Assassinating Tamil Parliamentarians: The Unceasing Waves

March 15th, 2008

By D.B.S.Jeyaraj

Fifty-one year old Kiddinan Sivanesan was the latest in the long line of Tamil Parliamentarians and ex – Parliamentarians to suffer death through assassination. Sivanesan, a former co – operative society store manager and trade unionist, was returning home to Mallavi after attending Parliament when a claymore mine exploded . Both theTamil National Alliance MP and his vehicle driver were killed.

It is widely believed that Sivanesan was killed by an assassination squad of the armed forces known as the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) . Defenders of the state have stoutly denied the charge.

The Rajapakse regime, waging war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has a policy of using terror tactics to counter tiger terror.

[T. Sivanesan MP]

It is believed that the Sivanesan killing was in return for the killing of Puttalam district MP and minister DM Dassanayake.

The idea was to target a pro – LTTE Tamil MP in the tiger heartland. Sivanesan though from Karaveddy in the Jaffna peninsula had been living with his wife and children in Mallavi within LTTE controlled territory.

The objective was not merely to kill a Tamil National Alliance MP but to strike deep inside tiger territory. It would be much easier to kill a TNA parliamentarian in Colombo or the South.

But the goal was to do so inside LTTE territory. By doing so a valid point has been proven.

The LRRP has demonstrated that it is capable of striking deep inside LTTE areas; it has been shown that if the LTTE kills government ministers or MP’s outside the Wanni the LRRP will kill TNA parliamentarians inside the Wanni.

Earlier LTTE political commissar Suppiah Paramu Thamilselvan used to dismiss charges about the tigers killing persons in Government controlled areas with the frivolous argument that the Govt has to take responsibility for killings in their areas.

Now the same thing can be said of the LTTE that the tigers have to take responsibility for killings done in their territory.

The funeral held in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE) controlled region of the Northern mainland known as Wanni was attended by fifteen TNA Parliamentarians. A grand funeral ceremony was held.

Paying homage

LTTE chief Velupillai Prabakharan who sustained minor injuries in a bombing incident at the Kilinochchi suburb of Jeyanthinagar on Nov 28th 2007 made a rare appearance paying his respects.

The tigers also held a number of meetings at different places to pay homage to Sivanesan.

The LTTE and supporters/propagandists have also utilised the killing to engage in anti – government propaganda as well as whip up emotions among the Tamil Diaspora. Many memorial meetings were held in diverse international locations.

Tiger media organs are continuing to give much prominence to the killing of Sivanesan. The tigers are trying very hard to create mass frenzy among Tamil expatriates over the killing.

Pro – LTTE groups are also lobbying intensively by citing the killing as one more brownie point in support of the argument that separation is necessary.

The LTTE honours its dead cadres as “Maaveerar” or great heroes. Non – combatant supporters are awarded two types of post – humous honours.

The lesser honour is “Naatrupatraalar” or patriot. The greater honour is “Maamanithar” or great person. Sivanesan was given “Maamanithar” status by the tiger supremo.

Prabhakaran’s statement

Here are some excerpts from Prabakharan’s statement about Sivanesan:

“He is a sincere politician who possessed high ideals. He laboured tirelessly for the advancement and welfare of the workers”.

“He yearned for a free and honourable life for the Tamil people in their land without the torments that have afflicted them”.

“He took up the responsibility of representing the people of Jaffna and roamed the world seeking justice for the Tamils”.

“He raised awareness among our people and gathered their support”.

“He exposed the atrocities of the Sinhala state and it’s occupying military to the world”.

“He was courageous even in the midst of repeated harassments and threats of the Sinhala military”.

“His service for the liberation of Tamil Eelam through his hard work and exemplary skills are immeasurable”.

All the above lines refer to Sivanesan but strange as it may seem , they are more applicable to another Tamil political leader who was brutally assassinated more than eighteen years ago.

He was none other than Appapillai Amirthalingam the former secretary – general of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) and ex – leader of the opposition.

Indeed Amirthalingam was a man who ” yearned for a free and honorable life for the Tamil people in their land without the torments that have afflicted them” and in his time ” roamed the world seeking justice for the Tamils” and in his own way “exposed the atrocities of the Sinhala state and it’s occupying military to the world”.

Tiger acolyte

More importantly when Amirthalingam made a statement or levelled a charge it carried weight and credibility.It was taken seriously at international levels. His complaints could not be dismissed lightly as tiger propaganda.

This was not the case with Sivanesan a tiger acolyte whose “propaganda” was limited mainly to pro tiger Tamil media .

Against this backdrop the” Sinhala – dominated ” Sri Lankan state had more to fear from a man like Amirthalingam than a man like Sivanesan. But who killed Amirthalingam?

It was not the “Sinhala” state but the self – styled saviours of the Sri Lankan Tamil people. It was the tigers who murdered Amirthalingam in cold blood!

When news of Amirthalingam’s death was conveyed to then opposition leader Mrs. Sirima Bandaranaike her immediate reaction was “Who did it?”.

On being told it was the LTTE she spontaneously exclaimed” Thank God , No Sinhalese did it”!

The point behind invoking the Amirthalingam assassination in this context is to illustrate three related points.


Firstly the so called “Sinhala” state or government is not the only agency killing Tamil MP’s or ex – MP’s. This has been going on for a long time and Sivanesan was not the first Tamil Parliamentarian victim.

Secondly more Tamil Parliamentarians have been killed by Tamil and not Sinhala assassins . Even in the case of Sivanesan there is reason to believe that the actual LRRP perpetrators were Tamil operatives.

Of course the state bears a moral responsibility in killings done by paramilitary “dogs of war”. Yet the fact remains that Tamil hands have shed more Tamil “parliamentarian” blood than Sinhala hands.

Thirdly many Tamil groups and organizations were involved at various stages and levels in this bloodshed. Yet the LTTE is responsible for killing more Tamil MP’s ex – MP’s and other major Tamil political leaders than any other Tamil organization.

In fact this pattern of assassinating Tamil political leaders was pioneered and developed by the very same LTTE that is hypocritically mourning and condemning Sivanesan’s killing now.

January 1st of this year saw the Colombo district MP from the United National party (UNP) Thiagarajah Maheswaran being killed on the premises of Shree Ponnambalavaneswarar Sivan temple in Kotahena.

Maheswaran was about to return home after worshipping when he was shot dead.

The first assassination

However when the on going saga of Tamil political assassinations first began on July 25th 1975 it was a man on his way to worship at the Varadarajapperumaal Vishu temple at Ponnalai who was shot outside the kovil.

This was Jaffna Mayor Alfred Durayappa who though a christian by birth became a sort of theosophist in later life and used to worship at Hindu temples also.

Durayappa was the independent MP for Jaffna in 1960 March and July. He contested as an SLFP backed independent in 1970 and lost by a tiny margin of 56 to CX Martyn of the Federal party.

Durayappa was the uncrowned king of Jaffna municipal politics and had been Mayor many times or installed his supporters as Mayor.

He disavowed communal politics and steered clear of both the FP and Tamil Congress. These parties called Durayappa a “thurogi” or traitor.

The killing of Durayappa was the first time a Tamil ex – MP or Mayor was assassinated. Seven Tamil youths were charged in courts and later acquitted.

Prabakharan was not one among them but his name transpired during court proceedings.Later in a media interview Prabakharan was to boast of the Durayapaa assassination as his first “military operation”.

Tamil militant mood

The 1970 – 77 period saw many amateurish assassination attempts of Tamil MP’s supportive of Mrs. Bandaranaike’s government. But none of them were successful.

It was the Tamil ultra – nationalist poet Kathamuthu Sivananthan known as Kasi. Ananthan who articulated the Tamil militant mood by declaring publicly “The six traitors who voted for the republican Constitution of 1972 must not have natural deaths”.

The six Tamil MP’s referred to by Kasi Ananthan were C. Arulambalam, A. Thiyagarajah,CX Martyn, C. Kumarasuriar, MC Subramaniam and Rajan Selvanayagam.

The 1977 elections saw 18 TULF members in Parliament. All of them were elected on a mandate for Tamil Eelam.

Of these was M. Canagaretnam the 2nd MP for Pottuvil who had worked in Singapore as a civilian employee of the Indian National Army of “Netaji” Subash Chandrabose.

Much was made of this Netaji connection during the TULF election campaign. But Canagaretnam crossed over to the UNP during the budget period of 1977.

In a heated atmosphere Amirthalingam burst out in parliament that a thunderbolt would fall on Canagaretnam.

On February 4th 1978 Junius Richard Jayewardena became executive president by way of the 2nd amendment to the republican constitution.

On the same day an assassination attempt was made on Canagaretnam in Colombo. He survived but his health deteriorated and died after some months. The LTTE (undivided then) was blamed.

LTTE split

The 1981 elections to the District Development Councils (DDC) saw former Karainagar Hindu College principal Dr. A. Thiayagarajah contesting on the UNP ticket.

He was the Vaddukkoddai MP elected on the Tamil Congress ticket in 1970 who later crossed over to government ranks.

Thiyagarajah was killed at Moolai while addressing an election meeting. The Peoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) was responsible.

The LTTE had split and a strong tiger contingent had come together as the PLOTE under Umamaheswaran. The PLOTE wanted to disrupt the DDC polls.

The July 1983 anti – Tamil pogrom saw the political situation transformed. The 6th amendment to the Constutution saw secessionism being disavowed. This resulted in many TULF Parliamentarians going abroad.

Among those who remained in Sri Lanka were former MP’s for Manipay, Point Pedro,Udupiddy and Kopay messrs. V. Dharmalingam, K. Thurairatnam. S. Rasalingam and M. Aalaalasundaram in Jaffna and Mannar MP P. Soosaidasan and Vaddukkoddai MP Dr. Neelan Tiruchelvam in Colombo.

The India sponsored talks between the Government and Tamil representatives were held at the Bhutanese capital of Thimphu in 1985. The talks broke down.

Subsequently there was some disagreement among Tamil representatives with the TULF supported by PLOTE taking up one stance and the rest another.

Double killing

The Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO) led by Sri Sabaratnam wanted to “teach” a lesson to the TULF. The TELO decided to target the affable, left – leaning Dharmalingam.

“Dharmar” was not only TULF but also the father of current PLOTE chief Siddharthan who was then the PLOTE representative at Thimphu talks

In order to avoid suspicion the TELO also decided to “Dump” ( euphemism for kill) Aalaalasundaram. “Aalaal” as he was called, was a relative of Sri Sabaratnam and regarded as being close to the TELO.

Therefore if Aalaal was killed along with Dharmar suspicion would not fall on the TELO it was believed.

So Aalaal was taken away from his house at gun point and compelled to call out to an unsuspecting Dharmar. Later both were killed.

This double killing indicated the depths to which the Tamil militant movement had sunk. Also the very same TULF that flayed their political rivals as ” treacherous weeds needing to be weeded out “was now at the receiving end of Tamil militant violence.

The Indo – Lanka accord and consequent developments resulted in the political situation transforming again. There was a sharp intra – Tamil divide causing bitter polarisation. The LTTE regarded those being supportive of India as collaborators.

The LTTE used the opportunity provided by the Ranasinghe Premadasa regime which began talks with the tigers in Colombo.The LTTE began spreading its tentacles in Colombo.

[A. Amirthalingam]

Amirthalingam assassination

The tigers identified Amirthalingam who was once again in Parliament as the pivotal force of the TULF and mainstay of Tamil moderate politics.

Initially the LTTE tried to lure Amirthalingam to the Wanni under the guise of peace talks and make him “disappear” there. But Amir would not swallow the bait.

Then the LTTE tricked the lovable but naive former Jaffna MP Vettrivelu Yogeswaran into promoting a TULF – LTTE dialogue in Colombo.

Three tiger operatives went to the TULF Bullers lane residence on July 13th 1989 and met with Amirthalingam,Yogeswaran and TULF President and ex – Nallur MP Murugesu Sivasithamparam.

After eating biscuits and drinking tea the tigers pulled out their guns and fired.

A startled Sivasithamparam rose up suddenly from his seat. The bullets aimed at the head hit the six footer in the chest. Thus the TULF president survived with injuries.

But Amir and Yoges were dead.

The bodyguards at the residence managed to shoot dead all three assassins. Visu and Aloysius were killed upstairs and Arivu downstairs.

Tragically, the bodyguards had been forced to allow the tigers inside with weapons because of a “request” made by Yogeswaran himself.

Apparently Yogeswaran had said that the tigers were feeling “insulted” by being searched and asked the security to refrain from doing so.

This was how LTTE assassins broke all cultural norms of Tamil hospitality (Virunthombal) and assassinated Amir and Yoges.

The very same LTTE is now shedding copious tears over the killing of TNA Parliamentarians.

Spate of killings

In 1990 June the LTTE struck in Madras (now Chennai). The Eelam Peoples Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) was having a meeting at Zackaria colony in Kodambakkam.

A tiger hit squad invaded and sprayed bullets. Among those killed were EPRLF leader Padmanabha, North – East provincial minister Kirubaharan and Parliamentarian Yogasangari.

Current EPRLF leader and MP Suresh Premachandran had a miraculous escape as he had left the place a few minutes earlier with another to smoke a cigarette outside.

The EPRLF had contested Parliament under the TULF umbrella in 1989. Yogasangari was elected from Jaffna district.

He was the nephew (brothers son) of present TULF president Veerasingham Aanandasangaree.

Some weeks later the LTTE struck again in Colombo. Batticaloa district MP Sam Thambimuttu and wife Kala were on their way to the Canadian High Commission to get a visa when a tiger assassin on a motor cycle fired and killed both.

Sam Tambimuttu was a long standing member of the FP and then the TULF but was now with the EPRLF. His wife Kala was the daughter of former FP senator Manickam.

Their Tamil nationalist credentials were impeccable but were perceived as traitors by the LTTE.

The next TULF MP to be killed by the LTTE was former Trincomalee district MP Arunasalam Thangathurai in 1997. He was killed while returning from a school function.

An explosive device was flung and some teachers and Govt officials were also killed.

Tiruchelvam assassination

Then Dr. Neelan Tiruchelvam was assassinated on July 29th 1999 in Colombo while on his way to his office in Kynsey terrace. A suicide killer blew himself up.

Dr. Tiruchelvam had played a key role in maintaining TULF independence and also in attempting to reform the Constitution into accommodating Tamil rights.

After Dr. Tiruchelvam’s death the “soul” went out of the TULF. The bulk of what was left of the TULF, simply prostrated itself before the LTTE and accepted tiger hegemony.

Only Anandasangaree ,elected TULF president after Sivasithamparam’s demise, rebelled against tiger overlordship.. He remains virtually a solitary TULF figure “unbowed and unafraid” against the LTTE.

Another Tamil MP from the PLOTE was also killed by the LTTE during the nineties of the 20th century.

This was Shanmuganathan alias Vasanthan who was elected in 1994 from the Wanni electoral district. The vehicle he was travelling in was hit by a tiger landmine in Vavuniya.

Meanwhile the EPRLF breakaway faction led by Kathiravelu Devananda alias Douglas had formed itself into the Eelam Peoples Democratc Party (EPDP).

Using the “captive” votes of the Islands of Jaffna the EPDP with about 10,000 votes got nine seats from Jaffna distrit. The rest of the voters lived in LTTE controlled areas and were not allowed to vote by the tigers.

One of those elected on the EPDP ticket was Nadarajah Atputharajah alias Ramesh who edited the “Thinamurasu” weekly.

EPDP killing

Serious differences arose between Douglas and Ramesh with the latter gradually following a pro – tiger line in the “Thinamurasu” tabloid. Douglas found it increasingly difficult to control Ramesh.

Then Ramesh and his brother in law were shot dead at Wellawatte. With that killing Douglas re-established control over the paper.

Though the LTTE was blamed by Douglas it was widely suspected that it was an internal EPDP killing.

Ramesh’s death triggered off an exodus of EPDP Parliamentarians to foreign countries.

Today Devananda is the lone EPDP MP in Parliament.

None of those elected as MP’s from the EPDP are in the party today except for Devanandas uncle Sivathasan and Batticaloa’s Rasamanickam.

Most of the EPDP ex – Parliamentarians are abroad and many of them in their refugee claims have blamed the Ramesh killing on Douglas.

This speaks volumes about the inner democracy within the EPDP.

Another MP from the TULF was killed in the east in 2000.

Nimalanayagam Soundaranayagam was elected from Batticaloa district. He was regarded as being close to the LTTE.

He was shot dead near Kiran.Initially, most people including this writer thought the LTTE was not responsible as Nimalan was perceived as pro – tiger.

The story behind the killing came to light gradually.

The LTTE eastern regional commander of the time “Col” Karuna had asked Nimalan to smuggle in two tiger suicide killers to Parliament. This was refused.

This defiance was strongly resented by the LTTE.. Suspecting perhaps that Nimalan may leak out the matter Karuna ordered his killing.

‘Tiger Nominated Agents’

The twenty – first century saw the TULF, Tamil Congress, Sections of the TELO and EPRLF submitting to LTTE authority. The newly formed Tamil National Alliance consisted of all four entities and became a tiger lackey.

As the EPDP’s Devananda is fond of saying the TNA began to mean Tiger nominated Agents.

Surrendering to the LTTE ensured TNA safety at the hands of the tigers but made them vulnerable in another sense.

Also complicating matters was the split in the LTTE where a sizeable section of the eastern tigers revolted under the leadership of Karuna and formed the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Puligal (TMVP)

During the Parliamentary elections of 2004 the TNA candidate Rajan Sathiyamoorthy and his brother in law were shot dead by the mainstream LTTE at their home.

Sathiyamoorthy was close to Karuna who staged a grand funeral for him and buried him with honours. In the night the LTTE dug his body up and threw it elsewhere in a half – burnt state.

The tigers also forced another elected MP from Batticaloa Kingsley Rajanayagam to resign his seat. Kingsley was perceived as a Karuna loyalist.

After a while the tigers suspected that the Karuna faction would take on a political role with Rajanayagam’s help.So they assassinated him in Batticaloa.

Killing continues

Roles were reversed as the TMVP and EPDP with state backing began to adopt an aggressive approach.However the killing of Tamil Parliamentarians and ex – MP’s continued.

Former Amparai district TNA Parliamentarian Chandranehru Ariyanayagam along with LTTE political commissar for Batticaloa Kausalyan and some others was killed at Welikande on the B’caloa – Polonnaruwa border.

This was done by the Karuna faction led in the field by Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillaiyan. The Armed forces were accused of aiding and abetting the killing.

Veteran Eastern Tamil politician and TNA national list MP Joseph Pararajasingham was shot dead at the St. Mary’s Cathedral in Batticaloa.

It was on Christmas eve and Joseph and his wife Sugunam had received holy communion at the hands of B’caloa Catholic Bishop Kingsley Swampillai and were returning to their pews.

The TMVP’s Sitha alias Pradeep and another entered church and shot them.Again security force collaboration was visible.

Later Trincomalee TNA stalwart Vickneswaran was to be appointed in Pararajasingham’s place.

Vickneswaran was assassinated in his office just 24 hours before he was to be nominated. The TMVP was responsible.

Subsequently Chandranehru’s son Chandrakanth was nominated as national list MP.

Raviraj assassination

The TNA Parliamentarian from Jaffna district Nadarajah Raviraj was the next TNA victim. He was shot dead in broad daylight in Colombo just as he left home with his bodyguard.

The EPDP was implicated in this killing. The killers are suspected of having hidden in a place of worship before taking on their target. The slow “progress” of the investigation makes many suspect high level connivance in the killing.

The EPDP also struck in Jaffna when former TULF Jaffna district Parliamentarian Sivamaharajah was killed. Since Sivamaharajah was also running a newspaper his killing was seen as being a media related one.

His political background was overlooked. Incidently Sivamaharajah and Devananda share a common “caste” constituency.

The next Tamil Parliamentarian to be assassinated was the UNP’s Thiyagaraja Maheswaran . He was killed at the Sivan temple premises.

The EPDP was suspected because of business rivalry between Devananda and Maheswaran and also because the Colombo district MP had threatened to expose alleged EPDP killings in Jaffna.

Since the LTTE had tried to kill him in 2004 through an underworld killer the LTTE was also suspected.

The brazen attempt by the Police chief Victor Perera to “influence” investigations and point the finger at the tigers seems to suggest that the state – backed EPDP was responsible. A massive cover – up may be in progress.

Selective amnesia

It is against this backdrop of a very long list of Tamil Parliamentarian assassinations that the killing of Sivanesan has to be viewed. The LRRP deep penetration unit is suspected of being responsible.

If recent history is any indication this certainly will not be the last assassination as far as Tamil Parliamentarians are concerned.

Today the LTTE and its supporters are lamenting loudly about elected Tamil Parliamentarians being assassinated. True!

At the same time the LTTE is being selective in this and does not mention anything about the Tamil parliamentarians and ex – MP’s killed by the tigers theselves.

This article is confined to only the assassinations of Tamil MP’s and Tamil ex – MP’s.

Neertheless it is a fact that many Sinhala political leaders have been killed by the LTTE and the JVP.

Likewise the LTTE has killed at least one Muslim MP and a Muslim ex – MP.

The tigers have also killed a number of Tamil politicians who were not Parliamentarians or ex – Parliamentarians .

Former DDC chairmen S. Nadarajah and R. Sambandamoorthy and mayors like Sarojini Yogeswaran and Pon. Sivapalan are but a few of these

Violence continues

[John F. Kennedy, Thirty-fifth President of the United States]

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated Afro – American radical leader Malcolm X said “the chickens have come home to roost”. Yet within months Malcolm X too was assassinated.

What goes around comes around!

[Malcolm X]

When the LTTE commenced killing Tamil politicians with different views after dubbing them as traitors the moderate Tamil nationalists did not protest.

Soon the guns turned against them. The cancer infected other groups and also breakaway factions.

Surrendering to the LTTE removed one danger for Tamil Parliamentarians but rendered them vulnerable to other assassins.

The violence continues. The cream of Tamil Parliamentarians were wiped out by the LTTE. The flotsam and the jetsam are being eradicated by state – backed Tamil groups.

Tamil Parliamentarians may come and go but the violence against them continues like unceasing waves.

Many Tamils supporting the LTTE are now vociferously condemning the state and its agencies for the Sivanesan killing. Many voices are articulating their resentment and moral indignation about Tamil leaders being killed over LTTE media abroad.

Yet the same voices are also calling for the blood of those Tamils like Aanandasangaree, Devananda, Siddharthan, Sritharan etc. They are depicted as traitors and collaborators deserving death

It was only a few months ago that former TNA parliamentarian MK Eelavendan stated explicitly over the Tamil radio in Canada that “Alutholunoyali ” (rotting leper) Anandasangaree must be “Alikkappadavendum” (Destroyed).

He even quoted the “Thirukkural” in support of his devilish suggestion.

Eelaventhan has now fallen foul of the LTTE and forfeited his MP seat. But if he were still a TNA Parliamentarian I am sure he would have joined his colleagues in condemning the killing of Sivanesan as an undemocratic act without any qualms.

What is sauce for the pro – tiger goose is not so for the anti – tiger gander and vice versa.

What is required now is not selective condemnation of one or the other side but a genuine, wholesale rejection of political violence.

Tamils who thought that violence was the way to redress grievances and achieve aspirations began the armed struggle.

Today the dream has become a nightmare and the very same violence is reducing the community to a sad plight.

The assassinations of Tamil MP’s and Tamil ex – MP’s is but a microcosm of the violent destruction enveloping Tamil society.

Earlier the tigers embarked on a killing spree by targeting Tamil Parliamentarians and ex – parliamentarians dubbed as “traitors” by the LTTE. This resulted in many on – LTTE parties accepting tiger supremacy.

Now Tamil MP’s and ex – MP’s considered to be tiger acolytes are described as “terrorist supporters” and are being killed by agents and operatives of the state. Thus the unceasing killer waves continue.

Referring to the Old Testament’s Mosaic law, Mahatma Gandhi observed “an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”.

This is what is happening to the Tamils now.

The cyclic violence undermines and debilitates the Tamil people.

What Tamil society needs today is freedom from the ecology of the gun and liberation from an environment of political violence.

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  • 1. rohana  |  March 15th, 2008 at 4:52 pm

    Mr. Jeyaraj, you have joined the band wagon of accusing the govt. of killing TNA parliamentarian.

    please take responsibility for your writing as this can create more unhealthy mistrust among the people rather than helping to solve the issue. It is time for us all to get together and solve this problem so that people living in Sri Lanka can live peacefully.

  • 2. anon  |  March 15th, 2008 at 5:50 pm

    DBSJ – Your article is very poignant in pointing out the ‘cancer’ of violence from all sides that has decimated the Tamil political leadership in particular and also the Sinhala and Muslim leadership to a certain extent. The tigers cannot shed tears for Sivanesan whilst ignoring Amirthalingam. Likewise, the govt cannot blame someone for Dassanayake’s killing whilst ignoring Raviraj and Pararajasingam.

    But SL politics is such today that those with the guns, goons and thugs control everything. The assasin of Pararajasingam is now the power behind the mayor of Batticaloa. Where does this all leave the SL Tamil community now ? Dwindling in population from around 2.5 million (12.5%) before 1983, to just over a million or so (5% of SL pop), the majority of the educated middle classes and a sizable working classes having left the country, the ‘brain power of the community is now scattered far and wide, most of whom will not return to live in the land of their birth before their deaths. With the re-ascendency of Sinhala chauvanism in govt and in the SL body politic, the intransigence of the Tigers and appearance of additional paramilitaries, the ‘tamil’ question appears nearly ’solved’ by the unending violence.

    The north-east in 10-20 years time will be largely Sinhala-dominated with Tamil and Muslim ‘Bantustans’ scattered around. The likelihood of a tamil or muslim dominated council or district will never occur. Elections held in this condition will ‘ justify’ the ‘democratic’ process against which the Tiger remnant will have no answer to the wider world. This is already occurring in the east. Did the 3 wisemen (Thanthai Selva, GG, Siva) of Tamil politics post independance foresee this ? Did the subsequent Tamil leadership led by Amir Anna see this ? Do Prabhakaran and Poddu Amman foresee this scenario ? Is it now a fight till the virtual elimination of the Tamil population to a subservient race with the language and culture made irrelevant ? The remaining leadership MUST eschew the gun and short-term gain assassinations to somehow bring back the notion of the sanctity of human life. otherwise, there is no hope.

  • 3. Alex  |  March 15th, 2008 at 5:58 pm

    Yes, the Tigers, EPRLF and now TMVP have killed more Tamil MPs than the Sinhalese, but these Tamil MPs are worth nothing (in terms of their achievements or potential) compared to the tens of thousands of Tamil & Sinhalese civilians killed by the various armed groups (state & non-state forces in SL).

    The likes of Amirthalingam and others gave the GOSL the perfect excuse for military repression. They were the ones who caused the first schisms in Tamil political life condeming those Tamils with a different approach as ‘thurogis’ and encouraging the youth to take up arms.

    Shed no tears for them – for what they sent around has come around.

    The only comfort we Tamils can take is that the Sinhalese leadership has been equally short-sighted and will suffer the safe fate if the Tigers are defeated; 150 000 soldiers with no Tamil enemy to fight will soon start using (or reusing from the JVP rebellion days) terror on the Sinhalese political structures to get what they want.

  • 4. Ratna  |  March 15th, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    Your last sentence, ‘What Tamil society needs today is freedom from the ecology of the gun and liberation from an environment of political violence.’

    This will not happen until ethnic problem is solved. JVP used almost the same style but once JVP was beaten the violence slowly goes away.
    All armed movements must be beaten and get rid of. But if ethnic problem is not solved and Tamils continue to live under occupying forces, then always there will be resistance forces.
    Let GOSL and IC solve the north-east Tamils problem, then slowly Tamils will get rid of these groups.

    When you are drowning, you’ll grab anything (another dead body or dirty stick, ….).

  • 5. r.veera  |  March 15th, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    I respect your views, As a journalist you can write anything. I am die hard ltte supporter, there is only solution for tamils, total separation is the only answer to tamils grievances. Do not think i am fool. With out ltte tamils will be a history of our own land

  • 6. puthir  |  March 15th, 2008 at 9:39 pm

    I don’t understand why DBS you keep saying that Mr.Pirabakaran was injured in a air attack without knowing the fact.

    DBSJ RESPONDS: That is because he sustained minor injuries through aerial bombardment at Jeyanthi Nagar in Kilinochchi on Nov 28th 2007. No ‘Puthir” (mystery) here Mr. Puthir

  • 7. EEroppe Sinhaya  |  March 15th, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    Thank you Jayaraj finaly you start to speak the truth.

  • 8. Ram  |  March 15th, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    great report. I guess SL tamils and the tamilnadu tamils must read this as well.
    LTTE wil do the same for the other tamils/ the future. If SL gv did not put lid on them. What do you expect from a garmed gruop of terorists? 25 years now.

  • 9. Nasamarupan  |  March 16th, 2008 at 12:51 am

    Dear Mr.D.B.S:

    Reading this article brought back a lot of old memories specially when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, one day early morning before class I was playing in the school ground with my friends when I heard the news that the school will be closed from some grown up guys came in bicycle to tell there is a karthal. We were happy that we had a day off and we played all day. Only later that day we found out that Alalasundram and Dharmalingam were assassinated from paper and from grown ups from my village. We had passed that day without knowing the actual reality since we were young and were not capable of understanding the depth of the situation that day. Those days there were many Tamil groups.

    Douglas Devanada is dreaming about Northern provincial council chief minister position, and he is ready to throw his parliament membership for that dream. Mahinda rajabhaksa became the president with mahintha sinthanai and when he was signing the mahintha sinthanai opantham Douglas Devanatha was the one who handed over the pen. EPDP member Vickneswaran (engineer) an adviser for Douglas resigned from EPDP since he was not happy with Douglas devanatha supporting Mahinda. The Mahinda Sinthanai was a contract between JVP and SLFP but now JVP is against 13 sarath being conducted now. So JVP is against Douglas now so his dream of being the chief minister is not coming true because of this. What goes around does comes around since Douglas once supported JVP but JVP is not ready to support Douglas now since he is Tamil and trying to get a high political status in North. Until Douglas like politicians understand the stand of the JVP and inhale leaders there is no redemption for Tamils.

    The 2008 rural gouv election took place in Baticalo under gouv jurisdiction and 10 yrs ago there was a rural gouv election took place in jaffna then EPDP won many pirathesa saba. Back then they took control of velanai and nallur and did a lot of reconstruction of those areas with gouv funds. TULF won the Valivadakku (Kankesanthurai) prathesa saba but they could not reconstruct their area without the gouv support. A road in Eelalai was badly damaged and flooded during rainy seasons and caused a lot of difficulties for transport. So we complained at nallur pirathasa saba at Nisanthan alias manibalavarajan, he said that eelalai (chunnakam pirathesa saba controlled by EPDP) people support TULF so we can not do anything about it go and ask help from them. There was no reconstruction till the end of that party’s period. (Later on Nisanthan (nallur president) and mathanarajah (Vellanai president) former EPDP left EPDP since they had conflicts with Douglas. In jaffna there was only 3 pirathesa saba and there were a lot of conflicts caused by gouv mastermind so imagine how much conflict there will be in eastern province. There are 3 different societies (Tamil, sinhala, Muslim) with many different parties there will be so many conflicts.
    This is the mastermind by gouv to create conflicts between Tamils and keep them suppressed forever. Till EPDP, TMVP (pillaiyan group), PLOTE, and EPRLF understand this there will be no redemption for Tamils.

    Mrs. Padmini the TMVP representative, baticalo Mayer, is saying that she will reconstruct bridges and road which is a good notion but she needs to realize that the basic problem of Tamils that they should be treated like the sinhales by srilankan gouv. I would appreciate if Mr.D.B.S could write a research article with these points I mentioned.

  • 10. Mr.Bell  |  March 16th, 2008 at 12:53 am

    Yes, we agree with you that ‘more Tamil Parliamentarians have been killed by Tamil and not Sinhala assassins’ by BULLET.

  • 11. nmr  |  March 16th, 2008 at 1:24 am

    r.veera you are such a moron, keep funding LTTE until the extinction of tamils in SL

  • 12. R.Goonetilake  |  March 16th, 2008 at 5:15 am

    It’s so funny that, Killing a politician to make a point by a GOVT forces is the lowest a nation can stoop to.
    It’s the GOVT forces that should provide safety to all irrelevant of ethnicity and position of employment.
    what about the Rupavahini Staffers targeted in colombo? Is that LRRP too???
    USA turning the screws on the Mahinda Govt is not for nothing. The US govt has found Mahinda fooling all to get aid and arms to fight the war.
    The war isn’t going smooth even by the words of Maj.Janaka Perera cannot be lost in translation.
    This is what irks me is that killing a LTTE big wigs is an achievement. And killing a politician and a Tamil Leader is a big no!no.
    Bruce Fein got the biggest noose around Sarath fonseka and Gothabhaya. Given the case against them in the US,Extradition of these big wigs to US could be damning.
    All in all, nothing is going Sri Lanka and Mahinda’s way.

  • 13. Athos  |  March 16th, 2008 at 5:37 am

    Be humble enough to accept Tamils are just a minority. Not a ‘nation’, a ‘majority’ or some other dilution of grandeur. Allow the natural majority/minority vibes to flow for the problems will vanish. The alternative will not just leave Tamils a minority, but further demotion into the 3rd sport after the Muslims.

  • 14. Mohan  |  March 16th, 2008 at 5:54 am


    violence against politicians is not confined to SL Tamils. In fact DBS you know the 1958, 1977 and 1983 violence was directed at innocent Tamil civilians by Sri Lankan government backed thugs.

    Does your observation DBS, (that is, what goes around comes around) not apply to Sinhala government and people. where is the comming around to Sinhala government and people.

    Or does it only apply to Tamils!

  • 15. alex  |  March 16th, 2008 at 6:35 am

    Dear DBS

    The fact that you have deleted the first part of my comment shows you are as guilty as any others is choosing your history.

    Very disappointed-

    DBSJ RESPONDS: Dear Alex, The essence of your rambling comment was not deleted. We do have the right to edit comments.The right of free comment does not mean one can make any kind of bombastic,defamatory ,utterly false statement on this website.If you dont like these rules you are at liberty to refrain from commenting.

  • 16. Subra S.Massey  |  March 16th, 2008 at 7:38 am

    The culture of Sri Lanka is violence.

    Who nurtured it? SWRD planted the seed and cultured by other politicians to harvest money for them.

  • 17. Elallan  |  March 16th, 2008 at 7:52 am

    Once again, a timely article with bitter hometruths for LTTE supporters.

  • 18. johnson  |  March 16th, 2008 at 7:55 am

    dear mr Jeyaraj

    i am very pitty for u , u are only concerning the welfare of the Tamil nation ,”What Tamil society needs today is freedom from the ecology of the gun and liberation from an environment of political violence.” Its amazing ,keep it up man

  • 19. Sudalaimaadan.  |  March 16th, 2008 at 7:56 am

    Spokesperson Nadesan says Real offensive war has not statered yet.So the L.T.T.E. will emancipate the Northern Thamils from the occupied forces?
    So So Milk and honey will flow through Jaffna?This is the belief of the Jaffna Thamil Diaspora.
    Absolute rubbish.
    The brunt of the war is faced mainly by the happless Thamils in Wanni and in the East.
    Will the L.T.T.E. ever give way for the democratic indepenednt thinking Thamil leaders?

  • 20. Anonymous  |  March 16th, 2008 at 7:56 am

    Quote”Referring to the Old Testament’s Mosaic law, Mahatma Gandhi observed ‘an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind’.

    This is what is happening to the Tamils now.”…

    I salute to DB for writing this.

    Hope many others will wake up.

  • 21. Ram the 2nd  |  March 16th, 2008 at 7:58 am

    Referring to the Old Testament’s Mosaic law, Mahatma Gandhi observed “an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”.

    This is what is happening to the Tamils now.

    Give up the arms and embrace the democracy…

  • 22. Stanislaus Velupillai  |  March 16th, 2008 at 9:39 am

    About the Bullers Road incident you have described the popular belief and version. It does not tell the whole story. One of the body guards a former Police Officer who retired soon after the incident had a different story to tell me when I met him in Batticaloa in 2003. According to him the third guy was not killed upstairs along with the others. My information is that he was taken by the Police who rushed to the scene and was killed by them while in their custody. The body guards did not kill him.

    The informant told me that he heard the gun shot. The third person was alive and was captured by them and was given over to the Police.

    Stanislaus Velupillai

  • 23. Suresh M  |  March 16th, 2008 at 10:17 am

    The killing of politicians started with the killing of Jaffna Major Albert Duraiappa. Then, this was praised, or blessed by certain section of main stream Tamil politician. i.e. ‘Thalapathy’ Amirthalingam. Alalasundaram. Even when Kalcuda MP Kanakaratnam crossed over to UNP, he was branded as a traitor and condemned that led his killing

  • 24. Nasamarupan  |  March 16th, 2008 at 11:23 am

    Most of the educated Tamils left Sri Lanka and are sending funds to the LTTE to get the helpless Tamil villagers killed.

    We Tamils managed to destroy all what we had including our dignity. It used to be that educated Tamils went to Colombo and forgot the villages they came from, and became part of the ‘jet set’.

    The Sinhala villagers came to power, but had no culture or values to bring with them, including MR. SWRD did a ‘real job’ on the country.

    Let’s go down the Kosovo path and get the Colombo Tamils massacred!

  • 25. Sandakantha  |  March 16th, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    I would say that your article is timely. Yes, timely. There is nothing new in the facts you are lining up. We all know perfectly well all this is true and all this happened as you have lined those up.
    Yet, no one who can impart a change is willing to sit down and spend a moment to think…. Why? I do not know.
    Sinhalese learned the bitter lessons of trying to change things through armed struggle. Not once but twice. Sinhala nation went brain dead because of that. LTTE did the same to Tamils.
    Fate…? May be.
    The great king Ashoka, who became Dharmashoka and whose ‘chakra’ adorns the indian flag… did not see the truth till he killed so many and achieved what he was after… We all both Tamils and Sinhalese boast about their age old civilizations, teachings, written history, religions, hospitality, serenity of their ways of living…
    Yet… we have become biggest suppliers of pictures depicting human body parts on the internet lately….

    We all have gone blind for sure DBS..!

  • 26. Vipul  |  March 16th, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    Well Done DBS. I am glad that you wrote about Amirthalingam who is the only Tamil Leader elected by Tamil people.

    Can you write about How LTTE started fighting with IPKF and what cause to occur and who plotted? Most of the Tamil do not understand if you fight against big power, they should expect big power will come back with Big. Like Japan hit pearled harbor and they were celebrating. Then what happen to Japan? Japan got almost destroyed. However, USA helped rebuilt Japan again after teaching the lesson. Our LTTE was not thinking about that and fought against IPKF and killed Rajiv and now we as Tamils paying for it along with LTTE.

    Knowledge and experience destroyed by LTTE, (Amirthalingam and Dr. Thiruchevam ) Can LTTE ever reproduced these people’s experience and knowledge. They can get another degree holder but not the experience…

  • 27. V Siva  |  March 16th, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    If what you have said is true, initially innocent Tamils were brutalized by the Apartheid Sinhala forces and hooligans and thus Sinhalese should receice what they thurst or delivered to the Tamils.

    GOSL continues to commit War Crimes against the Tamils, foreign embassies are collecting such information, the world knows what is going on and no body knows the Intl community will accuse and turn their gun against the Rajapakse regime and his forces.

  • 28. Roy  |  March 16th, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    dear DBS, when LTTE did it. Many organizations joined together and acted and banned LTTE around the world. What is the status of GoSL?

    Comment # 1 Rohana says it all. What you write is ‘irritating’ those advocating or supporting GoSL ‘terror’ methods.

    Good report, Thank you

  • 29. Expatriate  |  March 16th, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    There are different issues here.

    When Alfred Duraiappah was killed I was in elementary school, but I knew enough politics then to understand at least one major reason Tamil youths thought of him as a traitor was his alleged involvement or inaction, while being affiliated with the SLFP government, in the death of 12 or so Tamils attending the World Tamil Research Conference in Jaffna by police shooting and electrocution.

    Much later, in the last few years, Rajan Hoole/UTHR’s reports said that the case against Duraippah was not as clear-cut. We still don’t know for sure how Duraippah was involved in this, but if one is talking about starting a nationalist liberation struggle and wants to shock a complacent public into thinking about such a struggle, the killing of a non-nationalist aligned to the enemy state was not hard to understand. In my mind, Duraippah as Mayor could have resigned and taken responsibility, but whether that would have satisfied youths was an open question.

    In the aftermath of the 1972 constitution and subsequent curtailing of Tamil rights, it was not surprising that those who were still part of the SLFP government drew the ire of Tamil youths.

    Where things really went wrong was in the LTTE starting to murder other groups with the same goals, starting with the elimination of TELO youths. That should have warned the Tamil public about the totalitarian nature of the Tigers and made Tamils rethink how the LTTE would use its military power. But people kept their protests private and a key moment for change in the direction of the Tamil liberation struggle was missed.

    Years later, some would argue or imply that TELO’s total subservience to Indian interests to the detriment of Tamil interests would excuse such actions from the LTTE as a guerilla movement facing big power pressures. To me, such arguments are unconvincing

    From that point onwards, it has been downhill, with the assassinations of many other Tamil politicians by the LTTE, revealing that the LTTE was really for imposing its own “brook-no-dissent”, “our leader knows best” politics even as it spoke of Tamil liberation.

    A few years ago when I had a chance to talk to the late Sivaram, I told him that despite all that was said about the sagacity and genius for matters military of the LTTE leader, he often seems to be guided by pure revenge without looking at strategic interests of the Tamil people. I held the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in India as a major example. Sivaram went into silence, implying agreement, but he was not willing to state that in public.

    The tragedy of Sri Lanka is that, even with all these negatives about the LTTE, the state has been so deeply wedded to its chauvinism that it could not respect the rights of the Tamil people, leaving them no choice but to continue to try to secure their homeland.

    The murder and mayhem perpetrated by the Rajapakse gang and its acolytes only reinforce the necessity of a Tamil homeland. Though conditions in the East may make it appear that such a vision is not realistic in the immediate future, the Pillaiyan/Rajapakse collaboration in the elections, on the heels of widespread abuses, kidnappings, child conscription and murders, will come back to haunt the state.

  • 30. Joseph C.  |  March 17th, 2008 at 2:37 am

    Hello D.B.S.J.

    It is a sad story for Tamils. Those who took up arms think that by killing a person they could achieve their objectives. Very very wrong. After all these killings what did the Tamils in Sri Lanka achieved? Continuous death and destruction. Not only the Tamils but Sinhalese politicians also don’t know what democracy is. It is beautiful to have different views and opinions. It does not mean that one has to accept everything but must learn to respect it.

    Tamils in Sri Lanka need a strong leadership. A leadership which can accommodate, understand the differences among them, respect different views and still liberate the Tamil people from all these miseries. Each person is unique. Tamils need a collaboration among all Tamil political parties, and militants turned politicians, not to harm any Tamil person/politicians. If Tamil harm another Tamil, it is we destroying ourselves. All have to work towards one common goal to liberate our people yet respecting the differences among us. A new chapter has to be opened in the in the life of Sri Lankan Tamils.

  • 31. Ooosh!  |  March 17th, 2008 at 6:06 am

    Kasi Ananthan has indeed urged ‘our boys’ not to allow natural death to those 6 Tamil MPs but he did everything under the Sun to give the best education to his children. His two daughters completed MBBS at two top universaties in Tamil Nadu. One daughter proceeded to the UK for postgraduate training and the other daughter joined the top postgrad centre in Delhi for further studies.

    The thick-skinned Kasi is still writing songs and urging more and more boys and girls to fight to the death!!

    Go on DBS, go on exposing these sick opportunists.

  • 32. Jeyalalitha  |  March 17th, 2008 at 6:51 am

    killing of a Tamil MP by the Sinhala Government admit that the Sri-lankan Government is a ‘State Terror?’

  • 33. anon  |  March 17th, 2008 at 8:20 am

    Expatriate’s point is succinctly put – however, the emergence of a tamil homeland totally separate from the Sinhala state is still very unlikely without strong support from outside players (eg US, India). There are a number of (negative) reasons for this – the Tigers intransigence on being the sole voice of the Tamils thereby excluding other opinions, depletion of experienced Tiger leaders and battle hardy troops & splits, ageing of the Tiger leaders, emergence of other paramilitary factions, continuing human rights violations by the Tigers, the international ban on the Tigers, flow of the brain power, people & capital out of the North-east, creeping colonisation by the State and ethnic cleansing (numerical superiority), war weariness of the surviving population, semi-feudal mentality of surviving population. The ‘positives’ for achieving a separate homeland is the self-defeating actions (human right violations, bombings, assasinations etc) of the Rajapakse govt, economic collapse and descent into a ‘failed state’, chauvinist Sinhala body politic (JVP, JHU etc), strong Intl support, (the still holding impression of) Tiger military prowess and planning. You can see that most of the positives to achieve a separate state are largely without the direct control of the Tigers.
    A crucial time point that the Tigers missed to achieve a separate homeland was around the time of the eradication of TELO, another point was the IPKF entry into SL.
    If you look at other oppressed minorities around the world over the last 40 years: the Kurds, Palestinians, Tibetans, Karens of Burma – without strong intl support or descent into chaos of the ‘motherstate’, total independance is very unlikely. Even with strong intl support (ie Palestinians) it is still very hard to achieve it (examples that achieved independance with strong intl support +/- collpase of the motherstate: Kosovo and former Yugoslavian republics, East Timor, Slovakia, Eritrea, Caucasus republics (excl Chechnya). Unfortunately, Prabakaran’s thirst for revenge overtook the liberation of the Tamils and cultivation of strong intl support. Tamils are now paying for it and are being driven into a irrelevant third placed community in SL.

  • 34. Alex  |  March 17th, 2008 at 8:54 am

    Dear DBS
    The essence of my ‘rambling coment’ was censored by you; Thank You

  • 35. Fact person  |  March 17th, 2008 at 11:39 am

    Hi DBS,
    Please check your notebook that you recorded Kumar Ponnambalam killings.

  • 36. Trooper  |  March 17th, 2008 at 11:41 am

    Dear Mr. Jeyaraj,
    I am following events from Germany and I wonder whether there is any moderate Tamil party/group that does not use violence as means of political action?
    When, in 2002, I read the section of the CfA stating that all paramilitary groups shall be disarmed I was shocked since I could not understand why one should make a deal with the tigers. I always thought the international community should have shown a commitment to moderate Tamils. However, I really wonder whether there is any such group that really deserves the name “moderate”? I know of some moderate Tamil researchers or journalists just like you are, however, I do not know whether any of these are organized as a political force?
    Sincerely, K.

  • 37. Dr KC  |  March 17th, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    29. Expatriate

    Your comments do contain some sensible facts.

    We desperately need a self rule in our homeland but we are denied of this because of brutality of peole like Mahinda and barmy strategy of the LTTE.

    If the LTTE is interested in bringing normalcy and future to the people in the NE it should reconcile with India. The reconciliation process can commence well and truly with the giving up of people wanted in the Rajiv’s case to India authorities.

    Only India can bring/enforce ceasefire in the NE and eventual political solution. As long as the convicted murderers of RG are at the helm of our struggle WE WILL NOT HAVE A FUTURE.

  • 38. Gayan  |  March 17th, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    “The chickens have come home to roost”. What Malcolm X (Malcolm Little) meant was the acts of violance and crime unleashed by “White” extremists on african Americans (Blacks) have returned to their origins and claimed the life of JFK. Malcolm X was killed by his former party members Nation of Islam at the instructions of its leader Elijah Muhammad

    VP was natured and peted by Tamil nationalists in the late 70’s and early 80’s.He was used as the “military Arm” of Tamil Nationalism.Nobody expected VP to standup on his own and go against their “plans” and become “uncontrolable”. You can say “The chickens have come home to roost”. !

    25 years of bloodshed and Ealam is elusive as ever thanks to VP !.Killing Tamil moderates /interlectuals/reputed experianced tamil politicians ( DBS mention the details) VP is the biggest enemy of the Tamil race .What can you expect from a school dropout turned terrorist?

    Malcolm Little (X) was also a school dropout ,A fulltime drug dealer ,but he was well read during his time in prison converted to Islam became a minister and then a revolusionary African American leader .He had no blood on his hands .Fought alone in the front with his soul moving speches and died and remembered as a hero to African Americans and to the world.

    What will become of VP .???(Already has more than 60000 deaths to his name -mostly tamils, Hiding in a bunker and forcing tamil men/women and children to die for him in the front)

    Good Article

  • 39. Nava  |  March 17th, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    Amirthalingam was a sincere Soul. A great loss. I mourn all Parliamentarians; unarmed, representing people – who’ve become sort of an ‘endangered species’ in this war.

  • 40. Raggie  |  March 18th, 2008 at 5:47 am

    Please re write in Tamil and send to the jungles up north and possibly Toronto and UK and Aust.

  • 41. Suresh M  |  March 18th, 2008 at 7:29 am

    # 37 Dr.KC

    Please be realistic!

    I had a neighbour who was a medical doctor, and he always had prescribed a ‘rose’ colour liquid for any ailments. This was widely known where I’ve lived, and the ordinary folks with any sickness would walk in, and ask the doctor for ‘rose’ color water.

  • 42. Suresh M  |  March 18th, 2008 at 7:33 am

    # 37 Dr.KC,

    Doctor, here we go again!

    You have been prescribing a simple, and the same medicine for our complex issue. Even India never officially stated that if VP/PA surrender to them, they Indians, would sincerely work for Tamil’s right in Sri Lanka.

    Please be realistic!

  • 43. Randy  |  March 18th, 2008 at 10:55 am

    DBS, Is there a book in the works about the Tamil struggle?

  • 44. Shanti  |  March 18th, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    End the killings
    Death list, Traitors list, Eddappan list ‘We are short of no energy for naming and blaming in our frame of mind. It has claimed the lives of the best and proud men of our land. Some of the most indispensable leaders have been exterminated at the most crucial time. For now, just look at the leaders we have been left with! Tamils could not rally behind any political movement!!

    On the other hand, it is taken for granted that in war, enemies kill enemies. Even every military thinker from Sun Tzu, Bolsheviks (Lenin on Guerilla warfare), Mao, Che Guevara, Charles De Gaulle, Mandela’ and all known revolutionary leaders did it. In war where does an assassin draw the line? In a battle front, if one does not shoot, he is at fault. In a political front, if one shoot, one is at fault. If the victim were unarmed militant or an ex-militant, it is clearly immoral to eliminate him.

    Even if one is armed, this is not the way to sort out our differences. Mao resorted to resolving antagonistic and non-antagonistic contraction and explained the way to resolve them. We should improvise the thinking and methods of the above leaders to resolve the matter amicably, justifiably as much as possible. Create mechanisms required at different levels within organizations, between organization, in cleared zones or uncleared zones. Even if we cannot agree on all matters, let us demand for justice. This must be more than ‘Enakka Sabai’ that was wound up during the occupation of IPKF. The target must be to bring the killings to an end! Not to prolong it!!!

    First Assassination
    Political assassination was started by not Tamil militants but by the Buddhist assassin, Somarama Thero’ a lecturer in the College of Indigenous Medicine. Late Prime Minister Solomon Ridgeway Dias Bandaranaike (SWRD) who paved the way extremism in the peaceful Ceylon became the first victim of the assassins on the 26th of September 1959. But who was behind every assassination plot is interesting. In the case of SWRD, it was chief priest of Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara, Mapitigama Buddharakkita Thero (whose death sentence commuted to life) who was behind Eksath Bikku Peramuna and his immoral friend and Minister of Health Mrs. Vimala Wijewardne (discharged later). But the witch hunt continued and many identified were penalized but were not charged.

    In the meantime, even the possible deputy prime-minister (the leader of the house) was under-going treatment for suspected poisoning and CP de Silva survived as he was treated in London! Unless killed by gun, other forms of assassination do not become news headline.

    I cannot think of anyone else except SWRD to blame as he was the architect of the Sinhala State of Ceylon which whipped up chauvinism and militancy. He and his working committee of his party attempted to recruit and train a volunteer force of 100,000 to maintain law and order in the event of Tamil agitation in North and East. This was proposed on 27th of May 1957 but abandoned due to prevalent commonsense of the people. SWRD dispatched first military contingent to North and East and permanently stationed and strengthened since. Also he ordered 12 modern fighter jet planes armed with rockets to be delivered by Sep 30th 1959. Two frigates to join two mine sweepers, fast motor boats, ‘ Eventually became prey to pistol wielding clergy when SWRD bent low in obeisance before the arrival of the fighter jets on the 26th of September 1959.

    Agents of Invading Forces
    One should ask why there was such anti-tamil mood at the time? Pani Ilangakoon (MP for Weligama) asked ‘Tamils have plotted to over throw this government with outside assistance. They will destroy us eventually. Before that happens I ask that the tamils be settled once and for all’

    It is notewothy to state that Mr. Lakshman Rajapakse MP for Hambantota who was married to a TAMIL, shouted, Destoy them (Tamils) at the parliamentary group meeting on the 3rd June 1957. (Tarzie Vittachie)

    One could draw parallel with xenophobia and we seem to have this paranoiac notion of collaborating with alien invasion. Sadly, it prevails till today. The propaganda what PLOTE carried out against Indian intervention was from history of Bangaladesh (Vangam Thantha Paadam).What EPRLF namely Varatharajah Perumal resisted and even requested the Indian government publicly and privately to refrain from invading Sri Lanka.

    When the training has started, TELO and LTTE were treated in par as they both provided the same facilities in India. Due the death of charismatic leaders like Thangdurai mama and Kuttimani annachi in Welikade jail, many chose to join TELO, thinking they were LTTE. When they arrived at the training camp, TELO trainees were bewildered to find Tamil inscriptions on the trees and found that they were not the only chosen ones for the Indians as they presumed. Others had been and gone!

    Deadly Business of Saving Lives

    When it came to judging others, they found to be guilty by their standards. But all had association with India. It was the reason the TELO seemed to have taken a decision to decimate TULF. Do not misconstrue it as double-assassination. The carrier of the execution order Batti master ‘Inparajah of Thiravupathy amman temple road, Paandiruppu, Kalmunai ’simply refused to carry out the orders as intended. Batti master had endless love for the TULF leaders and particularly to his regional people. Simply no orders were issued in Batticaloa. Instead of all in the list, he gave the orders to those who were well-liked by his group, in the intention that it will not be carried out. Alalasundaram was the local pioneer of their stronghold and was adored by them. Mr. Dharmalingam, well-respected by mass (meaning political wing) was writing a political program for the liberation struggle for TELO. Probably, this is first time, the good intention of this frail man whose idea was misfired killed by LTTE later on some other charge. He was married to a poorly wife. This may be the first time, it is ever told to the world. Subsequently, the assassins were arrested during the attack on TELO by LTTE and the detainees confessed to the crimes. For some strange reasons, the LTTE who decimated best fighters spared these lumpens alive!

    It was not just Batty master alone, in the deadly business of saving lives. LTTE declared war for the same reason on TELO for collaborating with India within six months of their judgment on TULF. Kadavul who was in-charge of Batticaloa of LTTE operations alerted TELO Batticaloa branches on the impending attack on TELO. Likewise in Mannar and two of the LTTE members stayed with TELO boys for a few days when they came to save their lives.

    PLOTE paid heavily when Kittu found out that they saved life of Bobby. Kittu simply banned the organization and killed Chinna Mendis. Only Douglas Deva seemed to survive for saving the lives of many TELO members.

    Other Side of the Story
    When the decision to eliminate someone falls on himself or herself , s/he has the duty to assess the situation. When Rajan Chelvanayagam was named as one of the traitors supported Republican constitution, Thangathurai mama went to Batticaloa in person to kill him but on his investigation reversed his opinion and came back. Can the juniors in a subordinate position to do that?

    I have seen hunted and the hunted join ranks to abscond and flown to foreign countries. Assassins have gone for in search of the targets and did not return to base as they could not carry out the orders. I can see that common sense prevails even within these killing machines. Hope it is encouraged.

    Everyone in the game understood the precarious conditions, they live under. Shooting is the easiest ending one would prefer when taken in custody. Torture practices were prevalent in all organization. EPRLF was able to claim proudly that until Ranjan AKA Pathmanaba was there, there was no killing within EPRLF.

    Karuna amman declared that he was fed up of killing. Even VP seemed to have shed tears at the amount of soldiers left behind by the govt when the government refused to accept the bodies of the dead soldiers. In Ampara, a strong allegation witnessed by Tamils that severely injured Sinhala soldiers are seeing mercy killing.

    Reasoning or Revenge

    One should listen to the speech made by Late Mr. A. Amirthalingam on the memorial day of those fallen comrades, to understand his leadership responsibility and how a leader can put the matters in right without raising the finger or without a single word of criticism against the killers or their organization. It has simply changed many forever. Even Amir invited culprits and met with them in person. Can everyone refuse to act against another revengefully?

  • 45. Muditha  |  March 18th, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    Very informative artical by DBS. However, when making statements about LRRP involvement in MP Sivanesan’s death, is DBS providing his opinion or does he have facts to back it up?

    Many Sinhalese have a hard time believing this was an LRRP attack, mainly due to these reasons:

    (1) Why would the forces deploy highly valuable and scarce LRRP resources to kill a political nobody like Sivanesan instead of a more vocal and/or prominent element?

    (2) If this was in fact a revenge killing for the LTTE assination of MP Dassanayake as alleged, why would they wait 2 months to do it? That defeats the purpose of a tit-for-tat revenge killing.

    (3) If it was really an LRRP attack, why would they choose the most inapportune moment to carry out this killing when the UN Human Rights Council was meeting in Geneva? Sounds quite fishy. GoSL is not as stupid as many ltte supporters would like to think.

    (4) Why is it that Rasaiah Illanthirayan who until then was hybernating and was unreachable for comment suddenly pops up to make an allegation against the LRRP and then promptly goes back into his ‘unreachable’ state?

    (5) Why did VP attend Sivanesan’s funeral (newly dyed mustache and all) who he wasn’t close with, when he hadn’t attended the funerals of personal photographer Thavam or trusted Millitary Intelligence chief Charles who were much more close to him? More than anything else it looked like a staging for VP’s re-emergence into the public to dispell rumors floating around about his injuries.

    Things just don’t add up. GoSL has nothing to gain from this killing but stands to lose a lot. The ltte on the other hand stands to gain the most. And as shown in this artical, they have no qualms killing Tamil MPs for their personal gain even though the victims toed the line.

  • 46. Expatriate  |  March 18th, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    Anon #33,

    Thanks for your comments. A secure Tamil homeland does not necessarily have to be a separate country. It could a confederal system or a strong federal system with UN/international security guarantees. There are many creative ways the international community can help–but many countries hide behind claims of sovereignty to do nothing.
    However, as people in the Diaspora, we need to actively work within the international system to change this.

    Dr KC #37,

    While India’s reluctance to deal with the LTTE because of the RG assassination is understandable, India is on weaker ground when it allows untrammeled abuses of human rights by the Rajapakse regime to go ahead in a neighboring country where India had become entangled previously; it is on even weaker ground when it provides military support to such a regime.

    Indian leaders are not children to obsessively hark back to the RG assassination to ignore the just demands of the Tamil people. Even with all the complaints against the Libyan regime, including the Lockerbie bombing, the U.S and UK have reconciled with Libya.

    There are many ways India can help the Tamils with their just demands without aiding the LTTE. Speaking against the horrendous abuses of the Rajapakse regime is not tantamount to supporting the LTTE, though the GoSL spins it that way. India also knows that, while leaders like R. Sampanthan have been forced to kowtow to the LTTE, Sampanthan, rather than Anandasangaree, would be the one true to Amirthalingam’s vision. India can work with him in ways that are not inimical to India’s interests.

    Moreover, while India can say generally that there should be a political solution, it is not India’s place to prescribe what the upper limit on a solution should be–for the sake of argument, imagine a scenario where Sinhalese and Tamils come to an agreement to part ways; then will India keep repeating its mantra that a solution should be found within a united Sri Lanka?

    But even if we accept India’s prescription and stay with a Federal Solution, India can work with major powers to bring a strong federal system while finding creative ways to guarantee the security of the Tamil and Muslim people within such a system.

    How India handles the human rights abuses of the Rajapakse regime and the Tamil issue will be watched by major powers when they consider its admission to the Security Council.

  • 47. Athos  |  March 19th, 2008 at 6:28 am

    Ref #44

    I cannot think of anyone else except SWRD to blame as he was the architect of the Sinhala State of Ceylon which whipped up chauvinism and militancy. He and his working committee of his party attempted to recruit and train a volunteer force of 100,000 to maintain law and order in the event of Tamil agitation in North and East.

    GGP already started denigrating Sinahalee and Buddhists in his speeches all over the island and responsible for sparking the first riot. He spoke of separate Tamil Identity rejecting common Ceylonese identity proposed by the Sinhalese. This was SWRD’s reaction.

    GGP had something in common with Amir. Both were not elites and dabbled in racism to become accepted among Tamil Colombo elites.

    You know all this of course. Yet you chose to con everyone as usual.

  • 48. Suresh M  |  March 19th, 2008 at 8:44 am

    # 47,


    I agree with Your prescription to our long outstanding illness!.

    Yes, R.Sampanthan has the trust, and respect of North-East Tamils, also, other Sri Lankan communities. A. Sangaree is out there for revenge, and has no standing in the community.

  • 49. Rukman  |  March 20th, 2008 at 2:11 am

    Tamils have always had a third path, renounce suicide killing and hand over the terrorist mastermind Vellu to face trial in India, otherwise continue the phony struggle and let this bugger continue executing all tamil’s with a brain and free will.

  • 50. Sivalingam  |  March 20th, 2008 at 2:14 am

    What do you expect with the TNA and LTTE, all one and the same bunch of thugs, crooks and killers. Sleep with dogs and wake up with fleas this fool who died learned the hard way.

  • 51. Dr K C  |  March 21st, 2008 at 5:11 am

    46. Expatriate

    I feel you have overlooked a number of issues.

    You wrote: “Even with all the complaints against the Libyan regime, including the Lockerbie bombing, the U.S and UK have reconciled with Libya”.

    But you have failed to appreciate the initiatives taken by Libya: Lockerbie suspects were handed over to the Scottish authorities by Libya; Libya pledged to abandon political violence; Libya appealed to the west in good faith to restore the relations with her. Is the LTTE prepared to do what Gadafi did to restore the relations with India?

    You wrote: “Indian leaders are not children to obsessively hark back to the RG assassination to ignore the just demands of the Tamil people”.

    You have trivialised the issue. In my opinion the Indians face the following difficulties in directly getting involved in the SL conflict: LTTE is still technically at war with India – after killing 1200 India soldiers and maiming 2000, VP never said the war is over. VP never apologised to India for the war itself; LTTE still boasts about ‘defeating the 4th largest army in the world’ – the Jaffna LTTE commander who attended the last peace talks in Geneva boasted this empty rhetoric in a public meeting (in Geneva); the leaders of the ’sole representatives’ are convicted murderers by an Indian high court – hence there is a legal complexity in mediating.

    You have repeated what is stipulated in the Indo Lanka Accord in your last few paragraphs: under the ILA, SLAF was confined to the barracks; IPKF was deployed to maintain law and order and the Tamil militants were meant to hand over the weapons to the IPKF. India generated the most favourable environment for the Tamils to bargain and achieve a self-rule in the NE.

    ILA was meant to be a dynamic political process, it possessed the necessary ingredients to convert the NEPC into a self governing unit with India as our safety net -India pledged strong military and political input to bring about normalcy in the NE and eventual political solution.

    Now you are expecting India to repeat the same – very wise thinking. Will the sole representatives make a pledge to India that they embrace the ILA in deed and words?

    The latest issue of Eelamurasu (pro LTTE media) says that India is not interested in helping our struggle and urging alliance with anti Indian forces to win our freedom – this is nothing but a sign of intractable madness.

    The steps the LTTE need to take: Declare the war with India is over; apologise to India for the war and loss of lives; Corporate with India to allow justice to take its course in RG’s case; be prepared to hand over the suspects to Indian authorities; declare to accept the ILA; submit a proposal for a federal solution for Indian govt’s perusal.

    (I do not think a separate state or a federal solution is viable in the NE, only a Cyprus-style solution can bring normalcy, stability and political solution in the NE – this is my opinion)

  • 52. Thangesh  |  March 21st, 2008 at 11:01 am

    Dear DBSJ Anna
    Accepting polarised ugly political war ; post mortem
    poitical analisis and logistical blance out of political murders won`t help. As an experienced writer you should write something that bring the tamil public out of politicalvaccum and make them a political force to win the political rights in SL.Blaming because of LTTE and give up tamil mainstream political aspiration would be an unfogetable hitorical mistake.

  • 53. Kk  |  March 21st, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    What are u so disullisionised with Mr DBSJ.
    Forget about LTTE.Where is the political solution.

  • 54. Expatriate  |  March 21st, 2008 at 10:39 pm

    Dr. KC,

    I don’t accept that the LTTE is still at war with India.. It has been more than 16 years since the RG assassination and has the LTTE attacked any Indian target as such?

    The way you put it, India was helping SL Tamils out of the goodness of its heart. Well, we all know that it wasn’t the case. While the Indian intervention had elements of helping the SL Tamils, in a misguided attempt to protect what it perceived as its interests, India also played some tricks by setting up one militant group against another, even as it sought to implement the ILA. In that environment, VP’s paranoia about other groups had some justification. I am not at all defending LTTE’s actions here, but the characterization of India as the pure victim and the LTTE as the pure villain is not grounded in fact.

    India could have sought wider international attention on the SL Tamil issues and strengthened Tamil moderate leaders without arming and training school dropouts as militants, which, one might well argue, is at the root of the current problems. In other words, one may well argue that, while Tamil nationalism and some militancy was alive before Indian intervention, India’s underhanded promotion of out of control militancy saddled Tamil people with something that they could not handle.

    I knew that people would bring up the issue of what Libya did in return to reconcile with the West. That is a long story –there has even been a case that evidence against the Libyan intelligence agent was cooked up. But if Libya was indeed the culprit, the mastermind was none other than Col. Gadaaffi. Did the U.S. and the UK request that he surrender? Though the US tried to hit him years ago, in the end, when he extended his hand, the West accepted it under certain conditions. The crux of the issue is that the West did not stubbornly nurse years-old grievances and refuse to make a deal; instead it made a deal without insisting on Gaddafi’s head..

    One can’t compare an oil-rich African state with a poor guerilla group like the LTTE. But at its core, the issue is the same—finding a way to deal with a perceived enemy without making impossible demands.

  • 55. an Observation  |  March 22nd, 2008 at 3:56 am

    Mr DBSJ while referring to the Tamil killings has unambiguosly identified LTTE as killers where the LTTE are deemed responsible by him.

  • 56. Thangesh  |  March 22nd, 2008 at 8:23 am

    Dear Kk
    Exactly, Tamils are living in political illusion.They never foget LTTE.They expect too much from LTTE seeing news through internet.They expect from India,from Rajapakse
    ,from internationanl community even to condemn human right violation in SL;(I suppose to say” we “here) We never
    did our home work. we don`t go to the street to agitate against SL HR violation other than pro LTTE organisations
    As LTTE is banned all over,those agitations not seen by IC.
    There are two political force;One LTTE and other against LTTE. The rest in political vaccum. They don`t know what to do. Nobody lead them. Based on this I requested DBSJ
    write something. Got it buddy?

  • 57. Dr K C  |  March 22nd, 2008 at 8:46 am

    46. Expatriate

    You also wrote:

    “India also knows that, while leaders like R. Sampanthan have been forced to kowtow to the LTTE, Sampanthan, rather than Anandasangaree, would be the one true to Amirthalingam’s vision”.

    Mr Samapanthan is a fine politician and a talented negotiator. In the mid 80s the trio of Amirthalingam, Sivasithamparam & Sampanthan enjoyed better access to the inner circle of the govt of India (GOI) than many Indian MPs and Junior Indian ministers. The situation has now completely changed. In the present scenario if Mr Sampanthan goes to New Delhi as the mouth piece of the current leadership of the LTTE the Indian authorities may not be interested in seeing him. The GOI does not want to do anything with the current leadership of the LTTE and we should have got this message loud and clearly by now. The LTTE leadership ought to make appropriate measures to become acceptable to the GOI – the alternative is witnessing endless fireworks by VP.

  • 58. an observation  |  March 23rd, 2008 at 12:57 am

    Vellupilai Prabaharan is a coward plain and simple who hides in bunker and lets his stooges like sivanesan get killed (even Douglas is not so bad).

  • 59. Dr K C  |  March 23rd, 2008 at 4:57 am

    54. Expatriate

    If the war is over, VP will have to make a declaration to this effect. He can not expect people to assume the war is over.

    I do not believe India played tricks by setting up one militant group against another. There were many groups even before Indians were dragged into this conflict. India initially looked to the LTTE as the major group: RG met and sought corporation only from VP before he signed the ILA; agreed & paid multi million Rs to the LTTE for the maintenance of their cadres; argued and got the majority seats for the LTTE in the interim NEPC. Instead of strengthening the hands of Indians, the LTTE foolishly embarked on anti-Indian rhetoric (please listen to Thileepan’s speech outside Jaffna Fort 2 days before he started his hunger strike – for no good reason he declared that there was no difference between the occupation of Jaffna Fort by Dutch/British and Indians. RAW might have felt uncomfortable about this and looked for alliance with other groups.

    GOI is not a charity shop; India has to take her interests into account when negotiating an international agreement such as ILA. A stronger and stable India would have only promoted the NEPC into a self-governing unit.

    ILA received widespread international support and recognition: US Congress endorsed it; recognised by the UN and placed in the register.

    It is not my intention to portray the LTTE as the pure villain; I am saying the LTTE is going down the wrong path and hurting our interests immensely.

    Please do not ask me why Gaddafi was not charged by UK and USA. I do not run the Public Prosecution Office for these nations. The point I wish to put it to you: once one has been charged with criminal offence it is up to the individual to face justice to prove his innocence in the name of decency. Absconding and evasive behaviour will only complicate matters and isolate us internationally (LTTE has been already banned by India, US, Canada & EU).

    Only the resurrection of the ILA or a Cyprus-style mechanism can bring peace, normalcy, stability and eventual political solution in the NE.

    The current strategy of the LTTE is barmy and self destructive. The east has already gone out of our control. The LTTE needs a new leadership with a clear vision in this very difficult time. Having led the campaign for over 3 decades and sacrificed over 25,000 of our children VP is nowhere in finding a lasting solution. He ought to step down and permit people such as Bhanu/Yogi/Soosai to lead.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • 60. samuel  |  March 24th, 2008 at 11:08 am

    Reference Comment 37. – I have to again reiterate that Veluppillai Prabakaran, Pottu Amman and Akila were NOT CONVICTED of any crime at the Rajiv Ghandi Murde Trial – they are only wanted for questioning by the indian law enforcement authorities.

    At the trial, the evidence of Ms Maragatham Chandrasekar, Congress MLA who personally brought the Suicide Bomber Dhanu to the venue of the meeting, in her own car,and who “vanished” soon after the bombing, was NOT led.

    Nor was the evidence of even a single one of the many Congressmen who received Rajiv at the venue, but carefully kept a safe distance behind and away from him when he walked ahead to meet the people – including Dhanu – who were waiting to meet him, led at the trial.
    NONE of them were injured in the blast !
    Sonia should be aware of all this, being the widow who must have closely followed the trial proceedings, but has so far not commented or protested about this !
    India is not bothered about the lankan tamils as shown by their assistance to the lankan regime. India has many other important problems to contend with. India is not even bothered by the killings of tamil nadu fishermen by the SLNavy.

  • 61. Devinda Fernando  |  March 24th, 2008 at 11:19 am

    All the World Sees is Tamils Killin gTamils then blaming the Sri Lankan Government.

    Typical Response by Subra Massey – it is not Tamil Brutality but the Sri Lankan culture of Violence that has bred Tamils the way they are… For once take responsibility for your selves, stop balming everyone else, Tamils Kill Tamils because that is the culture you are breeding in yourselves,… the LTTE has been preaching Hate and Separation from its inception, and the Tamil Diaspora have been justifying and rationalizing these acts to their children. That is the Truth, nothing will change that so stop lying to yourselves.

  • 62. Dr CPT  |  March 24th, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it. – George Bernard Shaw . Tamils are lazy to take responsibility. That is why they are where they are now.

    They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. – Ben Franklin, 1755, to the Pennsylvania State Legislature. Those who seek small favours from the Sinhalese fall into this category.

    The people of Asia were slaves, because they had not learned how to pronounce the word ‘no’. – Winston Churchill (citing Alexander the Great), in a radio address – 10/16/1938 . This applies to tamils in Sri-lanka as well as in India.
    “Necessity is the plea of every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” — William Pitt . Why the Sinhalese are refusing the birth right of tamil is because of the necessacity to dominate another ethnic race.

    “It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.”
    –Albert Einstein. We know from folklore and history that human beings can do anything for money and bribes-even murder one’s mother as pointed out by DBS

  • 63. Dr K C  |  March 24th, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    S C Chandrahasan’s recent interview:

  • 64. Tamil EElam  |  April 18th, 2008 at 7:12 am

    Dr KC,


    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand this. Just having common sense is enough

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