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Prabhakaran Living in a world of illusion Like Hitler in the Final Days

By B. Raman

An organisation headed by a leader, who understands only terrorism, is unlikely to rehabilitate itself in the eyes of the international community. Prabakaran is a liability for the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Tamils in the post-9/11 world. The time has come for the LTTE leaders and the Sri Lankan Tamils---including their overseas diaspora--- to do an introspection on their future course of action. If they have to preserve the gains made by thousands of their cadres since 1983, they have to find a new leadership. Prabakaran is no longer the man of the future. He is passe. He has become a liability for the Tamil cause. The sooner the Sri Lankan Tamils realise it, the better for them."

Extract from my article of January 22,2007, titled LTTE Avoids Battle of attrition in the East

The reports regarding the desperate plight of about 1,50,000 Sri Lankan Tamils caught up between an advancing Sri Lankan Army and a retreating Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the Wanni area of northern Sri Lanka are confusing.

Many have reportedly died and many, including many children, have been injured in the exchange of artillery fire between the two sides. In a situation like this, it is impossible to establish whose artillery killed whom. All one can say is that innocent civilians are paying a heavy price for the heavy exchange of artillery.

The Sri Lankan Army is disinclined to agree to a ceasefire to let the civilians be evacuated by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) lest the LTTE take advantage of it to regroup. The LTTE is disinclined to let the civilians move to the safety zones set up by the Government lest this facilitate the advance of the Army.

The international community, including the Government of India, are unable to effectively bring pressure on both sides to help out the civilians. The Sri Lankan Army has estimated that it is only a few weeks away from totally eliminating the capability of the LTTE for conventional fighting and it is determined to achieve that objective even at the risk of some collateral damage to the civilians. The LTTE is afraid that if it lets the civilians go, it will have a face-to-face confrontation with the Army in which it is unlikely to do well.

Prabakaran, who is believed to be still commanding the retreating LTTE fighters, does not seem to realise that the chances of the LTTE staging a spectacular come-back as it did in the 1990s and recaptured Kilinochchi and Mulaithivu are remote. The loss of control over territory in the Northern Province is not so devastaing for him as the loss of control over the Tamil population in the Eastern Province.

In the past, many of the conventional fighters of the LTTE came from the Eastern Province and many of the terrorists from the Northern Province. It is no longer possible for him to get new recruits from the Eastern Province. The recent fighting in the North has indicated that the LTTE's shortages in arm and ammunition and explosives are much more serious than originally estimated. With the rapidly decreasing possibility of finding replacement of human and material resources, his chances of staging a come-back conventionally are much less than what they were in the 1990s.

The terrorist wing of the LTTE also seems to be facing severe problems due to a shortage of explosive material, a drop in volunteers for suicide terrorism and the lack of time and space in the midst of a furious conventional war to motivate and train new volunteers and mount operations.

The use of the civilians to avert an impending final defeat on the ground should be condemned by all the political parties in Tamil Nadu, by the Government of India and the international community. Prabakaran has been living in a world of illusions just as Hitler was in the final days of the defeat of the Nazi Army before he and his mistress committed suicide in a Berlin bunker to avoid being captured by the advancing Soviet Army. Till he decided to kill himself, Hitler was fondly hoping that a reversal of fortunes was still possible.So too, Prabakaran seems to be having a fond hope that he and his men can stage a come-back even at this stage.

It is time for the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora to assert itself and call upon the LTTE cadres to overthrow Prabakaran and other leaders, arrest them, hand them over to the Sri Lankan authorities and proclaim a unilateral ceasefire. It is time for the diaspora to come to terms with the reality and act before more civilians are killed.If they fail to do so and continue to encourage Prabakaran in his irrational illusions, history will judge them harshly.

(The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. E-mail: )


Probably Raman and the so called International communitie's enthusiasm for regime change in the LTTE is that they have found that Prabakaran and the LTTE, cannot be subverted or bought off like the many other tamil politicians and freedom fighters. However the majority of tamil people of eelam beleive that he is correct and will support him. So these kind of psy ops are not going to work. Terrorising the the tamil people will only increase their determination to resist.Fornutately with a million diaspora overseas resistance will continue till the Eelam tamils feel they have got what they deserve. You may be able to gag the media in sri lanka but with the internet age every attrocity is documented and some day will come back to bite you.The number of videos on the internet showing the toll on civillians will continue to grow and india will have nowhere to hide their cold blooded involvement in the genocidal activities of the singhala government.

Posted by: seyan | January 29, 2009 07:30 AM

Where is the end of war in sight? Territories have shrunk. But Tiger's men and materials have not been damaged to any significant extent. Is it really possible to force lakhs of people to go behind Tigers at such an adverse condition as prevailing now, unless and otherwise majority of the people support them? See the kind of turnaround in Tamilnadu, where people are emotionally getting charged more and more in support of Tigers. Or the case of Eelam Tamils in various countries, carrying LTTE flag in their hands and marching in the streets...All this clearly shows, the game is far from over for the Srilankan army. Tigers are not isolated and cornered. In fact they are getting more and more support and will likely to rise more powerfully than before. Please recollect what General Kalkat of IPKF has said: Srilankans have not achieved any victory, until if they overcome the Tigers at Wanni jungles.

Posted by: Ashokkumar | January 29, 2009 08:10 AM

"In a situation like this, it is impossible to establish whose artillery killed whom."

I wonder your Great MILITARY Analysis....
Its So Funny SIR...

Posted by: Roger Nathan | January 29, 2009 08:32 AM

A brilliant assessment about the fate of SL Tamils, it cannot be explained any better than this. As author has mentioned, the SL Tamils future is hanging on the balance, and only the Diaspora Tamils have the 'power' to decide the fate of their liability. But, would they? it's a very big question. If the Diaspora Tamils still believe that their 'leader' can achieve their main objective Eelam, then they must be living in a fantasy world. On the other hand, the SL government MUST do their part in winning the hearts of Tamils and an acceptable solution to them too. The Indian government should take a lead and active role in the political process.

Posted by: Sivaji | January 29, 2009 08:35 AM

Terrorism takes many forms. The lankan government's brutal suppression of media, denial of civic rights of citizens under the Prevention of Terrorism act, arbitary arrests and detention for 180 days without indictment, abductions by "white vans", extortions, robberies and rapes by hooded gunmen, killings of persons even in the 'liberated east', massacres of tamilcivilins in the community and in custody etc. are Acts of State Terrorism and have been going on for the past many decades.The reports of UN personnel, many human rights organisations and the non aligned lankan intellectuals are indicative of the lankan state's action on its own citizens.
To say that a mere few thousands of LTTE prevent civilians escaping the conflict zone is acceptance of the canard of the lankan militry. The tamils very well know how those who escaped are being held in detention camps and prevented from seeking their own means of existence.The military are preventing the exodus of civilians, to blame their slaughter on the LTTE.
India is helping the lankan military with personnel and supply of arms.
The diaspora who are in constant communication with their kith & kin back home know the truth of what is happening and this is why they are protesting the massacre of civilins by the SLArmy in many capitals in the west. Armchair mlitary strategists cannot know the truth.

Posted by: Nathan | January 29, 2009 09:09 AM

Thank you, Mr Raman, for exposing this megalomaniac to the world. He has not only destroyed Sri Lanka, but he has destroyed entire generations of Tamils in Sri Lanka as well.
Tamils living abroad, whilst being guilt-ridden for not being in the 'war front', have knowingly and unknowingly fallen for this madman's porpaganda. These expatriate Tamils should also hold serious responsibility for what they have done to their own people in Sri Lanka, by providing financial support to this madman.

Posted by: Lak | January 29, 2009 09:15 AM

Sensible and pragmatic objective analysis. The whole world is closely watching the situation with anxiety. The donor countries and the human rights organizations all over the world is greatly concerned about the entrapped innocent civilians. Western countries must be having their own aerial and human intelligence by now. LTTE moving artilleries to safe zone and engaging in provocative firing at the army ,the army's retaliation with no concern for the lives and well being of the entrapped civilians must stop immediately. In the days of advanced satellite technology, real time aerial surveying must be initiated by UN. By this the world will know whether LTTE is misusing the Safe zone for combat. With that information the international organizations must engage the other countries for necessary action. Both Sri Lankan Government and LTTE must be accountable for any further human loss. All UN and ICRC people and their families must be immediately be set free to move out of war zone by LTTE. There is a fear that army will mistreat the escaped civilians, may be influenced by LTTE propaganda or there may be genuine truth in the fear. UN must immediately assemble a multilateral peace keeping force including the Indian army to handle the dignified treatment of escapees and strict adherence of International humanitarian laws by both warring parties. It must have a mandate to interfere if LTTE holds the population against their wishes. If not the situation should be escalated to hostage situation and handled accordingly. Trained experienced hostage negotiators must be engaged to communicate with the LTTE leadership. Govt. Of Sri Lanka must facilitate this or must face the consequences. Expatriate Tamils has got a great role in lobbying and influencing their respective elected representatives of the western countries to put an immediate pressure on their respective government for a concrete humanitarian action. They must not still be delusional and in denial mode for any more, and be courageous to face the reality. Salvaging the best outcome at this time is more important than living in a state of denial. Adamant Sri Lankan government which refuses to declare ceasefire and LTTE's inhuman approach of holding the innocent civilians at gun point must stop and the internal forces in Sri Lanka is incapable to do this themselves and hence the need for the international forces. Any delay to do something at this juncture will cost enormous human cost

Posted by: Watch Dog | January 29, 2009 09:29 AM


If conventional fighting is not possible, then you revert to guerilla warfare.Fighting is fighting regardless of what type it will notice that the ltte retreats with all its cadres and equipment intact.remember what happened when the americans invaded was a cake walk without any conventional iraqui least the ltte is trying to kill as many srilankan army before melting commander is a realist. that is why he wants to double the army to hold onto territory. the question is how long can srilanka continue the war without the economy cracking open.whether the war is guerilla or conventional makes no difference for the economy.indicators such as public debt,inflation, forein exchange reserves, lending rates, lack of investment in infrastructure all points to an acute financial crisis round the corner.prabaharan knows that and is just hanging on till it happens. unlike rajapakse he does not have an economy to worry about.the government also realises this and is pushin hard the soldiers who all credit to them have been tirelessly moving forward without resting.

Posted by: shankar | January 29, 2009 09:43 AM

Yes indeed! If the LTTE even at this late stage oust Prabhakaran and lay down arms so many lives, of both LTTE and of SL Forces can be saved. More over the helpless civilians LTTE is keeping by force will not be caught in the middle. If not the implications will be fatal to LTTE and drastic to the civilians.
Still we see frequent attempts by the world tamil diaspora, who in fact misled and kept Prabhakaran going to achieve an utopian Ealam, sitting in relative safety and comfort, arousing the international media with a vain attempt to achieve a cease fire in order to save their puppet, Prabhakaran, to fight another day. Though their twisted publicity is gaining ground to a certain extent for Mr. Brown to recommend a ceasefire to a tamil UK paliamentarian, unlike in the last two times, this time LTTE has no chance of rebouncing. The IC and India have seen the real LTTE tiger and is not prepared to bail him out. Norway is regurgling a bit about the civilians but now that they have been exposed, nobody takes them as a serious impartial negotiator.

Posted by: Garawi | January 29, 2009 10:13 AM

Well Said Mr. Raman... Well said...

Posted by: Ishan | January 29, 2009 10:34 AM

Mr. Raman,

You do understand that the whole Tamil community is with V. Prabaharan and you are suggesting tamils do an introspection for the future.
Are you saying that Tamils has not rights to choose their leaders?
Suggestion: Instead of forcing the whole Tamil community to do an introspection, you or the few politicians should review your stand on Tamils and LTTE

Posted by: Vimal | January 29, 2009 10:52 AM

Dear Raman, why do I think that you have written this piece NOT because you would like to advise the word wide Tamil community on what is good for SL Tamils, but taken this opportunity to terrorize the already terrorized SL Tamils and to encourage the LTTE cadres to fulfil your goal, what IPKF could not achieve.

Your following statements tells it all "It is time for the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora to assert itself and call upon the LTTE cadres to overthrow Prabakaran and other leaders, arrest them, hand them over to the Sri Lankan authorities and proclaim a unilateral ceasefire.It is time for the diaspora to come to terms with the reality and act before more civilians are killed.If they fail to do so and continue to encourage Prabakaran in his irrational illusions, history will judge them harshly."

1. You are talking about killing VP. - Why? Are you in love with him? As you think, if VP is a liability for Tamils, dead or arrested, should not matter to Tamils, correct? - Isn't it this is your little greed to get your hands on the live VP?

2. Declaring unilateral ceasfire? For what good? LTTE tried that before. Do you think the Terrorist state will be different this time? When it comes to Tamils, the Terrorrist has only one goal. - That is, at any cost, the Tamils should not have equal rights to Sinhalese in SL.

3. History is going to judge Diaspora Tamils? Get real. When the regional super power is just sitting next to the genocide site, and encouraging the Terrorist state with weapons and otherwise to have a go on the Tamils, the Diaspora, which has no powers to stop the genocide will be judged?

Posted by: M FERN | January 29, 2009 12:06 PM

Quoting "In the past, many of the conventional fighters of the LTTE came from the Eastern Province and many of the terrorists from the Northern Province"

What do you really mean by the above statement? It is absolutely wrong and if you could check up on the martyrs list of LTTE, the majority of them are from north. Can you define the terms "conventional fighters" and "Terrrorists" from your own word of understanding

Posted by: Edward | January 29, 2009 12:37 PM

One more Tamil leader lost to Sinhala leaders:

1) GG Ponnambalam lost to Sinhala leaders on 50/50 rights for Tamils.
2) SJV Selvanayagam lost to Sinhala leaders on Federalism for North-East
3) A Amirthalingam lost to Sinhala leaders on District Councils for North-East.
4) V Prabhakaran lost to Sinhalese on Self-determination rights for Tamils.
5) TBD


Posted by: aratai | January 29, 2009 12:41 PM

"In the past, many of the conventional fighters of the LTTE came from the Eastern Province and many of the terrorists from the Northern Province"
mr raman
we know who you are
you and your **** intelligence
why dont you close your mouth if you cannot say the truth
indians always shift the side with the wind

Posted by: hope | January 29, 2009 01:09 PM

Aren't you the same chap who was talking Stalingrad crap a while back about the fighting prowess of the Tamil Tigers? Was it all wishful thinking or are you writing while gorging on another chappathi and vadai from Madras? While in this article your assessment is correct, you need to go back and read your crappy "SL Army cannot win; They will meet their match in Knochchi" negativism. Soon, the SL special forces will start waging jungle warfare. And then your Indian creation(do you have amnesia? remember WHO armed, trained and financed this monster????) will really have to be taken back to Gandhi land by RAW.

Posted by: Roger Francis | January 29, 2009 01:24 PM

Hitler was too greedy and evaded foreign lands and lost the morality of his fighters. Where in Tamil Eelam, Pirapaharan is only fighting to protect the Tamil ethnic land from Sri Lankan state terrorist government and Indian Congress government.

Your example of Hitler will be more fit for the SL President Mahinda and Indian Congress Leader Sonia.

History will repeat.... but not way you stated.... It will be reversed...

First, Urge your Congress Government to stop this war and save these trapped civilians. And then order your SL and Indian army to fight with LTTE.

Posted by: Mayu Sub | January 29, 2009 02:26 PM

well said!

Posted by: Anonymous | January 29, 2009 02:33 PM

Isnt this the idiot who talked about a Stalingrad and LTTE bleeding the SL army to death in he wants to selectively quote his own website analsysis which are contradictory !!!

Be ready for a surprise

Posted by: Raman Dghter | January 29, 2009 03:49 PM

Mad sinhalese fools should stop killing innocent poor Tamils.Remember Srilanka belongs to Tamils & Sinhalese.

Posted by: francis | January 29, 2009 04:07 PM

The worst thing happened to Tamils of SL is the LTTE and it's leader. Today many in the Western world and some in India especially Tamil Nadu want to give a life line to a brutal and terrorist organisation such as LTTE which destoryed whole generation of Tamils of SL and their future. If they succeed it would be disaster for the Tamils.
Newly I went to a meeting about Sri Lankan issue in a Western Country. The so called 'western expert' on Sri Lankan issue try to convince the participants LTTE as freedom fighters and defended their terrorist methods to achive their goals. The West still characterize as 'good terrorists' whom not against them and 'bad terrorists' whom against them. These are the people who should be the reason for the problem in Sri Lanka has been extended such a long time.

Posted by: Surya | January 29, 2009 04:23 PM

The Tamil diaspora in the western world should take their fair share of blame on distroying the whole future of the Tamils in SL. The hardcore LTTE supporters amoung Tamil diaspora should never allowed to enter Sri Lanka and should be put to trial for terrorism.
I am also a Tamil diaspora neither supported or get involved with the LTTE activities in the west. But we never felt safe to put our voice against these elements because of reprisals to us and our families. First time in last 30 years of history most Tamils can stand against the LTTE without fear.

other important aspect in a post LTTE period is the India's involvment in this problem. India has a morale responsibility to take care of well being of Tamils and help to find a viable solution.

Posted by: Surya | January 29, 2009 04:36 PM

I'm a Srilankan Tamil who is living in Australia. I totally agree with you sir.The time has come to change the strategy of the fighting of Srilanka Tamil.We need to realize that terrorism won't get anything for the SL tamils.Thanks.

Posted by: Sraswathy | January 29, 2009 05:05 PM

Finaly a man with some sanity . Good article .


Posted by: Ruwan | January 29, 2009 06:05 PM

Well done Mr. B. Raman!

Posted by: Pradeep | January 29, 2009 09:03 PM

Come on Prabaharan

Dont hold the innocent Tamils as your own shield. Why dont you expose your wife, children and members of immidiate family to shield you. You are a cward and a gutless idiot.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH you stupid fool

Posted by: A Tamil Man from Australia | January 29, 2009 09:09 PM

Dear Col.Raman

Human right tragedy in the Vanni has become a double edges sword for the combatants, both the LTTE and the Government’s war mongers. Apart from trading charges of HR violation for the consumption of the International Community (IC), neither the LTTE nor the Government really cares about the innocent public – and that is a fact beyond doubt.

The so called IC has become such an ineffective set of heads of states they can do sweet nothing about anything happening around them, other than issuing an all two well known words of ‘concern’, and ‘condemnation’ of the atrocities. Very pathetic Indeed! On the other hand there is very little they can do, given the global recession, increasing unemployment and resultant unrest in their own countries. What they are currently doing is to keep up the semblance of the nonexistent status co.

A lot of people know it, but do not want to believe it, that Terrorism is number one business in the world. Compared to other prolific businesses, terrorism has a success rate of 65% which is the highest in any international business. Terrorism, whether it is carried out by groups of individuals or Governments in the name of counter-terrorism, the real masters are face-less and manipulating from behind the scene. If we want to believe that Prabakaran was the architect of his organization, we are making the biggest mistake of the century. It is now more than apparent that masters have fallen foul of him for some reason they are shifting their stance and facilitating the weeding process of the LTTE using the Govt. machinery. What the government fails to understand is that it is going to face the same fate as that of the LTTE in the final analysis, albeit much sooner than later.

The masters then would have achieved their objectives and direct their tentacles in a different direction for which they have already laid the foundation. They will leave a lot of scarred Tamil minds that would never forgive the majority community that has blatantly failed to mete out justice in respect of the reasonable demands for recognition as citizens of this country and a set of fundamentalist more intent on opposing any concessions to the Tamils for the Government had recourse to articulate ‘nationalism’ synonymous with ‘Buddhism’, ‘Unitary State’ synonymous with ‘Sinhala Only’ slogans. The feeling is that the mere mention of the APRC proposals brings goose pimples to the fundamentalists like JVP, JHU etc. ‘déjà-vu’ SWRD era! Realistically they do know it is wrong, but that is their perceived means of political survival and we are back to square one.

The masters have definitely made a dent in the Tamilnadu psyche which will be the next breeding ground for unrest, predictably involving the whole region. Bigger business, bigger profits!

The UN has now become a toothless lion. The way the UN and the IC behaved in the face of atrocities committed by the Israelis is more than reprehensible. It was obvious that that they could not do anything to Israelis because it is a nuclear power ably defended by USA. This stance would encourage non-nuclear nations to go nuke and nobody could blame them. In the meantime, it would not be long before the terrorist master go nuke and that would be the beginning of the end.

Posted by: Kingsley | January 30, 2009 01:17 AM

Staphnnie Nolan, canadian journalist reports from Trincomlee that the Human Rights Commission has records of 98 persons abducted by 'white vans' last year.The tamils who moved out of the war zone are detained in camps run by the military and are not allowed to go whereever they wish to, to commence new lives and livelihoods. Some have been arrested and detained in custody on suspicion of being LTTE members/supporters.The northern province outside the war zone is under the control of EPDP paramilitaries(assisted by the SLArmy), who have checkpoints in all highways ( as reported to the president by Mr Anandasangaree ), & who compel them to buy the EPDP newspaper Thinamurasu and attend "rallies" organised by the EPDP on behalf of the government. Ongoing human rights violations including robberies and abductions continue.In this climate, the civilians are most probably unwilling to leave the conflict zone and get into a worse situation. The distinction between 'conventional fighters' from the eastern povince and 'terrorists' from the nothern province is nebulous. Diaspora are aware of the reality of civilians being killed,mainly by government forces' shelling and bombing ever since the nothern fighting commenced and are appealing that this be stopped. It is naive to think that LTTE cadres would capture and hand over their leaders to sri lankan authorities. It is not Prabakaran, but Mahina Rajapakse who is becoming more and more like Hitler, with complete control of the state agencies and armed forces, with his ongoing quest to remain in power at any cost. A western diplomat is reported to have said that "This government makes the right noises, but wishes to wipe out the tamils" as a solution to the confilct. The diplomats in colombo know the realities of the situation.

Posted by: Nathan | January 30, 2009 11:22 AM

Dear Mr. Raman,

Are you saying the after Prabhaharan tamils in Sri Lanka should be enslaved by Sinhalese or wiped out completely? This is what will happen if Prabharan loses.

India or any other international country will not have any influence to bring about a solution after that. There will be no emancipation for the tamils for ever.

Are you advocating such a situation just because the muddled indian mind thinks that free tamil eelam is a threat to India. Even if it is going to be a threat what is the justification for wiping out an entire race from this earth? Shouldn't intelligent people think of live and let live.


Posted by: Jude | January 30, 2009 01:45 PM

To answer to posts by seyan, shankar and Ashokkumar
I wonder you people are brainwashed monsters do not understand the level of seriousness in current ground realities. Today we Tamils reduced to rambles and worse off than even in 1983. People like you may be living comfortably in a Western country while serving your white masters. At the same time help your masters to distory a whole country's future by sending money to fasict and terrorist organisation LTTE. Sri lankan Tamil diaspora more loyal their white masters than our Asian neighbours. It's no wonder why we suffer immensely. please try to stop this madness soon as possible otherwise only history will find Tamils lived in Sri Lanka once upon a time.

Posted by: Surya | January 30, 2009 04:18 PM

What Indian Congress & Soniya Gang doing is destroying the Indian unity. They have broken the principles alnong which Mahatma Gandhi created your nation and indian congress.

By just go and see the what tamil people are saying, look at all the protests around the world can u see that its sri lanka is commiting a genacide with the help India.
That what the people think. That support will always will be there. Prabaharan is
a freddom figter. That what 80 milion tamils in the world thinks.

Posted by: msothilingam | January 31, 2009 04:27 AM

Though comments like the one from Surya doesn't necessarily warrant an answer,it is better if they are not carried away by the recent advances of the Srilankan army.It is not Tamils who are waging a war to subjugate Sinhalese under them but wise versa. It is Tamils who are facing the brutal military attack and suffering inhuman hardships heaped on them. It is this mindset of the some Sinhala Chavanists for the past six decades which has resulted in the explosive situation now. Is wiping out one community is the solution? You have seven crore Tamils snaring at you just above and is it possible to go after them also? Let us not go back to stone ages. We have to coexist with different communities and religions. Why try to suppress and boss over one another?

Posted by: Ashokkumar | January 31, 2009 05:37 AM

The topic here is the fat thamby.

There are many similarities between Hitler of Nazi Germany and Vellupillai Prabakarn of Nazi Eelam(the dreamland of the LTTE).

+ Both Hitler and VP dream of a mono ethnic state by cleansing the other races from their dreamland.

+ They both manupulated the ethnic groups the claim to represent to achieve the objectives.
+ Now at the eleventh hour still believe in a reversal of the lost fortunes and gain the lost land.
+ They both dis not seem to realise that their own people abandon these two to betray him, because they do not belive in the Hitler's or VPs struggles.
+ Just the way Hiltler has requested, VP's final request is to burn his body, should he be killed or forced to bite the cynide pill.
A loyal tiger is said to be always by his side with a can of petrol to douse his body.

The world is better off today wihout Hitler.
The tamils are better off without VP in the future.

Posted by: zulu | January 31, 2009 09:51 AM

Thank you for admitting Sri Lankan Tamils---including their overseas diaspora are supporting LTTE. I can see what your intention is. No matter how hard you do your propaganda against LTTE Sri Lankan Tamils---including their overseas diaspora are not going to stop their support to LTTE and its leader. It looks like to me more and more Tamils are joining together in support of Independent state for Tamils in Sri Lanka as the real estate under LTTE control is shrinking.

Posted by: Koman | January 31, 2009 02:03 PM

During 80' Indian gave money to LTTE to plant bombs in Sinhala area.
During 90's Indian fought Tamils
During 2000's Inadian are giving money bomb Tamil
What you guys want from our Small Nation.

Posted by: Ravi | January 31, 2009 11:16 PM

a very important factor in the near future is the indian general elections.prabaharan must be counting the days for it.if congress loses it will be another lifeline for him.the BJP is not going to go after him. the congress is pushing hard the srilankan army to get him before the election.those who are crying out for india to stop the war are bloody is india that is the main force behind the war trying to get cant blame them.this is the last chance before the election to avenge rajivs death.the trend in elections in india is the government always comes a cropper.BJP might even go to the extent of clandestinely helping the ltte.if the BJP wins everyone will be surprised at how quickly the war stops.notice the way the israelis withdrew from gaza the day obama took over.

Posted by: shankar | February 1, 2009 08:55 AM

Don't listen to a guy from the Indian establishment about what SL Tamils should or shouldn't do. We have to stay strong under one leadership. Otherwise, we will be destroyed.

Posted by: Murugan | February 2, 2009 12:00 AM

It is very evident that Mr.Raman is pro Indian establishment and supports it's so called geo political interests! So one cannot expect him to be sympatehetic to the plight of Tamils and not even to give a fair and neutral analysis. His article clearly reflects his hatred towards Tigers. India should stop fishing in the troubled waters of Srilanka. As the old saying goes, if you cannot render any help atleast donot harm others.

Posted by: Ashokkumar | February 2, 2009 05:36 AM

Well written Mr Raman!!
It is unfortunate that some tamil expatriates do not simply understand the plight of the innocent civilians. They will never return to those areas to witness after all, it is convenient for them to hold the remote controller. If the LTTE is standing by the rights of Tamil people then they must not hold them as hostages. As for Mr Pirapaharan, he is more scared of his own people rather than government forces. He knows how many innocent tamils he has killed in the past.

Posted by: Liyanage | February 5, 2009 07:07 AM

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