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Are the Sinhalese unaware of how Tamils were massacred in the past 60 years?

By Jude Lal Fernando

Today, we mourn from the very depths of our hearts the deaths of thousands of Tamils who were killed in Mullivaikal as well as in other places. Who are they? They are our beautiful children, our courageous young sons and daughters, beloved parents and grandparents whose burial grounds we do not know.

On this day, as a Sinhalese, let me remember not only the physical deaths of thousands of Tamils, but also the moral and spiritual death of the Sinhala nation to which I belong, a nation that has been built on the unknown graveyards of many thousands of my Tamil sisters and brothers.

As Martin Luther King lamented over his own American nation during the war against the people of Vietnam; a nation which spends on warfare and not on healthcare, welfare and education of its people is spiritually and morally doomed.

Mullivaikal does not mark the end of Tamil aspiration for nationhood, homeland and self-determination, but it marks another defeat of humanity.

Anybody who has a conscience among the Sinhalese and in the international community needs to know that Vanni massacre of Tamils questions our humanity rather than the project of Tamil Eelam.

Therefore, Mullivaikal is a historical moment in the dawn of the twentieth century that highly questions the humanity of this so called global village.

This is the fundamental moral truth about Vanni massacre of Tamils.
What is the political truth about Mullivaikal?

Mullivaikal is the climax of the brutality of the Sri Lankan state which was first created by the British colonial rule and rebuilt again and again by every Sinhala ruling party after the so called independence in 1948.

Are the Sinhalese unaware of the massacre of the Tamils for the last 60 years?

Are they unaware of the massacre of the Tamils in 1983 and 2009?

In 1983, the massacre was carried out by the unofficial thugs of the Sri Lankan state. In 2009, it was carried out by the official military of the same state with the full support of every major power in the international community.

The Sinhala nation is aware of the massacres. If so as human beings how do they justify such brutality of the state? They justify it by playing the role of victimhood saying that it is they who were attacked and that they have a right to defend themselves as a state. Is that all?

No, they go further claiming a moral obligation to conduct a humanitarian war to protect the Tamils from the LTTE. The same arguments can be seen when the USA argues for its invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and when Israel argues for invasion of Palestine.

Therefore, it is not right to say that the Sinhala nation does not know the massacres, but they cannot know because they have justified the massacres wholeheartedly in the name of the Sri Lankan state.

Didn’t the UN and the international community know about? Is it a mistake from their part not to reveal the truth about the massacres? No, it is not a mistake, it is a deliberate action taken by them to protect the Sri Lankan state. Therefore, their omission is not an error or a mistake, but a part of the crime against the Tamil people.

Let me say one thing. It is true that the Tamils had to face the first genocidal massacre of the 21 st century, but this should not lead to a sense of helpless victimhood where the very forces who are responsible are seen to be saviours by the Tamils.

It is the Tamil people who should decide what their future course of action should be. Let me echo the words of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and many others who led the oppressed peoples. The path to justice can never be stopped as long as people are determined to walk the long walk to freedom.

It is the paradox in the Sri Lankan history, that while the Sinhala nation celebrates the 2600 anniversary of Lord Buddha’s Enlightenment the Tamils also have to remember the massacre of their loved ones on the 18 th of May this year. The most nonviolent preaching of Lord Buddha expressed compassion not only to every human being on earth but also to every creature, this preaching radically challenged and transformed kingdoms and societies promoting justice and peaceful coexistence in Asia. Could the Sinhala nation celebrate that Great Human Being’s Enlightenment while the Sri Lankan state does not permit lighting a single candle in the Tamil homeland remembering the dear ones who were killed in Vanni?

This paradox or irony is a shame on every human, moral and religious value we cherish. It is against the eternal dharma of Lord Buddha and every other founder of great ethical and religious traditions.

By allowing the Sri Lankan state to oppress the Tamil people the Sinhala society has established a regime that destroys every form of democratic dissent. By building a prison for the Tamils, the Sinhalese have made their own chains. Let those who have ears listen, eyes see, tongues speak out!

Finally, this day is not only a day of mourning and day of shame, but it is also a day of remembrance of courage of so many thousands of my Tamil brothers and sisters who upheld the dream of a dignified life until the last breath of their lives.

Let that courage be our inspiration, so that our mourning will not end in a sense of helpless victimhood, but reinvigorate us to walk the journey towards the goal of justice, dignity and freedom as a people.

Jude Lal Fernando is a prominent political activist working at the Irish School of Ecumenics. This article appeared in


  1. ellalan says:

    I have been always telling people that Sri Lanka was the first and foremost aggressor against Tamil people on the Island. We, Tamils as victims, have every right to defend against Sri lanka. Sinhalese people may call it terror but for Tamils it was legitimate tool to defend our lives and dignity. Era of 1976-2009 was lawful actions against aggressor period. Sinhalese have no reason to fault Tamils at all.

  2. Velu Balendran says:

    a lone Sinhala voice in the wilderness

  3. SL says:

    Are the Tamils unaware how the Sinhalese were massacred by the LTTE?

  4. Proletariat Born on Vesak day says:

    When I was very young I studied many preachings about humanity. One is “Truth is the highest dharma ” and and another is “supreority and inferiority of a man is not by his birth but by his acts”.Jude Lal reminds me of Edmond Smarakody.

    Will Amita Sen and his Asian team of intellectuals will seriously consider making Jude Lala Fernando as a candidate for Vice Chancellor for the proposed Nalanda University in India for which many rich people are preapared to contribute millions of money. At least then the endangered human species within Asia could live with dignity and freedom.

  5. miami says:

    who massacred before L.T.T.E? Who create L.T.T.E?

  6. Raja says:

    The only genocide that took place in SriLanka was the targeted killing of Sinhalese and Muslims by the Tamil Terrorists supported by powerful overseas forces, in the areas selected by Tamil terrorists to carve out a separate mono-ethnic Tamil state.. The death of terrorists in conflict with security forces defending the nation, whether they be the “JVP with a sinhala majority” or “LTTE with a Tamil majority” is not genocide. Refer the dictionery to understand the meaning of genocide. The proof is there for all to see with Tamils living in all parts of the country even during the time Tamil terrorists were engaged in the genocide of non-tamils.

  7. Lebensborn says:

    The barbaric LTTE wanted to eliminate all Sinhala, and the Sinhala rose against that and vanquished the LTTE. Before that massacres took place many times by the LTTE, the deadlist terrorists the world had ever known. Of course the Tamils who wholeheartedly supported the LTTE paid a price as the events unfolded in an uncontrollable finale. To equate that to a crime by the entire Sinhala is disingenuous at best and malicious at worst.

  8. Srajano says:

    I am relieved to hear a crystal clear (Sinhalese!) voice wipe away the endless denial that we’ve heard these last 2 years. The reference to Martin Luther King is important for the Tamil community also: the situation of blacks in the US in the sixties was not so different from the situation of Tamils in Sri Lanka. The blacks chose MLK as their leader, and his non-violence as their guidance; the Tamils allowed Prabakharan to impose himself as their master….
    Now the US has a black president, and the Tamil community is ripped to shreds….
    Mr Fernando, I bow down to your courageous heart, your clear insight, and your love for life.

  9. Deshapremiya - Matara says:


  10. ellalan says:

    you are utterly ignorant about the history of Tamils in Sri Lanka

  11. Tissa says:

    Hats off to Mr. Jude Fernando for reveling the truth. You are one of the gems from the Sinhalese.


  12. Thamilan says:

    Yes…yes…yes…this is Sinhala Buddhist country…give up your language…your religion…your culture….peace will dawn!

  13. Nimanta says:

    Yup! We know all this. We do not much celebrate it. Yet you better reconsider these issues too. Then if you are really scientific you will realise the other side of the stoy too.

    1.If Prabha and other terrorists got the 2/3 of the country will no they celebratet it?
    2.Are they not still celebrate the murdererd who killed thousands of Sinhalese, Muslim, and Tamils? Most of the innonocents: unarmed monks, lod mothers, babies all thesese?
    3. Do not still averseas Tamils do unlimited harms to Sinhales living there?
    4. Can Sri Lanka give Easam Tamil as we have only 12 percentage of Tamil population? Why do you not go India where there are many and fight to get such a utopian kindom? Why do not you try it UK, Ma’sia or any other country?
    5. Are you saying to sinhalese to be nutralized while ur people still doing everything to seperate country and spread the seed of racism?
    If you say yes, Then we will discuss futher? If not we have to realise power matters much. If you got it u celebrate it. Why then we should not? You still do, have hero days which are really murerers’ killers’ day for us.
    Thus this is not so simple. You cannot just put Sinhalese only peace. if Tamil like to live with us why they need to seperate it. We never ever allow it to happen in Sri Lanka. If you need peace lets live together. If u need Ezam Tamil Bila, Go away and find somewhere else. There is no seperation here.

  14. Kaz says:

    It is amazing that the Sinhalese continue to deny the state terror inflicted on the Tamils since the 1950s. Between the 1950s and the 1970s (when the LTTE was created), the violence was one-sided. During that period, Sinhalese (both state and non-state) were allowed to inflict violence on the Tamils with impunity. The LTTE and the other groups rose as a response to this violence. Thats not an excuse for the LTTE terror but the truth. If you keep hitting a person long enough, they will hit back. The LTTE were the hitting back part.

    Tamils living outside the North and East remember the pogroms of 1958, 1977, 1981 and 1983. Tamils living in the North and the East remember the state terror of the 1950s, 1960s onwards. It appears, many Sinhalese remember nothing.

    LTTE terror against all Sri Lankans has gone for good, but the state terror that gave rise to the LTTE has not gone away.

  15. silva says:

    Thank you. We Sinhalese should question ourselves regularly what we have been doing to the powerless minorities.
    It’s a pity we ‘re letting go of the 2600th Jeyanthi without giving justice to everyone just as we lost a great chance after the tsunami – all because Buddhism is not practised but talked about too much.

  16. Mayu says:

    It is the real cry of the truthful Sri Lankan mindset. A long waited article, which will show to the world that people of Sri Lanka are different from the current ruling regime.

    The current regime lost its focus on the country and the people but made many money making avenues for themselves and their relatives, let it be war or otherwise.

    This article is a good starting point for a common person who lives in this Island to think about his/her future. There are many beautiful ways to live on this earth as mentioned in the article, so why should this Island people need to live the way as led by some inappropriate leadership.

    This article clearly captured the conflicting ideologies of the present ruling regime. In fact it makes us understand that lack of proper think-tank behind this regime, so it might be digging its own grave. Let us wake up as the Arabs did for their betterment.

  17. Anonymous says:

    well, these idiot don’t understand how Tamils( LTTE) massacre my whole village in Ampara. Very very innocent people. i think all Tamils who support LTTE or its organization directly or indirectly should be killed for uncivilized massacre they did to our village. One or two idiot who were not living in those border village may come out with non sense . but real truth is Tamils did massacre Sinhalese like nothing. vanish you idiots

  18. Nimanta says:

    Then do not worry on death and celebration. You killed 1000000nds peope and still celebrating it. Then other sides too will do the same. If need peace you have to love it work for it. If u believe milling other races is justifiable means we also have to say we used the same instruments. Now be proud without worry thinking you paid for what you committed killing thousands of innnocent Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, monks, kids, sil matawos etc

  19. Sarath says:

    Thank you, Mr. Fernanado, for your honesty. I recently spent an evening with two Sri Lankans, both professionals and Sinhalaese, and when the massacre of civilian Tamils at the end of the Eeelam war was brought up, I thought they would take a balanced view. They didn’t and pretended that no massacre had taken place. So your piece is refreshing in its honesty.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Where were you from 1983 to April 2009, my dear friend?

    Among many massacres, including massacre of innocent village children and their lactating many of these can you attibute to the Sinhalese?

    As a man preaching or trying to model the lives of others using the word of God, you need to be more truthful.

    Defeat of the worst Terrorist group in recent history is no massacre.

    It was direct combat, with ample warnings to the Terrorists to surrender or at least allow the the human shield to leave the combat zone before the final assault.

    You wouldn’t get any respect or credibility trying to portray Sinhalese as the feral and your Tamil support base of the LTTE as the “Goodies”

    Another interesting point is since when did you take pride calling yourself Sinhalese because a lot of my friends even with full Sinhala names won;t even celebrate Sinhala New Year because they have been brain washed to the extent that they think it is a Buddhist thing to celebrate it.

  21. Dear Deshapremiya. I agree. The Sakhyamuni Siddhartha Gautaman from India did indeed preach non violence. And does the Sinhala Buddhist state of Sri Lanka practice what this Indian preached? The journalists and politicians and ordinary people who were murdered by the sinhala buddhist state in Sri Lanka know the answer…do you?

  22. anand says:

    Its heartwarming to see a sinhalese accept the mistakes of the racists in theri race.

  23. SL says:

    Tamil Nationalism created the LTTE

  24. ABEY says:

    On what planet does this fellow live on. He suffers from selective amnesia.Both Tamils and Sinhalese have suffered during this prolonged conflict. It is time to forgive, forget and move forward for the sake of the next generation of Sri Lankans. Jude, get a proper job and be productive.

  25. SL says:

    Yes, you Tamils got a “legitimate” reply, didn’t you?

  26. Roi says:

    Even the Buddhist monks are not following the religion, what do you expect people to do’

  27. Harshe says:

    When LTTE was alive, Diaspora wanted to take revenge from sinhalese through them.
    After they are gone, they still want revenge from Sinhalese through some western powers & Tamilnadu.
    Even if they are successful in bringing few military/political leaders to court, will it do an iota of benefit to the SL Tamil community. Everyone knows SF who lead the war is still in jail. Are the Tamil Diaspora pacified about it.
    So all these one sided hate mongering will not do any good to Tamils. Sinhalese are also human and do not have special characters. They would not kill Tamils for pleasure, if any Tamils were killed because of their Tamilness, there must have been an underlying reason.
    Only a practical, open minded, non revengeful discussion will help whatever community.

  28. xsrilankan says:

    You have to look at the proportionality of the crimes committed by each actor in this war.

    The state is clearly the major contributor of the violations. Its very tragic for the world to ignore this fact any more.

    We are aware of crimes by LTTE. it was retaliation , by LTTE and other armed groups to Stop army from
    attacking the tamils. Some of incidents by LTTE were carried out to warn the government to stop their
    attacks on Tamil civilians.

    LTTE fought the ‘State Terror’ with its own terror. No doubts on that.

  29. peacelover says:

    So are you trying to say the killers and thugs rampaged thamils and killed several of them in 1958, 1966, 1977, 1983, are not buddhist?

  30. Bruno Umbato says:

    Where was this Samaritan (Jude Lal Fernando, prominent political activist working at the Irish School of Ecumenics) when the LTTE was terrorizing whole Sri Lanka by putting bombs under seat in busses, killing our Tamil brothers like Amirthalingham, the presidential material Kadiragamar? … Where were you, Mr.Jude when LTTE murdering our brother Muslims when they were worshipping in mosques.? Where were you Mr. Lal when LTTE murdering our sinhalese brothers when they were observing ‘sil’ at Anuradapura and other numerous temples? At least tell me Mr. Fernanando, where were you when that prime minister material in India not a person from Sri Lanka even, Rajiv Gandhi was sent to ‘heaven’ using pregnant woman?
    I have no time to continue, Mr. Good Samaritan …. I hope I wrote enough to keep you thinking that ‘Am I so good or so bad?’ …

  31. Logathasan says:


    Tamils never had a say in allowing Prabakharan top be there leader, but he himself force his leadership by killing his brothers and sisters. By killing Michael with own hands on his bed to Amirthalingam at his house and he has managed to kill more Tamil Leaders than the Sri Lankan State. He is a shame to the Tamil Community and please start to accept that truth. Thank you Lal Fernando but our Tamil leaders also played their part for this massacre. If Prabakharan would have raised the white flag after the fall of Kilinochi, we will not be talking about Mullivaikal massacre now.

  32. RC-NUKE says:

    India’s RAW created LTTE. Before that Tamil Terrorists kissed Indian ass to extend Tamil Nadu all the way to Sri Lanka. LTTE planned this with Indira gandhi and her bastard son Rajiv. WHO KILLED RAJIV Gandhi? LTTE. Enjoy the new dawn of peace in SL or die in vain trying to revive another terror war.. This time SInhalese will NOT have patience and level all tamils including innocents. Wanna test us? Go ahead.

  33. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:

    let us all remember what happened over the past six decades or more. Remembering is an important part of being alive. Once the ‘Forgetting process’ begins, senility sets in. Every thing we do as a people should be based on these memories. However, the question is whether these memories should be used to seek revenge or a path to correct the mistakes. Forgiveness has to be an inevitable component of this process. Without forgiveness there cannot be reconciliation. Without reconciliation, the process of healing cannot begin.

    Let us all-Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims- remember the past and publicly air what we remember. We will then discover that our memories are skewed in favour of what we believe is our social identity. Let us learn what each social group, believes or has been taught to accept, as injustice / violence directed against them by the others. Let this process begin amongst us now. We will ultimately realize, that all of us have erred to some degree. We will also realize we have been made big fools by a political system, that has fed on a our unpreparedness for true democracy. The political system has toyed with our emotions, exploited our naivety and prospered amidst our misery.

    Should we in these circumstances continue to fight amongst our selves or unite to fight (through non-violence) the political system that is at fault? Our vote yet matters in Sri Lanka! This is a very potent weapon, the power of which we have not understood. The communities in Sri Lanka have to reconcile as individuals and people, through dialogue and interactions at various levels. We have to thereafter stand together, to demand reforms in our political system. The political system in Sri Lanka has been the monkey that gained while pretending to divide the slice of bread between two feuding cats. This pernicious system had/has many monkeys-Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim- that have created mischief and gained through our misery. Let us identify the true culprit- the system, instead of fighting amongst each other.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  34. J.Muthu says:

    you murderes asking question? dont you have any humaanity left on you?

  35. goodman says:

    the racist tamil nadu and dumb tamils who thought they were superior and thought they can beat the sinhalese at everything were the ones that created LTTE, including india that gave monetary support to destabilize Ceylon, you fuktard! read some real history before you ask dumb questions.

  36. Soma says:

    I went along with the writer , word to word, until I came across the following:

    “…but it is also a day of remembrance of courage of so many thousands of my Tamil brothers and sisters who upheld the dream of a dignified life until the last breath of their lives.”

    I have no respect for LTTE – my concern is only the innocent civilians.

  37. Srajano says:

    Yes, Deshapremya, but you forget to include the Sinhalese! It would be a great step forward if they start following the Buddhist religion, rather than just paying lip-service.

  38. Larun says:


  39. Srajano says:

    Dear Lebensborn, could you specify which Tamils wholeheartedly supported the LTTE? I have lived in a Tamil village these last 8 years, and the only support the LTTE had was born out of fear. The war left 40% (!!!!) of our women widows, and I have never heard a single word of praise for the LTTE. But what do you do, when they knock on your door at midnight, and tell you, at gunpoint, to deliver 15 lunchpackets tomorrow?

  40. Religion says:

    That will be called religious genocide son… learn to respect others religions.

  41. Dinu says:

    Buddhism has been distorted beyond belief by the Rajapakse regime and its war machine as evident today at Gall Face in Sri Lanka. Buddhism is an empty signifier in Sri Lanka’s “killing fields”. The rajapakse regime has made a travesty out of Buddhism and I do not recognize it in Sri Lanka which is a highly militarized and violent State, run by rulers who like Macbeth fear Ghosts because of the blood on their hands. To get rid of the blood they cover themselves in public religion which is empty symbolism and a distortion of the spirit and practice of Buddhism. True Buddhist should stand up and reclaim the doctrine and save the religion from Rajapakse Bros Inc. who have distorted it.

  42. Thineth says:

    People get massacred when there are conflicts.throughout the historyit happend. and its going to happen in future too.Mainthing is we all living in this country.and its belong too all of one can cliam that ‘this is our special historical area.please stop the crap.

  43. JusticeisNotBlackandWhite says:

    So you are trying to say people like Prabhakaran (the master), Osama bin Laden, Hitler had some good reason… come on man, if terrorism is the way to Justice, then the civil society is in the wrong planet.

    What Martin Luthar King achieved for his people, Tamils can achieve by unity and continuity in dialogue. First, they need to unite. do not leave out anybody… then in one voice start the dialogue. This is the only way. Violence begets violence. So no more probhakarans… the so called master caused too much death and destruction on both sides…we cannot afford that a second time….

  44. Manthiri says:

    Well Mr Raja

    If you know the meaning of genocide you would not tell LTTE commited genocide , becasue an insugency can not commit genocide..only a state can commit genocide by using police , army , media , education , employment , cutural genocide…
    Disregarding the lives and properties of its own citizens to fight a civil war is a genocide…tellind lies on the number of civilians traped in war zone ( wether as refugees or human shield) to block medial and humaniterian help and to use heavy wolrd war like arms on its own citizens , on its own country a GENOCIDE.
    did Sri lanka used clusher bombs , heavy artelery , carpet bombing to fight JVP ? only tamils deserved that …that is GENOCIDE.

  45. Manthiri says:

    I think that s what Sri lankan racist gvt trying to do.. a cultural genocide , by building Buddhist temples in places were there not a single Buddhist , giving singalese names to streets where is is not a single singalese…Using Peace loving Buddha to commit cultural genocide.
    Sri lankan Buddhism is a shame for BUDDHA and for Buddhists around teh world…

  46. chelliah says:


    you sound like the real religious fanatic

    but like all your friends, don’t practice the 1religion !

  47. Leon_de_tigre says:

    my dear friend, yes, buddha preached non-violence but majority of the sinhalese do not practice buddha’s teaching. Even many of the buddhist monks do not practice the teachings of budd

    When mahatma ghandi was asked asked by an englishman why he wouldn’t ebrace christianity, he answered: CHRISTIANITY IS GOOD RELIGION BUT I HAVE NOT SEEN A GOOD CHRISTIAN YET, IF AND WHEN I SEE ONE, I WILL BECOME A CHRISTIAN.

    My dear Deshapremiya, all the religions are good – the problem is the people.

    Ask a buddhist who start his prayers with “BUDDHANG SARANANG GATCHAMI, DAMMANG SARANANG GATCHAMI,SANGANG SARANANG GATCHAMI” if knows the meaning of those verses.

  48. chelliah says:

    hello raja

    the onlyway to give some sense to your

    retarded brian is the tamil medicine

    unfortunatly the tamils who can give you the

    proper medicine is retired at present.

    wait for few more years then you will get the proper remedy

    for your ills.

  49. chelliah says:

    yes lord buddha preached non violence

    but sinhalayas practice violence.(rape,torture,stealing,white van abduction,impunity,encourage wrong doing,procting criminals,lie through their teeth,bomb,shell,innocent people,put blockade on food and medicine

    then deny all these ever happened.then go to saiva temples and pretend to pray.)for forgiveness.

    grow up man…..

  50. Werner Holm says:

    Your name says it all. Thank you. Only this time it’s not Germanisation.

  51. Rajan says:

    sinhalese can kill any amount of THEIR people..but killing 40000-100000 people of ANOTHER ETHNICITY is a GENOCIDE fool…

    “tamils living in all parts of country”.
    Here we go,another propaganda mouth piece..Tamils live ONLY in Colombo outside N/E and that is because 40000 sinhalese troops have taken their HOUSE AND LAND in the name of HSZ..I want to see how you like it when your house is taken and you are left like a beggar..

    LTTE may be a terrorist for you,but for TAMILS they are freedom fighters..

  52. M.S.Lantra says:

    Sad the way people argue.Forget the past and try to live like brothers and sisters.

  53. Rajan says:

    Don’t say sinhalese “fought” the war,you never fought the war all you did was begging and licking 20+ countries ass to fight LTTE.Coward sinhalese soldiers run when ltte fires,many countries fought the war for you..That makes us tamils very proud..

    You have to kill 100000 tamils to fight less than ten thousand boys..that shows SL ARMY’S skills,talent and fire power.

    Sarath Foneska is finally telling the truth in courts as how many sinhalese COWARD soldiers died and how GOTABAYE knows nothing about military..that fool ran in 1991…Listen to Foneseka,not to propaganda..

  54. Pro Bono Publico says:

    @ Deshapremiya,If only the Buddhists practised real Buddhism we would never had any riots or war or assassination (hope you didnt forget that SWRD was killed by by a Buddhist monk),please think before you write nonsense my friend!

  55. Rajan says:




  56. Rohana Arambewala says:

    This writer conveniently ignored how Tamils were treated with no different to any other Sinhala person. How many Tamils were saved by the majority Sinhalese in 1958 & 1983 from few idiots who carried out these horendeous crimes not for Sri Lanka or Sinhalese but for their gains. Does the writer aware where the majority of the Tamils of Sri Lanka live, work and study? Who owns the biggest business in Sri Lanka and who buys their goods? How about Tea Estate Tamils? Are they also exculded? Like many other racists Tamils (not only against Sinhalese but their own low cast Tamils) the writer seems to not take these Tamil people into account. The writer in his “attention-seeking” biased article forgotten how many thousands of innocent Sinhalese women, children and babies were killed by a handful mislead LTTE Tamil organisation. But that doesn’t mean all the Tamils are like that. Please, whether you are a Tamil (vellala or low cast) or a Sinhalese remember journalism is getting all the facts together and writing a unbiased article and not to satisfy one party or the other and get the attention (attention seeking is a mental illness).

  57. db says:

    Who pushed the sri lankan army into it? Tamils put the blame on sinhalese for their every fart. It is the nature of Tamils. Wherever they go in the world, they create misery to the society.

  58. Tamil Victim says:

    Thank you Sir for writing our story. My salute to you.

  59. victim says:

    Thank you Jude lal Fernando for your courage in expressing the truth. Some commentators need to study history. I definitely know that they are deleberately twisting the history in order to defend their “masters” or they themselves must have played a part in the GENOCIDE!!

    LTTE was born long after the killing, burnings, rapings, destruction of Tamil property and livelihood etc. of the innocent Tamils by the Sinhala thugs aided and abetted by the Blue and the Green politicians!!!

    Sri Lankan “Budhists” are the worst killers in the world. Why does someone wants others to join their bandwagon? Is it to enlist more KILLERS into their rank? There is no point in celeberating vesak, Budha Jayanthi, erecting Budha statue in every nook and corner etc. The money sppet on this empty rituals could have been spent wisely on the homeless, maimed, orphaned war victims regardless of the language or religeon they practice. Of course building structures and spending on Tamasha’s bring 20% to the extended families of politicians!!! Lord Bbudha must have been the first casualty after the country fell into the hands of the “socalled Budhists” It is a misnomer and shame to call Sri Lanka a Budhist country!!!

  60. Rohith says:

    There one nation “Sri Lanka”. That country is inhabited with many races Namely Sinhalese, Tamils, Moors, Malays, Burghers Weddhas and many others. Ler all the races live peacefully in he country called Sri Lanka.

  61. Samuel says:

    The sixty year record of killings is here:-

  62. srinath.gunaratne says:


    In fiftties sinhalese living in Jaffna were attacked, Read the history, Both our hands are full of blood.
    Until Tamils stop demanding their racist demands Sinhalese will rise up to it.

    LTTE was created by racist Tamils,

    Goverment aggression aginst violence is not racist,
    60,000 youth were massecred in 80s. Not a single develop country agitated for human rights.
    In Sri Lanka democracy is a long distant dream.

  63. Dagobert says:

    The writer appears reluctant to move out of ltte territory like the expert panel.

    thanks to the alien forces and the diasspora who rode the tigers for their personal benefit, together they were able to decimate tamil youth & children population.

    It will take jude and the diasspora this time to eliminate the balance just as the expert panel advice to BKn have ignited the fires.
    Concereted effort from every corner deprive reconcilliation………

    Whose hidden agenda? your guess is as good as mine.

  64. Sarath Fernando says:


    That is far too simplistic a statement – and in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

    There are a vast number of Sinhalese who are emotionally and philosophically opposed to the now prevalent and grounded political thinking in this country, and they have been fundamentally so from the beginning.

    There is no doubt that the majoritarian view “Save Sinhala Sri Lanka at any cost” has now got firmly rooted over time, and it will be difficult to dislodge that. Such sentiment was a necessary evil for Political opportunists and so they carefully cultivated that sentiment from Banda’s time, if not earlier, silencing the majority Sinhalese, and playing to the gallery which is indeed the name of the game as far as Politics go.

    Year-over-year, the sentiment grew stronger and stronger, as that was to the advantage of the competing politicians – and the unfortunate/inconvenient truth is that, it was done WITH THE HELP OF THE TAMILS!

    No, not just the Devananda/Kaurna/Pillayan-type Tamils, but even the well meaning, educated Tamils helped in the process.

    Tamils were going to fight this equality “cause” alone by themselves and wouldn’t trust any Sinhalese – because “they are all the same – utter racists”. That was the mind-set of Tamils in general – they silenced the well-meaning Sinhalese – and now, you turn back and blame the Sinhalese for not raising their voices collectively? The Tamils, in their arrogance I might add, shunned the well-meaning Sinhalese and helped the Sinhala politicians achieve their goals at the expense of not just the Tamils, but the rest of the communities as well.

    If the blacks in the US fought for their rights by distancing themselves from the whites, the US would have never got to the point of integration that it achieved.

  65. ellalan says:

    ” I told the Generals to raze Jaffna to ground to burn the town and then rebuild it”

    JR Jeyawardne in interview with Rohan Gunaratna. july 87

    you Sinhalese have every motive to exterminate Tamil race from Island, but We will not go down as defeated people, We would create more Prahbas and LTTE before you see end of Tamils on the Island

  66. Waruna says:

    Is there anything lasts forever! Open your minds fellows. Treat all same,siyalu sathwayo) how you distinguish your race or category? Colour, language, touch, smell, taste? Shame on humans! We have lot to understand!

  67. ellalan says:

    Sinhalese have very short memory about pogroms perpetrated against innocent Tamils living in Sinhalese dominated areas, Most Colombo Sinhalese have no time to think because they engage in family orgies.

  68. ellalan says:

    It was JR Jeyawardne’s decision to align with western powers that infuriated Mrs Gandhi to support Tamil militants at first. JRJ insulted her at 1984 NAM conference in Delhi by comparing Nehru was a good man and Mrs Gandhi did not inherited his characteristics to be good prime Minister of India. do you really think Mrs Gandhi would tolerate such a remarks?

  69. ellalan says:

    if we think we are superior then we would demand whole Island not just North and East.

  70. ellalan says:

    you are a Sinhalese, don’t use respectful Tamil name, only humans are allowed to use these names.

  71. Waran says:

    Anonymous if what you are saying is true, then that LTTE leader has been rewarded by MR as his minister, check it out

  72. Srajano says:

    Dear Justice,
    Sorry, i have not made myself clear: i do not believe in terror, for any reason;
    I agree with everything you say. Love is always the answer.

  73. A Tamil says:

    Once the internationally renowned Pakistani journalist Taraki said that there is not much of a difference between fundamental Islam and fundamental Buddhism in outlook or approach. He pointed Sri Lanka as the only country where fundamental Buddhism is practiced.
    Deshapremiya needs to know one thing: Tamils of Eelam were practicing Buddhism some three hundred years before the first Sinhalese were converted to Buddhism. All five of “aimperumkaappiyangal” (the Major Classics of old) refer to Buddhism in a very positive light, while one of them the -“Manimekalai” upholds only the virtues of Buddhism. We still learn these things and adore them. There is no comparable litearature in Sinhala -only bana bana, gatha gatha. So, buddy, you will see that “We’ve been there; Seen it” long before the God created the Sinhala Universe.
    The whole trouble with you, those Sinhalese preachers of Buddhism, is that you all sincerely beleive that Buddha is the younger brother of Mahinda. Not so buddy, not so!
    Do you think that you people will ever wake up and see the real world around you? I don’t think so buddy, I don’t

  74. Kaz says:

    From the crude anti-Tamil racist responses, you do really have any hope for Tamils in SL?? In their blind hatred for the Tamils, some Sinhalese are happy to repeat the mistakes of the pre-LTTE days.

  75. Tarique says:

    There is no doubt that the Sinhalese were the aggressors and spawned the Tamil militants including the LTTE. However, in the end the Tigers had to be destroyed because they were too weak to win Eelam and too instransigent for a political settlement. Any Sinhalese who does not recognize the tragedy of Sinhala Buddhist nationalism is a racist and any Tamil hell bent on avenging Mulliakaveli is a racist too. Remember the inability to forgive the riots of 1983 led to the devastating defeat in 20009.

  76. Bruno Umbato says:

    My dear Rajan,
    Reading your comments, I know the true story, now … Thanks for the enlightenment …,
    the whole world got wrong about this flag story … Now I know thanks to you that Gota with Mahinda came waving white flags … They begged in front of the heroic proud LTTE soldiers and Prabha, for ‘freedom’ … The heroism and the morality of His Excellency, Prabakaran was such that the ‘freedom’ was given to them to do what ever they want to do … MR wanted to continue as the President and Gota wanted to continue as the secretary of the ministry of defense … Of course, under The HE, Prabhakaran … Then, King Prabhakaran wanted to have a swim in Nanthikadal and all lived in peace after … End of the true story …
    Thanks again, Rajan ….

  77. Anonymous says:

    If the sinhala+Srilankan gove is sleepig we can wake them up but if they are preteding to be sleeping it is imposible to wake them only think we can do is whipping them.And hoping for International Justice which have not only very long arm but very long memory.See what is happning to Miladic of Serbya.

  78. Tamil Bila says:

    We Tamils are not saying we want to live or part of Srilanka only you sinhala are saying (but subjucating and ruling over us)tamils are partof your citizen and by Oprnly subjucating and after killing severla thousand your country’s “citizens” you are celebrating but if and when we liberate from your clutches we will cetainly celebrate,

  79. Soma says:

    What about TNA

  80. Soma says:

    If you are happy that’s all that matters.

  81. Max Headroom says:

    @victim, either you are a second generation Tamil or someone whose first language is not English. When I read one of your comment to another post in this web site, I thought you would have been writing in haste.

    There are no words like “Budhists”/Budha/”Budhist country”. Keep a dictionary by your side when you write.

  82. Max Headroom says:

    In the Animal Kingdom, the Lion never kills for his food. It is the Lioness or some other who will do it for the Lion. When an animal is killed, the Lord of the Jungle would wake up and have his meal; fart a few times and go and procreate. You Tigers never thought Lions would wake up. And so sad Rajan that Tigers have been totally vanquished from jungles of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the Kingdom of the Lion.

  83. Max Headroom says:

    @Rajan, stay in the West or wherever and cry for spilled Milk and Honey. I think those Tamils who went on the merry-go-round – people like you in the diaspora, living in cooler climes and LTTE followers in Sri Lanka and living in Wanni but in warmer climes – thought they were really going to be treated to a grand party because creating that separate state was just around the corner.

    Whilst the Tiger was fattening himself with Diaspora funds – also becoming Diabetic with a weak heart and all those illnesses that require “oil changing”, a true Lion was coming round the corner to see the great Tiger. The great Tiger had seen many Lions come and go but did not know that a Lion troika was coming at him. Now all Lions are wagging their tails and also pissing on every tree and lamp post in the Tiger country, marking territory of the Lion Kingdom. Of course senile Tigers and tiger cubs who ran away from their territory are crying for their loss but they cannot break loose from their present abodes and they are also not allowed to set foot in the Land of the Lion.

  84. TRN says:

    2600th buddatthwa jayanthi came 2 years later than the last day of the war. what do u suggest that the budists should do this year ?

    It is not a time to point fingers at each other and inflame the hatred within. All who were victims of this war in Sri Lanka should cry out loud that we do not want a war. The futility of this prolonged brutal war should be realised by all peoples of Sri lanka.

    Both sides of the conflict should accept their crimes or sins and appologise to the victims/relatives. True repentance will come by reaching out to the other.

    We can go on blaming each other forever as there were many/// atrocities against innocent people.

    If the TD supportive to LTTE justifies their actions the sinhala hardcores will justify the actions of the army to finish the LTTE during May 2009. There will never be freedom or harmony. This is what the separatist supporters want.

    The atrocities were not only during the last phase when the LTTE leadership was killed but they were enormous during the last 30years or so.

    This article is pointing finger at one side only. Also this discretely accuse budism/budists. division on ethnicity had brought enough trouble…
    Dear Jude now please do not bring religious division too.
    What are the political activities you do at Irish School of Ecumenics Mr. Jude Fernando?

  85. TRN says:

    I have held on to this stand for a long time & still do. If Tamils struggled to win thei lost tights, non violently, without confrontational politics & terror & revenge, they would have won their lost rights by now.

    MLK & his principles bore fruit after decades of suffering. Many whites too supported them later. When the attitude of the whites changed, the political will changed.

    Tamil diaspora blindly supported LTTE & propagated the war, now that failed they try to discredit GOSL & armed forces of SL.

    I am a Sri Lankan Christian, I do accept that the language rights were unfairly taken away from the tamil speaking minority. However the duplicity crept in to their struggle when tamil nationalists & LTTE claimed a separate homeland. This made the other tamil speaking minorities (muslims & up country tamils) distance themselves from the Jaffna tamils.

    The human suffering endured because of the war is enormous beyond imagination.

    At the end of the war all of us should have reflected upon the futility of the war and the cost of human lives and devastation it had caused to the society. Unfortunately this did not happen.
    Even at the 2nd year of ending the war we keep pointing fingers and hounding at the perceived enemy.

    This is the failure of the sri lankans. y are their hearts so hardened? God have mercy on us all!!

  86. TRN says:

    correction they were not practicing damma.
    Please /// don’t drag religion in to this bloody war.
    If people were so holy there would have not been so much of human suffering for 30 yrs or more.

    Religion has nothing to do with this bloody war. Only ‘misguided concepts’ of ‘shortsighted humans’ brought so much of destruction to our society.

    It is a time to repent and forgive and reach out to the victims of war. Not celebrate or point fingers.

  87. TRN says:

    Do not accuse the religion a man is born to for his /her actions. I have been living with sinhala buddists for a long time, they are very peaceful people. Don;t blame all the faults of political thugs on a common sinhala buddhist man.

    This is a very inflammatory article on sinhala buddhists. Please don’t bring more divisions among our society.

  88. TRN says:


  89. Mayu says:

    It is a foolish argument. I think, this person hasn’t learnt the history properly.

  90. nathen says:

    history repeats before the portugees came the Tamils and half Tamils aka sinhala ( check your genetic code please not some hog wash) fought each other this fight is not over but please dont be too optimistic the next round the whole world will not be in your side your gloroious army did not win on its own you guys are good at attacking one single Tamil house with over two hundred raised sarong thugs showing off their testicles if that is what you want to test be my guest


  91. nathen says:

    my god think what will happen in the name of Buuha they killed 40,000 Tmails in mulivailkal how many will be killed as not true budhist


  92. Deshapremiya - Matara says:


  93. kannan says:

    Your statement says a lot about you. People like you are a curse to Sri lanka. You lack culture and humanity.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Yes, but how can you create more Prabhas and LTTE on the Island?

    You are in a cooler western country no?

  95. Thamilan says:

    How can we move forward when the “Victorious” Government is keeping the Military in the North/East, one for every 4 civilion, and provoke the Tamils by sending southerners in bus loads to terrorise the people, just for instance to force signing petitions against the UN Experts’ Report.
    Why are the Military appointed as Governers there?
    It is easy for you to preach as you were probably not affected, but not for the victims, some of them are still not resettled in their former habitats.

  96. Anonymous says:

    You got it all wrong ,
    It is the Diaspora LTTE like you, who are licking the back side of Mr Bun Ki Moon to help you to get at the brave Srilakans who demolished your real LTTE.

  97. Mike says:

    Are you asking about the killing of 40000 – 130000 of tamil civilians in 2009 alone?

  98. AFP says:

    I fully agree with your point that the people (tamils/sinhalese/muslims) should have been figting the evils (such as discrimination of minorities for winning elections, robbing the country for building family fortune, massacre/rape/torture/burning treasures such as libraries, schools, temples and churches in order to destroy a culture in the name of Sri Lanka). Unfortunately, there were few sinhalese leaders think this way (such as Vickramabahu Karunaratne), even the pseudo-communists such as JVP, Jayatilleka have been exploiting racial divisions.

  99. Velu Balendran says:

    Dear Sarath,
    Where is the evidence for your thesis? I know some of my Sinhalese friends who may well be categorized as open minded magnanimous people. But, who was/is there in public life; except that great soul Bahu? And how many Sinhalese support him?

    (It is a pity that blaming Tamils for every ill in the country has become fashionable).

  100. Nimanta says:

    Foolished hipocritic tamils themselves wanted to be the sole owners of the Sri Lanka thinking that this country still belonged to England. If u knew reality Tamil would have fought in south india against Indian Government for a seperate country… Bcz at least there are many Tamils. Why we give our country for thirty persent people from them also majority came to do slave works to White when they did not have anything to eat in India. Thyey should go there. Find a separate country there. If u for fight, We to for that. If u r for peace yes v too r for that. If still think a dream of seperate land better to use a knife to cut ur neck by yourself.

  101. Nimanta says:

    defeated voice. ur peole brought to SL by White to wash there toilets. Better do toilet washig. Do not forget the purpose u bought here. Not to give a separate country, But to wash sri lankan toilets.

  102. Nimanta says:

    Why do not go to South India and make safe seoarate country there? Y not it try in M’sia or S’pore? Timid TMILS. u R BORN TO WASH OTHERS TOILETS. dO IT HAPPILY. U WILL GET SALARY IN EVERY COUNTRY. BCZ U EAT ONLY WATER AND AMERICAN FLOOR. NO NEED MUCH MONEY TOO. BEGGERS

  103. Nimanta says:


  104. tmorgan says:

    Dictionary – genocide – noun; the deliberate killing of a whole nation or people

    International Law – Excerpt from the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide – “Article II: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    (a) Killing members of the group;
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    Article III: The following acts shall be punishable:

    (a) Genocide;
    (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
    (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
    (d) Attempt to commit genocide;
    (e) Complicity in genocide.”

  105. tmorgan says:

    Supporting a govt that dropped bombs and then denied the Red Cross/Red Crescent access to the wounded … that is genocidal behaviour.

  106. tmorgan says:

    If you want real reconciliation, implement the G.L. – Neelan “homegrown” package 🙂

  107. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:


    The majority, which takes the middle-path, is silent. Their voice is not heard in public. One has to be near them to feel their thoughts.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  108. RKC says:

    Let not patriotism cloud our judgement in this. I begin by saying that 1 life lost whether Tamil or Sinhalese is one too many.secondly let’s not expect the world community to come in and sort our disputes- when they do come it’s never for the betterment of Tamils or Sinhalese – but all ways their own agenda.

    The seeds of division were planted by the British during the colonial period – and they left behind a system that would continue one way or another- they were not fair by the Tamils or Sinhalese but took us all for suckers- isn’t that what it is even today?

    We can all scream from the roof tops of the world but nothing can bring back those loved ones both Tamil and sinhalese who died as a result of the conflict. Even though very hard we need to bury past and move on so that our children would have a better future. The alternate is off course spewing hatred unknowingly in the name and seeking justice which is sadly non prevalent any where in the world. Putting a 80 year old man in jail at the hague and bearing the cost of his funeral is not justice but revenge.

    Let’s move on and prepare a more peacefull environment / platform for the future

  109. Sarath Fernando says:

    Dear Velu,

    No – sincerely I did not mean it as “blaming the Tamils for all the ills”.

    First, here is my proof of my thesis: You concede you have “Some Sinhalese open minded magnanimous people.” I challenge you to check with any Tamil and see if any one of them would say otherwise.

    So, every Tamil knows a handful of such Sinhalese – so how many such Sinhalese do you think there are? Isn’t that in sufficient numbers for you to organize and collectively seek support of such Sinhalese to lead the equality cause, instead of ganging up with the we-will-teach-you-guys-a-lesson “separatist war” ostracizing all Sinhalese as enemies? That mind set is the one that led to your loss and our loss – every one’s loss – possibly yours greater than ours in the short term. Long-term loss may actually be the opposite!

    Here is another quick question. Because the Tamils were dominant /concentrated in the North and East, and since Tamils (rightly or wrongly) felt they were discriminated and oppressed, you thought it fit to seek separation, implicitly to regain equality. What if the Tamils were spread evenly across the nation, with no concentration – and were discriminated or oppressed? Do they then not qualify for equality? How would you counter discrimination and oppression then?

    My point is that the Tamils chose the easy, if not arrogant, way out and basically ostracized the Sinhalese (both the rational and irrational ones) and thus played straight into the hands of the politicians. Frankly, it is more the Tamils, more so than the Sinhala politicians, who subdued any voice of the “open minded magnanimous Sinhalese.” Ultimately, the politicians won and we, you and I, both lost.

    Having done that, it is now inappropriate to point fingers and conclude “a lone Sinhala voice in the wilderness” implicitly blaming all other Sinhalese as irrational, if not racists – that exactly was my point.

  110. Incas says:

    That would be another one for the Guiness book ! There is no country which has a formalised, compulsory, State Religion which is enforced on people.

    Religion is a private thing; and is left to the choice of the individual.

    Get yourself updated, and come out of your cave, Deshapremiya!

  111. Justice & Fairplay says:

    Intelligent, as always – Well done sarath Fernando. Your view on this must be articulated more often.

  112. rav2011 says:

    tamils were not able to learn the history properly coz sinhalese burnt tamil’s libraries.

  113. rav2011 says:

    sinhalese wouldn’t have been able to defeat LTTE if the world didn’t help srilanka.

  114. Pamela says:

    Yes I agree with you Kannan wholeheartedly, people like Ellalan and others on here will not give it a rest and give peace and harmony a chance!

  115. SriLankan says:

    Tamils that haven’t even born in Sri Lanka do not comment, it is not your country and you don’t have no right. If you loved your people so much, you would have fought with LTTE, you are cowerds. Yes people died in Sri Lanka both sides over 30yrs, that is sad, truly if they were innocent and not part of LTTE. On the last push by SLA, only tamils loyal to the LTTE dided and that is their own choice, casualties of war. Any Tamil can now go anywhere in Sri Lanka just like any other Sinhalese, and we all want to live like SriLankans not seperated by relegion or ethnic group. Please fogive and forget and build a one nation which we can all be proud of. Stop the hate, if not it can only end in another war that will kill a whole lot more

  116. Dragonfire says:

    Do U know that there are 2 types of tamils in srilanka. 1. The tamils who came from tamilnadu to work in tea estates. 2. The Srilankan Tamils who are living there through out the history. They are the real owners that they stay there for hundreds of centuries before Sinhalese who came there from North India… Read the History properly before U comment…

  117. L. Silva says:

    I think Jude Fernando is courageous to speak the truth. I am a Sinhalese Christian and not happy at all how things got out of control in Sri Lanka. Yes, there are arrogant Tamils, that does not mean there are no arrogant Sinhalese either. Jaffna Tamils did not come to Sri Lanka with the European colonists, they were there way before that. The Estate Tamils were brought in by the British around the 19th century. The Sinhalese Buddhists should show more compassion towards the Tamils, mainly because of their connections to Hinduism. Was not Buddha a Hindu Prince before attaining enlightment? My only hope is that the HJU(Hela Jathika Urumaya) won’t start picking on the minority Christians. It is time as Sri Lankans we strive to live peacefully whether in SL or overseas.

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