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Muslims’ peaceful response to vandalism at Dambulla Mosque

By Latheef Farook Muslim community’s overall response to vandalism at the Dambulla mosque by a mob led by Ven Inamaluwa Sumangala Thero on Friday 20 April 2012 has been “calm and dignified”. In one voice their message to the mainstream peace loving Sinhalese was “restore communal harmony”. This was the spontaneous response of the community […]

Reconciliation in Sri Lanka: Three areas where swift action is needed

By Prof Rajiva Wijesinha MP Sri Lanka: Reconciliation and Justice – Frontline Club, London 16 May 2012 The following remarks had been prepared in the belief that speakers would have about 10 minutes each. However, speakers were only given a few minutes for a few introductory remarks, the rest of the 45 minutes for the […]