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Muslim shrine destroyed in Anuradhapura

By Charles Haviland BBC News, Colombo

A group of Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka led a crowd that demolished a Muslim shrine last week, the BBC has learned.

This incident took place on Saturday in Anuradhapura, an ancient Buddhist city and Unesco world heritage site.

The monk who led the group told the BBC he did it because the shrine was on land that was given to Sinhalese Buddhists 2,000 years ago.

But a prominent Muslim in the area said he was very sad and the sentiment was shared by many Sinhalese too.

A Sri Lankan news website showed photographs of a crowd including monks apparently reducing a small structure to a pile of rubble.

The mob waved Buddhist flags and – in one picture – burnt a green Muslim flag.

There have been no other reports of what happened.

But the BBC has spoken to the monk, Amatha Dhamma Thero, who admits masterminding the demolition of the Muslim shrine.

He said he arranged a gathering of 100 or so monks, including some from other Asian countries, to take action because – he alleged – local Muslims were trying to convert the shrine into a mosque despite new constructions being illegal on this site with its many Buddhist temples.

He said local government officials arrived and said they would remove the shrine within three days, but the crowd said “we cannot wait” and proceeded to tear down the structure.

The demolition has been denounced by a local senior Muslim and a local Sinhalese politician.

The Muslim, Abdul Razack, denied that a mosque was planned and said the demolished shrine was about 300 years old and had attracted visitors of other faiths too.

He said local Muslims and Buddhists alike were concerned at what happened but Muslims had avoided the site on Saturday, fearing sectarian disharmony.

The politician, Aruna Dissanayake, said the government should act against those who had attacked the shrine.

A minority was trying to create sectarian problems in a place where most Muslims and Sinhalese Buddhists co-existed well, he added.

Most of Sri Lanka’s majority Sinhalese are Buddhist, and Muslims are regarded as a separate ethnic group.

In a recent newspaper column, a veteran Muslim journalist said there was a growing fear among his community that some people were running a campaign to incite the Sinhalese against them, including through Sinhalese websites and print media courtesy: BBC


  1. demn cry says:

    This is what has been prevented by arms might of the LTTE.

  2. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    The Descendants of Sinhabahu (brother) and Sinhaseevali (Sister) showing the results of their incestous relationship.

    This is great.

    Circulate copies of this to the Muslim states at the UNHRC and they are sure to vote for Rajapakse’s Lanka full of LIONS.

  3. muzammil says:

    This govt can not control what it has hideously encouraged by absorbing racist elements into its alliance,for political advantage.It is not the business of the monks to take law into their hands and act like thugs and bunch of morons against another friendly community.I do not believe in this
    kind of shrine worship or any other clay or cement
    worship.But people are people and that’s what we
    respect regardless of what they hold in their belief

    Morons try to become heroes by exhibiting third grade actions when there’s a demand for it.Everybody
    knows that this is an act against a community and not a shrine.I’m a person who knows history of all
    religions that evolve since about five thousand yrs.
    I don’t think this begging monk knows anything about
    Buddhism at all.Monks are cheating the people and people are cheating the monks in Srilanka.They must
    not be allowed to harm communal harmony and get away

  4. Navab Nagmutheen says:

    Purification of all the other ” evil” relegion namely Christian churches and Muslim mosques besides the exisitng Hindu temples. A ” bold” move by the “safron” team.

  5. SriLankan says:

    Whatever the legal status of this shrine, it is the Police and the State Authorities who should take action not the rabble from the streets. A similiar incident occured at the Kovil where a politician took the law into his own hands. This type of action by thugs, politicians and rabble only serves to incite racial feelings and violence. The police just looked on in both these incidents.
    On the other hand in the case of Grease Devils the Police and Army intervened to arrest and assault people for having taken the law into their own hands. Of course the difference is that when the Sinhalese take the law into their own hands they are patriots, when minorities defend their properties and womenfolk they are terrorist.

  6. M.Sivananthan says:

    I think the BBC reporter does not know A’Pura is not like other cities. Under the provisions of HOLY CITY, no other cultural structures can be built in A’Pura.

    Before we confront Buddhists, better check the STATUS of the city!

  7. Chatura says:

    When are these saffron robed monks going to learn Buddhism???????

  8. Kc says:

    Yesterday (Wednesday) BBC asked the police spokesperson to clarify the above incident but he denied any such incident took place. He was told about the pictures that had appeared in some websites, he replied that he could not comment as this had been not reported in local media ( true, local media has blacked this out). The pictures show many policemen were there at the site but not stopping the destruction.

    If this is how SL is to be governed – by the rule of instituitional lies and racism – God save the minority.

  9. Kumar says:

    There are no minorites in Srilanka according to President Hon. Mahinda Rajapakse. Everyone is equal in the eyes of Law.

    The Police have denied the incident took place. The funny thing is there are several police officers in photographs that was taken at that time. No colombo newspapers had even botherd to publish this incident as a newsworthy item. May be, its the work of Grease devil?

  10. Ranga says:

    That veteran Muslim was 100% correct. First Tamils followed Tamil speaking Muslims.

    The matter will NOT stop there. It will then go on against Sinhalese speaking Christians…. Until such a time when Therawada and Mahajana sects of Buddhists start fighting each other.

  11. Merlin Van Tweest says:

    If the veracity of what is reported is correct then this is very shameful for the new Sri Lanka that is emerging from the ashes of a thirty year civil war.

    As reported this is the work of a hardened minority and the majority Sinhalese are also sad of this action together with their fellow Muslim Sri Lankans. Why or why did they not wait for the law to take its course?

    I would urge the authorities to act swiftly against the perpetrators as quoted by the local politician Anura Dissanayake. There is no room for such intolerance in the new Sri Lanka even if it is the ultra national Buddhist clergy.

  12. sam says:

    Well said Sri Lankan!! Here we go!! we have different set of rules for different peopl depending on what language and religeon they practice!!!

    Now there is a big question in the minds of the ruling class that “what discrimination does the minorities have in Sri Lanka? The answer is visible every where!!!

    “The monk who led the group told the BBC he did it because the shrine was on land that was given to Sinhalese Buddhists 2,000 years ago”

    I wonder whether Sinhala Budhist existed 2,000 years ago. But in Sri Lanka History is re-written every day to suit he whims and fancies of the “Sinhala Budhhist” No one can question the authenticity as they are afraid of the “white van” and the current Fashionable thing called “grease Yakka”, the paramilitary, Security forces, underworld, thugs in robes etc. We have several “avatars” to take care of people who does not toe the line of the Rajapkses!!!

  13. Chatura says:

    Thisaranee Gunasekara, your predictions for our country is becoming reality!!!.
    Sooner we see reason better it is as too many lives were lost during 30years of war and now………this!!!.
    I truly hope the powers that be take cognizance of the situation and teach the rioting monks and their blind followers about the true wisdom of Buddhist teachings.
    The corrupt mahanayakas should take part of the responsabilty, these things are happening while they are sitting doing nothing in their Kandian palaces.
    Need of the day for Srilankan Buddhists is a “Sanghayana” to either disrobe the marauding ” monks” or get them back to their basic business of salvation.
    The intelligent people of our society should think twice before giving alms to any monk, they have become a law un to themselves. in one side the politicians have corrupted our society to the core and now the “last refuge”, the monks have taken over the mantle to ruin our country, values, compassion an al.
    Hurra, WONDER OF ASIA!!!!!

  14. vishvajith says:


  15. vishvajith says:

    Religious tolerance and law and order, Srilankan style.

    A sad day for the motherland.

  16. Kalu Albert says:

    BBC AKA Channel 4.

    Anura Dissanayaka DNA Member of Parliament.

    Last but not least ,and also most important Mr Dushey Ranatunga is the first cab off the Rank to circulate this report among all the Muslim Nations in the punish Srilanka.

    Also with the added insult to accuse this great majority of Sinhala people as offsprings of incest.

    I am surprised he didn’t mention beastiality as well.

    This is the sort of animosity this Mr Ranatunga in particular harbors for a race that has an uninterrupted Religious and Cultural background spanning over 2500 years.

    I totally and unequivocally agree with Merlin Van Tweest.

    Thank you Merlin.

  17. Piranha says:

    The Sinhala patriots are running riot now drunk with arrogance over their victory over the Tamils. We may be witnessing the beginning of the next chapter in the bloody ethnic/religious war of the cursed land of Sri Lanka – thanks to Rajapakse.

  18. vishvajith says:

    Merlin, watch my link, the Authorities were watching the event in utter incompetence, unable to act against our own ” Saffron-Talibs “.

  19. Chinese Charm says:

    How do you say as ancient budhist city. Tamils were living in Anuradhapura until 1950. Then they were massacred and chased away fro that city. One of the place the Tamil genocide began. The muslims failde to cooperate with Tamils and they are the next Target. they deservr it.
    As Kc says The countries around the world respect and venerate all the lies and malicious propaganda voioced against the Tamils by the Sri Lankan Governments, police and armed forces and Singhala aristocrates and their followers

  20. MJ Krishnan says:

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
    I saw the photo on the BBC.
    A group of policemen standing in the background not doing anything to stop this attack.
    Thats tells you everything you need to know

  21. Pro Bono Publico says:

    Nothing new in the behaviour of the monks after all they killed SWRD the then prime minsister and that was Sri Lankas (then Ceylons) 1st assasination and long before the LTTE came into existence,in 1983 the monks were active in the anti tamil pogrom and been very violent in many incidents since then and now that they are tired of the tamils they seem to be rubbing agaisnt the muslims of Sri Lanka

    Wonder what Leela,Hela and Kalu Albert got to say for this also chaps like Dayan and Prof Rajiva !

  22. Deshapremiya - Kotte says:

    The muslims should know that Anuradahapura is the holiest city in Sri Lanka. The Govt. of Sri Lanka should take immediate steps to build a mosque for the Muslims.

  23. Amaradasa says:

    This incident indicates what sort of religion is practiced in this country! This is nothing new. It is high time that the Sinhala Budhists should call them with a name that is appropriate to their behavior. A true Budhist will not behave like this. Please recall what Budhism teaches and compare with what the so called Sihala Budhists practice. It is a shame that I am trying my level best to practice the principles of Budha and to live in this country! When the state is supporting this level of uncivilized behavior what could be done by a few individuals of my status other than living with a bleeding heart and seeking the Almighty to lead this country in the right direction.

  24. Tamil says:

    Sivananthan, think well mate this is a modern world and you must have tolerance for the rest of the community. the mosque has been there for 300 years. Any thing illegal the authorities should take action by an established process. Not thugs playing havoc. Think before utter.

  25. Tamil says:

    I hope the muslims countries take a notice of what is awaiting for their brethern and stop supporting the Sri Lanka Govt in the coming days at the UN.

  26. rahini says:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

  27. Nirmana Herat says:

    What happened was totally unacceptable and must be condemned.

    I am totally shocked to see the inaction of the Police, they were merely spectators to the whole thing.

    I am really wondering whether the Moslems were really planning to expand this shrine in to a Mosque? as stated by the fearful monk. Does any of the readers know the answer?

  28. Selva says:

    Another Babar Manrhir. In India its a big issue, but here the Sinhalese knew how to keep these people quiet.

  29. M.Sivananthan says:

    But LTTE killed HINDU temple priests!

  30. sha says:

    Muslims are not much worry about this act at all coz it is not a mosque. But the way people behave there is unacceptable. And it makes animosity in the heart of muslims. Thats the fact which make them to feel offenden… I kindly request the well educated buddhist scholars in sri lanka to teach first to monks in sri lanka what buddhism is… Really these monks are just cheating the people… They are not doing what buddhism says and doing everything what it didn’t say…

  31. M.Sivananthan says:

    In Pakistan, no HINDU shrines exist now. All of them were destroyed by Muslims. Even the Taliban destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas.

    We know how some Hindu Temples were destroyed by Muslims in the EAST!

    Better leave your religion at your home.

  32. Kanda says:

    Who are you calling ‘thugs’? The true guardians of Buddhism?

  33. cool says:

    this is not a mosque my dear. if Sinhalese come to destroy a mosque, they will face a world wide problem in future. real muslims are not keeping shrine places for their worships. real muslims also commanded to destroy this type of shrine. but, this is a illegal attack by budhist. if they go to court to take action, sure we will welcome them. monks are in this case is making hateful. they should role model to a society. but, here they are in violence.

  34. Anonymous says:

    In Sri Lanka, there two ways failures of society can make a wonderful living. One is to move into politics and the other is to pick up a yellow cloths. Certainly Buddha did not preach thuggery.

    Keep it up!

  35. acumen says:

    Whether we like it or condemn it radical Buddhism is here to stay in Sri lanka. It is supported by the politicians in the Government, armed forces and police in order to satisfy their radical elements in the majority community.

    Interference by politicians and Monks into other religious places is becoming more frequent and it will lead to a more racist mentality in the years to come. This is the only way the Government can uphold its power.

    Recently there are many new websites and blogs from Sri Lanka agitating the majority community for greater control over the minority groups and religions.

    It is about time that the minorities in Sri lanka to brace together for their own protection.

  36. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    Lets get this right Merlin,

    You are saying its a minority among the majority.

    Does the Sri Lankan police force stood by and did nothing also result in them being a part of this minority?

    Since we have not heard of any arrests or condemnation from the government, does that mean that the government is also a part of this minority.

    You like to kid yourself don’t you Merlin?

  37. Dinuk says:

    Buddhism, a religion of non violence has been used and abused by the regime and this is the outcome. If this monk and his goons are not prosecuted and imprisoned for vandalism, the Rajapakse regime that pretends to be Buddhist but acturaly is bringing great disrepute to this world religion which is pan-ethnic, transnational and certainly does not belong to the Rajapakse regime and Sinhala Buddhist as they try to make out would be solely responsible. Action on this matter must be taken at the highest levels and the offenders punished.

  38. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    stop blaming the messenger Kalu and address the problem.

    What has the your government done so far to rectify it?

    Have they condemned it?

    Have they expressed outrage and ordered the arrest of the safron robed goni billa’s?

    Gothabaya is demolishing in Colombo to beautify and the goni billa’s are demolishing in Anuradhapura to beautify as well.

    Have you heard of the term “ethnic cleansing”? Isn’t this what these weeraya’s are doing?

  39. SilvaMervin says:

    These extremist idiots will try to ruin the country again.
    I’m not surprised if muslims get armed asking for more now, just like the LTTE did
    Suppression will lead to terrorism-
    Lankawata theruwan nisa Asaranai

  40. Rationalman says:

    Where is Muzzammil’s home? Spritully Ceylon is more of Muzzamil’s home than someone with your racist mindset. Perhaps you should go to Gujarat and join the RSS!
    You rail against Chistians and Moslems. Are you a grease devil?

  41. Rationalman says:

    “Under the provisions of HOLY CITY, no other cultural structures can be built in A’Pura.”

    Did you pull that one out of your nether area?

  42. Rationalman says:

    “As reported this is the work of a hardened minority and the majority Sinhalese are also sad of this action together with their fellow Muslim Sri Lankans. Why or why did they not wait for the law to take its course? ”

    I have heard that story many many times before! Its always the work of a hardened minority while the majority weeps! in 56, 58, 77 and 83!

  43. Rationalman says:

    If I may paraphrase father Neimoller….
    First they came for the Kandasamy and Rajeswari and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Tamil.
    Then they came for the Mohammed and Rehana , and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Muslim.
    Then they came for the Prageeth and Lasantha , and I did not speak out —
    Because I did not have a conscience .
    Then they came for Us, Kalu Albert and Merlin Van Twist —
    and there was no one left to speak for us.

  44. demn cry says:

    M.Sivanandhan, when? whome? Why? who claimed?

  45. Velu Balendran says:

    According to the Daily Mirror of the 16th inst “The Mahanayake of the Asgiriya Chapter the Most Venerable Udugama Sri Buddharakkitha Thera has commended and bestowed his blessings on Minister Mervyn Silva for acting to stop the slaughter of animals for offerings at the Chilaw Munneswaram Kovil, the Ministry of Public Relations and Public Affairs said in a statement.”

    As a Hindu I too concur with him (though it is our own business).

    But if he has not disapproved of this demolition why should the world disapprove the demolition of the Bamiyan Buddha statues by the Talebans?

    Should his silence be taken as a tacit approval for the demolition of the Muslim shrine?

  46. demn cry says:

    M sivanahdhan are you equating Sinhala buddhists to Taliban well you tried to prove taliban and LTTE were suporting each other and failed now you are copying from taliban or teaching taliban. You are the one talking about Religin mate.

  47. demn cry says:

    M.Sivanandan Yoy are saying to leave religion and all the time taliking about it mate see at Kathirkamam what your monks in yellow robe doing.

  48. demn cry says:

    Kc, Why not bring back LTTE to cure these ills.

  49. demn cry says:

    Kalu if you want to learn about the tru Buddhism Srilankan way just read the link below

  50. demn cry says:

    They are (Wonder what Leela,Hela and Kalu Albert got to say for this also chaps like Dayan and Prof Rajiva !)the same huskes soaked in the mahavamsa mindset mud. Now sprayed by new perfum Mahinda Raja.

  51. Tamil boy says:

    This is buddhism in Taliban style!I would call these Sinhalese and Monks as “Buddhist Taliban”..!!

  52. Muslim says:

    Budhism in Taliban style!!These Sinhalese and monks are “buddhist talibans”

  53. common sense says:



    BTW Buddha would have been ashamed!

  54. TRN says:

    So do you justify these actions?

  55. Merlin Van Tweest says:

    It seems like that you and I have not read the same report. Please re-read as Charles Haviland has said the following and I quote

    ‘But a prominent Muslim in the area said he was very sad and the sentiment was shared by many Sinhalese too.
    The demolition has been denounced by a local senior Muslim and a local Sinhalese politician.
    He said local Muslims and Buddhists alike were concerned at what happened but Muslims had avoided the site on Saturday, fearing sectarian disharmony.
    The politician, Aruna Dissanayake, said the government should act against those who had attacked the shrine.
    A minority was trying to create sectarian problems in a place where most Muslims and Sinhalese Buddhists co-existed well, he added.’
    End of quote.

    It seems you negativity and vendetta against Sri Lanka knows no bounds. I have read your other comment about the origins of the Sinhalese and find your writings do not have a modicum of respect as demanded by a hallowed column such as this. I find such disgraceful, disgusting and disparaging remarks as yours not fit to be given such space.

    If you wish to enter into a meaningful discourse please be civil unless you want to be identified with some of the others here who are excused as their command of English may not be as good as yours. In your case there is no such excuse.

  56. TRN says:

    This act is a disgrace to buddhism & to the country as a whole. The majority and law enforcing authorities should act with more responsible manner.

    The country is caught in a diplomatic hurricane, see how this irresponsible & shortsighted monk act. He not only irresponsible but very arrogant to give an extreme comment to the BBC.

    Yes A’pura is a sacred city with a very rich history that all Sri Lankan’s could be proud of. However how these people acted bring disgrace to this scared city and its values.

    At many junctions of A’pura(put side puja nagaraya) I have seen many statues of hindu god’s been kept and people worship them and light lamps too. Also there is a large population of muslims in A’pura living for centuries.

    The authorities should be firm in dealing with unlawful citizens irrespective of their social status.

  57. Ranga says:


    The Sri Lankan police force is fast becoming a joke.

    When this incident happened in Anurathapura, there were Police force seen with most senior officers.

    When Dr Mervin decided to enter a Hindu temple and messed things up with his men, the Police stood there and did not stop people taking the law in to their hand and smuggle the animals away.

    When powerful, US assistant secretary of state visited Jaffna, he was prevented from going inside the US centre to see the Jaffna uni students by the Douglas’s men. The Sri Lankan Police stood there, unable or unwilling to protect him or help him to get in.

    I guess this may be the reason why Blake recommended to have Tamil (Eelam) Police who were commended by some foreign journalists for their high efficiency.

  58. Piravahan says:

    This is all hypocrisy. Religions kill religions. When we are going to be human? Leave your religion at home and come out as human. Religion is not for pride to practice. Sri Lanka needs a bold leader to change the educational system from the scratch. Until then as it is now, it will be hell for all people.

  59. kadphises says:

    The Sri Lankan Buduban sowing the seeds for a Taliban.

  60. G1 says:

    This is the Sri Lankan Version 🙂

    First they came for the Terrorist, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Terrorist.

    Then they came for the Sympathisers, and I did not speak out-
    Because I was not a Sympathiser.

    Then they came for the Traitors, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Traitor.

    Then they came for the Conspirators, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Conspirator.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist

    Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

  61. Ram says:

    I am just rememberring a statement made (15years back) by one of my muslim friend who studied with me at uni. He told most muslim leaders and community members think that they can be safe as far as the war continues, the moment it stops, sinhalese will trun against them. Realize how true it is. Media in SL has to play a major role in educating people on mutual respect, accepting the legitimate rights of other communities ect, but sadly it is not happening and seems it may not happen….

  62. muzammil says:

    I leave it to you RATIONAL.Thanks for being rational.

  63. Dushy Ranetunge says:


    you are avoiding my point.

    I will repeat…..

    Does the Sri Lankan police force stood by and did nothing also result in them being a part of this minority?

    Since we have not heard of any arrests or condemnation from the government, does that mean that the government is also a part of this minority.

    As to the origins of the Sinhala race, I am merely setting out historical fact…..are you saying that the origins of our history is disgusting?

    A brother did sleep with a sister and according to the great chronicle the Sinhala race began from this amazing union, which you say is disgusting. I don’t see anything wrong….obviously you have not read about that famous Pope Alexander VI in the vatican who slept with his daughter Lucrezia Borgia????

    This is history old chum… may be disgusting for you but every time you see the Lion flag…..think of a brother and a sister….

  64. Justin says:

    Your pseudo name is suspecious.
    May be you are paid for your comments by the interested parties.
    Your previous comment was that LTTE killed Hindu temple priess, and when challenged by the next commentator
    you simply ignored and now changed the subject about Pakistan and Muslims destroying Hindu shrines and
    Bamiya Buddhas.
    Do you think any sensible reader will take you comment seriously???

  65. Deshapremiya - Kotte says:


  66. Rana says:

    Chatura, This small muslim church erected within a sacred area by Muslims. Not only here but many other places they are doing these kind of activity. In Kuragala Balangoda is another example. Their aim oneday to tell the world that these buddhist sacred places belongs to them and their ancestors worship these places long before Buddhism come to SL.

    The monks have no option but to protest these activities. Not only muslims Hindu’s also doing the same thing especially in the East. I think you are sinhalese and you better be aware of what’s going on underneath otherwise pretty soon sinhalese and the buddhism in SL remain only in history books.

  67. Ajith says:

    Pakistan gave Multi barrels, Iran gave billions, Our great Buthuhammathruvos have shown their gratefulness.I am looking forward to see our justice minister’s comments

  68. Ajith says:

    something more to add, Male is strong supporter in the UN

  69. silva says:

    Holiest city has everything except holy in it. Sinhala Budhist keeps saying about 2500 year old Sinhala budhism in Sri Lanka!!! In a couple of years they might say that Budha was born in Sri lanka and Budhism was exported to India by Sinhalese!!!there will be people to believe it!!!

    One thing for sure there is handful of practicing Budhists in SL.. Definitely none in the “power wielding variety”!!!

  70. wije says:

    What Dushy is trying to tell us is that the Sinhalese should get smart like the British and prevent the Muslims from building mosques in the first place

    Setback for Muslim sect’s ‘mega-mosque’ in London

    “An ultra-orthodox Islamic sect has delayed plans to build a “mega-mosque” in East London after the Government warned it could “raise tensions” in the community.”

  71. Merlin Van Tweest says:

    Where does Charles Haviland’s report say that the police stood idly by?

    Regarding the Mahavamsa chronicle – I am no expert but not so long ago speaking to an expert in Prakit at the London School of Oriental Studies I was made to understand that the Mahavamsa was written in Kavi (ancient poetry) and misinterpretations in translation abound. He mentioned that the passage where a lion copulated with a human to produce progeny is a biological impossibility. His explanation was the lion in the story was a nickname given to a bandit who roamed said area. As I said earlier I am no expert in ancient Prakit and have to go by experts in the field.

    However to denigrate a race of people by inference is to me very unethical. I am well aware of the sexual peccadilloes of the medieval Popes and their countless mistresses as these have been documented very well.

  72. Muslim says:

    Govt doesnt fund any mosque. They only use the taxpayers money to fund Buddhist Temples. Taxes are paid by all communities.

  73. G2 says:

    G1, you could be the reborn srilankan budha!

  74. TRN says:

    you people who say patriots are destroying this country’s image and the values of buddhism too.

    You are a shame to this nation.

  75. Rationalman says:

    Prabha, is that you? How did you escape from Nandikadal?

  76. M.Sivananthan says:

    Where are you living?

  77. M.Sivananthan says:

    In Mutur Muslims destroyed Hindu temples. Why? If Rationalman do not know it, better try to know it!

  78. M.Sivananthan says:

    MUSLIM identity comes from religion. If Tamil speaking Muslims can identify themselves with their religion, nothing wrong in my comments!

  79. M.Sivananthan says:

    I dont need any “support” from anyone. But LTTE killed six Hindu priests. Because they renovated their temples with the aid from the government when Douglas was the minister of Hindu Affairs.

  80. M.Sivananthan says:

    This is an act of Tit for Tat. The killing of a Sinhala policeman in Puttalam by Muslim mobs may be the reason!

    I hope Muslims never think anything like 1915 again!

  81. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    oh dear marlin,

    let me educate you again….

    Go to the first picture on top of this page and click it so that it is enlarged.

    Now do you see the police standing around.

    Now go to the original article on the web and you will also see police big wigs standing around.

    Wow, I am impressed, you had to go to the London School of Oriental Studies to figure out that a Lion cannot mate with a human. Now thats magic.

    I will educate you more…..

    That whole vijaya story is clap trap.

    We are in essense South Indians/draavidians (Tamils) who have aquired various inguistic influences at different times.

    The evolution of the Sinhala language is very similar to the evolution of different languages in south india and even the script is very similar.

    DNA tensing has proved that there is no difference between Tamils and Sinhalese.

    We are killing our own people, branding them insurgents, terrorists, etc…

    the curse of a brother sleeping with a sister……

  82. Husni says:

    The begnning of communism in our country started with Bnadaranayake’s Sinhala only act, and the ill treatment of the Minority especially the Tamil speaking, who took arms and the rest is history, this is a fact even the respectable minister Dallas Alahapperuma was humbele enough to accept recently.

    Muslims and sinhalese sufferred the most in the 30 year old terrorism which we are now releived of. the priest of all faith must preach the religion, peace and harmoney. this is waht all religion say, to respect one another and to live in peace and harmoney with all. what these some cowerdly acts do is distroy all these.

    we cannot and should not try to justify these kinds of acts for what ever the reason in the past or anywhere else. I am ashamed to see some comment taking a communal line anf trying justify. Do we want anither war?

    Sri Lanka is a multiethnic country though buddist is majority all other minority faith have the freedom practicing their faith.

    Whilst condeming the act of the so called priest (we are all ashamed of this covered) as civic minded people its up to us proceed with harmoney with every one.

    politiciation of the Police is evident in the inaction of the Sri Lanka police the entire nation has lost confidence one, and has led to people taking the law in to their own hands.

    So dear fellow Sri Lankan’s be ratinale and what we do, dont be driven by your emotions, we need to get this country out of the woods

  83. ranjit demel says:

    i condem all fanatics, fundamentelists ,raceists,terrorrists,—,they could be buddhists ,hindu,muslim or christians.i also condem terrorists states,and the top terrorist state for me is the usa. ranjit demel. berlin, colombo

  84. Kalu Albert says:

    What amazes me is, how these regular pro Tiger mouth pieces have jumped into attack the Buddhists over this single incident that has gone virtually unnoticed among the Muslim inhabitants. who are the largest minority group in Srilanka.

    This amazement leads to bewilderment , when one looks back to the time when these same pro Tiger movement financed the LTTE to blow up Mosques in the North and the East and chased away several hundred thousand innocent ,poor rural Muslims out in to the South. with only the clothes on the back.

    How things have changed ?.

  85. M.Sivananthan says:

    People of Rajarata respected the words of King Dutagemunu and paid homage to the tomb of Elara until the Matara Paranavitana cookedup a story.

    Buddhism or Parangi-Buddhism you guys now try to save?

  86. Confused says:

    Is this Buddhism?
    Does Buddhism preach Barbarism?
    Were the saffron robed disciples of Buddha Barbarians?
    But they now.
    Someone please enlighten me because I do not know Buddhism.

  87. Noordeen says:

    What these majority fools do not realize is that unlike the Tamils who have support only from Tamil Nadu, for the muslims there are enough of Muslim countries to support.

    The world is full of Muslim countries and Sri Lankan economy depends on most of them. The Singala Buddhists may be able to get away by messing around with the Tamils but if they try to mess around with the Muslims, the fools will have to undergo severe hardships and adverse consequences in the future.

    As someone said, this incident should be brought up in the UN and made known to all the Muslim countries.

  88. muzammil says:

    The whole point here is,law enforcing authorities have so far
    managed, to ignore this disgraceful
    nationally harmful and religiously
    shameful act.In the picture,police
    is present.They are in good numbers
    visibly to prevent any eventuality.
    If the police was not there to protect the shrine then they were
    there to protect the perpetrators.
    Police were called in for protection.Who were protected and
    who were not,is now history.I find
    Dushy engaged in self criticism
    before jumping to correct others.He
    is definitely not alone.We can see
    many more thanks to their freedom.

  89. CeylonMoor says:

    Sincere Thanks to those real sinhalese people out here not only condemning the barbaric act but speaking for the real unity. and there is no wonder why some of those Tamils (Hindu – Saivaits of Ceylon) trying to inject racism in all possible ways to find some benefit through the Muslims. Infact, this problem might not attract the main stream muslim society as the one destroyed is not a mosque, a shrine. where as its only a part of the muslims specially of those from the indian roots go behind shrines and making it a worship place.

    However, its worth it to note that this act is against the greatness of the real past of the sri lankan history and brotherhood between the society and need to be addressed and dealt with accordingly.

  90. Deshapremiya _ Kotte says:


  91. Anonymous says:

    M.sivananthan ask your self

  92. muslim says:

    m.Sivananthan,Are you threatening? Sinhala wolf covered in Tamil wool/name

  93. muzammil says:

    Biolgically,anger and hatred follow fear and injury,and punishment follows these in turn.
    Individuals,communities and whole peoples swear
    vengeance for an injury,real or fancied. Punishments even to theextent to the death,are inflicted where there can be no possible object except revenge.Whether the victim is weak or strong,old or young,sane or insane,
    makes no difference; men and societies react to injury exactly as animals react.

    That was a quote from”Crime:Its cause and treatment by Clarence Darrow”.Quote ends.Now, we can see many Budhists on this forum,feel very concerned about what their venerable man in robe did to their fellow citizen’s property.There is a Budhist temple near my family house.The chief monk of that temple once came to my house to see my father and after having a chat,he took a copy of Quran with him from my father.Though what happened in A’pura hurts my feelings,I have positive and beautiful feelings of my experiences with all communities.There’s reason to be angry but definitely it is not personal.

  94. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    I have no objections to demolishing anything as long as it is done lawfully, on a court order.

    I have no problems with executions as long as it is done lawfully, on a court order.

    Goni billa’s taking the law into their hands and demolishing mosques or churches is wrong.

    The worlds best army executing people extra judicially is wrong.

    These are both crimes against humanity.

  95. sl says:

    First have to teach Muslims how to respect other nations and their religions. They are the people who damaged other nations and religions. can’t you all see what happen in Thailand, Bangalidesh, Malesiya. All were buddhist countries. Because of those countries were being Buddhist they easily doing there acts.

  96. sl says:

    our past kings and monks were the real buddhist. If they waited and see like our present leaders we lost sinhala Buddhist many years back. To practice Sinhala Buddhist there should be a peaceful land for them. Open your eyes and look around the world what happened to our neighbor buddhist countries. No body talking the injustice happened to buddhist people.

  97. Pro Bono Publico says:

    and Leela was in hiding when they came for Kalu Albert and Merlin Van Twest 😉

  98. Pro Bono Publico says:

    @ Deshapremiya Kotte,What happened in Afghanistan for the Baaamiyan Buddhist statues have no relevance to this incident where theBudhsist monks have turned into street thugs watched by the inactive cops

  99. Native Vedda says:

    Rationalman says:

    “Perhaps you should go to Gujarat and join the RSS!
    You rail against Chistians and Moslems”.

    It is an unusually good idea from a Tamil sending M.Sivananthan to Gujarat. There are more than a million Tamils in Sri Lanka and a million outside who either actively suppoted LTTE’s ethnic cleansing or passively approved the inhuman act.

    I would urge you to send them all to Gujarat.

  100. Native Vedda says:


    “Because they renovated their temples with the aid from the government when Douglas was the minister of Hindu Affairs.”

    I find your logic and justification of murders refreshing. Had you replaced Prabaharan as the leader of the LTTE the war would have come to conclusion long time ago and you would have had no Tamils to fight for.

    Lets hear from you, as to what sort of punishment would you have meted out to Prabaharan for getting free arms and money from Indians and Pramadasa regime and his armed forces and a handsome bribe from ruling first family in return for forcing the Tamils to boycott the presidential election?

  101. Native Vedda says:


    A Pura used to be our city before the advent of asylum seeking Vijaya and his mates. Then there was no restriction on other religion. according to our tradition. Actually I would like to see the provision which prohibit other culture from Anuradhapura HOLY CITY.

    By the way Katharagama is a HOLY CITY where there is no restriction on other cultures. In fact my people have been officiating/preciding over daily rituals for many centuries. You would see presence of other religion in that HOLY CITY.

    Whom are you kiddying M Sivananthan? I don’t care whether you are a Tamil or Sinhalaese, your provisions in my ancestral land does not have legitimacy. My dear M Silva Ananda my advice to you is pack your bags and go back to your mother country India.

  102. Mohideen says:

    Exactly, tens of thousands of Sinhala-Buddhist women are working in the Muslim countries as Maids, Nannys and Cleaners. Sri Lanka’s ecomomy mainly depends on them. These Sinhala-Buddhist fools should respect the Muslims and thank them for what the Muslim countries are doing to them.

    Is this the way to thank?
    This news should be spread to all the Muslim countries. Rajapakshe’s people are distroying the 300 years old mosques in Sri Lanka.I am sure this is planned by Gotabaya, he already thretened the muslim religious leaders in Sri Lanka. The Buddhist monk(eys) who came to attack the moosque looked like those skin headed punks in safron robe. I never knew that Buddha’s deciples were Rowdees in robes. Today most of thhe Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka are thugs. Like sir John once said, someone should apply Tar on their heads and put them in jail.

  103. G1 says:

    “The Sri Lankan government still refuses to grant a visa to the Dalai Lama,”

    “Myanmar’s junta Than Shwe was given a 21-gun salute and red-carpet welcome at the start of his four-day state visit AND the junta leader received blessings from Buddhist monks at a temple outside the capital Colombo on Sunday before he left”.

    Sinhala Bauddha Hypocrisy at its highest!!!!

  104. Patriot says:

    I am sure these thugs are funded by the pro Tigers. This is the time Sri Lanka needs the support of the Muslim states at the UNHRC, their vote is very important to us. Attacking a 300 years old mosque during this crucial period is definetely planned by the pro Tiger groups.

  105. Silva says:

    This M. Sivananthan seems to be a mental case. I am not sure if he himself believes what he writes.
    Sometimes he talks like a Tamil Hindu, sometimes like a Sinhala Buddhist and sometimes he behaves like a Muslim.

    My advice to him is to go to the nearest mental institute where he lives and get some treatment before it is too late.

  106. Moulana says:

    The Sinhala-Buddhist majority government drove the Tamils to take up arms. Now they are driving the Muslims to take up arms. As Noordeen said, the Tamils had support only from Tamil Nadu but for the Muslims there are plenty of countries to fund their cause.

    The Sinhala-Buddhists are already a condemned race in the West, people in Western countries look at them as Barbarians. Now, even the Muslim countries are going to condemn them.

    What a mongrel race? SHAME!

  107. Pro Tiger says:

    Well done Sinhala Buddhists!

    Great job, we pro Tigers love to see this kind of incidents taking place in SL.
    Please continue to distroy Mosques, Churches and Hindu Temples, this is exactly what we want to see happening.
    Pro Tigers are extremely happy about this.

    Our sincere thanks to the venerable Buddhist priests for coming forward and taking action to distroy all the non-Buddhist instituitions in SL. Please keep up your good work.

  108. Freevoice says:

    So what is your point?

  109. Freevoice says:

    People who destroyed bamiyan Buddha statues are not Sri Lankans

  110. Selva says:

    They say Muslims are the first largest minority now. If that is true we could expect more and more attacks on Muslims in future.

  111. Nakeeb Issadeen says:

    Correction. It did not o unnoticed by the Muslims in Sri Lanka. It will be taken up at the highest level, Defence Secretary.
    We do not want to stir racial tensions due to some foolish Monks and some racists Buddhists because it will be detrimental to the defenceless Muslim minority.
    It is also worthy to note that once ‘invincible’ LTTE that messed around with the Muslim minority in the North and East are wiped out and the same fate will fall on to those who mess around now with the religious places of worship.

  112. M.Sivananthan says:

    What is the meaning of ISLAM? “SUBMIT” is the meaning! If refuse to submit, you will be killed. Convert the Kaffirs(non-Muslims) or kill them. That is the duty of Muslims. Check your quran.

    Now you tell who is “threatning” others?

    In the EAST many Hindu shrines were destroyed by Muslims. What are you going to do with the destruction of Hindu Temples?

    Remember Sri lanka is not Pakistan!

  113. Deshapremiya - Kotte says:


  114. M.Sivananthan says:

    Many Jaffna people came from Orissa and Kerala. I am happy if any one send Tamils to Orissa where Perumal and his 50,000 people live.

    Sinhalese too have some Gujju connection. Send them to Gujatat and Bengal!

    Then Veddas can roam their old hunting areas out of Dambana!

  115. M.Sivananthan says:

    Muslims and Christians brand Hinduism and Buddhism as EVILS. For that both Muslims and Christians killed thousands of Hindus and Buddhists in the past.

    Now the “Safron” teams are bold enough to do the same except killing!

  116. sl says:

    Can you imagine should a non-Muslim religious group attempt to establish a shrine in a land belonging to a Muslim mosque. In designated Muslim countries there are no shrines of other religious sects as those are not tolerated by law in those countries. Even the shrines constructed before those countries became Islamic are eliminated. So where is religious harmony the Muslims are talking about? Is it only for their advantage?

    Other countries allow Mosques to be built because they respect religious harmony unlike Muslims. The main reason for this is most other religions are liberal and advocate freedom while expansionism is an integral part of Islam. Quran even advocates slaying of non-conformists.

    Muslims are the major encroachers in to land belonging to Buddhist temples and places of worship. They cunningly and stealthily enter Buddhist cultural lands and gradually establish their shrines. They take advantage of the forgiving and tolerating nature of Buddhists and eventually make demands of rights.

    Currently the situation has become so worse, Sinhala Buddhists are compelled to take drastic action in order to protect their rights and cultural inheritance from being captured by Muslims.

  117. Yousef says:

    Most of the Muslim countries condemned the demolition of the Bamiyan Buddha statues by the Talebans? The Sinhala Buddhist Talebans have demolished a 300 years old Mosque and so far neither the government nor the Maha Nayaka Theros have condemned this barbaric act.

    The police were looking away instead of arresting thses thugs. The country has gone to the real Buddhist dogs.

  118. G1 says:

    And you forgot to mentioned about Myanmar and Tibet sl!!!

  119. TRN says:

    do u think by trying to propagate lies the buddhists will unite with hindus to cleanse the muslims & christians?

    how much falsehood you post hear about christians & muslims. You really in need of anti inflammatory medication!

  120. muzammil says:


  121. TRN says:

    you are very close to an accurate diagnosis Silva.

  122. M.Sivananthan says:

    You better agitate to expel Buddhists and others from Kataragama because it is your HOLY CITY for HINDUS!

  123. M.Sivananthan says:

    Look! Many Sri Lankans specially Sinhalese have mental problems. They must get treatment first. Because of the GREASE devils which is a creation of the Sinhala dominated army!

    Creating tensions on the basis of Language and religion is the Sri lankan politics. That is a kind of epidemic in Sri lanka. Advise Sinhalese to get rid of the Bauddha Sinhala ideology!

    Then people of Lanka will think in some other civilized directions for a living!

  124. M.Sivananthan says:

    Muslims destroyed Hindu temples in the EAST not Buddhists. Why are you silent on the “disgraceful
    nationally harmful and religiously
    shameful act.”?

  125. T . George - UK says:

    >The Muslims are not happy!
    >They’re not happy in Gaza.
    >They’re not happy in Egypt.
    >They’re not happy in Libya.
    >They’re not happy in Morocco.
    >They’re not happy in Iran.
    >They’re not happy in Iraq.
    >They’re not happy in Yemen.
    >They’re not happy in Afghanistan.
    >They’re not happy in Pakistan.
    >They’re not happy in Syria.
    >They’re not happy in Lebanon.
    >So, where are they happy?
    >They’re happy in
    >They’re happy in France.
    >They’re happy in Italy.
    >They’re happy in Germany.
    >They’re happy in Sweden.
    >They’re happy in the USA.
    >They’re happy in Norway.
    >All these countries are Christian/Roman Catholic countries.
    >They’re happy in every country that is not Muslim.
    >And who do they blame?
    >Not Islam.
    >Not their leadership.
    >Not themselves.

  126. Pro Bono Publico says:

    @Deshapremiya Kotte – If your argument is that Moslems came here as traders then what about you Sinhalese people? remember you chaps were outcasts (Vijaya and his men) and sent out of North India,so tell me man which is better to come as a legitimate trader or to come as an outcast? and please dont get me started on Vijayas bterayal of Kuveni who helped him when he was in need of help……perhaps it runs in the genes of some people still huh 🙂

    As far as we all know Moslems did not destroy any Budhist temples in the Eastern province ask any Army soldier who served there and he will tell you the same

  127. Pro Bono Publico says:

    @ Patriot,please dont insult the intelligence of the readers here as we are not ‘kavun eating modayas’ like you mate,IF you say that those who destroyed the shrine were ‘thugs are funded by the pro Tigers’ then are you saying that the i) monks are pro tigers?, ii)the policemen who watched and dint nothing were pro tigers or on their payrol,that too in Anuradhapura?

    hypothetically speaking if what you state is true then i) why is that no action is taken against these ‘pro tigers?’ coz after all the Govt is very happy to lock anyone who dissents isnt it? please answer my questions in a coherent and intelligent manner (i doubt you have the ability to do so anyway)

  128. Mohamed says:

    demn cry,
    Don’t you worry.
    If this state of affairs continue, there will be a movement worse than LTTE.
    Then those 20 odd countries will not come to help.

  129. G. Thomas - US says:

    So do the Singalese. The Singalese living in the west are the happiest but they continue to be Anti-Western. They blame the west for everything that is happening in Sri Lanka.

  130. M.Sivananthan says:

    What about the maids who returned in coffins and some with nails in their body?

  131. M.Sivananthan says:

    Buddhists and Hindus have no problems based on their religious beliefs. But the Muslims and Christians have nothing to share with Hindus and Buddhists.

    Further Islam ask not to respect non-Muslims(Kaffirs). I hope you follow it because you are a Muslim!

  132. Soma says:

    Muslims should be carefully watching who are giving worldwide publicity to this minor incident.

    And also must carefully consider if it is wise to insult and offend the Buddhist majority.

    Buddhists should not get excited over anything that appears under a Muslim name on the internet blogs.

  133. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    They should allow more buddhist to demolish more mosques????????

  134. Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan says:

    Desecration of the other in any society, in any country is a diabolic act that needs to be condemned unequivocally. Ironically, no religion is free of this ugly aberration. The modern world, quite rightly, sharply faults countries in which this occur – in terms of savagery, which it surely is. But in this case, in addition to the Buddhist priest and his gangsters taking the law into their own hands, the world also watched our paralysed Police failing those whom they are supoposed to defend – once again.

    Several commentators seem to be assuring themselves of strong support fronm the Arab world. Sadly that poor girl (Rizana Nafeek?)- languishing for years in a Saudi jail – is yet to benefit from the munificence from this fraternal feeling is an undeniable reality in this strange world. Her parents and just about everybody else in the community have appealed to the Saud King and authorities there – and yet she remains in prison in prison,in prayer and hope.


  135. G1 says:

    Buddhism is greatest Philosophy & teaches that you should respect and give kindness to all living creatures-
    The Latter teaches ONLY to extend kindness to COWS and CHICKENS!!!!

  136. muzammil says:

    You see Soma,the world is fast becoming a small place
    and people more and more concerned and attentive to
    daily happenings around them,thanks to communication
    technolgy.Publicity is inviting both the perpetrator
    and victim to explain their respective outrage and
    outburst.There are definitely a few who are waiting
    for their prey.Let them enjoy.It’s not in our hand.
    But what’s minor for you,is serious for someone else
    This blog has managed to get so much attention on this subject from all communities.Good and bad.

    Very few are racists and of trouble making nature but over all very informative.Let them shout.We are
    listening and hearing but will answer only to those
    who deserve it.I like to hear you tell the perpetrators that you hate their behaviour and it is
    disgusting.Mainly because,it’s led by a monk and supervised by law enforcing body.Is this what they
    are supposed to do in their respective uniforms?
    Come on Soma,stand up for harmony.

  137. Minaret says:

    Deshapremiya – Kotte,

    Low-country Sinhalese are a heavily mixed people and most of them are recent migrants from South India (after the Portuguese arrived). From the late nineteenth century onwards it was the three low-country castes (Karawa, Durawa and Salagama) most of who came into Sri Lanka after 1505 are the most ultra-SinhalaBuddhist nationalists (Deshapremiyas) . Today every low-country Sinhala-Buddhist “Pala” and “De Silva” have turned into ultra-nationalist patriots (defending Sri Lanka and Buddhism) trying to hoodwink the gullible masses. On the other hand, even the parliament jester Hon. Dr. Mervyn Silva also puts up comical dramas from time to time to exhibit his ultra-nationalist pseudo- patriotism. Today the minorities in Sri Lanka (Muslims, Tamils and even the Sinhala Christians) have become a marketing commodity in Sri Lankan politics; who ever speak against them can win the elections and be in power.

    If the Sri Lankan Muslims are considered as outsiders then everyone else in Sri Lanka other than the Veddas are also outsiders. The Muslims in Sri Lanka also have the same rights as the Sinhalese and the Tamils. Just because they are a minority that does not mean that they should not have their places of worship.

    The Sri Lankan constitution does not say Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country, it only says Buddhism is given the foremost place in Sri Lanka. Fools like Deshapremiya thinks that just because the majority is Sinhala-Buddhists, the country belongs only to the majority.

  138. Native Vedda says:

    M.Sivananthan says:

    “You better agitate to expel Buddhists and others from Kataragama because it is your HOLY CITY for HINDUS”

    We have a democratic sytem of belief. There are many gods within the Vedda tradition. Katharagama is only one and you would find many if you care to know. We haven’t institutionalised our religious beliefs therefore it will survive in pockets of Sri Lanka. Whereas M Silva Ananda, your institutionalised belief sytem either Buddhism or Hinduism in present forms had already gone passed its sell by date.

    I have been agitating against the Tamils and Sinhalese for many years. Sooner you leave the better for all my people. When you go take your Buddhism and hinduism with you together with your Sinhala and Tamil speaking brothers and sisters.

  139. Native Vedda says:

    Tamil says:
    “I hope the muslims countries take a notice of what is awaiting for their brethern and stop supporting the Sri Lanka Govt in the coming days at the UN”.

    I see crocodile tears in your eyes. Please wipe them clean as you forgot to register your protest when LTTE ethnically cleansed Muslims from entire Northern province.

  140. Ciero says:

    When will BBC get its news straight, first reported Def Sec Gota Rajapaksa is ‘going to allow’ re-bililding the shrine, now says no ho has no authority to do so. Will the onlooking police get promotion too?

  141. muzammil says:

    There’s a BBC report that Defence secretary has agreed to rebuild the shrine.And another good thing is that Alavi Moulana has opened his mouth to warn
    Mervyn of consequences if he tried his antics,with muslims.Muslims look up to their leaders to at least open their mouths even against their own MPs when it comes to this kind of absurdity.Moulana wants votes
    and people want action.At least now.

    But I would say,MR must warn Mrervyn,not only Moulana.I appreciate the action taken by the defence secretary.Perpetrators must also be punished as part of the remedy.

  142. Merlin Van Tweest says:

    My argument is based on the piece by Charles Haviland and he has not said that the police stood idly by. I have already condemned the action in my earlier blog and asked the question why the people responsible for this deed did not wait for the action of the court.

    If the police stood idly by as you allege, then of course it is dereliction of duty on their part.

    Now to look at the other part of your discourse –
    The original Sinhala language (Prakit) does not have Dravidian roots though in modern Sinhala there are about fifteen percent of loan words from Tamil, about ten percent from Portuguese, ten percent from Dutch and so on. Check out these links for an initial understanding

    The evolution of the Sinhala language is more in common with North Indian tongues than with South Indian languages. Sinhala has more related north Indian words in its vocabulary than south Indian words. About seventy percent of the Sinhala language is of north Indian source. This cross fertilisation in language is to be expected due to the geographical position of Sri Lanka and its people who arrived in Sri Lanka through the ages. The Sinhala script is a variation of the Brahmi script that is an ancestor to all Indic languages and to South East Asian languages and even to Tibetan and Central Asian languages. See Link below.

    Genetic studies have shown that the Sri Lankan Tamils share fifty five percent of their genome with the Sinhalese. It means that the Sri Lankan Tamils are closer genetically to the Sinhalese than to their so called cultural cousins in Tamil Nadu whose Dravidian roots are more pure.

    Of course the Mahavamsa chronicle is a mixture of legend, folklore and history. However it throws historical light into the region 2600 years ago in the absence of any other comparable chronicle. To dismiss it as pure folklore or legend when archaeological evidence emerging even today supplements some its writings are unwise to say the least. While no modern Sri Lankan or historian would entertain that the credibility of the Vijaya story is gospel truth, there is evidence to show that the pattern of trade winds from the North West of India did bring traders and settlers to the shores of Sri Lanka from the North, these were later supplemented by invasions from South India and later still fisher folk from various parts South India who settled on the coasts. Then of course the later colonisation by the Europeans added to this rich mixture. Anyone who today classifies himself as pure Sinhalese or Sri Lankan Tamil is sadly mistaken as there is no such pure racial identity.

    The geneticist Spencer Wells goes even further (60,000 years) and traces the origins of the human race from Africa in his excellent book the ‘Journey of Man’. In it he alleges that humans may have travelled from Africa to the Maldives to Sri Lanka and then to India and then onwards.

  143. Silva says:

    I am not talking about many Sri Lankans, I am talking about you my friend. It is high time that you seek some Psyco treatment before things get worse. I am serious, it is for your good.

  144. Deshapremiya - Kotte says:


  145. Soma says:

    Dear Muzammil

    No one is more ashamed than me inside over this totally unlawful and unbuddhist act which has potential for unimaginable consequences. I refrain from talking about this monk for I will have to use four letter words. I still wish to see this passed on as a minor incident and I wrote so to my Muslim friends. Tell me dear Muzamil how can I defend the majority Muslims when a mentally deranged Muslim man (popularly known as ‘Islamists’) throw a bomb at civilians practicing another religion (as frequently happening in Nigeria) or at Muslim of another sect praying inside a Mosque ( as frequently happening in Pakistan). Also please tell me what you told your Buddhist friends when Taliban was machine gunning the Buddha statues in full glare of world TV audience. Isn’t it our responsibility to not to create anything untoward over this kind of incidences.

    I was a twelve year old boy in 1958 when racial hared flared up once. I still remember how a neighbor was telling my parents that Tamils have cut breasts of Sinhala women and sent them in parcels in the Colombo bound train! Now this present incident is true while that was a fabricated lie for a purpose. If a lie could have that explosive potential how far this true incident go if handled irresponsibly I fear.

    Once again I still wish to see Muslim population in Sri Lanka ignore this as a minor incident.

    If you are thinking of a Friday protest march I would urge you to think again.

  146. M.Sivananthan says:

    Will you explain about the destruction of Hindu shrines by Muslims in the East if you are not a mental case? I think you are happy whem Muslims attack Hindus because you are a SILVA!

  147. Soma says:

    I suspect ‘muzammil’ is the pseudonym of a non Muslim.

  148. Minaret says:

    What is wrong in that?

    The Muslims population is increasing by natural birth rate but the Sinhalese became a majority by coming from South India in large numbers and getting converted to Sinhala-Buddhists from the late nineteenth century onwards. The three low-country castes (Karawa, Durawa and Salagama) came into Sri Lanka from South India only after 1505, the Portuguese brought them. Most of these ultra-Sinhala-Buddhist nationalists and psedo-patriots (Deshapremiyas)who are trying to defend Sri Lanka and Buddhism today are those who came from South India after the Portuguese and got converted to Sinhala-Buddhists. That is how the Sinhalese became a majority.

  149. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    you are saying is very similar to what I am saying, but you have still not crossed the bridge…..

    I said we are essentially dravidians with various lingustic influences.

    Being an island, on a strategic location, we have received genes from a wider spectrumn than india.

    If you look at the faces of the Rajapakse’s, they are clearly not from Sri Lanka. they look javanese and this fits in with their location in Hamban ( Sampan) Thota.

    I have tested my DNA and they found 15 people with an identical match on their database and they were from Northern Europe, indication that I was like many of the land owning families were with European influence.

    In Canada, United States, South America, Australia and even Sri Lanka, the european invaders chased the locals into the forests and occupied the best lands.

    Vijaya is supposed to have done the same thing, after massacring the vaddha’s he drove them to the forest.

    So, check your DNA and you might make a surprising discovery

  150. sl says:

    Good. let it be world War lll. Muslims are a headache for the world now. When pagan population increase it is a burden for this soil. There should be a way to neutralise this.

  151. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    I think Prabakaran is alive and he was wearing a buddhist monks robes and decided to confuse them……By singing.
    ..Sinhalaya modaya…kavum kanda yodhaya……

  152. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    Quick…………Go and give them some Condoms….

    educate them about the advantages of strawberry flovoured ones…….

  153. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    News Item…..

    Will protect area says Gota
    Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa says he will give protection for the area where a Muslim shrine was demolished in Anuradhapura recently.
    The Defence Secretary has told the BBC that he does not have the authority to order the reconstruction of the shrine.
    Th BBC had earlier reported that Rajapaksa had ordered the rebuilding of the mosque following a discussion with the Sri Lanka Muslim Council.
    The mosque was demolished by a group of monks who claimed it was built on a land belonging to the Buddhists some 2,000 years ago. The Muslims meanwhile have claimed the mosque was one and a half centuries old.
    N.M. Ameen from the Sri Lanka Muslim Council had earlier told the BBC that the Defence Secretary had given other directives on behalf of Muslims, including a guarantee that there would not be any interference in a Muslim ritual of animal sacrifice due to take place at a forthcoming festival as well.

  154. Soma says:

    Mr. muzammil , whom are trying to fool? Religious freedom in Muslim majority countries? You must thank Allah to be born in a non Muslim country. Answer this question sincerely to your heart. Given the option a Muslim would migrate to a Muslim majority country or a non Muslim western country?

  155. Native Vedda says:


    Both Tamils and Sinhalese have all sorts of mental illness as you can see from their own behaviour.

    They have been home sick away from their respective native lands which is in India.

    The only cure is to go back to their native villages and live among their own people. Before they leave they should consult with Genome project to see where exactly they have to relocate in India.

    Silvas may have to get a visa to Portugal but in the case of Tamils and Sinhalese they can use Kallathoni to get back the same way how they landed in my island.

    Silva I am sorry nothing personal.

  156. muzammil says:

    Serious mistake Soma.I’m not here either to
    stir up or appease anyone.I want to be fair
    in an unjust environment.When justice is done,I’m beyond party line.We muslims are a balanced society.I’m a human before anything else.Your suspicion reduces your
    power of smell.I’m not an ordinary muslim
    that you have in your mental picture.In a
    nutshell,I believe that muslims in the south must be supportive of sinhalese and
    those living in the north must live with tamils.And then,the country as a whole must come together as one.This makes me respect
    all communities.
    Thank you for your reponse and get your doubts cleared.

  157. muzammil says:

    my dear Soma,I’m not trying to fool
    anybody,I want to tell you the truth with proof.I’m simply answering Deshapremiya’s outburst
    that there are no other religions
    in islamic soils.You are the one
    who can not accept the full truth
    as an answer even after the names
    are given to you.Instead ,you are
    now asking me,who’s better than whom? You are asking me who’s better,you or the west?First,I tell you, this is irrelevent.
    secondly, West is more tolerant,
    democratic,friendly,peaceful and
    civilised due to its governance.
    Not only the muslim world,much or
    whole of the rest,lack all these
    features.Now,find your pair of shoes.

  158. Deshapremiya - Kotte says:

    Muslims don’t use condom or Family planning the Sinhalese do, because It is against Islam.

  159. Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan says:

    Minaret (Sept 20) You rightly claim the Sinhalese came from India. Are you one of those trying to fool yourself you came from Arabia?


  160. Muslim says:

    There are Buddhist temples in Malaysia. There are Mosques in Thailand. Only here you make a fuss about other peoples religon. What kind of person are you Deshapremi.

  161. Muslim says:

    Good work. Thats why Grease Monkeys are trying to scare them.

  162. Soma says:

    Do they really taste like strawberries Dushy?

  163. Deshapremiya -Kotte says:


  164. muzammil says:

    If you ask millions of Srilankan Buddhists,
    whether Buddha visited Srilanka,there won’t be
    any hesitation for”yes”.Ask prf De silva and
    it’s a big no.Ask Dushy.A generous NO.It’s the
    same in the discovery of America by Columbus.
    Do you want to try to be foolproof with the
    identity of Srilankan Muslim’s origin? Try your luck dear ISS.And also,thank you for your
    feet dragging,unwilling and less than half hearted four lined protest on a seventeen lined comment which took much pain to paint the victim also with the same brush.Thank you
    for even that little effort which came late.

  165. Kalu Albert says:

    Couldn’t see so much outrage when the LTTE Chief ordered the blowing up of that Mosque in the East killing so many Muslims and injuring many more.

    Didn’t see anyone asking the late LTTE leader to rebuild it.

    Couldn’t see any outrage about the over one hundred thousand Muslims who were chased away like feral cattle, from their native lands.

    Of course I am talking about the LTTE supporter base here, who are throwing every bit of rubble , stones, rocks and even gravel they can get their hand on, at the Sinhala Buddhists for this one isolated incident.

    British stirred up the Muslims one hundred years ago, and hung an innocent Sinhala youth, who was framed by the British Worshiping Sinhala Christian Elite in Colombo, because a Sinhala Buddhist was giving them tough competition.

    Although the British are gone for 60 years , they are still capable of stirring up Minorities to get at the Sinhala Buddhists.

  166. Merlin Van Tweest says:

    I have checked my DNA and my ancestry is 70 percent European with Malay, South and North Indian in the rest of the mixture. My ancestor arrived in Sri Lanka from Batavia (currently in Indonesia) in 1689.

    Some of my extended family have tested their DNA and found to their surprise that they are not pure Sinhalese, Tamil, and Malay etc. As I have indicated before there is no such thing as a pure race in Sri Lanka today.

    Of course there is a Dravidian component in the Sri Lankan population as attested by centuries of invasions and settlement from south India. Even as recently as the invasion force that Moggalana brought with him to defeat Kasyappa – many of the soldiers in his army settled down in Sri Lanka and took Sinhalese wives and became Sinhalese in culture and linguistics. But to say that all Sri Lankans are Dravidians is to stretch the truth (as they may have a Dravidian component instead).

    There was a time when some villages in the North Central region of Sri Lanka reverted to Dravidian (Tamil) and then reverted back to Aryan (Sinhalese) during whoever held the throne. Indeed there is a caste of people called ‘Koviars’ in the Tamil caste system in Sri Lanka that does not conform to any of the Hindu caste classifications. It was later discovered these were ‘Goviya’ the Sinhalese farmer caste that was corrupted to ‘Koviar’ during Dravidian occupation. There are many such anomalies in Sri Lankan society today proving the racial and cultural variety that I believe Sri Lanka should be proud of in its demarcation as the resplendent isle.

  167. ABCD says:

    Is that a threat ? !

  168. Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan says:

    Muzaamil (Sept 20) Do we now have it from you both Muzzamils are the same. Meanwhile, what is the difference between an ordinary Muslim and an extra-ordinary Muslim you make reference to. Pray, englighten readers here.


  169. ajith says:

    What is idle?
    Why we want to worship the idle who cannot hear, cannot see, cannot speak, cannot help you and it cannot help itself.
    The one who created the sky, the earth, the man and all other existences cannot be like idle. There is no idle except man made. So, automatically everyone can confirm the creator is the most high. Everything belongs to the creator; he has total control over everything. So, don’t develop the anger of the creator.
    Instead of fighting each other learn and search your real creator. It is everyone’s duty. If you want to become a doctor you want to study hard, spend money, spend time .otherwise you will not achieve target. Like that spend time to learn every religion to find the real creator don’t follow your “forefathers” who might not have thinking power than you.

  170. M.Sivananthan says:

    Then why do they speak TAMIL? Arabia is Tamil Eelam?

  171. Dushy Ranetunge says:

    Before my and your ancesters came and before Vijaya landed, whom do you think lived on the island?

    I would say, Dravidian tribes, same as those in India.

    Before Devanampiyatissa and buddhism, what was the religion of the inhabitants?

    Early form of Hinduism I would guess.

    So the BASE in Sri Lanka, South India etc are the same tribal inhabitants……we hear of Naga’s in Lanka, their settlements in Kelaniya and Magama where dutu gemunu came from, but Naga’s are all over India, including Nagaland an Indian state.

    Dutu Gemunu was NOT a “Sinhalese” the mahavamsa does not refer to him as a sinhalese and he has no link to Vijaya immigration. Both his parents are Naga’s.

    Tissa is a Naga name, not Sinhalese……..

    Think a bit more, and you. like me, will cross that bridge….

  172. Dushy Ranetunge says:


    I will disagree that Sinhalese came from India. It is a mistake to think like this bacause, we have a north Indian religion and a north Indian( sanskrit) based language.

    Its like saying that the people in Jamaica are from England, because they speak English and because they are anglicans.

    But we all know that they are from Africa.

    In Sri Lanka we have confused ethnicity and lingustic influence.

    The people in Sri Lanka who speak English and are Christains did not come from Europe.
    The People in Sri lanka who speak Tamil and are Hindu’s did not come from Tamil Nadu
    The people in Sri Lanka who speak Sinhalese and are Buddhists did not come from North India.

    Linguistic and religious influences are separate from ethnic identity.

    People are from the Vaddha naga times, most probably of dravidian stock with new immigrants with new linguistec and religious influences absorbed into the main body of the population.

    “Sinhalese” is a home grown ethnic identity, the same as the evolution of ethnic identities in South India…….

  173. muzammil says:

    My dear ISS,
    You have two Muzammils here.One is obliged by
    party line and the other one is free, although
    he has his own preferences based on justice to
    As I have explained on an earlier post,I am a human being first and foremost.Majority of Muslims do not ask themselves,the question
    I ask myself.I give you a simple but thought
    provoking example.One day I asked a learned
    friend of mine,why is he a muslim.He just got
    confused, suddenly with no answer,was helplessly looking at me.I said to him “you are a muslim because you were born to a muslim Not through the knowledge of Islam.
    It is the same with all other followers of
    different faiths.This investigative character in me,led me beyond 1400yrs, into 5000yrs history of how religions evolved.Do you now see where one becomes extra-ordinary MR ISS

  174. muzammil says:

    Journey a little further,beyond 3000 yrs and into 5000, you won’t fail in
    your discovery and can start from scratch.

  175. muzammil says:

    It’s not the taste Soma,Dushy can’t wait
    to send in Americans first!

  176. Native Vedda says:

    Deshapremiya -Kotte says

    They also came from South India in large numbers.

    Most of them were known as Sonahar, and some Muslims want them to be known as Sonahar.

  177. Native Vedda says:

    Deshapremiya – Kotte says:

    “””Muslims don’t use condom or Family planning the Sinhalese do, because It is against Islam.”””

    Your public scrutiny of private parts is unacceptable.

  178. Native Vedda says:


    I agree with “muzammil”

    You have a narrow view of the Muslim world. Except Saudi Arabia rest of the Muslim countries don’t bother other religious minorities. Most countries including Iraq have Christian minorities and they are free to practice their religion.

    Unlike Sinhala Buddhist or Saiva Tamils Muslims in middle east countries are not chosen races.

    Sinhalese believe they are the guardians of Buddhism but their behaviour as individuals and as state is an affront to Buddhist teaching and practice.

  179. Native Vedda says:


    Could you name a few?

  180. G1 says:

    There was a story about the little boy who went to elementary school and all he knew was how to write 10 sentences about the cow. One day the class teacher asked the students to write 10 sentences about a coconut tree. So our little boy started his sentence like this.
    1) We have a tall coconut tree in our back garden.
    2) We tie our cow to that coconut tree
    Then the little boy went on completing his rest of the sentences about the cow. So the story goes like these ……….whenever he was asked to write 10 sentences about any subject, he always ended up in writing about the cow.
    We are debating about the COCONUT TREE, please stick the relevant topic.

    There was no public internet access or forums/social media 10 years ago for people to show/post their comments (disapproval/outrage) as we do it now.
    Only very few people participates in this forum post/write articles on a regular basis and rest of us just post our comments using pseudonyms.

    “Didn’t see anyone asking the late LTTE leader to rebuild it.”
    So you are comparing LTTE Leader VP to so called democratically elected president MR??????

    GROW UP!!!!

  181. Native Vedda says:

    Merlin Van Tweest:

    “Dravidian (Tamil) and then reverted back to Aryan (Sinhalese)”

    Tamils and Sinhalese are two stupit people and they share a common trait which is self destruction.

    Tamils speak dravidian language and the Sinhala language is considered to be Indo Aryan group of languages.

    I don’t understand how these two stupit peoples have come to be known respectively as Dravidian and Aryan.

    They are not as they would like to believe themselves to be, please stop perpetuating the aryan myth and there was no evidence to suggest that there ever existed a race known as Aryans.

    I didn’t expect Anagarikka’s myth would last this long, but given the level of Sinhala stupidity it will last another 2,500 years.

    The original inhabitants of the island are undoubtly our people and I don’t need evidence to prove it.

    Immigrants came, concured the island and ruined it.

    Though numerically small, we still maintain our unique and ancient race/people in pockets of the island.

    The Tamils and Sinhalese are hybrid made up of all sorts of people whoever passed by Indian Ocean. Greecs, Arabs, Moors, Cheran, Cholan, Pandian, Bengali, Malay, Chinese, British, Scottish, Dutch, Portugese,…………………. you name it all had good time in Sri Lanka and the outcome is the origin of two stupit people.

    You say, Dravidian occupation, the name is a western manufactured classification. More over according to Sinhala interpretation of asylum seeking Vija’s concur of my land was merely a visit and was not an occupation while Pandya and Chola’s visits were branded as invasion, conquest, or occupation.

    As far as my people are concerned you brutalised my people first and then fought among yourselves to retain the loot.

    Please get your facts right, nothing personal.

  182. Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan says:

    Mr Muzzamil (Sep 20 -5.31) Unable comprehend what your point is. Fear you cannot either. Marakkalam, my man, in coastal S. India is a sailing craft made of wood tied together in those days – when steam-boats and mechanised
    craft were not invented. That was when Muslims from Coastal Coromandel Coast ventured across the nearby seas in search of fortune. Most of them came here with qunitessential names like Nagoor Pitchai, Nagoor Kaney, Nagoor Meera, Tondi Marikkar, Keelakarai Mahmadhu and the rest. They were pious, decent folk who brought in their women-folk later.

    Manufacturing history is no mean task.


  183. Native Vedda says:

    Merlin Van Tweest

    Check the link below where you will find plenty of evidence as how not to run a country.

  184. Native Vedda says:

    Merlin Van Tweest

    “”The original Sinhala language (Prakit) does not have Dravidian roots though in modern Sinhala there are about fifteen percent of loan words from Tamil””

    Veerasoliam, the Tamil treatise on grammar according to Sinhala scholars formed the basis of Sinhala language. Correct me if I am wrong.

  185. muzammil says:

    I know what I write and I’m afraid,you are trying to
    derail.What you are saying has no relevence to what
    you wanted to know.You should go back to your original question (20-9.14pm).Are these two muzammils one? Next,about being extra-ordinary.It seems to me,in your understanding,may be “extra-ordinary” has to fall into a celebrated social status.When I said I’m not an ordinary,I meant
    “typical”.I didn’t mean a higher social status or any
    other status.I’m a person who on many occasions politely refused to accept many positions offered to me by my friends in authority.I also can look at my
    religion in a completely different and unusual way.
    That’s how I become extra-ordinary.

  186. muzammil says:

    Sorry George,bit late to serve you.
    Do you know that Jews attending Synagogues in
    US,is fast on the decline and why? Simple.US
    and the Europe are not under religious influence in their governance.They are a free
    thinking Democracy tht’s being subjected to
    changing global needs.Jews are on the top of
    the list adjusting themselves to these developing changes by gradually giving up their old fashioned lifestyle.
    My point here is,its not roman catholicism or
    christianity that has attracted Muslims and
    others.Just Democracy.

  187. Deshapremiya - Kotte says:


  188. Deshapremiya - Kotte says:


  189. Deshapremiya - Kotte says:


  190. Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan says:

    Muzammil (the 1st or 2nd???) Sept 21 – 6.26 am … You remain unclear and incomprehensible. I suspect you are probably looking for the celebrated quote from the Pukthun leader Khan Abdul Wali Khan who said “I have been a
    Pakhtun for 6,000 years; a Muslim for 1300 years and a Pakistani for 25 years” He could easily trace his identity.
    He did not have to invent an origin.

    Where do you fit in, my friend?


  191. Minaret says:


    What is your point???
    You think Muslims came from America???

  192. muzammil says:

    ISS,I don’t blame you for your confusion.And also I
    can not take much space here in this forum,for
    personal identification.All I wanted was,to tell you
    that we are two muzammils.And in response to Soma’s
    suspicion that I may not be a muslim,I took a little
    more pain to explain that I’m not typical muslim.You can find hundreds of ways to describe it.You may find my views sometimes don’t tally those of my fellow muslims and this creates confusion in some minds like soma’s.

    As for your ref to Khan Wali,in one sense, yes and in another no.Muslim for 1400yrs and srilankan for many centuries, is my case.And my dear ISS,in all cases of world history,winners have written them half truth and half coocked up.Take Adams peak for an example.To muslims”bawa adam malai” to Budhist it is “siripadha” and to Hindu “sivanoli”.In religions just close your eyes and lock your senses.
    I don’t have to invent origin to identify myself as you try to match mine with Wali Khan’s.I belong to the extended community of Hashims of Arab roots and that’s how we are known to the world.Efforts were made in vain to challenge this.What many forget is that until recent as nineteen century, muslims from south india and pakistan were migrating along with malays(British brought in).They are not in large numbers but give mixed identities and origins.I do know that my dear ISS is well in the know.

  193. silva says:

    Bikhus along with the Bikhu worshiping politicians created Prabaharan in the first place!!The whole problem was started by SWRD Bandaranayake, who after waited so long to get into power whipped up the communal frenzy by bringing the sinhala only act and laying the foundation for the several STATE SPONSORED POGROMS which resulted in the emergence of Pirabaharn to defend STATE TERRORISM and STATE TERRORISM is continuing to this minute in SRI LANKA. It will ruin sri lanka unless a REAL LEADER emerges among the Sinhalese!!!All these Bikhus who take part in this sort of destruction are thugs in robes!!! It is an easy way to make a living!!!

  194. Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan says:

    Mr. Muzammil – Your analogy of Adam’s peak and your origin is misplaced. One is belief and the other is historical fact. I have no problem in calling your calling yourself Hashemite with Arab roots. You may have heard the late Badi-ud-din Mahmud (of Standardisation rule) had a different tale to tell the DMK leaders in 1984 when he called them in Madras – after 7/83 here. And – and so did Rauf Hakeem in his many visits to Tamilnadu. But this is all trivia in a sense – and so let them be. History is an altogether different cup of tea.


  195. silva says:

    Don’t you know that the STATE has a responsibility to protect all its citizens, unlike a rebel organisation. But you are correct in some way, because there is hardly any difference between a “supposedly elected government” and a terror organization in SRI LANKA(one look at the picture of the policemen watching the destruction is ample proof. Several organised pogroms against the Tamils by the STATE is another shameful proof)

  196. ABCD says:

    @Dushy ranathunge. You are absolutely right Given the close proximity to South India Sinhalese are more likely to be ethnically related to South Indians. Anyway why are some Sinhalese so keen to show that they are descended from North India, North India is the most backwards, caste conscious part of India and is much behind South India.

  197. Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan says:

    ABCD re-opens an old question where there is reason to believe contemporary historians have blurred the record. While it is very likely we have had a small number coming here from the Bengal-Orissa-Bihar area (e.g. names ending with
    Naik and Singh such as Wickremesinghe, Wickramanayake which are derivatives from Vikram Singh, Vikram Naik) as historian and jurist Dr Colvin R. de Silva was to put all doubts to rest when he said “we (Sinhalese) came from there (present Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and possibly Karnataka) The only difference is the time and the place”

    The insisted identity with North India began when it was found – during the latter 19th century and early 20th century – the large number of Dalit workerses were brought to work in the Tea Estates, the locals saw these “Indians” dirt poor, decrepit, tar black, ill-dressed, ill-fed etc that emotionally they did not want to be identified with them. Connecting you with far away North India, where you have a claim of sorts, was far more preferable. So the makers of instant history got to work over the years. What they did not know was the same South India these dalits came from contained highly cultured, educated, well-to-do, good looking (most Kandyan Kings took wives – many fair-skinned, from South India)

    The current generation of Lankans – enabled by visiting India in every larger numbers than previously – are beginning to change their prejudices. One supposes we can trust the current lot of instant history makers to do the needful to re-shape “history”


  198. muzammil says:

    Sorry about seating Adam’s peak without prior
    notice and thanks for alerting me.
    Budi-ud-deen was a man genuinely committed to
    his community and did everything in his power
    to achieve a lot for them,specially in the field of education.We can safely say,no other
    leaders could match him up todate.But yet,the
    community turned their faces away because of
    his association with Bandaranaikas.I also know
    what Rauf Hakeem had to say in Tamil Nadu.I think it will be unfair to leave out a man like Sir Razik Fareed,on the issue of our origin.

    Sir Razik Fareed

  199. Soma says:

    ISS, how did “Indians” of tea estates happen to speak Tamil? – just to learn a point in history.

  200. Anonymous says:

    wait and see

  201. Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan says:


    I fail to see the point in your question. Even a ludicrous nitwit knows the answer. If I gauge you well from your regular comments, I think you are well
    beyond average in the uptake in the basics.


  202. Soma says:

    Sorry ISS, I was confused as Wikipedia says “Dalits are a mixed population of numerous caste groups all over South Asia, and speak various languages”. I also got the impression that what you want convey is “Tamils” are “highly cultured, educated, well-to-do, good looking” while these estate workers are ” dirt poor, decrepit, tar black, ill-dressed, ill-fed etc” . Once again forgive me for my ignorance – are the Keralites considered as Tamils?

  203. SAMARASEKARA says:

    Dushy Ranetunge says:
    September 15, 2011 at 8:15 am
    The Descendants of Sinhabahu (brother) and Sinhaseevali (Sister) showing the results of their incestous relationship.
    Dear friend,

    May be you are misleaded or purposely written nonsence, but whatever it was it is harming your emarge. What happend to your balance mind?

    Every one knows ANURADHAPURA PUJA NAGARA was established in year 1958 by offecially remuving all non buddhists structures (including cholic) that were within the limit of puja nagara. Therefore there was no chance to muslim shrin exixts in the puja nagara.

    Recently with the patronised of chief monk in the ATAMASTANA the government removed all un autherised condtructions including buddhist constructuins. Therefore there was no room for having muslime shrine, but with help of interested party this was built.

    Where it was built? IT WAS BUILT NEAR DUTUGAMUNU SAYA.

    Do you too smart to assume that reconcilation policy and panathi patha weremani sikka padam samadiyamy of sinhalees buddhists would preventing from take counter part action?

    If it is so you ought to be re-learning the characteritics of SINHALA BUDDHISTS.

    Finaly you mensioned about SINHABAU.

    Didn’t you foget that sinhalees had co relation whth SHAKYA. In a nutshell Shakyas are aggressive and arragent. SO DO SINHALEES


  204. Deshapremiya - Kotte says:

    The Muslims must realise that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist Country and not a muslim Country and Muslims are allowed to practice their religion.

  205. Anonymous says:

    Well said !!

  206. Roja says:

    Shrines are not islamic as it’s not a mosque we don’t mind demolishing it though islam is against idol worship but all these rubbish so called buddist monks and the thugs doing is shameful as most monks today are not practicing budha teaching they are Idlers and communals after Anagarikaya and the urumayas

  207. hindu says:

    look Mr.Hindus and Tamils try to respect others. don,t support to buddist who distroy muslims one day they will distroy you.

  208. Ahmed says:

    The funniest part to see here is, police is helping the mobs to destroy the shrine. How can we rely on these carders with the legal uniform helping and guarding the racists.

    Why buddist are so much worried about their religion will be vanished by other religious practices. This along with the envy is the main reason with many monks and buddist are against building and re construction of other religious institute such as mosque. it is there insecurity brings them to this position; because a concept supported by valid reasons no need to be protected by cheap ways. Monks and hela urima are thinking they are the inheritance of sri lanka. For their stupidly no medicine. We have the full right as any Buddhist or Christians in sri lanka to build a mosque to schools. No one has the right to stop us, if anyone here says we can do that in muslim countries I also say the same to you. Go to india ( or Nepal) and build your temples. Because Sinhala Buddhist origin is from india and buddism also from the same place. What is the right you have over us.

    Muslims of sri lanka are with the arab and lankan blood mix; if so keep in a corner of your head, we have the full right to live as you live because you also have the mix of Indian (Vijaya) blood with lankan. Ideally; if we lose the right to live in this country peacefully ;you too lose it. in fact Sinhalese are Indian not native sri lankans. Also would like to mention that when arab traders taken the woman from sri lanka they haven’t abandon them. They lived with them ever after. But when your forefather vijaya came to sri lanka and taken the kiweni then abandon her for another queen from india. Don’t talk about the legal right here. Because your fore father and mother both are from india and where as my mother is from sri lanka. Children of kuweni was believed to be the Veddhas. So you even lose the mother land inheritance in that way.

    we as a people of sri lanka with sri lankan blood root have the right to practice any religion we want. no Buddhist can dictate us what to believe. YOU are not our master. You practice your religion we practice ours. if you have a problem with any other country and their practices (eg: saudi), go and talk to them. it’s not our problem. just because Mohamed (puh) was born in saudi does not make all sri lankan muslims are Saudis , if so none of the Sinhalese are sri lankan as buddah was an indian.

    if animal sacrifices are the issue to you all, then keep in mind that fish, chicken, goat,etc also falls under this. i hope not only cow is termed as animal in any Buddhist dictionary. Also drinking alcohol and fornication and adultery also breaching the 5 principles Buddha had outlined. it is your mere racism grown with jealousy towards Muslim community is released via animal sacrifices according to their religion. if you all truthful with Buddhism, first get rid off this envy from your heart as per buddah’s preaching and stop killing by your own people all kind of animals such as fish, chicken and goat and protest to close down bars and raise voice against fornication that grown in sri lankan, then come to us (other religion) , will talk about our practices and its impact on you.

  209. Anonymous says:

    Thumb up ..gr8

  210. FFAITHFUL says:


  211. true muslim says:

    If u break ALLAH;s house dont worry punishment will come who broke the mosque, we believe only one god ALLAH not others its the true religion ever.

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