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Preventing ‘outsiders’ from entering domain will not allow Tamil Drama to grow beyond what it is today

by Parakrama Niriella A Reply to S.Jeyasankar “Kaliman Vandi and History of Sri Lankan Tamil Theatre” was the title given to the write up by Sivagnanam Jeyasankar of the Eastern University , on the Tamil adaptation of the Sankskrit drama “Mruchakateeham” assumed to be written by Chudrakha between 400 – 500 AD. This was produced […]

Video: Buddhist structures in the North: Co-existence or Colonization?

YATV Webcast The emergence of new Buddhist structures in the North has raised concerns among local residents: “Leaving Keerimalai, the road to Mathagal, leads to a sign board Dambakola pattuna; the port to which the sapling of the sacred Bo tree was brought to Sri Lanka by Maharath Sangamitha from India. Statues and structures depicting […]