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How the LTTE was destroyed and power grab for the international network

by Shanaka Jayasekara

Consider for a moment if it was possible to defeat the Hezbollah or Hamas. The achievements of the Sri Lankan security forces are of a comparable scale. There were no coalition troops or hi-tech geospatial imagery or other hi-tech equipment, it was the strength and courage of the indigenously trained Sri Lankan security forces that accomplished a feat considered by many as impossible. The Sri Lankan forces militarily decimated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) regarded as one of the most dangerous and deadliest terrorist groups in the world.

The LTTE was considered a trail blazer in terms of terrorist technology and innovation. The hallmark of the LTTE, the suicide body suite was perfected by the LTTE and proliferated globally as the most lethal terror device used by terrorist groups today. The LTTE over a period of three decades progressively strengthened from a guerilla outfit, to having a conventional capability that controlled territory. At the time of the ceasefire agreement in February 2002, the LTTE had military dominance over most parts of the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

The group was founded on an autocratic dictatorship that lasted from its origins to the very end. In a way having a single leader for thirty years retarded its decision making capacity and that of the Tamil community. The group was centered around the cult of Velupillai Prabakaran and his intransigent worldview. His zero sum mindset which considered no alternative but a separate state was unattainable and unrealistic when over 40% of the Tamil population lived in the south of the island. However, for Prabakaran it was military gains that brought him closer to achieving a separate state. He mirrored the LTTE on the structures of a standing army. It had several combat formations (Charles Anthony Brigade, Imran Pandiya Brigade, Jejantha Brigade, Leopard Commando Unit), Women’s units (Malathi Brigade, Sothiya Brigade) artillery and mortar units (Kutti Shirri Mortar regiment, Victor anti armor unit), intelligence (TOSIS), suicide unit (Black Tigers), maritime (Sea Tigers), Telecom/radar unit, Shipping/logistic support (Sea Pigeons) and air wing (Sky Tigers). The support units consisted of the recruitment wing, weapons procurement (KP Department), finance (Thamilenthi group), mobile health (Theleepan Health Units), Overseas diaspora (Castro division), propaganda/publicity, satellite television (NTTE Nitharshanam), political affairs, social services (TRO), IT support (Vanni Tech), war veteran welfare (Mahaveer), internal security (TE Police) and tribunals (TE Courts)..

The military capability of the LTTE provided the space to develop the trapping of a de-facto administration in areas controlled by the group. The international network and logistics facilities provided resources and weapons for Prabakaran’s army.

The decline of the Tamil Eelam project came following the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The LTTE which was armed and trained by the Indian intelligence RAW, had lost its most important support base politically and militarily which they could never regain. The LTTE in the 1990s grew in strength due to political incompetence and rampant corruption in military procurement in the Sri Lankan government. The reversals faced by the Sri Lankan forces in Operation Jaya Sikuru and Agni Kheela, as well as LTTE operation Unceasing Waves III which captured Elephant Pass redefined the LTTE’s as a formidable military power.

The appointment of Gotabaya Rajapaksa brother of the President as Defence Secretary in November 2005 changed the military landscape in Sri Lanka. He provided decisive political leadership to the military and placed the country on a war footing. Over a two year period (2006-2008) he expanded troop numbers by almost 40%, with the induction of over 70,000 new troops to the three armed services and 40,000 new guards to the civil defence force.

The government exploited the defection of the LTTE Eastern commander Karuna Amman and the disbanding of young combatants by capturing the entirety of the Eastern Province by July 2007.

The Sri Lankan navy undertook deep sea operations in international waters and destroyed nine merchant vessels of the LTTE between March to October 2007. The regular induction of weapons and ammunitions to the LTTE using its merchant fleet was critical to maintain its military power. The destruction of the LTTE supply chain capability was the single decisive factor that changed the LTTE from being a formidable military force to a group gasping for survival. The almost complete destruction of the LTTE shipping fleet was possible due to advance technical intelligence and satellite data provided by the US Pacific Command to the Sri Lanka Navy. It demonstrated the close counter terrorism cooperation between the Bush administration and Sri Lanka prior to the Senator Leahy amendment.

The international network of the LTTE was disrupted in the five major fundraising countries. The law enforcement authorities in the United States, France, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia detained key LTTE leaders. The networks had to be reorganized, systems redesigned and rebuilt which was an unnecessary distraction to the LTTE at the time.

The Indian security paradigm had changed. Indian security was threatened by the proliferation of un-governed territory in the sub-continent. In Pakistan large areas of the FATA regions were un-governed, in Nepal the Maoist had taken control of territory and in Sri Lanka the LTTE had control of the Vanni. The LTTE had aquaired stand-off weapons, a naval force and an air wing which all had potential threat implications to India. It was in the broader interest of Indian security to permit the elimination of the LTTE.

Sri Lankan diplomacy exploited what could be called the new world order in a post economic crisis era. The raising influence of India and China as important global actors, and the decline of the west in international politics was effectively used by Sri Lanka to minimize any external intervention.

The combination of these factors and the superior ground tactics adopted by the Security Forces prevailed in the final battle. The victorious security forces not only defeated the LTTE, but also rescued over 250,000 Tamil civilians that were forcibly held as a human shield by the LTTE. The rescue operation was a turning point in war, the rush of civilians towards the safety of the security forces disproved the misinformation campaign carried out in world capitals by the Tamil diaspora.

On Monday 18 May, there were reports of Prabakaran being killed attempting to flee the battlefield, however, it was on Tuesday 19 May, when an army snippier named Priyantha took out five targets on the banks of the Nanthikadal lagoon that Prabakaran was killed. The snippier had shot Prabakaran in the forehead and the bullet pierced his skull. The four bodyguards around Prabakaran were also shot by the snippier. It was then that the government was able to provide conclusive evidence that Prabakaran was dead.

The security forces completely destroyed the senior leadership of the LTTE preventing any rallying point for a revival of the group. The security forces have also recovered over 11,000 T-56 assault rifles, 25 artillery guns, a main battle tank and other sophisticated weaponry of the LTTE. In addition, large quantities of files, papers and computers relating to LTTE operations have been recovered providing valuable insights into the operations of the LTTE. Over 7100 LTTE combatants have surrendered voluntarily to the security forces.

Since the 19 May 2009, the only representation of the LTTE remains among the overseas Tamil diaspora. The international network of the LTTE operated under the leadership of Veerakathy Manivannam (alias Castro) upto 30 January 2009. Facing imminent defeat at the hands of the Sri Lankan security forces, Prabakaran appointed the head of weapons procurement based in Thailand, Selvarajah Pathmanathan (alias Kumaran Pathmanathan, KP), as the new head of LTTE international relations.

Selvarajah Pathmanathan (KP) had been sidelined due to personality clashes especially with political head Tamilselvan. Furthermore, the KP Department which undertook procurement activity was sidelined during the ceasefire period with a flood of diaspora activists dealing directly with LTTE seniors in Kilinochchi. The LTTE international network that was developed by Castro (Castro network) had distanced itself from the KP network. Furthermore, in the absence of KP in the forefront, the Castro network taken control of LTTE international finances. The funds collected by the LTTE and stored in secret bank accounts by Sanna (Netherlands) and Nehrujee (UK) were being controlled through the Castro network. In addition, the LTTE had a very active overseas intelligence wing (Aiyanna network) which kept watch over diaspora activity and reported to directly Kilinochchi.

As Selvarajah Pathmanathan (KP) attempts to take control of the LTTE international network using a remote office in Oslo, the Castro network and the Aiyanna network do not recognize his authority. The most recent statement by Pathmanathan announcing the death of Prabakaran was dismissed by the Castro network (now called the LTTE Department of Diaspora Affairs). The three groups are scrambling to take control of LTTE overseas assets, there will be blood spilt and a few will benefit personally given LTTE records have been destroyed. The LTTE battle ground will shift overseas to the Tamil diaspora with each group attempting to define its territory, geographically or thematically.

The LTTE networks overseas will remain disassociated from the conflict if they do not build ground capability in Sri Lanka. Each group will attempt to revive at least a minimalist guerilla capability as soon as possible. It is imperative for the overseas elements to demonstrate control over ground operations, firstly to achieve credibility and recognition, secondly to boost the morale the depressed Tamil diaspora and thirdly discredit the government’s claim of destroying the LTTE. It is likely in the short term attacks on soft-targets could be carried out to demonstrate the continued existence of the LTTE. This will also facilitate overseas leaders to assert authority over the LTTE network.

In the Northern Ireland situation dissatisfied members of the IRA formed the “Continuity-IRA” and remained militarily active after the IRA ended hostile activity. In Sri Lanka such a scenario can develop given the stocks of weapons buried and yet undetected in the Northern Province. There is a likelihood that senior and middle level combatants will have difficulty integrating into the community due to issues of respect and status without the LTTE. Therefore the screening and rehabilitation process of the 7100 surrendered combatants managed professionally to avert such a situation.

(Shanaka Jayasekara is Associate Lecturer,Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism (PICT), Macquarie University,Sydney, Australia)


Mr. Shanaka Jayasekara:

Read your article with interest. First, Sri Lanka is not Israel. You have not stated that, however, you are alluding to maybe claiming that Sri Lanka has done the something unattainable by IDF. Please remember that Sri Lanka is a third world back water, human rights abuser of mainly Tamils, and also of Sinhalese as the situation demands (remember the JVP), and according to the democratic nations (not Eygpt, Saudi Arabia (as Catholics, Hindus, or anybody but the Muslims cannot even worship there, Or Russia the Putin paradise) , involved in killing over 20,000 Tamil civilians in the latest offensive.

Sri Lanka lost over 60,000 soliders in the offensive, inspite of the help by China, Paksistan, India, Russia, Vietnam, and the list is endless.

Sri Lanka merely supplied the bodies. Weapons , strategey,tactical decisions were and expert help such as pilots were given by the human rights abusers on Sri Lanka's side.

As for Prabakaran being dead you are trying to kill a man through fiction that you were unable to kill in real life. Please, did you invent Priyantha the sniper.

I suggest that you have a cold one, preferably a few Fosters and repent for the stories that you are trying to concoct.

However, Sir, I am not denying that you have substatial inside information on the past happenings, but please refrain from filling the critical gaps in your story. Prabakaran is hiding somewhere drinking thambili while the Army proves that he is dead with the non-exisistent DNA. Really, how can anyone take your Priyantha story seriously. Or, are you thinking of Priyanthi?

Posted by: Raj Ram | May 30, 2009 05:20 PM

God help Macquarie University

Posted by: Jay Shanker | May 30, 2009 07:15 PM

Dear Shanaka,
A nice summary of the decimation of the Tiger terror network, what happened in Sri Lanakn will serve as a blue print for future wars on counter insurgency simply because that is the only such war that has been won- have a look at whats happening in Pak/NWFP-Swat valley, looks like the Gothabaya doctrine is getting traction in the West despite their petty brow beating.

Posted by: Ratna | May 30, 2009 10:30 PM

This article gave me quite a good laugh.

"There were no coalition troops or hi-tech geospatial imagery or other hi-tech equipment"

Oh really? But the author goes on to admit: "The almost complete destruction of the LTTE shipping fleet was possible due to advance technical intelligence and satellite data provided by the US Pacific Command to the Sri Lanka Navy"

Actually it was India that supplied the above satellite data. India also sent troops to Sri Lanka (some of the so-called Indian "field hospitals" served the double purpose of espionage).

"The Indian security paradigm had changed."

India was never under threat from the LTTE. India helped Sri Lanka because of Sonia Gandhi's personal vendetta. Suffice it to say, Sonia knew exactly what she was doing, which was apparent when she did not bother to campaign in Tamil Nadu under the pretense of "security."

"The raising influence of India and China as important global actors, and the decline of the west in international politics was effectively used by Sri Lanka to minimize any external intervention."

The West is not in decline. The failures of the United Nations are the failures of the United Nations. Both powerful Eastern and Western countries will play it like a fiddle when it suits their purpose. It is the redundancy of the United Nations that Sri Lanka used to its advantage. One could not expect the West to reasonably intervene for a number of reasons: (I) economic recession (II) lack of any particularly lucrative natural resources in Sri Lanka such as oil, and (III) India (which is recognized as the leader of this part of the subcontinent). So the West limited itself to meek outbursts of protests when the occasion was appropriate.

"however, it was on Tuesday 19 May, when an army snippier named Priyantha"

I have never heard such a name in connection with VP's death until I read the above article. In any case, whether it was Priyantha or Jayantha or Susantha who took out VP, we will never know. We will not even know for certain the actual manner in which VP's demise took place. BUT it is a moot point. There are others to take his place.

"Since the 19 May 2009, the only representation of the LTTE remains among the overseas Tamil diaspora."

Actually there are a large number of Tigers still in the East. There are also "sleeper cells" in Colombo awaiting orders from the high command.

". It is likely in the short term attacks on soft-targets could be carried out to demonstrate the continued existence of the LTTE. This will also facilitate overseas leaders to assert authority over the LTTE network."

I agree with this. Although I'm not exactly how certain how "soft" the targets will be.

"Therefore the screening and rehabilitation process of the 7100 surrendered combatants managed professionally to avert such a situation."

Professional would imply a database of some sort, to which appropriate individuals and organizations had timely access. There is no such database in Sri Lanka... people simply disappear and are never heard from again.

Posted by: Dinesh Gopalapillai | May 30, 2009 11:11 PM

People have the right to dream, but it is unwise to try proving something with unsubstantiated claims.
We do not know how many died during the conflict. According to Vaico, 140,000 died. According to Times, 20,000 died. John Holmes thinks that the correct number would never be known. Ram, how did you know that for sure?
VP’s body has been identified by people who knew him personally. This is the standard procedure. One party has suggested something with evidence; therefore it is up to the other party to disapprove it with evidence.
I think loss of 6000 SLA soldiers should be true. If 60,000 died during the last three years, it should have been apparent to the general public. And that many deaths would never have gone unnoticed. This is common sense. Probably the SLA figure of the number of LTTE cadres killed may be inaccurate.
Ram, Sri Lanka has become a third world country mainly due to the war waged by a murderous, uncompromising psychopath supported by some expatriates who wanted the innocent Tamil children in Sri Lanka to becomes suicide bombers while their children being educated peacefully in the comfort of the western countries.

Posted by: Prasad | May 30, 2009 11:49 PM

Raj Ram, delude yourself like all the other tamil diaspora delusional population. Sooner you accept that your "sun dog" is dead, quicker you will live in reality. Delusion is the world of mentally deranged persons like late VP.
Atleast now and for the future,realise that Sri Lanka was and in future a peace loving country, where Muslims, Sinhalese, tamils and other communities can live, provided you rid your delusions.

Posted by: Tilak de Silva | May 31, 2009 12:13 AM

Yes.....i have been telling my friends all along that the wound on prabhakar's forehead is a long range heavy bore sniper's shot. The bullet had exited from the back skull blowing a part of it away.
He was most probably taken out by the sniper whithout him knowing the victims real identity. Maybe it was dawn and dark or it was raining that night so visual identification was difficult.
Snipers are usually taught to shoot on the head first to disable and disorient the target and then go for body shot,,, to finish the job.
For confidential reasons the SLA is not highlighting the snipers role or identity clearly to save him and his family from any revenge attack by the hidden LTTE remnants.
The startled look on his face in the final moment is a sign that death was sudden.
A captured and tortured person shot from point blank or very close range will not have this look.
Most Probably when they were making the final escape from the no-fire zone in a small team
with light weapons only they were ambushed.
I Think that the SLA were prepared that Prabhakaran & co will try to escape in a final bid from the evershrinking no-fire zone in a small group... so thay had an advance sniper teams ready.
As the snipers have long range rifles and are hidden or one can say blended with the local landscape and are trained to stay still for along time plus are away from clear shooting range of enemies ...they have an advantage of the first shot.
The SLA says that Prabhakaran was found with four of his bodyguards bodies near him which means that there were no survivors to burn his body as he had always wished after his death....they all were cut down one after another.
The Ambulance attack with burnt bodies and firing story could be a smoke screen by the LTTE to allow Prabhakaran to escape quickly. Knowing that all wirless communication are monitered in war zone as in peacetime and there is no secured frequency the LTTE Threw a final gamble to allow thier leader to escape and maybe the SLA were taken in by the story for some time that is why there was initial confusion and conflicting news on 17-18 MAY.After his body was found near the lagoon/beach all other unsure news came to rest.
Because it was raining that night and the temparature was cool the body did not detoriate badly and had a fresh look about it.
My theory is that his family may have been captured alive and could be at some secret location undergoing interrogation to extract maximum information or were also killed and the bodies burned/buried to destroy all proofs.[Ultimately they will be under disappeared list soon].
Of course i am saying this discounting all the conspiracy theory going around that it was his body double or a fake body or was he was captured earlier and killed later etc etc. I only say as i saw on TV etc. I have no privy to information that the SLA or RAW may have about this which may come out later or may never come out.
Thats all for now...

Posted by: Atif | May 31, 2009 12:48 AM

An excellent article as always, Jayasekara.

Posted by: Stephen Jones | May 31, 2009 12:56 AM

Raj Ram:
Right or wrong, there is more to come.
Times, Norway, Westborgs, Milibands, Clintons can stand on their heads and shout...
They can have Ranil as their lap dogs but wait for those who have made statements exposing the sleeping kotiyas...........
This time around its going to be a clean sweeep.
there are enough personell to verify statements.

Basically, what disgusts me is that you and the LTTe failed treat your own as human beings.
what you could not offer don't expect others to provide. However, others could have more humane qualities than you guys.

Posted by: David Singho | May 31, 2009 01:11 AM

The sniper story is new and another invented version of Sinhalese. Even the SLA is in confusion over VP's death or whereabouts. The release of the contradicting statements from battlefield proves this. As the CBI did not close the Rajiv File, it is reasonable to expect that VP is still at large. Thus this write try to convince the majority.

Any way, as it is evident, the Majority did not care for the Tamils in the past and do not care now. If the South wanted to reconcile as it says, it should have rushed the help for those IDP's before celebrating in the south.

All the occurrence in the south indicates not reconcile but further subversive sinister agendas to eliminate the Tamils.

But, I also have another thought on this. As Rajapakse do not command a majority in parliament, he might dance the dance of the south until next election which should give him the 2/3. After that The president will have the free hand to solve the political problem. I am a Tamil and I believe in Rajapakse as a different leader than any other presidents in Sri Lanka.

Take note: The domain name is for sale at sedo!

Posted by: Sathees | May 31, 2009 02:01 AM

Raj Ram,
You are absolutely right. This article is a complete lie. Prabakaran is alive and kicking. He will come to the limelight when the time is right. All we have to do is donate generously now that whole new lot of arms has to be purchesed. I donated #1000 yesterday. Have you done your duty to our beloved Eelam?

Posted by: nandana | May 31, 2009 03:50 AM

Its time to accept the facts and get on with life in SL & overseas.
What's the point on debating on these issues of the past.

We are truely thankful the war is over but the conflict goes on in the hearts and minds.

Violence had brought too much of suffering & destruction to innocent lives.

In armed conflicts the only poeple who prosper are the arm dealers & maufactures of arms. Its a vicious cycle one can not get out easily.

So hopefully all sinhalese & tamils who r yet to get out of their bitterness and hatred... Think of practising boxing for a change until u're angers melt down and u'r heads get cleared to think of reconcilliation and rebuilding lives & livelyhoods of many IDPs.

Can writers focus on real issues of the people and how to find solutions than harping on the past?

We need to think afresh, overcome our hatered and think of living together in one land as humans. Racism had done too much damage to this tiny nation... shed u'r racism and think straight.

Posted by: TRN | May 31, 2009 03:51 AM

Dear Shanaka Jayasekara

read your article with great interest, and some of the off topic comments. The war with LTTE required immense skill and tactical knowledge that no one could have given from outside of sri lanka. Our soldiers were in jungles at times wearing the same clothes for weeks, collecting gathering information of LTTE hideouts and movements before launching attacks.

Recently Pakistan captured the main city in Swat Valley, the weapons used by Taliban did not include GPMGs, thermobearic weapons, triple A, advanced suicide crafts, or creative bunkers-moats that ran for 100's of miles. This war for a small country like Sri Lanka is a huge achievement and should also usher in peace for Tamils who have been suffering under the jack boot of LTTE terrorism.

Though most Tamils are generally withdrawn from the destruction of LTTE, they are also of the opinion that it is an end to a cruel chapter for all Sri Lankans.

The next step, screen and the settlement IDPs after clearing Vanni of hidden arms, bombs, and mines.

Posted by: amarakone | May 31, 2009 05:07 AM

You have conveniently and perhaps selectively ignored some components of the Government’s winning strategy e.g. kidnapping/disappearance of Tamil businessmen who were compelled to fund the LTTE (more likely with the help of the information from Karuna and company, since this activity was very common since Karun’s defection), no access to independent news reporting which curtailed the information flow on human rights violations as well as military losses so that the Government can maintain its recruitment drive in the South.

Posted by: SydneySider | May 31, 2009 05:53 AM

Shanaka Jayasekara: "..when an army snippier named Priyantha ... The snippier ... shot by the snippier."

What is a "snippier"?
Perhaps Shanaka Jayasekara meant SNIPER - that is a military marksman who shoots from a long distance!
Associate Lecturer, Macquarie University,Sydney, Australia?? Oh dear!

Anyway that Shanaka Jayasekara has provided a name for the supposed SNIPER is clearly over-kill. Thus that story is a lie!
Yes, Priyantha may well exist and could well be a snippier somewhere, whatever that is, but clearly there was no SNIPER involved!

Shanaka Jayasekara: "..the screening and rehabilitation process of the 7100 surrendered combatants managed professionally.."

"managed professionally"??
Is that an euphemism for 'will be made to disappear without trace while ensuring all evidence is removed'?
Will they be professionally managed and choreographed to shoot each other as Palitha Kohona says Nadesan, Pulithevan and the other surrendering LTTE cadres did?
And who may we ask is going to professionally manage this "rehabilitation"?

Is the story of " three groups are scrambling to take control of LTTE .. [and] ... Each group will attempt to revive at least a minimalist guerilla capability as soon as possible" meant as justification for the 'professional management' of the surrenderees?

It is also interesting that Shanaka Jayasekara mentions only the "technical intelligence and satellite data provided by the US Pacific Command" in regard to the destruction of the LTTE's capabilities.
The US only?

But what about INDIAN technical assistance including personnel since the SriLankan forces did not know how to opperate the equipment? What about the Indian Naval and other intelligence? What about the Indian strategic and tactical advisers?
What about the massive ammount of military hardware from CHINA?
What about PAKISTAN?

So why no mention of these?
Guess who is calling for an invetigation into war crimes and human rights abuses by the SL forces!
Guess who wants to tie any loan to access to the war zone and IDP concentration camps?
The US and its Western allies!

I suspect that Shanaka Jayasekara wants the Tamils to turn against the US and the West at this juncture!

And Shanaka Jayasekara only says "The government exploited the defection of the LTTE Eastern commander Karuna" while he gives all praise to Gotabaya Rajapaksa.
However in truth just as Karuna played the master strategist and tactician while with the LTTE, so too he helped the SL forces as well as providing vital information.
And what about the mercenaries who piloted the supersonic fighter planes?

Posted by: N2 | May 31, 2009 06:19 AM

Mr Jayasekara seems to have collected enough information for his assessmennt of the situation in Sri
lanka, past present and future.I have to disagree with him of his attempt to compare LTTE with Hizbollah or Hamas,just to glorify the victory of Srilanka's army will be an exaggeration.Hamas and Hizbollah are facing a nuclear armed enemy supported by super powers.There is no question that LTTE was deadly,there is no question either, of the country's military strength.The main point missing here is,the LTTE survived on international,Tamil and non Tamil pressure upon Srilankan govts.And India in particular,was selective of a beneficiary of LTTE defeat and this retarded the process.LTTE killed Rajiv and a Srilankan soldier tried to hit him at guard of honour.
It was too late when LTTE strted to realise that it is being used.Tamil organizations in general were taken for a real ride.Win or loss,a lot depended on India's move without which an end would have been a dream.What we now see is a chance for a change for better.

Posted by: muzammil | May 31, 2009 06:48 AM

Dear Ram, Jay....,
one should understand your pain, frustration, etc. but, the objective of your criticisms are an ego related issue. pl. think again, think about the strategic blunders that LTTE has done; and believing it whole heatedly, the mistake that you people have done. you guys are self-destructive.

Posted by: Mandy | May 31, 2009 09:25 AM

This is an opportunity for Mahindha to woo Diaspora Tamil funds. People have short will pour in if investors are treated properly.

Already there are several organization (with foreign registration) willing to invest in SL.

Sentimentally, most of Tamil people like to keep their ties in Sri Lanka. So Mahindha should take the lead, this way he would also counter the so called overseas LTTE networks.

Posted by: Badhran | May 31, 2009 09:27 AM

Just for the record: Sri Lanka was never a peaceful nation and will always be a flag bearer of human right abuses, media suppresing super warrior and genocide perpetrator against Tamils in the name of the triple gem. In the last century, and until now there has always been violence against the Tamils and sometimes the Muslims by the Sinhalese. Even before Prabakran there has been ethnic riots agains the Tamils, and that was met by the Tamils with resistance and it is called terrorism. Nomenclatures do not matter, and Sri Lanka trying to foister a label on the Tamil quest for independence will remain an attempt akin to the Nazis trying to impose facism, a product and a feeble atempt destined for the dustbin of history

British found Sri Lanka as a back water made it into a viable modern nation when they left. But an error was made when it was handed to the Sinhalese who undable to compete with a 12% Tamil minority fond novel ways through decrimination in language , univerisity admissions and employment opportunities to supress and undermine the Tamils. To top it off they burn the Jaffna library, I guess they take pride in mimicing the Nazis. Then to survive, they go around the globe with a begging bowl. All countries are approached, Japan, China, the west, they cover the whole spectrum of nations. Sri Lanka's claim to fame is being the largest per capita recipient beggar of the world.

Now Sri Lanka begs for IMF loan, and it will do so promising everything under the sun. Promises are never kept, and words are never honored. All forms of discriminations will ensue unabated agaisn the Tamils. Tamils, let me point out have succeeded in Sri Lanka not becasue of the Sinhalese, but inspite of them.

Sri Lanka for the moment has won a battle, but the war goes on.

The charade goes on and the masses cheer on the comedy being enacted. Bodies in ambulances turn up in a lagoon two days later, clean shaven with a clear face. No DNA match, but later it is claimed that it was done. They did not have a baseline DNA to match and did not take one from Prabakaran's parents, still voila, we have a DNA match now. It was taken from the son they say (it could be any two related persons), yes it is all possible because we have been asked to suspend disbelief. The Army expert at nothing has expert scientists. It is an oxymoron.

The west has evidence of the Tamil massacre by the Sri lankan Army, and now Sri Lanka has a choice go with China and risk the ire of the west or growl at the feet of the West and plead for mercy and money. Do not forget all this because a third world back water unable to stand on its own or has never done anything worthy except beg for money form the worls and kill a successful Tamil minority,and still has not succeeded even with its preferred obsession of the genocide of the Tamils. Now, the hilarious comdey has reached it final curtain, the brutal Sri Lankan Government invites the world to emulate its barbarism in supressing minorities and just struggles for freedom. Fortunately, the world does not follow barbarians like Sri lanka in seeking a path towards truth, peace and fairness. Barbarism is the sole domain and monopoly of the Sri Lankan Armed forces and the Government.

Posted by: Raj Ram | May 31, 2009 04:32 PM

Raj Ram, Tamil diaspora et al, either way the tigers are gone and you still brag that GOSL only provided the man power but China,Russia, Pak, India supplied everything lese, what does that say about your beloved cause when 2/3 of the world poulation are acctively trying to wipe it out.
Good bye and good ridence to the tigers, perhaps you can send a few of your kids next time instead of forcibly recruiting inncoent kids to die in useless dreams of geriatrics in Toronto & Harrow and Melbourne.

Posted by: Gamini | May 31, 2009 06:47 PM

Simply this is an article written by a typical Sinhalese hardliner. We Tamils couldn’t expect a neutral approach from him whether he is in and out of srilanka since he was raised from a racist SriLankan community.(It doesnt mean all Sinhalese. Still there are a little good hearted people.) Behind all of these sorrow and sad this is good time for us Tamil to fight a political war which was created by SL government with or without their knowledge to achieve our determination Just think like loosing the armed struggle to winning a political war. Without a political war no one can succeed. Please focus on our Vanni people humanitarian welfare first. This is our first priority.

Posted by: Ananthy | May 31, 2009 09:41 PM

VP is dead and does it matter how he got killed?
Tamils living abroad need to understand war is not
going to solve problems. have we achieved anything
after 30 years of war ?

Posted by: Chris Fernando | June 1, 2009 05:46 PM

It provides interesting reading. History is seldom written by losers. So what is written by winners will remain for some more time. Fighting for 30 years, and losing in 3 years. OK. It happened. I think EELAM is a reality. still a reality. It remain reality by the hard and oppressive approach of their arch rivals. But they need to take lessons from history.

1. Dont name organisation as Tigers, Lions, etc.. Cockroaches and Warms are more dangerous though taken lightly.
2. Dont narrow down on linguistic grounds making it obviously appear to outside world. Agree, everyone thinks that their language and culture is equally important. We are not superior to anybody.
3. Follow 'Thirukural'. Understand your strength (you over estimated), understand enemy strength (you under estimated) and understand your supporters strength (you never had). (Than valiyum, matran valiyum, thunai valiyum thooki seyal!).
4. Enemy is enemy. When the entire singala nation was against you, you expected admirers for you amongst them. When your enemy was powerful and you never had weapons, they attacked everyone of you. But when you had opportunity, you attacked only the army, not the whole enemy. All because you wanted good name, not plain just success. But success was what was the need.

Posted by: supernavnit | September 12, 2010 10:34 AM

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