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58-2 Brigade batters through LTTE defences at Kunchuparanthan a.k.a. Sinnaparanthan

Soldiers belonging to the 58 – 2 brigade of the Sri Lankan armed forces have succeeded in battering through Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the area of strategic Kunchuparanthan that is also known as Sinnaparanthan.

The 58 division commanded by Brigadier Shavendra Silva is also known as Task Force – one.

58- 2 brigade soldiers were continuing with their phase of the five – pronged offensive launched on Monday December 22nd.

Continuing to fight overnight and on Tuesday December 23rd the 58 – 2 soldiers broke through a 300 metre area in the “L” shaped earthbund cum trench defence fortification of the tigers.

The LTTE earthbund extends from the Jaffna lagoon shores in the north – west to to Iranaimadhu reservoir banks in the south – east.

The 18 km long structure is shaped like the letter “L”.

On Monday the 57 and 58 divisions launched an offensive on five fronts against the LTTE.

At nightfall troops had returned to former positions on two fronts but were fighting on in the other three.

Task Force – one troops who were engaged in two offensives pulled back on one but went on with the other.

Soldiers had withdrawn in the Kunchuparanthan – Uruthirapuram sector but were continuing in the Nivil – North Adampan sector.

With troops punching through a gap in tiger defences on Tuesday after prolonged fighting for nearly 30 hours further re-inforcements from 58 – 2 were pumped in.

With many tigers fleeing the earthbund defences after the breakthrough the soldiers were able to expand their sphere of control rapidly.

This enabled the 58 – 2 to establish greater control over the area known as Kunchuparanthan or Sinnaparanthan.

This area adjoins the Kudamurutti Aaru stream that falls into the Jaffna lagoon.

This success has made it possible for troops to move further into the Uruthirapuram area and from there to the Karadipokku junction between Paranthan and Kilinochchi.

The LTTE was reportedly constructing a second, smaller trench cum bund in the vicinity to prevent further movement by the army.

Soldiers are also vigilant about a sudden counter attack by the LTTE.

On Saturday December 20th the tigers launched a swift counter strike and re- captured territory taken by the army earlier on Dec 16th and 17th in the Thirumurugandy – Iranaimadhu sector.

Casualty figures for Dec 23rd fighting was not available though 160 were killed and 350 injured from both sides on Monday December 22nd.

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