hence a prerequisite for resolution of ethnic problem is reconstitution of all democratic institutions

    The Local Government elections in the North was held in the background of serious allegations of war crimes and the ruling party thought that better defense is to bring the victims themselves as witnesses and obtain their votes in the elections by fair or unfair means and then claim that the victims themselves are not interested in war crime inquiries and that they are only interested in their day to day problems.

    The ruling party violated all election laws and believed their own propaganda and what they had done is sufficient to obtain massive majority.

    They never learnt lessons from the previous Presidential, Parliamentary and the first phase of the local authority elections.

    They knew that rigging the elections is dangerous when the attention of all interested parties were towards the elections and they knew very well that victory in a rigged election is counterproductive and boomerang.

    Yes! it is true!
    Let there be a serious negotiation between TNA and the government on the basis of 13A.

    Any useful input from Mangala Munasinghe Committee,2000 Year Package and APRC report could be considered but without violating 13A

  7. Indonicus says:

    See comrade, you can write sense when you want to!

  8. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:

    The recently held Pradeshya Sabha elections,no doubt demonstrated that reasonably free and fair elections can be held in the north and east now. However, were the majority of votes cast provide any pointers to the future on a national scale? Were the majority votes cast in the peninsula mean something different from the majority of votes cast in the Vanni? Did the Tamils vote mainly in support of so-called Tamil aspirations? Did the Tamils vote against development as a path to their future well being? Are the Tamils in the Vanni giving the message that they have not been rehabilitated enough after the war? Were the voters in the peninsula protesting against the ‘Politics’ being practiced by the EPDP? Did the Tamils endorse the TNA-TULF and reject the UPFA? Did the Tamils reject the UPFA, because of the EPDP? Are the Tamils crying out loud for better governance in the aftermath of the war? Are the Tamils crying out loud for less corruption and less strong arm tactics from their present political masters ruling the roost? Are the Tamils crying out for more empathy and more help as individuals?

    It is not easy to interpret these results, because there are a mixed bag of acute problems facing the Tamils, the least of which are the so-called political aspirations. The so-called Tamil aspirations at this point in time are the aspirations of a vision-less Tamil political leadership and a disaffected, disoriented Tamil Diaspora, craving for power, influence and revenge. Unless it is recognized Tamil aspirations vocalized by these groups are not the immediate concern of most Tamils living in the north and east, the TNA-TULF will be misreading the mandate they have received. The rebuff to the UPFA, should be viewed as a message that it has to change how it functions as a political force in the north and east. The UPFA has to be represented by a group of better men and women, who can be trusted by the Tamils.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  9. samuthra says:

    At last Dayan has written a sensible piece. Until people are asked to accounts for events and people take responsibility to what happened over the years and the regime is sincere it is effort to reach out, I can’t see any lasting peace and prosperity in the island.The regime and Sinhala people should stop behaving with minority mentality, but be confident in dealing with other communities grievances, rather than feeling like being pushed to the wall. Dayan should play his part in explaining and educating the sinhala masses of the need to discuss the issues ( including accountability, responsibility etc). Unless there is an open and honest discussion among the sinhala people, there is no chance to Sri Lanka to come out of the shell and be part of the international community and respected.

  10. lion says:

    Dr.Dayan Jayatilleka – The way you speak the English and Sinhala Dailies of the Country also addressed the masses….THE UPFA HAD A RESOUNDING VICTORY IN THE RECENTLY CONCLUDED LG GOVT ELECTIONS – THE UPFA BAGGED 45 OUT OF THE 65 LG BODIES AND THE TAMIL PARTIES ALSO BAGGED 20 LG BODIES – UNP & JVP HAVE NONE…..the result was nothing but a total rejection of the President and the Govt by the Tamil people. It is an order by the Tamil People to the Govt to stay away from their affairs.

    The JHU, the MESSIAH, the coalition partner to the UPFA, your Govt, let out a barrage of stinking rhetoric soon after the results were announced with the Buddhist Monks. The ORDER goes like this ….Now…Now the Tamil people must develop the North….The TNA should keep in mind to not to drive the Country backwards…hi …hi… AND BE MINDFUL OF THE OVERALL MANDATE GIVEN BY THE PEOPLE TO THE GOVT (who are these people they are talking about) THEY ARE THE SINHALA BUDDHISTS IN THE SOUTH….. The Govt has LIBERATED the areas destroyed by the LTTE …what was the cost ??….. 58,000 voted for UPFA ( who was stuffing of ballot boxes ) while 149,000 voted for TNA which is 34%.( any guess of the current population ) OUT OF A TOTAL OF 435,500 REG VOTERS ?….WOW….WOW…..what an exhaustive DECREE….the BUDDHIST HEGEMONY..


    The Govt was cautious enough to not to resort to their intimidatory tactics as was in the South on all the elections for the fear of exposing themselves….. everyone observed the true Democracy at the last PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION……..Because the true winner is still in Jail….

    Two years have passed but the situation prevalent in the North under the LTTE THEN is still the same with the Govt Military apparatus NOW present in the North..the people still live in fear..and are being one criticize the Govt publicly or otherwise…..they fear of the Night,.. their Children…..

    The spoon is with the President…PLEASE tell your Govt to allocate funds to the Local Bodies for development of the North instead of using arm twisting tactics as in the South….if he is sincere.

  11. ravi perera says:


    Your article is very good. Yesterday Suresh premachnadran has made a statement saying the tamils should be given an autonomous state comprising north & east. This man must be living in a dream world. Even a federal state is out in sri lanka. 13th ammendment with some modifcations for land and police powers should be implemented. Your example of Turkey is the most appropriate for Sri Lanka.

  12. Native Vedda says:

    Please refer to his previous ranting on TNA. I have nothing more to comment.

  13. Non Vacillator says:

    After reading this piece by DJ,one does not need to look for real life exmples to understand the difference between the sudden or rapid elightenment and gradual enlightnement. At least one can see the real enlightenment by Chandrika with her recent speech in Colombo.

    Even with this new Avatar of DJ, it looks like DJ has lot of hidden agendas in suppressing the soverignty and freedom of the Tamils and other minorities. DJ says SL is still a democracy but democracy has many varaities like communism or socialism he admires or supremacy he supports and parctices under the guise of exisitenalism.

    When will the family dominance of both UNP since DS days ( except for short period ) and SLFP since SWRD days will change in the South so that the Southern masses get enlightened how to go for permanent solution with the minorities ?

    It is time for DJ to preach, enlighten and convert the Southerners whether they are living in SL or living as Sinhalese Diaspora in the West with guaranteed Sinhala Srilanka Motherland or territories protected by Sinhalese Armed forces and police, whether UNP rules or SLFP rules.

    Poor Tamils in Srilanka also have to worry about the end of subjects of a subject power that is being controlled by emerging but competing Asian powers.

  14. Velu Balendran says:

    ”The TNA’s Northern success, running against the ruling coalition in an area with a heavy military ‘footprint’ means one thing above all else: Sri Lanka remains a functioning, competitive, multiparty democracy.”

    Bullshit. It is confirmation that Tamils are continuing relentlessly to fight for their cause despite loosing their guns. It is proof that if they had the guns they will shoot 🙂

    Why are you shy of telling us what is on offer? If it is not separate, it shall be federal, call it by any name you like.(You may have won the war, but the way it was won and the uncompromising aftermath only weakened the bond to the extent of forfeiting any good will).

    The Sinhalese better take note that they have lived as neighbors with a strong Tamil culture (embraced by 70 million now) for over two millennia; a neighborliness set to continue until the earth exists. Political brinkmanship or one-upmanship is not the way forward for peaceful coexistence. And today’s realities will not be tomorrow’s, facing internationalized Tamil right to self-determination.

  15. Radish.S says:

    I am happy about one matter that the LG Election results has brought about, that is the reinforcement of the fact that TNA is the pre-eminent force amongst the Thamil peopleS,Whilst the Govt. politicians repeat again and again that there are many other Tamil parties whom they have to take into account. The way Douglas,Pillaiyan et al have been thrown out shows very clearly that that is not the case.

    Has democracy been reinstated in the North as Dayan says? First of all from 1995 Jaffna Peninsula and even before that including a large portion of Northern Province(Vavuniya, Mannar) was always under government control.Was there any democratic rights, were there not absolute thuggery and violation of human rights in Mannar areas by the military and in Vavuniya by PLOT under its military wing with the blessings of the army and police.In spite of the valiant efforts of Magistrate Ilancheliyan with a LLM in Human Rights, murders and abductions in broad day light were rampant.Did Rule of Law and democracy prevail there? Even during the current elections TNA members of Parliament were threatened by the military against their fundamental right of freedom of assembly and expression.Military governor and the entire government machinery is said to have been campaigning for the government party and its allies,13 Ministers and the President and his son an M.p were said to be violating all known election laws with posters often pasted by police and army, candidates beaten and threatened,beheaded dogs thrown into TNA candidates’ houses, gifts,and snatching of polling cards.Is this the type of democracy Dayan is talking about? Further it is a mockery of democracy for him to talk about a government very popular among the majority community being able to give or reinforce the rights of the Tamils which is their lawful right as citizens of the country. What democracy is there in a country which is being run under Emergency regulations continuously by successive governments (even now, two years after Nandhi Kadal when democracy -non existent in the south as well-was given a rebirth as Dayan would like to put it).

  16. Navab Nagmutheen says:

    Quote : The TNA’s Northern success, running against the ruling coalition in an area with a heavy military ‘footprint’ means one thing above all else: Sri Lanka remains a functioning, competitive, multiparty democracy

    Sarcarsm ?

    Instead of TNA getting elected with 95-99%, with all the gimicks , now elected with 75%, Got it pal !

  17. Bruno Umbato says:

    Velu Balendran or v.Prabakaran talking?
    velu has the same mind set LTTE had .. Any body remember the thundering noises of LTTE with waving cynide capsules over the head and going to the bottom at Nanthikadal … Then, crying and weeping about white flags stories with fake videos …oh! My god .. This guys never learn … If TNA wants to contribute anything, they should drop these LTTE rumps … But, I do not see it is happening … Problem with these guys is that they never think about the security of the minority of this region … This minority is called Sinhalese …

  18. Ravi Perera says:

    Dear Non Vacillator,

    The devolution model suited for eachcountry is different.Dj is not trying to suppress any bodies soverignity here. over 60% of the Tamils live outside the so called tamil areas. UK is still a unitary state inspite of all the devolution.No body in the world will force Sri Lanka to give federalism, some thing which is not there even in Sri Lanka. Suresh Premachandra is already talking about autonomous state combing North & East. These guys are still pushing for the eelam project. Sinhala people will never endorse such a thing in a referendum.

  19. Leela says:

    Just like the way ITAK did in 1976, the TNA leaders have offered outlandish hopes for ordinary Tamils of the North at this election. They ignored what President Rajapakse had said at many instances (he said in no uncertain manner that police and land powers cannot be devolved)and offered to get federal with the help of Drusman report, Ch4, IC and etc.

    In spite of what President said, Majority Tamils of the North must have thought 13A plus and police and land powers are achievable through TNA. So, ordinary Tamils have backed the TNA rhetoric just as they did the ITAK Waddukkodai resolution in 1976.

    A Tamil friend in another blog told me that there is a maveerar in every other family in the North, and therefore they needed more time to understand and appreciate the reality. Or is it that they didn’t care two hoots about reality and sought after only what they aim at, I mean Eelam in staggered basis.

    Whatever it is, Sinhalese ought to understand that this type of voting pattern would be the norm in time to come. So, we should scheme out and be ready to face the TNA tactic at ground level. And assimilation of Tamils of the North in to Sinhala society is the way to proceed.

  20. Dagobert says:

    OK… TNA won and Diasspora elated.
    lets see what you can do for the Tamil masses?

    Will time be that factor??

    Though Velu.B want to use the Northern tamils, they are not that stupid to act as he says if they had guns. This self-certed Velu just need to ride then for his prosperity.
    If not for the ranting of the tamil cause even after the war ended, Diasspora would have been a non-entity.

    Radis talking rubbish. If the TNA has been reinforced as the pre-eminent force for the Tamils, let see what they are capable. Its the diasspora who dictate. Lets see what they together cou;ld do.
    Old fox sampanthans tongue in cheek statementswill only drag the tamils further into misery if he practices them.
    On the other hand, he needs to as he needs to march into his grave rather than crest fallen.

    GOSL must allow the Northern Tamils have had enough of the TNA before they step in again.
    All they need to do at this juncture is to keep those areas open for all & make possible for the two way trade

  21. Rajathurai says:

    why dont you stand in the elections, win and show? Then you can demonstrate the tamil aspirations and lead the tamil people.

  22. Suresh M says:

    Rajasingham Narendran,

    One does not need to have a PhD to interpret these simple answers from N-E Tamils. Only the persons, who had done too much schooling, seem to have trouble understanding this ordinary folks’ verdict.

  23. Suresh M says:


    You seems to be disappointed in White Van Duggie’s performance?

  24. John Wayne says:

    Dr Narendran, your last statement “The UPFA has to be represented by a group of better men and women, who can be trusted by the Tamils” says it all.

    Dayan J, no need to hold your breath in case the critics of the government purposely hold back their views knowing full well you are holding your breath while waiting for their response.

    The simple story is this: Despite all the grandiose schemes and showy exteriors, the governance is poor and non-transparent. That is all, and that does not go down well.

    Much like having a wife who could lay out a great feast every night but wouldnt know how to manage the money of the family and borrows like hell to feed it, while spending on herself with shameless extravagance.

    Got it?

  25. selvan says:

    Mr Jayatilake

    I agree with you. Thanks for writing this.

    I wonder if the MR clan will agree with you.

    Are you in their good books or the bad books at the moment? One can never be sure it changes very quickly.

    Thanks again.


  26. jagan sriram says:

    elections which took place in srilanka was not free and was not held in a cordial atmosphere where opposition could canvass for votes without fear and intimidation.if this was the situation how can dayan jayathilake claim that democracy is perfect in srilanka.while the writer writes eloquently about democracy and freedom to vote can he tell with his hand on conscience that people of srilanka are enjoying freedom of speech and freedom from fear.if he says so it will be an act of intellectual dishonesty on the part of dayan jayatilake t o say so.

  27. xsrilankan says:

    Turkey is poor example because there is ongoing conflict with Kurdish people in country.

    see “”

    It leaves big hole in you suggestion none federal solution will fix things up.

    Only autonomous Tamil home land with in united sri lanka is solution. If anyone miss the opportunity to secure lasting solution. If would be great mistake.

    Federalisam is middle ground between unitary state – separate state.
    You can’t please every one all the time.

    Singalese where pleasured with grand war victory over the tamils, now it time to
    give the Tamils their rights. This is not something Tamils are willing to sacrifice
    in order to satisfy the singala people.

  28. Rationalman says:

    Narendran, The people have spoken, TNA was overwhelmingly elected. Accept the verdict gracefully or as much as you can muster. With all your rhetoric , you have not been able to chance a single Tamil mind. The Tamil people have rejected your bleating You may find it hard to understand, but the Tamils of the North and East know what is in their long term self interest, more than you do.

    The only role that you are playing now is that of the “useful idiot” of the Sinhala chauvinists by giving cover to their radical agenda.

  29. a reader since the 80's says:

    Sorry,this is not relevant to this topic but congrads DBS for being the English Columnist of the year.

    Generally I am sceptical about these you scratch my back,I scratch yours awards,but just this one- will accept without any reservation.

    Frankly ,I am not with you on everything 100% and apprehensive about the Federal Solutions you recommend (mainly because of the people who would be running it and their motives), but none of that stops me from honestly acknowledging that you are a top class journalsit,an intelectual,and a decent human being.

    Wish you well my friend

    live long and prosper

  30. tamirinth says:

    Dayan, we all know well what is and was your mind set and interestes Dont try and bluff. Se what your buddy has been threatening us Tamols and tna with is this Democracy?

    “Withdrawal of funds’ from north

    TNA says that the government is trying to negate TNA’s victory
    The major Tamil political party in Sri Lanka warns that the government is planning to withdraw funds to a majority of local governing bodies in the north.
    Tamil Parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran told BBC Sandeshaya that the challenge by Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka to the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to develop the north on its own is clear evidence of that plan.

    Power and Energies Minister Ranawaka commenting on the TNA landslide victory in the north told journalists on Tuesday that it is the responsibility of the winners themselves to rebuild the area.

    “It was not the Sinhalese who destroyed the tanks, electricity and railway lines,” he charged.

    ‘Undemocratic means’

    TNA MP Sumanthiran in response said, “the government is trying to negate the Tamil people’s democratic will by economic force”.

    The minister says that it was the LTTE that destroyed the north

    He alleged that the ruling coalition failing to win the north by force during the local government elections is now resorting to undemocratic means.

    Earlier, the the secretary general of the ruling party said that it has received more votes than in the last elections.

    “We will start by building upon our 57 members who have been elected,” said United Peoples Front Alliance (UPFA) Seceretary General Minister Susil Premjayanth.

    Minister Ranawaka has also said that the TNA with the new found support should not demand police and land powers or federal status.

    “This threat to democratically elected bodies sends a wrong signal that the Tamil people cannot achieve their democratic aspirations through the ballot,” said Mr Sumanthiran.”

  31. Suresh M says:

    It is not Suresh Premachnadran living in a dream world. Today, all Eelam Tamils dream to have a free society, and tomorrow, it will become reality. Ravi, you are in denial.

  32. cyril says:

    It was against all odds that the Tamil people have voted for the TNA. The UPFA election campaign in the North was steamrolled by the military.Admirable are the people’s resolute rejection of the Rajapaksas and their ‘Thorombal Cart’. It was the people who opened up the democratic space and secured their right of choice against immense attempts by the Rajpakas to run a one-horce race. Democracy functions to the extent that the people actively defend their right to choose in spite of undemocratic and unlawful attempts by those who command state power to subvert the democratic rights of the people and rob them of their choice.

    The Rajapaksas should come to terms with their political defeat in the North. They should respect the mandate of the people and treat them with dignity and not throw them hand-outs. They should act in the interest of the country and negotiate with the TNA honourably with concrete proposals for power-sharing and not kick Tamil people’s political aspirations into long grass by appointing another talk-shop in the form of a PSC.

  33. Expatriate says:

    “by whatever means necessary”

    Such as committing massive war crimes vy Shavendra Silva on orders of Gotabhaya, as today’s expose by CH4 shows. Your allusion to it looks like a threat to the Tamil people by a diplomat of the GoSL. But the point of the LG elections is that such threats won’t work, not with even the people under the jackboot of the SLA, let alone the free Tamil Diaspora.

  34. Waran says:

    DJ you are not playing your music to a night club audience, are you! most N/C audiance are under drugs and alcohol. So you can get away with any rubbish, so changing your tunes won’t help them to assimilate the real meaning which you are trying to convey. What I can make out is that you are making abundantly clear that you are an outright racist.
    You being rewarded for servility with a non career diplomatic post. Holding this position has not helped you to think like a ‘career diplomat’- to uphold egalitarian principles. This article is equivocal,which illustrate your servility mindset to please Rajapaske. You very well know who helped srilanka to win the Racial war.
    One thing you should understand is that the Tamils since 1956 wanted to liberate themselves from this ‘unitary rule’ it was a way of subjugation. It was unfortunate the political climet changed after 9/11. paronoia had set in. what goes round will come round DJ, let us wait for natural justice to work. election result has shown, people resent the army occupation, bribery, and inequality. The government should dismantle the paramilitaries in North and East. remove the army out, and the army governers from N&E. Instal civil administration, Tamil speaking Police for protection, non politicised Judiciary togive justice and good governance. No for nipotism, Yes for meritorial appointments to jobs. In other word a ‘tsunami-shake up’ of Srilankan political system. NO impunity.

  35. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:


    Thanks for the suggestion. I doubt I have the skills to lie, cheat, exaggerate and misrepresent. These seem very vital qualifications for those who wish to stand and win at such elections. I wish you had dealt with the questions I have raised.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  36. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:

    Suresh M,

    This is the problem. The verdict of the ordinary people are much more complex than they are interpreted to be by those without too much schooling. You are ready to degrade the value of education and the objective and analytical thinking that result, as a disadvantage in this day and age. If your thinking is a true reflection of the thoughts of the larger Tamil community, I feel sorry for them.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  37. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:


    Did I reject the peoples verdict? I am only analyzing the meaning of the verdict. I yet think the TNA won because there was widespread resentment against the EPDP and the benefits of the development taking place have not yet tricked down to the people. I may be a goat, because you say that I am bleating. You should know that a goat among a flock of sheep, leads the sheep! Do you think the likes of you understand the long term interests of the Tamils? It is the likes of you who have forced the Tamils into their present state. If you have not understood this simple truth yet, you will not learn it in the future either. I may be a ‘Useful idiot’ to the Sinhala chauvinists and their agenda, in your perceptions. Time will tell. However, what are you in terms of the Tamil chauvinists and their agenda?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  38. Kaz says:

    Yes, the TNA will fail because they will not be allowed to succeed by the Rajapkasa regime. That doesn’t prove your “told you so” but it proves that Tamils succeeding in Sri Lanka is reliant on Sinhala approval. Outside Sri Lanka, Tamils have been extremely successful with no such racists conditions attached.

  39. sri says:

    The Local Authority Elections reconfirms that there exists two nations in one country.

    If you look at the classic definition of the Nation State or the excellent Marxist interpretation of both Lenin and Stalin on the national question you will undoubtedly come to the same conclusion that there are two nations.

    The brutal war has not changed anything.It has only strengthened separatism.

    The war has not dampened the spirit of nationalism among the Tamils.

    Now there are only two decent alternatives.

    One -allow two separate states in one country or have negotiation and come to a mutually acceptable arrangement where both parties independently agree to for one nation.

    or just leave it in animated suspension

    Which one you recommend Dr Dayan?

  40. David P says:

    Leela so go on doing more and more killing and carry out crime against humanity mate. join with Gotabaya

  41. jay says:

    People of North can’t be fooled as Rajasinghnam says, Is local government election going to bring about development? I don’t think so, look at what Basil Rajapakshe said that local government bodies can do only fixing street lamps and road side water taps. I think lot of guys forgot the ground reality that ongoing development projects mostly foreign funded and the decision takes place at top level. TNA, UPFA, EPDP all parties objective was to strengthen party support apart from their political agenda. UPFA could have won few more seats if they abandoned EPDP and had a civil face, however the resentments are accumulating the TNA victory is sure, how foolish to think the politics pulled by development, Are the northern people really enjoying peace dividends?

  42. Rajathurai says:

    i think you have all those skills as you are already doing that

  43. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:

    John Wayne,

    You have been fast on the draw and spot on the target! The powers-that-be in Jaffna demand and get Rs 300,000 to 400,000 from candidates for jobs in the government and semi-government services. One group wants the money to be paid in advance, while the other wants the payment after the appointment letter is received. Sand is sold to only those who deposit money in the Maheswary Trust. Licences for liquor bars cost Rs. 4 Million. I was told that some officials demand bribes to return back land to the original owners. There are other officials who accept bribes to illegally transfer lands to those who do not own them. On the land scam, some members of the TNA are also involved. I hear recurrent stories of how one leading light in the TNA had transferred the house that was gifted by the Tamil Nadu government to wife of late Pathmanaba (leader of EPRLF), to himself with forged signatures! He is now the vociferous champion for the cause of the north and east being merged and police and land powers being granted to the provincial Councils.

    When scoundrels rule the roost even under the post-war circumstances that prevail in the north and east, what do the people (the voters) do? How does one interpret their vote?

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  44. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:


    If the TNA-TULF succeed in running the Pradeshya Sabbhas effectively and efficiently, they would be doing a great service for the people. This means offering social services to the war-affected people, upgrading rural roads, building public toilets, removing garbage, catching stray dogs, providing street lights etc. They have received a mandate to only do these. The laws in Sri Lanka permit only these. This is their chance to build the north and parts of the east, ground up. If they do, what they are expected to do, well, they deserve the support and praise of all the Tamil people. Actions will speak louder than rhetoric. Further, there will be no time for them to lead the Tamils in the non-violent agitations envisaged. I hope the Tamil Diaspora will come forward to fund the activities of these Pradeshya Sabbas, magnanimously. This is chance for the Tamil Diaspora to prove their mettle.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran.

  45. Rationalman says:

    Narendran, you say..

    “Do you think the likes of you understand the long term interests of the Tamils?” I don’t, so I take the election at face value and try to to interpret it to suit my objectives. You sure don’t know what is in the long term interest of the Tamils either but you try to interpret the elections to suit your objectives.

    You say.. “You should know that a goat among a flock of sheep, leads the sheep!” That is true but you sound like a goat among lions, a sniveling sycophant among a defiant and brave Tamil nation!

    You say…”It is the likes of you who have forced the Tamils into their present state”. Oh, sure, if you say so!

  46. Rationalman says:

    Ravi, “over 60% of the Tamils live outside the so called tamil areas.” Check your facts…..
    No, I am not going to do the math for you. Work it out and then tells if it is still 60%
    Stupidity is no excuse.

  47. Rationalman says:

    Dogbert, “OK… TNA won and Diasspora elated.
    lets see what you can do for the Tamil masses?”
    let me tell you what they can do. As soon as the Sinhalese dominated SLG, starts allocating funds that belong to the TNA areas. As long as you fellows keep on stealing our foreign aid, local tax revenues and other funds that legally belong to us, TNA will not be able to do much, but stop stealing and watch what they can do!

  48. Rationalman says:

    Narendran, you say..”I doubt I have the skills to lie, cheat, exaggerate and misrepresent.”. The Tamil people are much smarter than that. Whats why your buddy, Douglas and your hero King Mahinda lost.
    The contempt that you have for the tamil people is breathtaking! Even the worst JHU cadre shows more respect.

  49. Rationalman says:

    Narendran, “If your thinking is a true reflection of the thoughts of the larger Tamil community, I feel sorry for them.”
    There is an American saying “lead, follow or get out of the way”. You are too weak to lead, too resentful to follow so I suggest the third way.

  50. Rationalman says:

    Bruno, You say…”This minority is called Sinhalese” …

    according to the 2001 census, Sinhalese ,make up 74.5% of the population.

    Only the Sinhalese would consider 74.5% minor. Do you fellows understand fractions, percentages, decimal points etc? I am always sad when I see what swabasha education has brought you down to!

  51. Dr Dayan Jayatilleka says:

    Sri, there is a third alternative which is already being murmured about on the Colombo grapevine: a more ‘decisive’ leadership, post-MR’s current term, which will adopt the Malaysian model. It is not the sort of option I would go for, but with the external pressure mounting and tough rhetoric from the Diaspora, it is a choice the electorate could make. Don’t dream of Western intervention in such a context: look how long NATO is taking to finish off Gaddafi, whose forces are infinitely inferior to the large, combat hardened Lankan military. So my advice to my Diaspora Tamil readers is, don’t push the electorate into such a choice.

  52. Tamilan says:

    Have you secured the rights if minority tamils??Yeah sure it was evident in 1983…Oh my god after 63 years these guys will never learn..Until a third party enters.. Probably Tamil Nadu.

  53. Nathan says:

    … … There will neither be a Tamil state (separate or federal) nor a Sinhala peace over the Tamils. … … a modus vivendi can only be found along the Buddha’s Middle Path or the Aristotelian Golden Mean .. .

    Hello DJ, Which area of political science should guide us to your ‘postulate’ that a federal arrangement falls outside, ‘Buddha’s Middle Path or the Aristotelian Golden Mean’.

  54. Suresh M says:

    Hey Narendran,

    It seems, above subject is beyond your capacity. Sorry I shouldn’t bother you any further.

  55. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:


    If you think so! It is indeed sad that people can descend to such low levels, in order to score meaningless points.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  56. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:


    My buddy, Douglas and my hero, King Mahinda! Contempt I have for the Tamil people! You indeed have the right qualifications to be a Tamil politician. Please reveal your name and come forward.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  57. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:


    A man who has not got the guts to reveal his identity, while pontificating on what is good for the Tamils, serving as ‘HMV’ (His Master’s Voice) for someone/ some group in the background, defending falsehood, and passing snide comments on others, has no right to make any recommendations to me.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  58. Hela says:

    The results confirms the following;

    1. The political formation that represent separatism still dominates Tamil constituencies
    2. Therefore the need to maintain enhanced security measures in the former conflict areas still remains in tact untill a more conciliatory non separatist trend emerges.
    3. UPFA (with support from EPDP) has obtained a third of the Northern Tamil votes including control over 3 councils showing it’s relevance in Tamil affairs and providing a base to further integrate Northern Tamil polity in to the mainstream.
    4. In addition to TNA, both TULF and EPDP has representation among Northern Tamils providing a basis for them to be included in a future dialog.
    5. Overwhelming majority of the rest of the population including the Muslim constituency is now in UPFA fold signifying UPFA led GOSL as the main actor in any resolution

  59. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:


    You take the election at face value. Great. But I am sure, if the UPFA-EPDP combine had won, you would have come out and cried foul. The grounds were well prepared for this eventuality. I think you should cease taking things at face value and begin to analyze things as an intelligent man should do. You certainly seem an intelligent person to me.

    Sniveling sycophant among a defiant and brave Tamil nation! I know of how defiant and brave the Tamil nation was during various phases of our history! Do not equate the bravery of some young men and women in the militant movements-including the LTTE, with that of the Tamil nation. Sniveling sycophancy and cowardice characterizes the so-called Tamil nation that you refer to. I am sure this is a bitter truth you will not face up to.

    I am able to say, did what I did and do what I do, because I do not snivel, am not a coward and definitely not a sycophant. I am sure this also would be hard for the likes of you to believe.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  60. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:

    Dear Dayan,

    You are right. The Mahinda rajapakse government has already started following the Mahathir Mohammed model in Sri Lanka. It is likely this is the model that will be followed in the coming years. The South is happy with it and I hope the North and East will also see the positive aspects of this model.

    However, it is important that the government recognize the special needs of the north and east under the past-war circumstances and come forward to provide it with better governance through a better set of people. The north and east should be provided the time, space and incentives to develop a new set of leaders, who understand the needs of the people better and are capable of fashioning this into a new vision. If this is not done, we will be going round and round the mulberry bush for ever- like we are beginning to do again.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  61. sri says:


    What is your third alternative?

    Malaysian Model?

    BoomiPuthra Policy- It is not that bad for minorities in the Malaysian context!

    Or State sponsored colonization!

    Or assimilation!

    or continous military occupation with high security zones!

    But Dayan Man proposes but God disposes!

    But Tamil Nationalism is on the ascendancy as in 1976 with international support unlike during tiger days!

    Dayan! I referred to God and we know that you r sympathies are with Sinhala Buddhism

  62. Aravind Pathmanathan says:

    Dr Narendran,

    Widespread resentment among the EPDP helped the TNA vote tally. I’m sure if the UPFA had gone on their own they would have performed far better than teaming up with the barbaric EPDP.

    Tamils of the North are well aware of the cost-opportunity effect as witnessed by the recent elections. True, developments are taking place in the North. But Tamil grievances are still at large. The problems faced by the Northern Tamils far outweigh that of the developments taking place and for that reason TNA is still in power.

    I have a feeling you have personal grudge against certain individuals within the TNA as you wrote below about forging documents to transfer deeds. But don’t generalise a party based on a few dimwits in a party. My vote goes to the TNA. I hope and trust that they follow a pragmatic and reasonable approach to solving the national question.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Naren, Every man or women (even persons with learning dificulty) thinks thay are right when ever they say something or what ever they do they do not feel or say they are capable of lieing. Even If you ask Gotabaya/Mahinda they will say are not lying . Do you, me or the world will believe. How do yo expect another one to believe your saying so?

  64. Rajathurai says:

    it is indeed very sad that peope decend to such low levels denying sri lanka’s war crimes against tamils whilst being a tamil.god knows that the reason is

  65. Uthungan says:

    “When scoundrels rule the roost….how does one interpret the Tamil vote in the North/

    True.But it is certainly the duty of people who are concerned though unelected to become leaders to educate the voters politically and thereby increase their awareness to take the struggle to a higher plane.The task is to create a momentum of action to build the confidence necessary to rid and expose the contaminating elements and integrate the people of all communities irrespective of race,religion,or language to clear mistrust.As the problem in the island is not a struggle against foreign colonialism,but between two contending ethnic tribes for their due share of the national cake,it is for all those progressive minded concerned individuals who have to deal with obscuratist retrograde and emotional tendencies.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Battle hardening notwithstanding, less than 76 hours at the higher end of the scale would be the realistic scenario. The battle hardened Republican Guards of Saddam were subdued within a similar timeframe. Most of them frantically sought the safety of the barracks when their commanders in the theatre were distracted. Some others raised the white flag whenever the opportunity presented itself. The Shia pilots flying advanced Russian MIGs fled and landed in Iranian bases to save their lives as soon as they sensed “missile lock-on” in the cockpit panels.

    NATO would not have taken this much time if the authorization from UN included removal of Brother Leader by all necessary means. When the cat is away the rats play. With minnows shock and awe is not used. A slap in the wrist would suffice. Anyhow, fools use a double barreled gun to take care of flies. Recently a Professor was heard discouraging Libya-Sri Lanka comparison.

    SL is fortunate. Western military intervention is extremely remote. Most probably the improbability of external intervention in the foreseeable future emboldens the spin doctor to gleefully engage in chest beating. Raised tempo is more often than not employed to ward off pangs of insecurity and is not indicative of self-confidence.

  67. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:

    Dear Mr.Suresh,

    Thanks. I am glad you have the capacity to judge my capacity!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  68. Dananjaya Bandara Dissanayake says:

    The way the SLFP government behaving at the moment is questionable and the Tamil people of North and East has given a verdict in the past election as to how and whom to govern them.
    We Sinhala people should respect their wishes and identities and should explore the ways and means to develop the South. I personally believe that TNA and Tamil people in North and East should work out a way to develop their land and rebuild their people, who have been battered by a brutal war for 30 years. The leadership for that should come from their side not from the South!

  69. Sarath Fernando says:

    Very well said Dananjaya – a true sentiment of a typical, civilized, rational person, Sinhala or otherwise, and in abundance in the country. Wonder if that will make even a dent on DJ’s delusion that Sinhalese “don’t care a rat’s ass” for fairness to Tamils.

  70. cyril says:

    Dr Jayatilaka can turn a ‘kabaragoya’ into a ‘thalagoya’

  71. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:


    I am sure God knows the reasons. I am comfortable with that judgement. As to the low levels I have descended as a Tamil, in your perception, I am happy with what I am doing. I am not lying to be recognized as an ascendant Tamil. Tamils were killed by the LTTE and the Sri Lankan armed forces. ‘War crimes’ were likely committed by both sides. To me it is a balanced equation.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

  72. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:


    The choice is between accepting and not accepting in such discussions. It is not between believing or not believing. Believing involves a large degree of subjective faith. Accepting involves logic and reason. Accepting also involves researching a subject in depth. We are expressing opinions here based on our perceptions of the ‘Truth’. Facts are ‘Truth’. Only mad men say things they do not believe in. However, what when says, believing it is right, does not mean it is right. We have to take the pains to find out whether it is right. I may be wrong and you may be right. However, it up to you to convince me that I am wrong. When you do so I will accept it gladly.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran.

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