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TNA Leader Sampanthan writes to 47 member states of UNHRC urging support for Resolution on Sri Lanka

(In a letter dated 27th February 2012, Tamil National Alliance leader Rajavarothayam Sampanthan has written to all 47 member states of the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva urging support for the envisaged resolution on Sri Lanka. The full text of the letter is as follows)

I write to you as the leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), the principal elected representative of the Tamil people in the North and East of Sri Lanka, to extend my gratitude for your sustained commitment to peace, justice and substantive democracy in our country.

Subsequent to assurances given by the President of Sri Lanka in May 2009, and in pursuance of the same, the Secretary General of the United Nations appointed a panel in June 2010 to advise him on accountability issues in Sri Lanka with respect to the final stages of the war. When the Panel released its report on 31 March 2011, stating that there were credible allegations that both sides had committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, the TNA welcomed that Report and urged the implementation of its recommendations. We are convinced that telling the truth and ascertaining responsibility is the best means of avoiding a repetition of past tragedies.

The Sri Lankan government promised that the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), which it had appointed in May 2010, would address questions of accountability. The LLRC delivered its report in November 2011. We have shared with the international community our comprehensive analytical response to the said report, and also enclose it herewith. We submitted that the LLRC failed the victims of the war, and that its composition, mandate, process and findings fell dramatically short of international standards.

Notwithstanding this, the LLRC also made several positive recommendations, including for the rapid demilitarization of the North and East, investigations into human rights violations committed by paramilitary groups and legislative recognition of the right to information. Though the LLRC recognized the critical importance of making visible progress on devolution of power, successive governments for well-nigh six decades have failed to address this issue. The failure to evolve a political solution based on devolution of power is the root cause of the conflict in Sri Lanka. The government of Sri Lanka continues to demonstrate a lack of commitment to implement even the LLRC’s recommendations within a specific time-frame.

In fact, even the LLRC observed that its own interim recommendations which were issued in September 2010, such as publishing a list of detainees and disarming paramilitary groups, have not been implemented. This consistent record of non-implementation by the government, and its refusal to take steps towards creating a social and political environment of positive peace and justice remains the most serious problem for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

The state of human rights protection and human security in Sri Lanka continues to cause great distress to us. The spate of killings and abductions, even in the last few months; the intrusive presence of the military in governance, on the streets, in trade and business as well as in the day to day lives of citizens; the negation of effective civilian administration in the North; the expropriation of private lands; the arbitrary utilization of state lands for sectarian purposes; and the erection of massive military cantonments in areas where people should have been allowed to resettle; are all manifestations of how the social and political freedom of the Tamil people in the North and East of Sri Lanka is being severely jeopardized. The worst affected victims of this intense militarization are women and children, where widows and orphans are rendered particularly vulnerable to systematic exploitation and violence. Former women LTTE cadres and other vulnerable women are coerced into playing the role of comfort women. Furthermore, paramilitary groups acting in consort with the military are known to be involved in incidents of rape and abuse, as well as human trafficking and organized prostitution.

The democratic verdicts of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka have been consistently disregarded by successive governments for well-nigh six decades. There is now a concerted attempt to silence that Tamil democratic voice. At the urging of those with extremist views, the government is engaged in an irreversible process whereby the demographic composition of the North and East is being altered through the establishment of Sinhala settlements, the entrenchment of the military, and the systematic exclusion of Tamil people from the civil service. The juggernaut of the government and the military is relentlessly engaged in transforming the cultural, linguistic and religious makeup of the North and East and forcibly imposing the dominant culture on those areas. This is also evident in the destruction of numerous Hindu places of worship, and the proliferation of new Buddhist shrines.

We are convinced that a speedy resolution of the ethnic issue through a negotiated settlement with the government on granting the North and East access to powers of governance is necessary to reverse these trends. Despite many government commitments at the talks not being honoured, we have patiently and responsibly engaged the government in a series of bilateral talks in this regard since January 2011. We were also very disappointed when the government irresponsibly and unilaterally withdrew from these bilateral talks in January 2012. We remain committed to the evolution of a reasonable, workable and durable political solution within an undivided, united country.

We are also committed to the cause of truth, justice and reparations for the atrocities committed by both sides during the last stages of the war. We believe that it is our duty – as representatives of the Tamil people – to communicate their profound desire for truth and justice.

We ourselves have been struck by the intensity of this desire, and the determination with which it is expressed to us. We have maintained that accountability remains an urgent and important need to help victim communities overcome trauma and rebuild their lives; to bring closure to our collective and personal grief; to ensure genuine reconciliation; to break the cycle of impunity in Sri Lanka and most importantly, to insure against a return to violence. For these reasons we have urged the international community to take steps to institute an international investigation into the credible allegations of war crimes committed by both sides during the last stages of the war.

We observe that at the upcoming 19th Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, a Resolution will be tabled that will declare that the government of Sri Lanka has not yet done enough to implement the recommendations of the LLRC, and will comprehensively address the issue of accountability.

You are aware that the Sri Lankan government has consistently failed to abide by its commitments and to implement recommendations made by Commissions appointed by the government.

This Resolution will provide an opportunity for the fulfillment of the commitments repeatedly made by the government of Sri Lanka, and now contained in the recommendations of the LLRC, and thereby for the realization of the legitimate aspirations of the Tamil people.

Yours sincerely,

R. Sampanthan,
Leader, Tamil National Alliance


  1. Ram says:

    At least he thought of writing to 47 member countries.

  2. Chanakyan says:

    At the most critical juncture in the current history of the Tamils, an excellent document worthy of the attention of the international community has been presented by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA). The thesis, coherently argued and convincingly put forward goes to the very heart of the issues now vexing the Tamils of Sri Lanka. It would certainly touch the heart of each of the 47 nations without exception.

    The TNA with decisive victory at successive elections has summoned all the courage through the mandate conferring it with indisputable legitimacy. Adding further strength to it’s authentic voice is the integration of the people’s thinking and the Party’s unremitting stance at all times.

    To the TNA and the people, the unreserved support of the comity of nations would be the beginning of an arduous process for the restitution of their rights and the rebuilding of their lives. Though nothing can be more significant than a positive UNHRC resolution, more important would be resolute action in the sessions that follow and in the years to come. No international intervention, no redemption for the Tamils, is the universal perception.

  3. Ravi Perera says:

    “demographic composition of the North and East is being altered through the establishment of Sinhala settlements,”

    There goes the music again. Sampanthan talking about the COLONISATION subjet. Mr Sampanthan you guys still talk of North East. You never rules East ever in history. This is an ILLUSION created by the British by creating the provinces. The more you talk about the East too as yourhomeland the government and the sinhala people can avoind the devolution. This gives the government a case for argument in the International arena.

  4. Sankyan says:

    This shows the true colours of TNA, i.e. Anti Srilankan. These are nothing but terrorists in proxy.

  5. LOOP says:

    Well written and targeted…unfortunately these people are still in prabakarans point of view.. North and east is sri lanka.. In Sri lanka we all can live anywhere…
    So please tamil brothers and sisters lets live in peace than making useless boundaries … that only makes complications and disturbance for our lovely relationships…..
    We love all our tamils muslims and Sinhalese people… we love you alllll !

  6. andy Jayasinghe says:

    Cant understand why these Tamil people who say they are harrassed and abused by Army controlled paramilitary people dont complain and take these cases up in the courts of law in Sri Lanka.
    All my friends who have travelled upto Jaffna and the east say that the lives of people in those areas have improved beyond belief, and when they speak to local people they hear NO complaints or see any harrasment.
    I suppose these incidents take place at Night perhaps.. !! where no one else can see or witness these wrong doings..
    There are many Tamil people who have settled freely in the south without any cries from the suthern sri lankans about “Tamil People encroching ino their land” and there are MANY MANY Tamils living and working in the south in all walks of life.. Just go down to wellawatte (a suburb of Colombo) and see the thriving businesses mostly owned and run by Tamils.

    So are there two types of Tamils who live in Sri Lanka?
    I am amazed at this letter wriiten by the leader of a political party who only speaks for the Tamils in teh North and the East of Sri Lanka… What about the Tamils living in the South? are they not Tamil Sri Lankans.. and what about the Sinhalese and the Muslims living in the north and the east? will they be discarded by this political party calling themselves the Tamil National ALLiance?

    Anyone with average common sense will see that this man Sampathan is no Different to the Leader of the LTTE who reaked Havoc in the lives of all the peole in Sri Lanka for 30 years.. and Sampathan should learn a lesson from the LTTE where they persecuted and chased out all non LTTE people from the North and the East..
    Of Course he Killed his own people (Many Tamils) who were against him.

    Mr Sampathan you are advocating discrimination, speratism, and making statements which are alarmist but with no foundation.

    Please dont tell me that you too are one who claims to be frightened about being taken away in a white van !!? and thats why you are not taking these alegations of these tamil people (criminal offences if there any) through the proper channels and through the legal process.

    I am wondering If Mr Mahinda Rajapakse will read this and immediately instigate an investigation to find these paramilitaries who harrass and rape Tamil Women in the North and the East.

  7. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:

    In a letter dated 25/02/2012 published in transcurrents, titled, ‘TNA wont exacerbate tensions by attending UNHRC 19th sessions in Geneva’, Mr.R.Sambanthan, the leader of the TNA concluded,

    “The Tamil National Alliance genuinely fears that if the present unstable situation continues, violence could recur and the civilian population could again be the victims.

    The Tamil National Alliance considers it imperative that in the present situation calm should be maintained, and that nothing should be done which could exacerbate tensions.

    In these circumstances The Tamil National Alliance has decided not to be present in Geneva”.

    I considered this a wise decision. However, within days the same Mr. Sambanthan has written a letter to the members of the UNHRC, concluding that,

    “This Resolution will provide an opportunity for the fulfillment of the commitments repeatedly made by the government of Sri Lanka, and now contained in the recommendations of the LLRC, and thereby for the realization of the legitimate aspirations of the Tamil people”.

    What is the difference between attending the sessions and stating their concerns and writing to the member states attending the sessions stating their concerns? Is’nt this dishonesty? Is the TNA playing a game of hide and seek?

    Would violence not recur now and the civilian population could again be the victims? Was’nt the initial statement in this regard wishful thinking and an attempt at scare mongering?

    The TNA, although largely composed of lawyers, led by a lawyer and advised by lawyers has lost its sense of logic and reason. Does it know whether it is coming or going? Probably it does and is deliberately indulging in a game of sorts with the Tamils living in Sri Lanka as pawns.

    What is its constuency? Where is this constituency? What are their legitimate aspirations? Whom is the TNA trying to please? Why is it imagining a situation that is unlikely to recur? Does it want violence to recur because it will justify its existance?

    Can such a political grouping lead the Tamils living in the north and east at this juncture in their history?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  8. Nallavan says:

    Anye Andy get real anye !!
    Kiyala vadak nae anye.. aiyo aiyo

  9. Rana says:

    Sampanthan, Why did not you go to Geneva and say this. I think you have a pretty good reason to cancel the trip suddenly. Because you are scared to go there,don’t you?. Late Sam Thambimuththu’s son Arun lead group waiting for you there. Without keep singing the same old song go there and face them man.

  10. Anpu says:

    I am in complete agreement with Chanakyan comments.

    andy Jayasinghe – how many types of Sinhalease are there? Did Tamils ask for a separate country in 1948? MR is reponcible for murdering many thousands of innocent Tamils. In 2009 he said zero casulity. Now he says 8000 tamils killed…
    Tamils want to live with dignity – freedom, equal rights, etc
    Please read “Sri Lanka: Government Promises, Ground Realities” –

  11. AMT says:

    Mr Sampanthan has reiterated that TNA is still remain committed to the evolution of a reasonable, workable and durable political solution within an undivided, united country. This is a statement that has come from a Leader of a political party, and he is concerned about the country’s future, hence could be graded as a statesman. Whereas the demonstration that was held to protest against US asking US not to resolve in the UNHR Council meeting, this year, with respect to implementation of LLRC recommendation, a commission which the Government of Sri Lanka, established. This protest is also like holding an umbrella in Sri Lanka, a month before it starts raining in Geneva and it was organized, having future election in their mind, which it is hoped will benefit THEM in THEIR future and NOT the future of the country?

  12. Jazz says:

    As I have stated on many occassions, The TNA has again taken several steps back by their actions. It’s very sad that they have still not understood the core issue. I urge the TNA to re-think their policies, start demonstrating patriotism & most importantly, please talk to your sri lankan people first and earn their trust. Without their trust,absolutely nothing can be achieved.

  13. hunchback says:

    I think you just made a very big mistake…

  14. Nagarjuna says:

    This document has stop short of telling the truth to the world that so-called Sinhalese leaders who exploited the people of all communities since the independance for thier personal advantage should be held responsible for the their fatal failures and abuses, the root cause for the uprisings in 1971, 1989 by Sinhalese youth and then by the Tamil youth.

  15. Lanka Muslim, UK says:

    “We ourselves have been struck by the intensity of this desire, and the determination with which it is expressed to us. We have maintained that accountability remains an urgent and important need to help victim communities overcome trauma and rebuild their lives; to bring closure to our collective and personal grief; to ensure genuine reconciliation; to break the cycle of impunity in Sri Lanka and most importantly, to insure against a return to violence. For these reasons we have urged the international community to take steps to institute an international investigation into the credible allegations of war crimes committed by both sides during the last stages of the war” THIS STATEMENT IS RELEVANT TO THE THE SOUTH OF SRI LANKA AS WELL BECAUSE OF THE SUPPRESSIVE MEASURES ENFORCED BY THE GOVT. ON PROTEST AND DISSENT IS WORSENING BY THE THE DAY. ANDY JAYASIGHE SAYS ABOUT TAKING THE ISSUES TO COURTS. ARE THE COURTS INDEPENDENT OF THE GOVT.’S INTERFERENCE. IF GENERAL FONSEKA, WHO LED THE WAR IN THE FIELD AND WON IT, IS NOT RECEIVING JUSTICE; AND MANY OTHERS WHO HAVE BEEN KILLED, TORTURED AND ABDUCTED IN THE SOUTH ARE NOT RECEIVING JUSTICE, WHAT JUSTICE CAN THE AFFECTED PEOPLE IN THE NORTH EXPECT. SO IT IS THE ACTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY THAT CAN BRING JUSTICE TO ALL THE PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA.

  16. sri says:

    Well! Mr Sampanthan!

    It is a well prepared document no doubt! but why should you write an open letter and publish it in the newspapers?

    Is it for domestic consumption?

    If you are really serious you must write in the respective country’s national languages for effective results

    But diplomacy is usually conducted behind the scenes.

    That kind of diplomacy is known as lobbying.

    Sri Lankan Tamils for a long time believed that what they have to do is to elect brilliant lawyers as leaders and they will present their case like in a court of law and demolish the arguments of the opponents and the case is won.

    But alas politics is not conducted in a court of law.

    Geneva verdict will not be the final word.

    Politics is the art of the possible.

    International intervention had never brought any tangible results to Sri Lankan Tamils.

    Sri Lankan Tamil politics failed for the last 60 years.

    The situation is continuously declining in this country. The policy adopted should at least arrest the downward slide.

    The time has come for Sri Lankan Tamils to redefine Sri Lankan Tamil Nationalism and conceptualize and reformulate proper strategies.

    Playing to the gallery is not going to help us.

  17. janaka says:

    Mr Sampathan need to hang together with Citizen Sarath Fonseka.

  18. this is insane.

    how the TNA could expect the UNHCR ( a proxy ) to USA and the other sympathisers of the LTTE could do a justifiable solution to an internal problem.

    when the common Tamils are living scattered everywhere in Sri Lanka mostly in the heart of the capital colombo with multimillion business, and the north booming with development in every sector, why blindly accuse the Army which liberated the nation from the grasp of dictatorship of Prabhakaran.

    OK we understand you guys loves your lives as the LTTE set example by eliminating the entire Tamil learned generation, sand supported it. now that the menace is gone the thank the Army, what you want now is apparently a throne!!

    As a peace loving Muslim loving the country and people this is what i humbly feel.

    Do not spit up.. it will fall on your face….

  19. ira says:

    I agree that TNA is still acting as a proxy to terrorists LTTE

  20. dingiri says:

    I have no issue with the bulk of what Sampanthan says in the letter and believe Sampanthan would any day make a better president of a united Sri Lanka than the incumbent president. But what I dont understand is how Sampanthan came to the conclusion that all the previously uninhabited jungle lands of the Vannia and East should only belong to the Tamils of Jaffna and Batticaloa. It appears the Tamils intend to unilatterally help them selves to almost all the uninhabited jungle lands in the Vanni and East as they see all Sinhalese living there as illegal colonisers. Any analysis of the Vanni population today would show that the majority is made up of those who settled there in the last 60-100 years. Tamils from Jaffna, Indian Tamils from the plantations and Sinhalese from the South. Of them only the Sinhalese appear to bear the label of “illegal colonist” in the mind of the Tamil supremacists. This even appears to includes the inhabitants of the Sinhala Purana Gam – the remnant villages that John Still and Tennant talk about that are scattered through these lands.

    The Tamil struggle cannot be for equality if they continue to demand a vastly disproportionate portion of the land and resources for their own exclusive enjoyment. Clearly, it is not just Mahinda and his Sinhala supremacist advisors who are obstacles to a fair and equitable settlement, but also the leaders of the Tamil struggle for “equality”. This “equality” which is in fact supremacy.

  21. Daniel says:

    High time.
    Well done.

  22. maru says:

    @andy Jayasinghe
    First of all…….. just cool down dude.

    ‘Cant understand why these Tamil people who say they are harassed and abused by Army controlled paramilitary people don’t complain and take these cases up in the courts of law in Sri Lanka’..
    Dude you are kidding right? Courts of law in Sri Lanka huh…

    Also the there is a difference between the traders in Wellawatta and the ‘traders’ that are planted in the north-east by the government. You see the difference? No? Ok right, it is the intentional encroachment initiated by this hard line govt. You know Champika Ranawake right??.. cool

    ‘I am wondering If Mr Mahinda Rajapakse will read this and immediately instigate an investigation to find these paramilitaries who harrass and rape Tamil Women in the North and the East.’
    keep wondering dude.. and keep wandering. that’s what we have been doing in this country
    The problem Mr. Sambanthan is facing is that no sooner he starts talking anything about the SL government in the international forum, he is labeled as ‘no Different to the Leader of the LTTE’

    @Ravi Perera
    ‘The more you talk about the East too as yourhomeland the government and the sinhala people can avoind the devolution’
    You are dead right mate.. andy Jayasinghe has already set an example 😀

  23. MAH says:

    The TNA should be forced to face up to their role in the 30 years of terrorism which they supported, instead of deflecting the responsibility elsewhere. Just like false claims by asylum seekers, these boys crying wolf are the real wolves in sheep skin! May you be damned for misleading the world and your fellow Tamil citizenry in the north.

  24. puzzled says:

    “I am wondering If Mr Mahinda Rajapakse will read this and immediately instigate an investigation to find these paramilitaries who harrass and rape Tamil Women in the North and the East”

    Re: Where are you living? In a dream land? These paramilitaries are the friends/stooges of MR and his extended family. They are being used to execute all the nefarious activities of the people in power!!!
    They are an essential component of the tyrannical rule which is the norm in SL. There is a parallel paramilitary/underworld characters in the South too!!

    How can you try to bury a whole big pumpkin under a plate of rice? Feel sorry for the guys who have to sing for their supper to defend the people who have gone beyond redemption!!!

    Why can’t you people understand the difference between “colonisation” and people buying property with their hard earned money? Sl is so heavily centralised in administration, there is no job opportunities for Tamils to find jobs in the North and East. Otherwise why would Tamils want to live in the south and go through the agonising repeated STATE ORGANISED POGROMS against them? That is why the Tamils are asking for self determination ie. a hand in the administration of the place where they traditionally lived.

    Are you pretending not to understand this simple thing?

  25. T.Ramesh - Kelaniya says:

    Well done Sampa! even it is too late.

  26. kokuvilan says:


  27. Mr Jayasinghe Your comment is reasonable but you do not understand that law does not exist in Srilanka any more. The armed forces know that the Country is at their mercy and behave badly ( not all )even in our areas, so think about other areas where there was a war for thirty years. One good example, last month I went to Jaffna with a Tamil friend who lives in the US working as a scientist in one of the biggest state institution there. At a check point near Jaffna(I do not rember the name of the place) we all got down and had our NIC checked, my friend was asked to fill up a form. An officer with 3 stars was very rude to my friend and talked to him even without looking at his face and when I tried to explain certain things he was rude to me too and even asked me why I am taking the pain to drive him all the way from Colombo. The government and the law enforcement authorities should treat all Srilankans alike not in words but in practice. Luxshman.

  28. laksiri says:

    keep more murders and brutal criminal in the cabinet and rule by army day today administration in the north and east created serious of doubt when this matter least system must be their to pay price for the wrong doing and just follow the your own constitution and respect the rue of the law and stop witting judgments in president house for all important cases.release the general who is did nothing to be welikada jail.give basic rights to Tamil people and stop putting concrete Buddha states by forcing against the people will like what benderanayke did in 1956 which price is still paying all the people.just look the world how other people rule the world and stop taking ill advises from only monks who have no moral authority to do against the will of people rights.if not the nation will pay last price with many way.

  29. Katmai says:

    Rajapaksa may have been the person responsible for ending the war in Sri Lanka. But it seems he will also be the person responsible for dividing the country into two nations with the sanction of the UN. There is no argument that it is Rajapaksa and his arrogant ways that has lead to the West and the UN to act against Sri Lanka. If Rajapaksa was genuinely seeking a solution to the “Ethnic Problem”, I doubt TNA would have tried to mess it up by sending a letter like to the above to the UNHRC members.

  30. Suresh M says:

    Ravi Perera,

    British also created Ceylon as one unite. Are you Sinhalese willing to go back to pre 1803?

  31. N. Gamage says:

    Mr. Sachintha’s idea is excellent.
    Although people are having their right to speak in democratic country but they cannot harm to anyone or the country. Similar to the government had filed a court case against Mr. Sarath Fenseka about the ‘White Flag” issue; they should file a case against Mr. Sampanthan for letting down the country internationally based on the wrong information. Then he should explain in the court as he is not guilty and to demonstrate so he has to prove the information he got is correct. This is common for me or any other citizen of the country.

  32. Raja says:

    Andy Jayasinghe Tamisl are not foolish to tell their suffereing to you sinhaleese or fiel action in court and get picked up the white van. They elected Sampanthan to tell taht on theri behalf. You can nott ven undestand this. I am writing, still living in sri lanka, covered by the Internet Anonymity. Are such an idot to to understnd this simple thing. These comments from you sinhaleese is teh Justification for a separate state by Pirapharam now by the diaspora

    Yes Sankyan TNA is Anti Sri Lankan because the Sri Lankan State is Anti Tamils can you not see the simple logic

  33. Nagarajah says:

    I live in Canada, and i have talked to thousands of people who are visiting Sri Lanka in the past two yaers. All of them are happy that they are able to visit the entire Sri lanka without any fear of safety. They travel to the south and visit places of worship and enjoy the hospitality of the Sinhalese. Five of my sisters are living near Colombo happily after relocating from Jaffna 20 years ago. It is the Sinhalese and Muslim neighbours who support them in their adjustment and other needs.

    There is no denytying the fact that people lost their lives from both sides due to the war, if there is any willful war crime, let the law takes it course for offenders from both sides.

    But for TNA to cry foul when they openly suupported the heinous crimes committed by LTTE, it is thoroughly unfair. Tamils have been always brainwashed by Tamil politicians to be selfish and territorial when it comes to mixed living, but at the same time Tamils live and settle across the length and breath of SL happily as never before at the moment.

  34. Jegan says:

    Ravi Perera,

    Sri Lanka is the ILLUSION created by British, not provinces.

  35. Selva says:

    TNA not going to Geneva is taken as big issue and spoken TNA as traitors in all Tamil radios all over the world. These LTTE supporters living in save heaven picking up their phones talking as they wish. These brain washed people don’t realize that these leaders are still living unprotected and their colloquies, two MPs had already been killed. In the last 25 years when Pirapakaran had been living in a protected area and in well protected Bunkers did they questioned him for all the stupid things he was doing.

  36. Hi Its me says:

    TNA – How are you going to do any politics in Sri lanka, you have to show kind of a respect to Sri lankas soverignity etc, you are still dreaming about millbands and obamas or hilarys, Asking for human rights is a another , but asking for a separate country is asking again for trouble, I dont see any difference between TNA and SL govt , same politics same answer, you never get what you want …

  37. Native Vedda says:

    andy Jayasinghe says:

    “Anyone with average common sense will see that this man Sampathan is no Different to the Leader of the LTTE who reaked Havoc in the lives of all the peole in Sri Lanka for 30 years.”

    There are several difference you haven’t noticed.

    Prabharan died at the age of 55 whereas Sampanthan is nearly 85 years old, alive and kicking.

    Prabaharan always wore tiger uniform whereas Sampanthan wears national dress.

    Prabaharan wore a belt around his fat belly whereas Sampanthan doesn’t

    Prabaharan hung cynide capsule around his neck whereas Sampanthan doesn’t

    Prabaharan carried a handgun between his neck and belly whereas Sampanthan carries a file.

    Prabaharan had a policy of shooting first and talking later whereas Sampanthan always talks.

    Prabaharan was running a sort of de facto tigerland whereas Sampanthan doesn’t dream of separate state even in his wildest dream.

    Prabaharan was a big bully whereas Sampanthan is being bullied.

    Prabaharan killed people whereas Sampanthan is bored death by Mahinda clan.

    Prabaharan was not a lawyer whereas Sampanthan in one.

    Prabaharan didn’t speak English whereas Sampanthan is the old English.

    Prabaharan made fools out of intelligent people Sampanthan is trying to make intelligent people out of fools.

    Prabaharan was variously known as by Thamby, Thalaivar, National leader, Sun God, Krishna Paramathma, ….. Smpanthan is known as Sampanthan Aiya.

    Prabaharan never met Sinhala leaders whereas Sampanthan meets them very often.

    Prabaharan received millions of rupees from the clan whereas Sampanthan always return empty handed.

    Prabaharan time to time begged for ceasefire whereas Sampanthan maintains permanent ceasefire.

    Prabaharan never trusted the Tamil people whereas Tamil people have to trust Sampanthan because there is no choice.

    Prabaharan never contested elections whereas Sampanthan has been contesting elections for many years.

    Prabaharan was not accessible to public whereas Sampanthan can be reached if you need to.

    I have found another fifty differences, but cannot key in now. Need to collect honey urgently. Please feel free to contact me in this forum I will key in the rest.

  38. Sellam says:

    Mr.Sampanthan is playing poker. When he could write letters to 47 countries why cannot the TNA be present at the UN assembly as a symbol at least.OR he should not have written letters. The TNA Mps brains work differently.

  39. SL says:

    Why Sambathan and the TNA want to implement the LLRC recommendations that theywever severely critical of?

  40. Nihara says:

    There he goes again, talking from both ends! TYPICAL OF THEM!!

  41. Mohotty says:

    TNA is a Pro-LTTE group ran with LTTE Tamil terrorist’s money, so TNA have to bark for his master; LTTE.

    In another country, if this happned the way TNA behaveed against his own country which fed them and provided security for them would have taken to jail for treasom, it would happned in even UK , US and other so called western countries as well.

    Can Opposition of US and UK write against US goverment’s day light murder of Bin Ladin in front of his wives and kids to UN ??

    TNA shall be banned in Sri Lanka


  42. peter says:

    TNA, What a laugh, these idiotic LTTE proxy, needs dealing with. Any individual who think they can support group like LTTE should not be legal. This clearly a side line group that Britain and US will use to oust democratic party leader and bring in their corrupt party goons. Look at Iraq, Libya, Egypt. What a joke. TNA bunch of hooligans.

  43. peter says:

    Rapid demilitarisation, the west and TNA would love this sentence because west can sell arms and TNA hooligans will go on killing spree. Tamils in North are nicely sandwiched in the middle. I am confident even if Rajapaksa’s end up in Hague they will do the right thing by the country and continue to strengthen military might in North. This is the only way to stop another blood shed. TNA – Think.

  44. Kanian Poongkuran says:

    This letter is not only a message for the 47 countries but also a very important and urgent reminder to President Rajapaksa to do the right thing. The Sri-Lankan regime can’t continue implementing its own hidden agenda with the help of India and other rogue countries.

    This is a timely, wise diplomatic move by Hon.R.Sampanthan. It is his moral obligation. As an elected representative, he has the right to take the plight of his people to the attention of the international comunity. There is no other alternative for him. He put the current ground reality in fine print and he clearly out lined the root cause of the conflict.

    The UN or NATO observers should be sent to North-easern Sri-Lanka to monitor the situation first hand. Then an international mechanism should be set up to investigate the war crimes of both sides. The bottom line is without accountability, there can’t be any reconciliation; without reconciliation there won’t be any political solution; Without political solution, there won’t be any lasting peace.


  45. hunchback says:

    I think you (Sampanthan) made a big mistake..

    What if he had taken a different approach. Highlighted the positives of the LLRC report, and the successes such as with the rehabilitation effort, but urged against the resolution against Sri Lanka.

    That probably would have built up more confidence with the government and most importantly the Sinhalese people – who still clearly remember the days when the TNA were just LTTE white washers and stooges.

    The LTTE is dead and gone, but I am starting to think there will be no peace in this land till all tainted by the war – the present government, Ranil and his appeasers, Sampanthan and his apologists, Douglas, Pilliyan and all their goons are all kicked out or Father Time claims them.

  46. Kaz says:

    As you can see from the responses from the Sinhalese to Mr. Sampanthan’s letter, they do not get the point. With the Sinhalese and the Sri Lankan state continuing to undermine TNA at every juncture, it is critical that the Tamil Diaspora need to provide full support to the TNA. Any criticism of the TNA from Tamils will only play into the State’s hand.

  47. Gamaya1 says:

    Simply Dear Tamil Friends 9% percent of Tamils will never take 2/3 of Sri Lanka. take that out from your head. That will not happen weather you remove Rajapaksha or not. Sorry that’s the bitter truth. Apart from that live in sri lanka with all the rights as others. No special place because you are Tamil or Sinhala or Muslim. That’s what we want. Multicultural ghettos failed and failing in the West and UK. We have to remove Wellavathha as well. Stop selling lands and property in Wellavaththa only to Tamils. Come out and mingle with others.

  48. Anil Sivaraja says:

    Ch 4 is going to be broadcast on Wednesday 14th March, 10:55pm, Channel 4

    ….Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished forensically examines four specific cases and investigates who was responsible. The cases are: the deliberate heavy shelling of civilians and a hospital in the ‘No Fire Zone’; the strategic denial of food and medicine to hundreds and thousands of trapped civilians – defying the legal obligation to allow humanitarian aid into a war zone; the killing of civilians during the ‘rescue mission’ and the systematic execution of naked and bound LTTE prisoners –******featuring new chilling video footage of a 12-year-old boy who has been brutally executed******….

  49. Suresh M says:

    Andy Jayasinghe,

    It is obvious no Sinhala would understand Eelam Tamils’ plight. Need an impartial international body to adjudicate.

  50. Charles Thomas - Kandy says:


  51. DilshanF says:

    The same old drum beat again, Sinhalese soldiers like to harrass and rape tamil women to such an extent that they love to live in wellawatte and the south. not to forget Kandy and other places.

    For starters WHY DONT YOU – TNA start with the TRUTH.

    How many innocent tamils and singhalese were killed during the etire 30 years of the war.

    The Darusman Trio has now blurted that atrocities were carried out by Both sides and say that the Govt did the bulk during the last few months.

    What the Total score Trio? We dont wanna know the last few overs no of wickets that fell BUT the ENTIRE MATCH !!!!!!

    Let the world know How many tamils were killed by the LTTE
    Let the world know how many Singhalese were butchered by the LTTE
    Let the world know TNA is there because the LTTE wiped out th TULF

  52. nikita perera says:


  53. Native Vedda says:

    Ravi Perera’

    See excerpts below for foundational myth, origin of Sinhala Civilisation:

    Vijaya (“victory”) was the son of Sinhabahu, a parricidal king who killed his father, a lion, and then married his own sister, and lived in Sinhapura (“lion city”) in northern India. Owing to his violent and unlawful behavior, Sinhabahu banished his son by putting him in a boat with seven hundred of his followers. Vijaya landed in Sri Lanka on the very day the Buddha passed into final nirvana; thus Vijaya, the “victor”, is the secular counterpart of the other victor or jina, the Buddha himself. What the Buddha is to the spiritual realm (sasana), Vijaya is to the “secular” realm. This is one reason why the name Vijaya is given to the founder of the first Buddhist kingdom (in the Mahavamsa and the earlier Dipavamsa history), and not the name “Sinhala” by which he is known in virtually all non-Sri Lankan texts. The Buddha entrusted Sakra (Indra) to protect Vijaya, and Sakra delegated this task to Visnu, who blessed Vijaya when he landed by tying a Buddhist protective charm on his person. Visnu (Upulvan), like Saman before him, became one of the guardian deities of the land and a future Bodhisattva. Vijaya married a demoness named Kuveni whom he subsequently betrayed; from this union sprang the Vaddas the “aboriginal” hunters of Sri Lanka (many of whom to this day claim Vijaya as their ancestor). Subsequently, in a formal ceremonial, he married a princess from South Madurapura (in the Tamil country, distinguished from North Madurapura, the land of Krsna). There were no heirs from this marriage, and Vijaya’s brother’s son was brought from Sinhapura to take over the kingship.(5)

    This is the foundational myth for Sri Lankan history and it is an inescapable part of the historical consciousness of the Sinhalas. Modern scholars have scarcely noted the fact that it is a myth of ethnic separation and integration. The land is consecrated and cleansed of evil spirits by the Buddha for Vijaya to land; the hunters are descended from Vijaya but by an illegitimate union, and hence outside the pale of legitimate kingship and Buddhist history and civilization. The Tamils are affines; they do not inherit the dynasty; it goes back to Pandu Vasudeva, whose name resonates with that of the protagonists of the Mahabharata. Yet, unlike the Vaddas, the Tamils are not only kinfolk but also co-founders of the nation. This aspect of the myth has been almost completely forgotten or ignored in recent times. The rest of the Vijaya myth appears everywhere and is so powerful that virtually everyone treats it as an empirically “true” beginning of Sri Lankan history.
    These foundational myths provide political legitimation for the dominant group, justifying the essentially Buddhist nature of the place, Sri Lanka. These founding myths proliferated Sinhala culture from the sixth century onwards, in popular myth, ritual dramas on the village level, in ballad literature and right into modern theatre. Few are ignorant of these and modern empiricist historians treat them as at least a symbolically correct account of the migration and colonization of the country by those funny people, the Aryans, introduced into our local histories by 19th century European historians, archaeologists and other mythmakers. These kinds of charter myths are found all over the world, in almost every culture, but here they are given Buddhist validation.

    Buddhism, Ethnicity and Identity:
    A Problem of Buddhist History

    By Professor Gananath Obeyesekere
    Journal of Buddhist Ethics
    Volume 10, 2003

  54. Anonymous says:

    This argument that you do not get to hear the South crying foul is manipulative. It can come only from a deceptive mind.

    Tamils moving to the South is a choice made out of necessity. It is not made out of free will. You do not make a cry because such decisions of individual Tamils do not pose a threat to your future. In fact, it adduces to your deception.

    The country belongs to everyone. Let everyone decide what suits the country best. Tamils are not making your lives more difficult than you yourselves make.

    Let us have a Referendum among Tamils of the South. Field them the question:
    Would you prefer a Federal Sri Lanka?

    Talk to me with your results.

    Let us have a Referendum among Tamils of the North and East. Field the question:
    Do you prefer a Unitary Sri Lanka?

    Talk to me with your results.

    Let us have a Referendum among all ethnics. Field them the question:
    Do you oppose a Federal Sri Lanka?

    Talk to me with your results.

    Do not brandish Tamils who have an understandable fear of a unitary State. Tamils do not threaten your freedoms. Tamils do not wish for chaos in the country. We call for devolution out of our shared experience. There is no sinister motive behind it.

    Forcing your political will robs us all of our right for justice; deprives us all of our chance for peace.

  55. Andy Jayasinghe says:

    Looks as if the same old debate continues with the Tamils insisting that they are being harrassed and THEIR lands being taken and forcibly occupied by Sinhalese settlers send there by the Government.

    Come on guys lets quote examples and become a pressure group to show whats wrong is wrong and get the perpetrators to counter these claims..
    The problem in Sri Lanka is that the Middle class Inteligencia are silent and wont demonstrate or let their voice be heard.
    So if all teh contributors can write on the internet why dont they get together and become a pressure group fighting the corner for these so called EELAAM tamils.. I still dont know the difference between a sri lankan Tamil and an EELAAM tamil.

  56. SriLankan says:

    As Fascist Eelam version advocated by TNA and LTTE seems to be the governing thought process in the North and East of Sri Lanka as seen by vote the Army and the navy presence is a must. No sane Sri Lankan would like to smuggling and armed gangs again. I hope the Army run cafes will continue. THey provide a great service to ensure a reasonably prized reliable food service to travellers who paid with their lives, family members so much to re-unite the country from the dark days of LTTE.
    De-mining is not a quick process so is the resettlement of former residents particularly Muslims and Sinhala folks in their old abodes and feel secure in electorates still harbouring LTTE mindset. I saw in my visit roads are being built with great speed, fields cultivated school kids going to school in their bikes without fear, but sadly railway is not coming up with the same speed.

    I hope the Vellala domination of the past would come to an end and the educational standards that were so high would that was high in Jaffna would remain but entry to good schools would no longer be confined to the Upper caste.

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