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Solving Sri Lanka’s ‘Tamil problem’ in 2012

by Terence Fernando

About 200,000 displaced people are still living in refugee camps in northern Sri Lanka, even though southerners believe everything is back to normal.

The government organises trips to the war zone only to show monuments that celebrate the army’s victory.

Almost three years since the end of 30 years of ethnic conflict, Sri Lanka has not yet resolved its so-called ‘Tamil problem’. About 200,000 Tamil internally displaced people live in refugee camps in the northern part of the country under military control, unable to go home to their villages. Ethnic Sinhalese appear oblivious of what went on (bombardment and war crimes) and is going on trips to the former war zone. Here is a story of courage and hope of a priest who visited the refugee camps in Cheddikulam.

Most Sinhalese in southern Sri Lanka do not believe a ‘Tamil problem’ exists. Almost three years after the end of the conflict, the authorities continue to tell them that displaced people have gone back to a normal life. However, this is not true. Many war victims have been unable to go back home to their region or villages. Instead, they have been forced into areas owned by the government and the armed forces.

Few Sinhalese know the truth. After 2009, hundreds of people have travelled from the south to the north to see the lands conquered by the Sri Lankan army. However, war is a crime. Southerners have never heard the sound of explosions or bombardment or experienced the atrocities of war.

They have not seen mothers run away with their little children to save their lives, as their husbands and older sons were torn apart in front of their eyes. They have never lived shut away in a bunker, days on end, afraid that death might come at any moment, their thoughts only on how to find food and water for their children. When they visit the north, Sinhalese only see the monuments celebrating the army’s victory.

Recently, I travelled to Cheddikulam to celebrate Mass with Tamil brothers and sisters who still “live” in refugee camps. Fr Douglas Milton was supposed to come with me. He is a friend from the Diocese of Mannar. Because of heavy rains, he arrived late by 30 minutes. He surprised me when he started the service telling the faithful, “I apologise for the delay. There was a lot of rain during my journey.”

These appear to be simple words, but show instead the dignity, equality, respect and love he has for this lonely and oppressed people. By apologising, my friend brought them hope, courage and strength. He addressed them with the same love, kindness and compassion our Lord Jesus had for his people. courtesy:


  1. peacelover says:

    This writing exposes the reality in Thamil areas and clearly expresses the pain and suffering of Thamils for the last 63 years.


    Pain and suffering of Thamils is no where comparing to Fr. Michael Milton’s 30 minutes delay in attending the mass. However as a civilized and truly religious priest he apologized to his people waiting for his service. On the other hand so far there is no sincere apology openly expressed by a single Sinhala Buddhist politician towards Thamils for the mess they create since 1948.

    Fr. Michael Milton expresses the love and care and show the great human compassionate towards his people who trust him by an apology and by this action he creates the permanent bond between him and his people.
    Why don’t we see this form of gesture from a Sinhala Buddhist politician towards Thamils? If anyone knows such example I would love to hear.


  2. aratai says:

    In 2002, when question was raised about Rajiv’s murder, Pirabhakaran said “let’s forget the past”.

    In 2009, when question was raised about war crimes, Rajapakse’s said, “let’s forget the past”.

    But Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, never forgot the past. It took her 18 years to get her revenge (accountability) and close her book.

    Now there are over 200,000 people waiting for an answer to close their books?


  3. Kalu Albert says:

    Dosai boutiques and Grocery shops are doing roaring business from Mullativ right up to Jaffna from the hungry and thirsty Southerners.

    Red Onion and Chilli farmers in the Peninsula can’t keep up with the supply for their Southern cousins are demanding more and more.

    Without the Tiger Navy, Jaffna Fisher Folk are also getting their fair share from the Palk Straits although. their Nadu cousins are still poaching.

    And the Southern cousins again are the main consumers, because they want more and more Omega3.

    The net result is money in the pockets of the Northerners again, and 22 % contribution to the current Economic Growth rate of 8 % overall in the Island.

    The question is how much has the Emmanuel faction contributed to the welfare of these Northerners in recent times?.

    Wasn’t its Leader the spiritual guru of these people when when they were surviving on bare minimum for 30 years?.

    Have these two Priests made any requests from their colleaque for help to these poor people after obseving their plight as they described here?.

  4. Rana says:

    Is This Terrance Fernando suddenly woke up from a deep slumber or day dreaming? Alright if there is 200,000 refugees try to convert these oppressed refugees from hinduism to christianity by showing compassion,love,kindness…and erect several churchs in the area.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Leave out all those roadside bombings and shooting sprees like one that killed hundreds of pilgrims at Shri-maha-bodhi, Anuradhapura and the shoot down the Amirthaligam, the TULF leader and his body guard Somapala, if this writer means ‘south’ is this side of Vanni, then there had been at least 383 suicide bombings by LTTE. And that must have killed further thousands of southerners during its three decades of war.

    Pity, this writer chose to forget that parents in the south like me travelled in different modes of transport so that their children would be left with at least one parent if caught in a suicide or roadside bomb blast.

    So, to say “Southerners have never heard the sound of explosions ….” is a clear insult for those of our relatives that got killed as briefly explained above. It is clear that this writer has a Nelsonian eye. People like him would never understand the mentality of southerners. Only an omnipotent God could have turned the 30 year war ravaged north and war mentality of Northerners normal in just two years.

  6. Kanian Poongkunran says:

    ‘The miserable have no other medicine. But only hope’ William Shakespeare

    The least discussed subject in any forum in the aftermath of the Tamil National tragedy is the collective mental well-being of the people who were trapped. The WHO defines mental health as a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her abilities, can cope with the normal stress of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.

    There are two types of common mental health problems ; depression and anxiety disorders.
    Depression is widespread among these people like common cold. But unlike common cold, depression can kill . Suicide rate in Sri-Lanka is comparatively very high.

    The psychological warfare of the Sri-Lankan regime against the Tamil people continues un abated even after the war ended. The meddling of the military in their day to day lives makes things worse.
    An unending and irreversible sense of oppression leads to lack of motivation. Therefore any activity seem pointless . Especially they are so frozen in pain and suffering of the present moment, they find it inconceivable that they might feel more positive in the future. When they are convinced that their moods are caused by factors beyond their control, they can’t do anything that will make themselves better.

    So in this new year the only thing we can give them is HOPE. Hope is the emotional state the opposite of which is despair which promotes the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life. It is the feeling what is wanted can be had events will turnout for the better. I would like to request all concerned parties to do their part to give new hope in their life.

    Psychologist CR Snyder and his colleagues say that hope is cultivated when we have a goal in mind, determination that the goal can be reached, and a plan on how to reach those goals. According to another psychologist, hope comes to play when our circumstances are dire. When things are not going well or at least there is considerable uncertainty about how things will turnout . She states that hope literally opens us up and removes the blinders of fear and despair and allows us to see the big picture.

    ‘You have got to have hope. Without hope life is meaning less. Without hope life is meaning less and less. ’

  7. Panhinda says:

    My sincere hope 2012 would be the year the problem is solved as well.

    Not that I have ever visited these areas. Although a mixed picture emerges when extrapolating the situation from various sources. Certainly the number of people displaced was quite large. Hopefully shortcomings can be fixed soon. There is currently no transparency at all of the activities taking place by govt, NGOs and international community.

    This seems to be the view of others too ->

  8. Karunathilleke Kaleliya says:

    This person seems wanting to CONVERT these innocent people into his Bucket! 200000 are still in Camps? In Iraq or Afghanistan? This Crusader must be wanting again a War! It will NOT happen, Rev!

  9. Raj says:

    We have seen Crocodile Tears of Catholic/Christian priests for along time, famous for Fishing in troubled waters with sole objective of converting poor & suffering to their version of Catholicism / Christianity.
    Fr. Emmanuel & the gang of like minded Diaspora try their level best to revive the dead LTTE ( Resurrection ?) so that dirty jobs can be continued for few more decades. This writer too was able to join “mass” only after the mass murderer VP & his gang wiped out by southern forces.
    Yes, suffering is still continuing but who is responsible? Until last 04-05 days of the war LTTE was so proud & did not even want to surrender. Never accepted India brokered 1986 solution or Chandrika’s package or genuinely participated in Norway brokered solution.

    Where all those gentle Christian priests, this writer etc. to put pressure on LTTE to go for a peaceful solution with GOSL without putting people of North & South to suffer death & unimaginable hardships ?
    Even now democratically elected TNA does not want to end suffering of northern people, by joining hands with GOSL & providing people with basic needs i.e. food, shelter, health care, education etc., rather than watching from outside & criticizing GOSL at the drop of a hat when GOSL is trying level best to give those people their basic needs from the tax revenue of southerners.
    For Last 02 & 1/2 years TNA is otherwise busy in trying to get police & land powers.
    Was there a single man/woman out of those 200,000 people asked for police & land powers..?? Other than basic needs of humans?
    How long will it take, those who claim to represent Northern Tamils to get wisdom & be genuine about suffering Tamil brethren & to work with powers those be in south & to work for poor & suffering ,without shedding crocodile tears..? Only God Knows.

  10. Ananth says:

    Don’t talk rubbish. Those people did a lot during the last 32 years. The southern cousins killed so many of them like Rev.Fr.Jim Brown,Rev.Fr.Karunaratnam, Rev.Fr.Francis Joseph etc for doing things beneficial for the people.Do you think by writing these nonsense we people will believe that due to your kindness you people buy things from north? Then these southern cousins do a lot of poaching on land with the help of the state forces.

  11. Chandika Jayawardane says:

    “Southerners have never heard the sound of explosions or bombardment or experienced the atrocities of war.”????????? I wonder whether the author is on drugs or whether he is mentally insane!!!! I guess all those people who were brutally murdered by the LTTE are from a different country & the bomb explosions we heard along with the mangled/ ripped off bodies we saw etc… were just a pigment of our imagination????

    Chandika Jayawardane

  12. Anpu says:

    Economic development alone will not satisfy minority grievances – 30 July 2011, 6:44 pm An Interview with Jayantha Dhanapala by Namini Wijedasa

    Jayantha Dhanapala, one of Sri Lanka ’s most eminent retired diplomats and a former UN under-secretary-general for disarmament affairs, warned last week that filling a man’s pockets or stomach will not make him forget his political or human rights.

    This is what TNA MP M.A.Sumanthiaran wrote (23/10/2011) before setting off to USA to meet Secretary Clinton – Situation in North-Eastern Sri Lanka: A series of serious concerns –

    Neville Perera says: State terroism continues unabated in the Northeast ….

    October 29, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    ”In Sri Lanka, the terrorist movement is dead so it is the people who defeated the terrorists who are being told they must confess to crimes” ??

    What about state oppression(=terrorism) ??

    Jayantha Dhanapala’s written submission to Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation
    Commission(LLRC), August 2010: ‘’The lessons we have to learn go back to the past – certainly from the time that we had responsibility for our own governance on 4 February 1948 . Each and every Government which held office from 1948 till the present bear culpability for the failure to achieve good governance, national unity and a framework of peace, stability and economic development in which all ethnic, religious and other groups could live in security and equality. Our inability to manage our own internal affairs has led to foreign intervention but more seriously has led to the taking of arms by a desperate group of our citizens’’.

    K.Godage(former Sri Lankan diplomat) addresses LLRC, 15 September 2010:
    ‘’….The Tamils have undergone, and are undergoing immense hardship. We need to reach out to them…. We have persistently discriminated against the Tamil people from 1956…. There is no reason for any one to be insecure, as a result of giving into the reasonable demands of the Tamil people. …. Now I must tell you of a very, very sad situation, particularly bad and dangerous situation. We have in our prisons over 2000 young Tamil men. Some of them have been taken on suspicion. Just picked up and taken. In detention without charges for years, Sir, for years ….’’

    Mr. Mangala Moonasinghe to LLRC, 17 August 2010:
    ‘’… so, who started terrorism – it was we – and then gradually naturally the youth, Tamil youth, went into terrorism in the north. … So terrorism did not come on its own. We created them sir, we created them. ….’’

    Elmore Perera(Founder, Citizens’ Movement for Good Governance(CIMOGG) to LLRC, 10 November 2010: Beginning with the “Sinhala Only” policy of 1956, which disregarded the multi-cultural and pluralistic nature of society, the removal of the constitutional provision guaranteeing minority rights … The 1983 racial riots were a disaster. Tamils were treated as being sub-human. Many of those who could leave the country by lawful or even unlawful means did so. Those who remained were subjected to arbitrary, humiliating treatment. Rounding up of 30 to 40 Tamil youth on Friday evenings, producing them before Magistrates to be remanded, and later releasing them on bail, after they had paid lawyers Rs1,000/- each for this purpose, was a regular occurrence in many parts of the city. Tamils, who could readily be identified as such from their National Identity Cards, were at the mercy of the law-enforcement agencies which arbitrarily enforced even laws of their own making….”

    Prof Priyan Dias addresses LLRC, 07 October 2011:
    ‘’No one is asking now whether it is “we” who are responsible for the LTTE uprising. I think as a society we need to have that sense of guilt, have that sense of blame that we are responsible for this happening and it is only out of that sense of guilt that we can move forward.’’

    State terroism continues unabated in the Northeast ….

    …The LTTE did not come into being or grow into a world-class terror outfit in a vacuum. Without the Sinhala Only, the Tiger may have remained unborn. Without the Black July, the Tiger may not have grown exponentially. If the B-C Pact and the D-C Pact did not miscarry (thanks to the midwifery of Sinhala extremism), the LTTE, even if it was born, would have remained a fringe group.

  13. silva says:

    Not just the displaced waiting to go to their own homes. But all the Tamil-speaking people need justice – devolution of power to carry on their economic development. Noe economic development of the North is in the hands of Sinhala governors(East and North) and Basil rajapakse who are doing the roads for to promote tourism only while the occupation army runs tea boutiques, restaurants, hotels, etc.

  14. silva says:

    A visit to “Liberated Areas” of South Mannar District, Fr. Terence Fernando, 5 November 2007: ‘’Though no militants were present and no battle was fought, more than sixteen innocent persons, including children were killed while some have disappeared. …. Daily shelling by the army had forced people to abandon these areas and settle down in the thick jungles without water but with snakes and poisonous serpents.’’

    Jaffna Peninsula: A land of terror, uncertainty, suspicion and death, Fr. Terence Fernando, March 28, 2008:

    ‘’After landing at Palali air-port all the passengers were taken to an army check point by bus in which all the shutters closed and covered with black curtains as if some criminals are being taken to jail. …. As darkness spreads the hour of terror and fear begins until dawn. It is the time for the killer and the abductor. The unknown gunmen can appear at one’s doorstep at any time during the curfew hours to take the father or the young son of the family who will never return again. So, most of the families spend sleepless nights in fear and suspicion.’’

  15. Rohan says:

    Kalu says: “Dosai boutiques and Grocery shops are doing roaring business from Mullativ right up to Jaffna from the hungry and thirsty Southerners.”

    He did not say: The boutiques and groceries are run by the military.

    Kalu says: Red Onion and Chilli farmers in the Peninsula can’t keep up with the supply for their Southern cousins are demanding more and more.

    He did not say: Most of the fertile land in the North are uncultivatable. Large red-soil land mass near Palaly has been taken over by the army, where there cultivate and export vegetable to South, with Jaffna ground water and free electricity. Whatever the farmers can harvest are purchased by the military and Sinhala mudalali’s for half price (or less)

    Kalu says: Without the Tiger Navy, Jaffna Fisher Folk are also getting their fair share from the Palk Straits although. their Nadu cousins are still poaching.

    He did not say: The beach fronts have been taken over by Sinhala fisherfolk. According to Sivajilingam, not just Mullaitivu and Trincomalee areas, but Kilinochchi and Jaffna districts as well.

    Let’s not let the facts interfere in our good stories.

  16. ranjit de mel says:

    why were you it because the bishop of mannar or even the pope would not have apologised,afterall it was only 30 mts. and allmost all were only displaced people .

  17. True Nation says:

    Looking at the comments its evident that there is a distinguish division between North and South. There is no simple way to mend this problem between these two extreme groups. We fail to understand what the lessons we are going to learn from the war. Who should learn the lessons of the war? According to the LLRC the primary accountability lies on the state rulers. There are constraints in the LLRC report because they were not in a position to put the blame equally towards the state and LTTE on the human right abuses and crimes against humanity because of the circumstance (all aware that circumstances) but they identified clearly that the reason for the LTTE terrorism is the failure of the states. Actual blame lies on the side of Southerners who took the role of government failed to treat all citizens equally and discriminated tamils and always fall in to the hands of racists.even before LTTE came into the picture innocent tamils were brutally murdered (burning humans using petrol)in open theaters in front of state owners.You cannot justify that states behaving the same way similar to a non-state group towards civilians.

  18. Soma says:

    Who is responsible?

  19. Soma says:

    Lamenting over the victims of a 30 year war they tacitly approved of.

  20. Soma says:

    “Suicide rate in Sri-Lanka is comparatively very high”

    Reminds me of the cyanide pills you hung around your children’s necks.

  21. Sellam says:

    Does the TNA knows about this? They are harping on Police powers and land powers but they are not taken up this issue with the government yet. There are priorities, they should understand.

  22. M S says:

    Tamils should learn and keep their head cool and in confidence. They can lead their life

    “At the age of seven, a young boy and his family were forced out of their home. The boy had to work to support his family. At the age of nine, his mother passed away. When he grew up, the young man was keen to go to law school, but had no education.

    At 22, he lost his job as a store clerk. At 23, he ran for state legislature and lost. The same year, he went into business. It failed, leaving him with a debt that took him 17 years to repay. At 27, he had a nervous breakdown.
    Two years later, he tried for the post of speaker in his state legislature. He lost. At 31, he was defeated in his attempt to become an elector. By 35, he had been defeated twice while running for Congress. Finally, he did manage to secure a brief term in Congress, but at 39 he lost his re-election bid.
    At 41, his four-year-old son died. At 42, he was rejected as a prospective land officer. At 45, he ran for the Senate and lost. Two years later, he lost the vice presidential nomination. At 49, he ran for Senate and lost again.
    At 51, he was elected the President of the United States of America.

  23. aratai says:


    Again and again, Kalu is very good in scoring own goals.


  24. TRN says:

    Yes one side of the story is blame the sinhala people & their politicians. Of course agree with ‘Sinhala Buddhist politician towards Thamils for the mess they create since 1948’ needs an apology.

    However the sinhala people are not insensitive as the writer, Terence Fernando’s view. As many from the south voluntarily went to IDP camps immediate post war and helped them in many ways. These are conveniently forgotten by the pseudo tamil sympathizers.

    I fully appreciate what the catholic church is doing to heal the wounds of war affected. However they should not point fingers at others either.

    Also the tamil politicians who were sympathetic towards LTTE and supported them needs an apology towards the victims of LTTE atrocities of all communities of SL.

  25. TRN says:

    I am unable to understand the intentions of this writer. Is it to highlight the needs of the war affected or sling mud at the sinhala buddhist majoirty?

    Please // ! the catholic church should understand its priorities at the present times. You can not side with one partner in crime and accuse the other.

    Yes agree, the tamil civilians trapped in the war zone underwent tremendous trauma. All Sri Lankans obviously understood this. How can the writer accuse otherwise?

    Also the picture posted on this article seems to be more than 2 yrs ago at Menik Farm? The thick smoke clouds indicate this was immediate post war. I may be wrong.

    Can the catholic church become a peacemaker than be judgmental?
    Church needs to give progressive solutions to solve the immediate basic needs of the war affected and not to continue a ‘blame game’. We will never progress unless we say ‘meiya kulpa’

    What are the problems identified by the church other than the TNA’ political manoeuvres ?

    Be awaken to the truth and the calling of Christ to be peace makers without complaining. St. Paul says give thanks in everything and take your supplications in prayer to the Lord.

  26. TRN says:

    Racist !

  27. TRN says:

    You have got to have hope. Without hope life is meaning less. Without hope life is meaning less and less. ’

    The only hope all of us Sri Lankans have after a bloody 30 yrs of conflict is ‘live and let live’.

  28. TRN says:

    Its better that these hopeless people have some hope in a savior (Jesus) than VP !!

    What is your choice?

    Also remember what happened to tsunami victims in 2004. How many are yet in camps? Is the govt keeping us in the dark?

  29. TRN says:

    There are less than 30 comments here sir/madam. so you infer your decisions based on these few comments?

  30. TRN says:

    Preach this to TNA! The Tamil political leaders.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Tell us following is good or bad.
    No Child conscription. (because VP & his killer gang were sent to hell)
    No more suicide bombs.
    Free tarvelling to/from North/South
    New hospitals are being built , for example a few weeks ago USA was allowed to build 04 hospitals in Killinochchi.
    Over 1,500 southerners visit jaffna,Foreign tourist are visiting north for the first time in 30 years (needless to say Notherners are benifitting from local tourism) more employment/income

    New roads are being built, already there are 02 (if not 04) access roads from Vanni to Jaffna. more employment/income
    Fish production has gone up & prices for fisherman too.
    Agri production gone up.
    It is obvious that some road side shops may be run by Military but the supplies of food, onions,vegitables are fro nothern civilians. Defineatly those road side shops , all the relevent business will go down to civilians in a matter of time because after a costly 30 years war, Military cannot come back untill the 100% normalcy is restored. On the other hand Military is not killing

  32. True Nation says:

    Of Course, my decision is not based on statistical analysis of a large sample, but it is based on the analysis of 60 years of political culture in Sri Lanka (almost it covers entire period under Sinkala rule of the entire country). If you summarise the comments in to cluster you will end of with the same decision.

  33. True Nation says:

    Before preaching this to TNA, Sinhala should understand that unlike Sri Lanka United States has a full democracy and it has a full devolution of power and there is a rule of law and the state do not run by underworld thugs and criminals.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Also the tamil politicians who were sympathetic towards LTTE and supported them needs an apology towards the victims of LTTE atrocities of all communities of SL.


    Why don’t the Govt and the TNA offer apologies to those affected by them. Remember the thousands of tamils who have been killed through the various acts of commissions and the omissions by the succeeding sinhalese political heads.

    Why can’t they also express their apologies to the affected Tamils?

  35. Mahesh says:

    We will never progress unless we say ‘meiya kulpa’


    Will the Sinhalese also say ‘Mea Culpa’, for all their acts of commissions and omissions?

    Only when that happens the true reconciliation will be possible. Not by the TNA alone.

  36. Torontonian says:

    So in other words, you’d like to have your cake and eat it too? What you’re saying is: Don’t point fingers. Don’t talk about how your family was murdered because you were Tamil. Don’t demand accountability for the genocide that was inflicted on you. Just remember that we came and looked at you when you were put in concentration camps and celebrated and made merry for days on when you were all killed.

    You represent the worst kind of hipocrites from that country. There is absolutely nothing in your comment that I could appreciate. Thanks for coming out anyway.

  37. Torontonian says:

    Racist and hypocrite!

  38. Torontonian says:

    Don’t forget Rev.Fr. Bastian also slaughtered by the “southern cousins”.

  39. Native Vedda says:

    TRN says:
    “The only hope all of us Sri Lankans have after a bloody 30 yrs of conflict is ‘live and let live’.

    Keep hope alive – jesse Jackson

    He did not say where – I am sure not in Sri Lanka

  40. peacelover says:

    Pls read my comments carefully before making any judgment and response. I only blamed chauvinistic Sinhala Buddhist elements in the society in the forms of Sinhala ruling and opposition politicians as such D.S.Senanayake, Anakarika Dharmapala, SWRDB and his family dynasty, JRJ, etc, Buddhist clergy, racial and criminal elements among ordinary Sinhala people and security forces who are played major role in creating such a mess in Srilanka. I never ever generalized and blame Sinhala mass in general for the problems faced by Thamils.
    Of course many good elements in above group of people are to be applauded for the Thamil race to exist in that island to this day.
    Majority of the Sinhala mass is misguided by their political and religious leadership over the years and reached a point of no return. Creation of Thamil political parties and later Thamil militancy, including LTTE are the reaction to such Sinhala Chauvinism imposed on Thamils. Of course criminal and racial elements in LTTE also to blame for the many criminal activities carried out by LTTE.
    Thamils are the victims of the mess so the reconciliation process shall begin in the order called as “First in first out” (FIFO) to start with Sinhala politicians to apologize first and followed by other above mentioned social elements.

  41. peacelover says:

    Very well said Anbu.

    Many bloggers here are preaching others to forget the past. It is not possible for a true reconciliation process to start without sincere and honest analysis of the past.

  42. peacelover says:

    Barvo “True Nation”. You man want to correct it as “63” not “60” years of political culture.

    Excellent response to TRN.

  43. Anpu says:

    Not sure what you mean by – “Does the TNA knows about this?”

    This is what TNA MP M.A.Sumanthiaran wrote (23/10/2011) before setting off to USA to meet Secretary Clinton – Situation in North-Eastern Sri Lanka: A series of serious concerns –

  44. Kalu Albert says:

    Did Mr Sambandanand his TNA on behalf of his “Boys” say Mea Culpa to the Indian People for killing their ex PM ?,

  45. Truth says:

    May be after India’s formal apology for IPKF massacre of Eelam Tamil Civilians.

  46. TRN says:

    Thank you peacelover, for elaborating on your previous comment.

    What is the point on blaming chauvinistic Sinhala Buddhist elements in the society in the forms of Sinhala ruling and opposition politicians?

    Are the Tamil politicians different?

    My argument is why can’t we get out of this communal mindset. Why can’t we think as the war affected as victims of war not as a ‘race’? I get irritated when Tamils living in comfort keep blaming the ‘chauvinistic Sinhala Buddhist elements’ and not realizing the needs of these victims.

    Yes there were many mistakes by many in the past do you accept my apology as from a majority community with a collective guilt?

    If you do, I would apologize to you and all the families of the victims of the immense suffering caused by the war during 2008-9. I am extremely guilty for what our political leaders have done in the past to mess up the lives of minority communities in Sri Lanka. I do condemn the discriminatory language act(1956) and the discriminatory laws of this land.

    Common people of our land are more adaptive and resilient.

    There were many offences committed against sinhala youth too never an apology given to the suffering families.

  47. TRN says:

    Political animals destroyed this island.
    So please keep analyzing and continue with your blame game.
    Without any effort to help the victims of war to live a normal life with their basic needs.

  48. TRN says:

    Preach this to the president of Sri Lanka !

  49. TRN says:

    Will an apology from Sinhala leaders quench your thirst for Ealam Mahesh?

  50. TRN says:

    Anonymous & Torontonian,

    will you thirst for a separate Tamil Ealam be quenched after expressing our apologies to the affected Tamils?

  51. TRN says:

    same 2 u !

  52. TRN says:

    Also hope in the ‘peace pipe’ !

  53. Soma says:

    They did not kill a single Eelam Tamil civilian because there aren’t any in this island. I don’t know what they did in Tamil Nadu.

  54. Mahesh says:

    That is only the first step but the most important step in the path of reconciliation.

    This mea culpa also means that they will not tear down the accords that they sign with the Tamil leadership.

    This also means they honor all their words given to the Tamils.

    This means at least honoring the 1987 accord.

  55. Mahesh says:

    India did a right thing in the form of entering into an accord.

    It also did a wrong thing in not sending troops to the Colombo.

    That is the reason why this Indo Srilanka accord fell off.

    The presence of the IPKF in Colombo would have put the pressure on the part of the Sinhalese to honor their part of the agreement.

  56. Mahesh says:

    I never thirsted for the Eelam. I only wanted the Tamils to live their as equal citizens.

  57. Kalu Albert says:

    Send Indian Troops to Colombo????

    Latest figures on tourism . 40 percent from India,

    How many Officer Jawans ,not sure.

    Grateful to the Indian Tourist for keeping our Hotels alive, when Mr Prabkaran was in his element trying to destroy the FX revenue,totally with his suicide attack on the fledgling Air Lanka Airbus Fleet.

  58. Truth says:

    For sinhala racists like you who promote the myth that sinhala forces fought with Geneva conventions in one hand, the misery of our people cannot be agreed or empathized. Here is just a sample of what IPKF did to our people:

    For your information…The Government of Sri Lanka in 2008 termed it a Crime against humanity.

  59. Mahesh says:

    May be what you are saying is true.

    But you killed the accord joining hands with the LTTE. How many more people you have killed due to this act of yours.

    You people always killed Tamils starting from the days of Independence.

    Had your govts been sincere in their words this ethnic problem could have been solved long back and there would not have been the need for the IPKF to set its feet in the island.






  60. TRN says:

    They will if they want to reconcile with other communities.

  61. TRN says:

    Your brilliance is exposed fully !!

    how quick to justify IPKF’s war crimes by the holy & pure Indian !

  62. peacelover says:

    TRN, FYI:
    There are thousands of people helping war victims since 2009, even though the ultimate responsibility rest on the Srilankan Government for the welfare of the war victims. Recently there is a request came for the contribution of monthly installment to cover the educational expenses of 10 war affected Thamil students. Within days several people came forward and contributed money.

    I never ever analyze these issues along the ethnic line. Survival of elite and upper class and rest of the society is the fundamental issue of these entire problems. Please don’t drag Thamil’s feet any more. Due to political immaturity and financial incapability Thamils are miserably failed to achieve their objective of peace, dignity and equal rights. They are tired of the betrayal and treason of many actors in the last 63 years of their struggle for survival in that island. Thamils in Srilanka are in no position to offer anything to others; they are on the receiving end.
    There are many civilized Sinhalese like you openly offered apology to Thamils in this blog. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and of course many Thamils will appreciate such gesture. However Thamils expect such generosity from the Srilankan State by constitutionally endorsed to ensure lasting peace, dignity and equal rights to Thamils.

  63. TRN says:


    Appreciate your concern about the war victims.

    However your version of history is not accurate.
    you say ‘Due to political immaturity and financial incapability Thamils are miserably failed to achieve their objective of peace, dignity and equal rights. They are tired of the betrayal and treason of many actors in the last 63 years of their struggle for survival in that island. ‘

    There are so many misunderstanding of the political struggle in this island. Most of you Tamils are been misled by LTTE propaganda.

    To find out the truth you need to read original text of history. Also you can search online too.

    The tamils (northern) had the top administrative posts and they had the best education opportunities compared to other regions of Ceylon since early 1900.

    Jaffna had the best health, education and economic statistics until 1980s.

    They were never the financially incapable during that time.

    Claims of Tamil homeland and separate state made the Tamils isolated from all other communities in SL.

    You need to understand that you can’t be crying foul on GoSL when your partisan politics brought your down fall to today’s pathetic state.

    I’m sure you see only the faults of GoSL and will never be satisfied with negotiated solution less than self determination/self rule. Which I honestly think is very selfish and primitive.

    most of your posting is out of bitterness yet engulfed in your heart & mind. Hope you will find peace within you.

  64. Mahesh says:

    So you mean to say that only Tamils have to reconcile and say mea culpa. The sinhalese will not say mea culpa.

    Do you mean to say that no blame attaches to the Sinhalese side.

    Can you please list out the mistakes on both the sides or can you list out the mistakes only on the side of the Tamils?

  65. Mahesh says:

    Evan before 1987 lot of Indians came there as tourists.

    Rajiv sent the IPKF there to Jaffna, that may or may not be as tourists.

    He regretted for not having sent a brigade level of IPKF to Colombo because he didn’t anticipate your political leadership to score a goal against its own interest.


    May be such a time may come again when the Indian troops have to land into your shores.

  66. Canadian tamil says:

    The time has come for the president and the Sri Lanka government to say NO to TNA and ban them. As a political party TNA MPs had been to incite the tamil people against the government for the police powers to enhance their political powerbase in the North & East and continue to keep prabakaran,s demand for a separate tamil homeland. They completely ignore the welfare and well being of the tamil people and noice of devolution of power & loud noice of ethnic problem and calling the government of accountability for last 30 mts of the war against LTTE.

    TNA should be banned in Sri Lanka!

  67. TRN says:

    You are hopeless mahesh.

    please stop nagging us.

  68. TRN says:

    Mahesh says



    do u know what your problem is Mahesh. You can not understand the present realities either leave alone the history.

    You are a waste of time in this blog. Fly a kite if you got nothing to do !

  69. Soma says:

    What I cannot stomach is this constant attempt to promote Eelam agenda even within the most pathetic misery of innocent people. Why use the word “Ealam Tamils” instead of “Sri Lankan Tamils” or just “Tamils”? What is most noticeable in this whole episode is Tamils’ indifference to the suffering of their own brothern. This was amply demonstrated when you in your hundreds of thousands waved LTTE flags in Toronto as LTTE was holding 200,000 innocent men, women and children as a human shield and shooting those were trying to flee. Still your priority is “accountability”.

    I dare say again not a single Eelam Tamil has been killed throughout our history.

  70. Soma says:

    Tell us dear peacelover the time period of your “past” – between what year to what year?

  71. Mahesh says:

    You are a waste of time in this blog. Fly a kite if you got nothing to do !


    That is not the answer for my question.

    My question was

    ‘So you mean to say that only Tamils have to reconcile and say mea culpa. The sinhalese will not say mea culpa’.

    You have not answered my question, yet.

    When you are not able to answer questions if you want to run away, you can always do so.


    My question was very simple and I am astonished that you people are not able to answer that basic question, which is so very essential for the reconciliation.

    BYE BYE. I will not bother you hereafter if you do not preach the Tamils that they have to say mea culpa.

    Take care. Have a nice sleep. Play Gilli Thanda or any other game that you like or know.

    Bye. Bye.

  72. Victim says:

    Kalu Albert if you expect Father Emmanuel to look after the Tamils, the army, navy, and the Sinhala administration should get out of the Tamil areas. Remember the father said “Let My People Go”

    Jaffna people were always industrious from time immemorial. The difference after 2009 is that what ever money they make is being robbed by the “demons” in uniform, and the paramilitary under the payroll of the government!! (how can you explain to the robbery, killings, disappearances happening every day in Jaffna, where the ratio of security forces to people is 1:11)

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