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A victorious army keeps busy despite the lack of an enemy

Jun 2nd 2011 | COLOMBO | THE ECONOMIST from the print edition Let the army make it next time IN THE run-up to Vesak, the holiest day in the Buddhist calendar, which this year coincided with the second anniversary of its victory against the Tamil Tiger rebels, Sri Lanka’s armed forces had plenty to do. […]

Dayan and Tamara targeted by External Affairs Ministry cabal selling out the country to US

By Surendra Ajith Rupasinghe The Summary dismissal of Ms. Tamara Kunanayagam from Geneva, along with a concerted attack being launched against Dr. Dayan Jayatileke and Tamara Kunanayagam accused for being responsible for the defeat over the US-led resolution, is part of a veritable coup d’état being hatched by crony upstarts in the Ministry of External […]