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Our Post-War Relationship With India Depends on Implementation of 13th Amendment

by Dayan Jayatilleka

The warning about the risk of triumphalism came days before the 65th anniversary celebration of D Day, by the leaders of the US , UK and France . In the USA there are annual re-enactments of the battles of the American Revolution – the War of Independence against Britain —and of the Civil War against the Secessionist Confederacy. While the risk of triumphalism does indeed exist and must be cautioned against, I think there is yet another risk, an opposite one, which we must avoid. The USSR which triumphed over the bulk of the Nazi fascist army, collapsed without a shot being fired, and that collapse was preceded by an ideological surrender in which everything positive in its history was turned upside down and held up for derision. In the recovery of its self-respect under President Putin, one of the first steps was to restore pride in the wartime achievements of the Red Army. Sri Lanka must learn this lesson.

We have nothing to be ashamed of in our martial feats throughout our long history, whether successful (Dutugemunu) or valiant failures against stupendous odds (Puran Appu). All we have to be ashamed of are periods of division, appeasement, surrender and occupation such as the Kandyan Convention of 1815, 450 years of colonialism in parts of the island, a century without armed resistance after the uprising of 1848, or the period of the CFA during which Prabhakaran built up a state within a state with the support or tacit approval of our elected government.

My own view is that we should not only declare 2009 The Year of Victory and have celebrations at a provincial level, since every province (including Jaffna) contributed to the victory and benefited from the liberation from fascist terror and tyranny, but that we should also declare May 19th as Victory Day, to be commemorated by future generations down the ages.

External, extra-regional pressure, channeled through the international system and its multilateral institutions, is focusing on two issues: “full, rapid and unimpeded humanitarian access” to the IDPs, accountability and an independent/impartial international inquiry and a UN role (“a central role” in the words of some dignitaries) domestic political reconciliation between the communities. The agenda is clear: while access is desirable, unimpeded, i.e. unregulated access would allow a swarm of international personnel who would encyst the IDP camps and turn into a semi-colonial antibody within Sri Lankan territory, reporting to their international headquarters which themselves are penetrated by covert metropolitan agencies of one sort or another.

It is not paranoid to speculate that some would entice the IDPs with promises of refugee status in the West in exchange for false testimony of so-called war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan military, many of whom lie dead or disabled because we deliberately and rightly desisted from using airpower extensively in the final offensive against an deadly enemy entrenched among civilians. Having eliminated one separatist political entity that was not under the control of the Sri Lankan state, we would be permitting yet another space which is not subject to Sri Lanka ’s sovereignty.

This does not mean that the IDPs must not be treated as decently, humanely, equitably and generously as possible and processed out as fast as possible. Even from a counter-terrorism perspective, it is unwise to have large numbers concentrated in any one place under difficult circumstances. Under the US military’s new counterinsurgency (COIN) doctrine designed mainly by warrior-scholar Gen David Petraeus, PhD, the policy of “clear, hold and build” eschews long term internment or resettlement in fortified villages of large numbers, in favor of early re-settlement in their original domains. Our IDPs must be relocated in their own homes or villages, and the joint communiqué of Governments of Sri Lanka and India as well as that of the Govt of Sri Lanka and the UN Secy Gen commits us to so resettling the bulk of the IDPs within 180 days. But this must be by primarily local efforts, involving the state, the local government authorities, the private sector, the civic associations and NGOs.

Ours is not a stalemated war with a negotiated outcome, still less an internationally mediated outcome – which is the endgame that was sought by some Western sources as the war drew to a close. We warded off such attempts at abortion. Ours was an outright victory for the democratic forces against the tyrannical and totalitarian; the forces of national re-unification against the forces of secessionism and dismemberment. Whether and when accountability and transitional justice issues will be addressed, and how, with what combination of local and foreign expertise, must and can only be a sovereign decision.

While we are on the subject of independent impartial international inquiries, why not appoint one into the activities of the Tamil Tigers, which includes how they succeeded in building a state within a state, with the help of which collaborationist personalities and agencies, elected and unelected, local and foreign? Now that we are besieged by calls for rapid, full and unimpeded access, the Sri Lankan people surely deserve to know what took place -- and especially the degree of international involvement with the Tigers, naming the external agencies and personalities involved in buttressing the LTTE.

It is absurd and unthinkable that there should be any role for the UN in domestic political reconciliation. We know what happened in Kosovo with UN involvement, and in any case the Serbian army lost the Kosovo war, we did not. Elements in the West, allied with the pro-Tiger Tamil Diaspora seek a role for the UN in political reconciliation in order to secure for the Diaspora based Tiger political network (though they would claim it is for the Tamil minority) the kind of political role in the postwar settlement that is ruled out by the outcome of the war.

Some could not obtain for the Tigers or rather the Tamil Diaspora, or for the Tigers on behalf of the Tamil Diaspora, a stalemate on the battlefield. They are now trying to obtain a stalemate at the negotiating table. This will not work either. We have nothing to negotiate with the pro-Tiger Diaspora. Any negotiations will be with the Tamil democrats, i.e. the non Tiger Tamils. This too will probably be fuelled by the new parliamentary balance that results from the holding of elections. None of this provides political space or a political role for any extra-regional entity or elements.

I for one am for a General Fonseka’s idea of 300,000 strong military, though it should be as balanced between the three services and as multiethnic as possible. Sri Lanka is being subject to intense external pressure and these could turn coercive in one form or another. We must have a capacity to deter them from which ever quarter they emanate, and the sole way of doing this is to have a trained military which is capable of imposing unacceptably heavy casualties on any hostile force that steps on our soil, whatever its technological advantages.

We must, if needed, merge our own successful strategy, tactics and weapons systems with those that are valuable of the defeated Tigers, creating a deadly Sri Lankan military synthesis. Of course, the cost of maintaining a 300,000 strong military must not be at the expense of investment in education and social services, or else we’ll doom ourselves to stagnation as a nation that simply cannot compete in the world, not least with its enemy, Tamil separatism.

Does this mean that the Tamil people will be under the Sinhala jackboot? This is the scenario that is painted in order to justify the slogan of “unfettered access”, “international inquiry” and a “central role for the UN in political reconciliation”. There are only two types who think that this is a likely scenario: the bloc of Tamil separatists/ultranationalist, the UNP leaders, the Sinhala liberals and their Western allies on the one hand, who fear this outcome or thrive on it, and on the other hand the Sinhala chauvinists and supremacists who fantasize along the same lines; one person’s nightmare being another’s fantasy.

The Tamil ultra-nationalists think that the 13th amendment is too little, too late and in any case will never be implemented by the Rajapakse administration due to its own ideological predispositions as well as the pressure of the Sinhala chauvinists. For their part the Sinhala chauvinists think that the 13th amendment is too much, and in any case they can prevail over the Rajapakse administration not to implement it. In their dark fantasies both these extremist camps have forgotten one “tiny” factor: India .

The full, if reasonably graduated implementation of the 13th amendment is the cornerstone of our postwar relationship with India , the relationship with which is the cornerstone of our international relations. As the paradigmatic victory in Geneva showed, we can win against the Tiger Diaspora and the Western European bloc influenced by it, when we are supported by our neighbors, our continent and our natural constituency the developing world plus Russia . In this strategy the support of India is critical. Without India ’s support, the rest will distance itself from us, leaving us wide open to Western pressure and coercion. China alone cannot carry the weight: it is too far away and cannot be expected to risk its relationships with important powers for the sake of Sri Lanka .

Contrary to the nonsense of Sinhala racist propaganda, the implementation of the 13th amendment is not the tithe or “protection money” (kappan) paid by the Sri Lankan state to Tamil separatism and/or our Western critics and adversaries. It is the minimum cost of accommodation between the Sinhalese who are the majority on the island and the Tamils who dwarf the Sinhalese outside it. It is the only way to balance the two aspects of Sinhala collective existence: a majority on the island and minority worldwide, as well as the dual character of Tamil collective existence- a majority outside the island and a minority within it.

The implementation of the 13th amendment, and the equitable expeditious treatment of the IDPs, constitutes the minimum requirement for Sri Lanka to retain its friends and allies in the face of a hostile Western project. It is also the sole realistic option by which the Sri Lankan state, the Government, the Sri Lankan military and the Sinhalese can retain the support of the anti-Tiger Tamil democrats and through them the moderate Tamils on the island with whom coexistence and partnership are imperative.

(These are the strictly personal views of the writer)


There are too many specious arguments in this piece by Jayatillka that it is impossible to go through them all here.Nevertheslls two things are striking:

1. He draws a distinction between his views and those whom he calls"Sinhala chauvinists".The disinction escapes me.If it is based on the one issue:he supports
a watered down devolution and they don't it is rather flimsy difference.This only means that the Sinhala chavinists are not as wise as DJ to realize the immense benefits that will accrue to the Sinhalese if they confine the pesky Tamils to the North.

2. The reason for giving regional autonomy to the Tamils,according to DJ is not to promote democracy or to give some sense of power to the Tamils or from any commitment to justice and fair play but merely to appease India!And this is said by one who claims to be anti chauvinist and a progressive.O tempore,o mores!
- Rajan Karalasingham

Posted by: rajan karalasingham | June 12, 2009 09:55 PM

1. triumphalism post WWW2 not a right example, DJ has to study post American civil war and how Abe Lincoln handled after victory unless DJ concede to the fact there are two nation in SL
2. Tamils rights are larger than LTTE and tamils will move on beyond LTTE but SL and its advisers continue to bark at imaginary tree. It will not work
3. Tamils will cultivate trust among progressive sinhalese, chauvinist will fall on wayside( hopefully)
4. 13th amendment, certainly too late too little. I do not think tamils have much option at this time. If majority need real reconciliation should move beyond it.
5. If MR try to implement 13th Amendment, Sinhala chauvinist will not wast any time reminding him the fate of SWRD

Posted by: Fran | June 12, 2009 11:50 PM

There are only two types of Sinhalese chauvinists. One who knows the consequences of racial discrimination of a distinct minority race in Sri Lanka and one who does not care about the international opinions and Indian factor? I think the author belongs to the first category.
What is appalling about this article is that he considers that the Indian factor is a tiny one. Perhaps he has a short memory of Indian airplanes dropping humanitarian aid to Tamils, forced intervention by IPKF and the war alert of Indian air force at Truvendram when thousands of SL armed forces were under siege in the North by LTTE. Now GOSL is reluctant to issue permits to IOC for the operation of petrol stations in the North & East. I do not know how far GOSL will test India’s patience in the name of sovereignty of an independent state.
On record, please note that India is a major factor for the well being of Sri Lanka. India was only waiting patiently to see the elimination of LTTE . Now it will be on its own self and if MR Government tries to play any trick in the ethnic solution and block India’s economic interest in Sri Lanka then we will soon see the true self of India.

Posted by: Nakeeb M Issadeen | June 13, 2009 02:02 AM

In other words,

1. Celebrate victory day annualy.(we seem to be continuously celebrating)
2. Deny access by the west to IDP's lest the make up stories about GOSL.
3. Have a continued 300,000 army presence (coming next to Russia in numbers) in the North to ward of any possible attack (by whom? India?)
4. Use left over weapons of LTTE to 'forge a deadly military synthesis' whatever that means (against whom? arent we deadly enough already).
5. Implement the 13th amendment which is the minimum requirement.

Well 1-4 doesnt need telling as the 3R & F government is already on the job. 5 appears to be a non starter, the noises are that it has to be amended to please Weerawansa and Ranawaka. So India and Ban are due to be sadly disappointed.

Posted by: Confused | June 13, 2009 02:09 AM

The 13th amendment is the same as the India-Sri Lanka pact of 1987, except that the Combined North east province has been split.

The same was available 22 years ago, except for the ego of VP, think of the 1 lakh dead since then

In 1987, the way was clear for a step by step Indian expansion like Turkish Cyprus, except that VP got arms from the Sinhalese to fight the Indians
I remember that when the accord was signed, the sinhalese monks were in utter defeat and thats why the Sinhalese naval man tried to assault Rajiv
VP has succeeded in pulling off defeat from the jaws of victory

What the author is trying to say is that the LTTE defeat was only possible by Sonia establishment blockading the LTTE, and if the Sonia establishment stops the blockade, sooner or later, as historically, another Tamil invasion is around the corner

And for those blaming India, the correct aspect is to blame Sonia. And who put Sonia into power, none other than TN tamil voters. In both 2004 and 2009, the BJP got no seats from TN. Whereas in neighboring Karnataka, BJP has 70% of the MP seats

And lets not forget to apportion blame on the DMK, whose real aim is to get ministerial posts for the progeny through many wives, despite all the pro-tamil talk and fake fasts

For those Sri Lankan tamils, putting hope on the BJP, keep in mind, the BJP considers a Sinhalese buddhist to be closer than a Tamil christian

Conversely if Rajapakse fails to implement the 13th amendment, and now that the LTTE is gone, Sonia will remove support to Rajapakse, to try to retain her TN votes. GoSL is heavily dependent on India for trade and aid and diplomatic cover against the west. The Russian vote and Nepal and Mauritius and Vietnam and many other countries vote is based on Indian advice.

The chinese impact is minimal, since Sri Lanka is too far away to project naval power, despite Hambantota

The current inflation in Sri Lanka is 25% and GoSL is effectively broke and dependent on Indian economic aid
and the free trade agreement it has with India
India is the largest export destination for Sri Lanka
after the western countries

If the Diaspora can cut off the Sri Lankan textile quota ( exports to EU and USA ), it will remove 50% of GoSL exports
With the economic recession in the west, it will be easy to cut off the textile quota

The tamil diaspora, is blind to understand the root cause
Sinhalese chauvinism is secondary, the root cause is the hatred by the buddhist clergy. Defang the clergy and the chauvinism ends
One way to squeeze the buddhist clergy is to hurt the image of the buddhist monks in the western countries by exposing the misdeeds of the cruel buddhist monks
In this endeavour, the help of western xtian churches ( who are losing whites to buddhism ) can help

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 13, 2009 02:35 AM

Here is a man who takes examples from the West's World War history then as easily borrows from Soviet and then also US history and still claims to be progressive or even Marxist. While bad mouthing the West and pretending to be a spokesman for the Global South he claims to be a supporter for a Sri Lankan Obama who for him would be the Rajapakse brothers. People have spoken of Multiple Personality Syndrome and I think only such a model can fit a man who uses any and all ideologies for his Sinhala Chauvanist project. You can con people for a while, but lets see how long this progressive charade lasts and the communal venom which is already leaking out is seen for what it really truly is....

Posted by: Nambiar | June 13, 2009 02:46 AM

Dayan must be aware that 13th amendment includes merger of North-East temporirily subject to a referendum, which could be postponed indefinitely. Tamil people felt that it was inadequate to meet their aspirations. (see the rejoinder put forward by TULF which represented the Tamils at that time).However they were willing to accept it in 1987, because India gave an assurance that the referrendum will never be held and that the devolutionary powers will be enhanced in due course. I was JMO in Jaffna during that period and witnessed the foolish action of LTTE in rejecting the accord and starting the fight with IPKF contrary to the wish of majority of the Tamil People in Jaffna. With that development I left Srilanka for good as I knew that LTTE is going to take the Tamil people to disaster. Further to this EPRLF led by Varatharajaperumal tried to work out the accord, but failed due to the intransigence of the Srilanka Government. Before quiting in disgust the EPRLF has put forward its observations about the inadequacy of the 13th amendment to meet the aspirations of the Tamil People. Now India says 13th amendment plus and not 13th amendment only,which could include the rejoinder by TULF and observations by EPRLF. In my opinion,the Srilanka Government will never give anything tangible to the Tamils, similar to the situation of Serbian Government denying rights to Kosovo.Tamil people want to live as first class citizens enjoying the same rights and previlages as Sinhala people at least in their areas of historic habitation.Will that happen under this regime or under any future ones. Dayan must remember that the UDI by EPRLF made in 1990 has not been withdrawn.

Posted by: RAJA | June 13, 2009 05:17 AM

I agree on one point, May 19th as a Victory Day for Sinhalese (For Tamils it's an other Hero's Day).
Everything else is bull----.

Posted by: aratai | June 13, 2009 07:15 AM

Dayan Jayatillake is a man who thinks Putin is a great man.That says all we need to know about him. He's nothing but a empty mouth piece for the Rajapakse Anti western , I hate media freedom regime. When their crimes will catch up with them I would love to see the day Dayan is held accountable as well.Should I remind anyone why he was stripped naked in public and assaulted...It was becuase of his assanine unbelievable retarted views...

Posted by: ModerateLankan | June 13, 2009 07:50 AM


Question: Is it true that you believe all the Tamil diaspora are pro-tiger separatists?

My understanding is that West is trying its best to bring down not only the Srilankan military but also the LTTE for commiting war crimes, so calm down, I think it's fair enough. After all you have nothing to hide so let the justice prevail.

Here is a suggestion, I am all for Mr.Fonseka's idea to up the ante of the armed force with 100 000 more recruits but it has to be from the minority side.

Consisting 200 000 Sinhalese + 100 000 Tamils, Muslims and Burger armed force sounds much better to me.

I am sure you would also agree.

Posted by: The80Factor | June 13, 2009 08:06 AM

Dear Dayan,

1. It was the understanding of many Sri Lankans, that the GOSL made an undertaking to resettle all IDPs in 180 days, and not “Bulk” of the IDPs in 180 days as you say. Please Dayan, I beg of you to clarify.

2. I think the state should go ahead and name the NGOs and other agencies that Collaborated with the tigers. But when this is done, the definition of “Collaboration” will be key.

3. Dayan, while we are engaged in this all important dialogue in post conflict Sri Lanka, what you , me, President Rajapakse and the rest of the world, should agree is that, while the polarization between the Sinhala and Tamil communities has intensified, there is a trend of unification between the pro-tiger tamil diaspora and the moderate tamil community, who aspire for tamil liberation.

So all actions now should be taken bearing in mind this undeniable truth. We need to win
over the Leaderless Tamils now. This window of opportunity will not last for long.

4. Well said Dayan, I,m in total agreement with the following statement “The full, if reasonably graduated implementation of the 13th amendment is the cornerstone of our postwar relationship with India , the relationship with which is the cornerstone of our international relations.”

5. However, I,m surprised to hear this from you : “….have a trained military which is capable of imposing unacceptably heavy casualties on any hostile force that steps on our soil….”
Remember Dayan, this was the thinking of the Pre world war II policy of Japan.

6. Again, the following statement is the type of critical analysis that we expect from someone like you, Well said indeed. “The implementation of the 13th amendment, and the equitable expeditious treatment of the IDPs, constitutes the minimum requirement for Sri Lanka to retain its friends and allies in the face of a hostile Western project.”

God Bless Sri Lanka

Posted by: Dayan John | June 13, 2009 09:12 AM

A grand design to militarise the country marginalise all voices of decent.This is a view of a deranged.When the world talks about collective security and minimising individual state millitary spending this article argues for a Pyong Yang style militarisation as a negotiating tool.Article also esposes deception devolve power to regions to please India.Moral bankruptcy.Dayan it makes me wonder what you have learnt during your tenor with UN.

Posted by: Justice | June 13, 2009 09:38 AM

Under the US military’s new counterinsurgency (COIN) doctrine designed mainly by warrior-scholar Gen David Petraeus, PhD, the policy of “clear, hold and build” eschews long term internment or resettlement in fortified villages of large numbers, in favor of early re-settlement in their original domains. – Dayan

An opportunist, masquerading as a scholar, Dayan blatantly twists COIN theory to legitimize GoSL’s concentration camps where hundreds ‘disappear’. (If one were to agree with Dayan’s argument, does that mean Gen Petreaus got the inspiration from Hitler about ‘long term internment’? Silly Dayan!).

Only thing the new US COIN manual describes is, when a military enters into a residential area (villages, towns etc), it is ill-advised to have large Forward Operating Base outside the cities and ‘commute to battle’. Instead, COIN manual says, the military should ‘clear insurgents from the area, hold the territory and rebuild so that normalcy can return to the area quickly. The key point here is, to restore normalcy, people should live in their habitat – not confined by barbed wires and armed soldiers.

If one were to look at the history, Serbian Leader Radovan Karadzic (like Mahinda Rajapakse) and his Military Chief Ratko Mladic ( like Gen Sarath Fonseka) were the most recent examples of leaders implementing this illegal policy of ‘long term internment camps’.

Posted by: Athavan | June 13, 2009 10:09 AM

Again another plot by an official fox to extract money from India!
So you are appeasing India by saying about 13th amendment. And you need India to build your image and get money from donors. China cannot carry your weight alone !

At the same time you need to jumbo size your military .

"We must have a capacity to deter them from which ever quarter they emanate, and the sole way of doing this is to have a trained military which is capable of imposing unacceptably heavy casualties on any hostile force that steps on our soil, whatever its technological advantages."

Why don't you openly say it is India, no one else.

I appreciate your prostitution-al skills.

Posted by: Pramod | June 13, 2009 10:30 AM

Whats he trying to say. He does not want to satisfy tamils, but india. Same mistake same route...end results will be a disaster.

Posted by: r.veera | June 13, 2009 11:01 AM

We all are happy that LTTE is no more a force to deny thousands of peoples right to live. I can't understand where is the need for expanding the military with over 300000 soldiers? Why prevention of terrorism is extended when LTTE's fighting capabilities are crippled? Many factors and support from various countries helped Sri Lanka to eliminate the worlds deadliest terrorist group from the face of earth. It is clear that chauvnist right wing forces are trying to hijack the fruits of the years of hard work to create a facist theocratic budhist family empire. The system they are trying to create is going to stay long after the Rajapakshes rule to oppress the people. While charting the post war political map, any attempt to militarise the state is to be condemned by all democratic peace loving forces of the region. We have enough militarized states in South Asia already. It is unfortunate for a person like Dayan who himself was a victim of a miltarized autocratic regime to support the miltary expansion. In is saddening to know People like Dayan who rebelled against the unjust Government practices in the past , deny the same opportunity to the future generation. A militarised state will deny the democratic rights of all citizens. We need a just and equitable society respecting human rights of every citizen in the land. His work in the past is commendable but his continued blind support to the Government's undemocratic policies puts his credibility into question. We want to see Dayan side with the right side of the history and not borrow pages from the German "nationalist Socialist" ideologies.

Posted by: Tamil Selvan | June 13, 2009 11:54 AM

He asserts the sovereignty of Sri Lanka, but his policy regarding Tamils has everything to do with appeasing foreigners rather than dealing with local needs and desires! It seems too that his party has already decided on the outcome of political negotiations, and the actors haven't even come to the table yet! Could it be, dare I say it, that the results of the upcoming elections in the north have been pre-determined?

Especially hilarious is the claim that the war was won by the SL military! There sure is some strategic amnesia with regard to crucial assistance given by India, China and Pakistan. If the SL military was so superb, why did it take them three decades to wipe out a small terrorist army? Bolstered by this alleged success, he now thinks the SL army can protect the country from external forces! Hubris is certainly dumb.

Posted by: belle | June 13, 2009 12:13 PM

Dayan J is just twissting words without success.

President rajapaksha had wasted the momumental opportunities of victory speach on the podium and in the parliment to set the island on the correct course of reconcilliation and peace. Instead he shose to play to chauvinist for cheap political gains.

If he has any moral cell in his body it is the time to show it. Set correct example. The tamils in the IDP camps are on their last tether.

Last and the greatest victory to the armed forces was the hearts and minds of ordinary people living in the tiger's control. Tigers at their last few months have showed their ugly facist face without any veil to the people.

Treat the war weary people fairly and with dignity that will lead to peace and tranquility in the island. You do not need 300000 army for that.

Dayan J is also trying to be polished but his true chauvinistic views are very evident in things he fails to say rather than have chosen to say.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for SL to put the past mistakes behind and build a future. Every one in responcible postions need to think beyond their short term career aspirations and political ambitions to secure peace in our land.

Think Dayan Think.

Posted by: Selvan | June 13, 2009 06:27 PM


In my earlier note, I missquoted Dayan's point on David Petreaus' COIN theory and need for expedited resettlement. Dayan, rightly, as the COIN theory advocates, notes that the IDPs must be relocated in their own homes or villages.

However, the very idea of internment camps demonstrates the policy dichotomy between what Bob Rae called Government of Sri Lanka and omnipotent, unaccountable "Three Brothers and an Army" entity that operates outside the Law.

Although the Battle against Tamil Tigers was a tactical success, policies of this Juncta will lead to a strategic failure

Posted by: Athavan | June 13, 2009 09:06 PM

Come on Dr. J.

Do you really think India cares about Sri Lanka's implementation of an Amendment that was forced upon us during the Gandhi Failed Foreign Policy years? Aren't they more concerned about our dealing with China? Honestly, let me be frank and say what you cannot say as a Diplomat... India could care Less about Tamils.... and certainly not about whether they are Autonomous or integrated... as an emerging Super Power competing with China they don't Want Sri Lanka to fall into Chinese control... Thus our implementation of the 13th Amendment is really secondary to the amount of Chinese Influence we succumb to. I personally am no fan of the 13th Amendment, but would not be opposed to it if the majortiy of people don't oppose it either. After all I'm no Idealist, but rather a Realist. But in all reality, courting India does not require us to satisfy Tamil Communalism and grant Autonomy but instead steer ourselves to ally with India more than China.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the 13h Amendment and its implementation will be a Political Football the Indians will use against us every time we sway towards on China on any issue or Economic development.

Posted by: devinda Fernando | June 13, 2009 10:49 PM

Devinda wrote
But in all reality, courting India does not require us to satisfy Tamil Communalism and grant Autonomy but instead steer ourselves to ally with India more than China.

To court India, means to court Indian politicians
Because of the LTTE killing Rajiv, neither the BJP or the congress could get involved

During IPKF days, Indian army officers were sniped
Indian POWs were necklaced and the Indian army would mutiny if asked to help the LTTE
In the LTTE websites, they call the IPKF racist and rapist and Indian public opinion even during IPKF , in Tamil Nadu in 1989 was 75% for IPKF and 25% for LTTE
The LTTE also did a lot of propoganda against Indian brahmins
Indian brahmins control the Indian establishment and deeply hate the LTTE

Now that the LTTE is gone, India has a lot more internal and external flexibility

Tamil Nadu gets 40 MP seats
In these days of coalition governments, every MP seat is vital, and both BJP and Congress, especially Sonia, who has to make amends to the TN voters, will insist on 13th amendment. Rahul is likely to be the next PM
and will insist on the 13th amendment, since it was his fathers project

If Rajapakse does not move towards the 13th amendment
and beyond, it will be a severe loss of face for the Indian establishment

Diplomatically in the case of Sri Lanka, India controls the votes of Russia, Nepal, Mauritius, Bhutan
and Vietnam. and without the Indian diplomatic cover, Sri Lanka will be a pariah state like Sudan or Myanmar

Next, India really does not worry about Sri Lanka going under chinese influence
It will be an irritant, but thats all

In 1987, the reason that Rajiv could not do a bangladesh on Sri Lanka, was that the US was against India. Now the US and entire west is against Sri Lanka
and will applaud if India intervenes and does a Cyprus

Economically, Sri Lankan economy is tied to the Indian economy. And there are plenty of Indian levers that
can be slowly applied
In 1989, when Nepal tilted to China, India imposed an economic blockade and forced Nepal to capitulate
without resorting to violence.

Over the past 15 years, plenty of Sinhalese politicians
have done corrupt deals with Indian politicians and there is plenty of leverage over Sinhalese politicians

As for the 300,000 Sinhalese army, all it will do is to weaken the Sri Lankan economy and the Indian govt really does not worry about it, since India has a 50 times advantage in naval and air power, and if India imposes an economic naval blockade, can this 300,000 sinhalese army swim?

At this point, no tamil or sinhalese politician in sri lanka can afford to take an anti-India stand or disregard Indian advice. Jayawardene could play off the west against India, but the west will no longer align with Sri Lanka against India. Both the sinhalese and tamils are diplomatically and economically vulnerable to India

India will never allow an independent Ealam
and in extreme situation, will annex those districts rather than allow tamil independence

It would behove the sinhalese people to court Indian politicians outside Tamil Nadu
The BJP for example sees the Sinhalese buddhist as a closer ally than a Tamil Xtian

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 14, 2009 01:00 AM

Shyamsunder's rant is nothing more that, more wishful thinking and slander by frothing at the mouth diaspora parrots.
Get real, the world has moved an economic embargo on a third world country only exposes these campaigns for what they are, pure and simple Tamil hatred of innocent peoples livili hoods, I doubt even stary eyed do gooders such as AI, HRW would back such a campaign !

Better luck resurrecting Prabhas ghost, you hate filled wanker !

Posted by: Gamini | June 14, 2009 03:59 AM

Hello, I am part of Indian diaspora, not Tamil Diaspora
If you have any knowledge, you will know that the Tamil Diaspora and Indian diaspora are not the same and quite Separate. We are BJP supporters, and dont care for TN parties

As far as blockades, The US blockaded Iraq from 1991 to 2003. The US blockaded Cuba for 60 years.
The strong can get away with anything
USA in Panama, Iraq, Kosovo
Russia in Abhkazia
Turkey in Cyprus

Economically the exports of Sri Lanka are
1. Sinhalese maids as sex toys of Arab Sheikhs
2. Textiles to the west ( can be interdicted by Tamil Diaspora )
3. Tourism from the west ( can be interdicted by Tamil Diaspora )
4. Palm oil to India ( vulnerable to Indian economic squeeze )

Remember Indonesia let go of east Timor due to economic squeeze from the west and Indonesia is 10 times bigger than Sri Lanka

Since 1987, the Indian policy on intervention has been to try bribes first , economic squeeze next .

Unlike India, Sri Lanka does not have software, backoffice, since in 1950, the foolish buddhist monks siezed the english medium xtian colleges and removed english as main medium and replaced with sinhalese
Whereas in India, english medium, was kept in place
and millions are english fluent
In addition, the higher IQ segment was driven away

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 14, 2009 12:49 PM

Economic Blockade by India of Nepal in 1989-1990 and how India has a range of options to arm-twist
Direct Armed intervention is usually not required since behavior change can be gotten at lower levels of intervention

In 1989, Nepal was a full Monarchy ruled by King Birendra
The pro-Indian faction was the pro-democracy group led by Nepal Congress

King Birendra went against Indian objections and purchased weapons from China
In response Rajiv cut off the Nepal trade crossings from 4 to 1 and cracked down on illegal smuggling of foods and oil to Nepal
In 3 months, the Nepalese economy collapsed
There were street revolts by hungry masses and finally King Birendra devolved power to the Nepal congress and elections were held and the Indian blockade was lifted

Keep in mind, during this period, the western countries and the NGOs were openly criticising India

In 2000, when the LTTE captured Elephant Pass, the same sinhalese buddhist monks who are so arrogant today, went on demonstrations begging for the IPKF to return and save them from the LTTE

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 14, 2009 07:13 PM

Dear Dayan,

I do not see what these risks of triumphalism are or what danger they may bring. Triumphalism is just fine as far as I am concerned. The victorious are free to celebrate their victory with all the fanfare that they can muster.

For Triumphalism to be therapeutic and to respect the vanquished in their defeat that triumpahlism must be genuine and based on a solid ethical and moral platform. A triumphalism that is based on cunning, on deceit, on propaganda and on lies, a triumphalism based on a victory won through the servitude of proxyhood, a triamphalism born of hatred for the enemy and based on designs for the destruction of all that is left of the foe is not triumphalism. It is a cynical attempt to play with the emotions of a misinformed populace with the aim of implementing a demented agenda.

Let me tell you Dayan, there will be no implementation of the 13th amendment and there will be no attempt at anything like a solution to the situation of the Sri Lankan Tamils unless external pressures are brought to bear on the government of Sri Lanka. Instead the Sri Lankan state now firmly within the clutches of fascism will develop and begin to export its fascist soul in the garb of Buddhism. Its first allies will be the Hindu fascists in India and they will be followed by extreme nationalists of all types. Rallying under the call of anti imperialism they will soon mount a serious challenge to the doctrine and practice of human rights and the defence of civil liberties as is already happening within the island.

Posted by: Crazyoldmansl | June 14, 2009 11:25 PM

Dayan is excluded from sinhala chauvinists: "The Tamil ultra-nationalists (TUN) think that the 13th amendment is too little, too late and in any case will never be implemented by the Rajapakse administration due to its own ideological predispositions as well as the pressure of the Sinhala chauvinists".

TUN are will be proven correct soon,once Sinhala chauvinist are on the rampage against any devolution.
13th+ will never come, or at least 13th. Dayan cannot be a liberal by just supporting 13+ because he was the major advocate of SLFP against CFA, the best ever solution designed or agreed by the sinhala south.

Posted by: pankaja ruvinda de silva | June 14, 2009 11:36 PM


A couple of points to note.

1. BJP/Modi and its and its uneducated rabbid extreme Hindu supporteres (such as your ilk) were smashed too bits in the election they hold no power at all, one only has to read some of you ranting to see why they lost. irrational, short sighted, out of touch and vengefull come to mind!

With Ghandhi Junior waiting in the wings its will be atleast sixteen years before BJP have the prospect of getting back to power, I suggest you chill ou and enjoy the hiataus.


Nepal is of no geo political value to anyone, a land locked country that's only values for China, Pakistan were to destabilise India. A very different of kettle of fish with Sri Lanka.


"Economically the exports of Sri Lanka are
1. Sinhalese maids as sex toys of Arab Sheikhs"

On the contraray, the number of indian's working as maids and other 'domestic' servants in UAE, Saudi etc outnumber ALL other countries (incl Sri Lanka, Bhnghlidesh, Phillipines etc) by a factor of 7:1,
so its really your Indian brothers and sisteres that provide the wholesale conduit to the Arabaian bazzar's.

The number of Indian 'Coolies' to borrow a Lankan coloquilism, i.e. those laborers who clean toilets, construction labour and other menial tasks of this nature are in even higher percentage in Arabian countries, dont feel ashamed they earn good money for their kin in India and prop up Indias flagging FX reserves as foreign firms cut back on Indian services such as call centres etc.

The number one export of Sri Lanka are basic agri commodities such as tea, sold in the wholesale markets, which by the way is experiencing increase demand and prices as yields drop and food security becomes critical.

Tamil diaspora's only power seems to be trying to block Mark's and Spencer from buying Sri Lankan, they could even force a ceasfire for more than 48 hours.

Posted by: Gamini, | June 15, 2009 01:00 AM

Dear Dayan,

Just to give you a feel of the way things are going.

Over the last two weeks in two separate incidents at night in the heart of colombo, the drivers of two vehicles were stopped by security personnel who demanded money to buy food - a very specific demand. The first was a lady who was stopped by an army patrol. The second a young man who was stopped at a police check point.

Posted by: Crazyoldmansl | June 15, 2009 02:05 AM

the ranting idiot from the so called Indian diaspora,
India has the highest number of prostitutes in the world, nearly equal to the whole population of Sri Lanka, most of the prostitutes in Middle east, Singapore, are Indian as well.
More than 300 million people live without the basic human needs in india, even the Tamil IDPS in camps in SL get better food and clothing than this 300 million. another 400 million live under the poverty line.
The trade deficit is in favour of india by a long way, if anyone to suffer, its the indians.
Do you really think indians/tamils have any real love from the west? you are a real poofter if you think so. The People from south Asia are maligned in the west BECAUSE of the stupid things you Indians do! the messes you make, get a frickin life, even the attacks in Australia against South asians are because the Australians think that all the brown skinned people are from India!you make messes everywhere you go.
Indians English! you are kidding me no end, you can't even say "are" without growling like a dog-aaaa--rr! and you think you speak good english. Ask a person from english speaking country who speaks better english, Indians or Sri Lankans, even Pakistanis, Bangaladeshis, and maledivians speak better, clearer english than you lot!

Posted by: Sam | June 15, 2009 07:49 AM

Dear Fran,

the US Civil war was followed by a disagceful period known as the Reconstruction which lasted at least a decade during which many freed blacks were lynched. That was followed by century of Jim Crow, i.e. of segreation, which had KKK lynchings up until the 1950s. Is that the example you want Sri lanka to follow? Please brush up on your US history.

Dear Belle,

You need to check for early signs of amnesia . It took the sri lankan military three decades to defeat the tigers because when they were just about to defeat them in 1987 ( this is recently reconfirmed by Tiger surrendees), India intervened. if not, Prabhakaran would have been dead 22 years ago.

Dear AAthavan,
you forgot the policy of mass inemet without trial practised by the Brits in Northern Ireland in the 1980s. haven^t you heard of h Block, The maze, Long Kesh, Bobby sands' dirty protest?

Dear Athavan and Selvan,

have a little more faith in the checks and balances of democracy and the new balance of forces that will prevail in a new parliament, elected on th basis of proportional represenntation, with all Tamil parliamentary forces in it, inclduing the TNA.

Posted by: Dayan jayatilleka | June 15, 2009 11:11 AM

*** TN voters, will insist on 13th amendment. Rahul is likely to be the next PM ***


No they Won't...they did not Insist on Anything this Election? In fact all those advocating the EELAM Nonsense Lost Big Time in the Lok Sabha polls. What makes you think they are going to bother about the Internal Affairs of Sri Lanka after the LTTE have long been Defeated and Tamils No Longer have anything to complain about? The Indian Tamils I come across online in debates and blogs such as these are FED UP of Sri Lankan Tamils. They think of you as an Embarrasment to their Ethnicity... All you people do is make such a Bad Name for Tamils all around the world. Tamil is Synonymous with TERRORIST thanks to Sri Lankan Tamils and their Eelam Homeland Fantasy.

There is Nothing that a TAMIL CANNOT Do in Sri Lanka that a Sinhalese or Any other Citizen CAN do...

Sri Lanka has seen the Death of Tamil Communalism... Even the TNA is splitting up... No more LTTE to keep those SCHILLS singing the same Chorus. Now those left are Fringe Elements who will be quickly marginalized by the Democratic process.

*** As for the 300,000 Sinhalese army, all it will do is to weaken the Sri Lankan economy and the Indian govt really does not worry about it, since India has a 50 times advantage in naval and air power, and if India imposes an economic naval blockade, can this 300,000 sinhalese army swim? ***

LOL! This means what?? We're not going to Attack India, and nor them us... especially over the issue of Political Autonomy for Tamil Commies. In fact secretly the Indian Central government wishes they could make those Tamil Nadus Heel the way we did to the LTTE.

Posted by: Devinda Fernando | June 15, 2009 12:48 PM

Dayan was once upon a time a Marxist.

Marxists by definition are internationalist.

Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were Marxist and therefore internationalist.

That is why Che Guevara even though born in Argentina was involved in Cuban revolution with Fidel.

Both Fidel and Che were pioneers in exporting revolution throughout Latin America and Africa and they fought on behalf of oppressed people anywhere in the world.

They were always on the side of oppressed against the oppressors. Che was killed in Bolivia while waging revolutionary war. Hiding behind sovereignty and dumping crimes against humanity is foreign to any internationalist.

What is common between Dayan, Castro and Che? Dayan is the Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Geneva. He defends Sri Lanka on the human rights front and a master of using abusive language against world renowned human rights activists. That is his official line.

But his private views are awful. He is even on the right of Sinhala chauvinists and supremacists.

The word inquiry especially international inquiry is anathema to him. Like his supremacists friends he will in a trance whenever he hears these dreadful words. He had promulgated a theory that victors need not face any inquiry for war crimes even against their own innocent civilians!

If his private views are translated into Spanish and made known to Cuban revolutionaries still living in Cuba, What will Happen?

Posted by: Sri krish | June 16, 2009 04:54 AM

Dayan say’s,”It is not paranoid to speculate that some would entice the IDPs with promises of refugee status in the West in exchange for false testimony of so-called war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan military”

Do you really need any testimony?

Every body knows what has happened!

“Two days that shocked the world”

More than others Sri Lanka and her friends knew very well about the outcome of an impartial inquiry.

That is why they are paranoid about any inquiries and do not want to set a precedent for the future violations!

When you are so sure of the verdict Are you mad to face a court of Law?

So the western world is waiting with Visas to grant refugee status to those who agree to be coached to come out with false testimony and thereby flooding their countries with refugees from Sri Lanka!

Is it because they hate Sri Lanka so much or they are all on the pay of LTTE?

LTTE seems to have so much of surplus funds-much more than IMF, World Bank and ADB, even countries may be tempted to go for 1.9 trillion US Dollors as loan!

Posted by: Sri | June 16, 2009 05:20 AM

Lyching lasted upto 1968, nearly 3500 blacks killed. America came a long way of fighting it. Jim crow had gone out legally several years ago but still in existance some way in the USA, but it is also on its way out as majority of the people are civilized and mindful of human rights and decency.
Go back and compare your MR/GOSL with Abe Lincoln how he tried to reconcile with confederates and issue of slavary .( by the way you have to study a little better, the reason for the civil war)
Your comment "Is that the example you want Sri lanka to follow?"
Dyan, you do not have to follow the example as your government is doing much worse than that, close match with Nazi.

But I am confident that there are enough of decent people in majority sinhala community. I have a lot of faith in them.
Blacks in the USA could not have won their rights if not for the majoity of decent whites and the country's strong constitution.

Posted by: Anonymous | June 16, 2009 11:36 AM

To Gamini,

I hope you would get your figures correct about the Indian house maids. I worked in the Middle East for more than ten years in a professional capacity and in Singapore about three years.

No Indian housemaids are in the Middle East and a few in Singapore. There was an Indian law banning ladies to go as maids to the Middle East. One should take flight from the Middle East to Colombo and again from the Middle East to one of the Indian cities to know the difference. There is a few Indian housmaids and that is by other means. That is by getting hold of a friendly Arabab, some low income workers from India bring their wifes to work for their Arababs on house hold duties. Majority of Arabs are o.k. and treat their maids o.k., though not very great. Only a very few Arabs misbehave with their maids. Arab family is a very big one and it is very difficult even to talk to your maids without causing concerns among the four wives and the many kids from the four wifes. Both Shyam and Gamini should realise this. In Singapore, one should go to Serabgoon-Little India on Sunday to see the Sri Lanka house maids. Sri Lanka is sending so many house maids does not reflect very well on the part of the Sri Lankan men folks. That is the main issue. Futhermore Sri lankan house maids are paid only half of what Phillipino house maids are paid. This indicates the strength of the Sri Lankan prestige and the economy. In fact the Sri lanka economy rests on three kind of ladies. One is these house maid ladies, the second is the almost slave workers to the Fareastern companies in the Free Trade Zone and the third one is the Plantation Tamil ladies plucking tea leaves. Then what do men folks do? Well, destroy the gains made by these ladies.

About the military debacle of the LTTE. Pirabhakaran helped India by killing Rajiv, not even a mediocre leader. India progressed a lot after the departure of Rajiv. In the process Pirabhakaran did a monumental damage to the Tamils. Tamils are now got rid of Pirabhakaran and they will come up, not because of the mercy of Rajapakse.

Many Tamils and Sinhalese knew very well that the army at Mannal aru and at Muhamalai could not move a kilometre for tha last three years with all their supplies and recruitment, till the very last month. The Navy could not make a beachhead along the eastern coast till the very last moment. LTTE ran short of amunition for their two long range guns. It is not the valor of the army but the curtailment of supply by the Indian intelligence. The present political scenario is different from that at 1980s. It will obviuosly change unless the Tamil issues are properly addressed. Long ago I read a book about third world war written by a famous British second world war veteran. The one of the two or three events, (25years back and I don't exactly remember the number of events, I am old and failing in memory too) that triggered that hypothetical third world war took place in Madras. You are on the Radar and mindful of it. If Pakistan thinks that united Sri Lanka is only beneficial to India, then things may change. Day by day India will dictate and others will take appropriate actions to counter it. Till that time have fun.

Posted by: K.Easwaran | June 16, 2009 11:38 AM

Nice try.
1. What is your governments doing since 1948, not kissing tamils, it is called lynching(Lynching is an extrajudicial punishment meted by a mob). It has culminated almost to match Nazi Germany now.
Abe Lincoln had a courage to emancipate blacks, imagine it happened in 1862/63, it was like putting a man on the moon then. Certainly lynchings continued up to 1968, until majority of the American got civilized. A long way for SL to get there.

2. Factors lead to American civil war were issue of slavery, party politics. expansionism, economics, sectionalism. After the war Abe Lincoln(Union) did re conciliate with confederates (Whites) states rather than partying. Emancipation of blacks was just the beginning of reconciliation with blacks and it took many years before civil rights act came into law.
Even though Jim Crow legally out, it is still continuing in some way in many parts of the USA. It is also getting better as socioeconomic status of the blacks improves. Obama presidency will hopefully expedite it.
3. Dyan, understanding history is better than just reading it

Posted by: Fran | June 16, 2009 08:08 PM

Dr Dayan is one crazy spindoctor!

He's talking about Northern Ireland, but one cannot simply compare the behavior of the British Army and that of the Sri Lankan army. The British Army would never have massacred thousands of people the way SL army did during the last few months. The British Army would never have used methods of screening equivalent to those of their SL counterparts. The British army has been accused of massive human rights violations in NI, but the SL army can be accused of a ten times higher rate of HR violations.

Posted by: Chamara Bandara Nugawela | June 17, 2009 01:21 PM

It is depressing to note two of our gifted, educated younger men – belonging to that dwindling breed of contemporary Lankans able to write English brilliantly and speak eloquently as good as any anywhere – have to sing for their supper throwing principles and morality to the winds only for survival. Going through the ramble one discovers the growing paranoia of their employers being hauled up for war crimes. Here’s the give-away “some would entice the IDP’s with promises of refugee status in the West in exchange for false testimony of the so-called war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan army” So this is why nearly 300,000 IDP’s are barbed-wired into Concentration camps, eh? These innocent folk will now have the added worry if the wires will be linked to electrical current to prevent them being snatched away by the rapacious West for the purpose of false testimony against a clean and good administration. The world must surely take note of this new twist. MR seems to place greater focus on negotiating with the Tamil diaspora and has suggested he will rather negotiate with them. Once the diaspora gets an acceptable set of leaders – together with the moderate Tamil leadership in the island – MR’s GoSL will have no other choice but to negotiate with them. MR finds this necessary for the Govt to receive the needed oxygen from the IMF to keep the tottering regime going. Where will this leave WW and the JHU. The world is taking note of the tasteless politics of the JHU which tells Mahinda “the Tamils imprisoned in the camps are only asking for food, water, shelter and medicine. They say let’s give them that. They are too helpless to ask for political rights”(Read Mano Ganesan). Wimal Weerawansa may, true to his characteristic IQ level, scream the 13th Amendment is kappan. He has got enough kappan from Mahinda and his regime for his unprincipled politics - including his recent recognition of being in the Distinguished Guest list to grace the isolated army kingdom of the rogue Govt of Myanmar – in the inspiring company of Dr. Mervyn de Silva – another distinguished invitee. What a motley gathering of eminent Lankans on a State visit?


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | June 17, 2009 01:23 PM

Devinda wrote
In fact secretly the Indian Central government wishes they could make those Tamil Nadus Heel the way we did to the LTTE.

Actually, Indian tamils are well integrated all over India and comparatively TN is a very peaceful state

In the Indian software, Backoffice, nuclear and missile programs Tamils are over-represented
Abdul Kalam, the missile man was a tamil and previous President. By driving out the Jaffna vellalas you have lost Software, backoffice, etc

The Indian establishment has a high percentage of tamils, such as G.Parthasarathy, P.Chidambaram

A tamil is the same as a Bengali or Assamese or Punjabi or Gujurati
Linguistic minorities are wooed for votes by all parties.

The BJP would like to get TN votes and has no desire to oppress tamils
The BJP has a track record of splitting large states into smaller states to satisfy linguistic and tribal minorities, such as in Jharkand, Uttarkhand, Chattisgarh

The BJP already rules Karnataka, a southern dravidian state and is looking to expand into the remaining dravidian states such as TN

The incipient dravidian separatist movement in India was defused by the wise policy of Nehru and Indira Gandhi, both of whom were very popular in TN, by the expedient of linguistic states and regional autonomy and devolution

Already Deve Gowda, a dravidian from karnataka has been PM
Previously Narasimha Rao, a telegu brahmin from Andhra was PM and given the coalitions in India, if congress drops in the next election, a TN leader could become PM

Next you need to know the DNA results in Sri Lanka
Sinhalese = 70% Indian Tamil + 25% Indian Bengali + 5% Veddah
Ceylon Tamil = 85% Indian Tamil + 10% Indian Bengali + 5% Veddah

In bengal, just like TN, the only Aryans are the immigrant brahmins from North India. The rest of the bengalis are dravidian.

Most sinhalese are tamil buddhists who fled south India during the saivite revival
The Pattini Cult of Kannagi, in Sri Lanka was brought over by Tamil buddhists.
The tamil epics Silappadikaram and Manimekalai were written by tamil buddhists
The buddhist monks encouraged change of language as part of the conversion process, like Gujurati and Marathi muslims switch to Urdu from their native language


What I do expect is that all of you shall bend and bow to North Indian hindus as the price to avoid devolution
to local tamils

I expect a large part of the Sri Lankan economy to be slowly handed over to North Indian businessmen, such as Marwaris and Ambanis and I expect most of your politicians to be on the payroll of Indian tycoons. Most of the offshore oil and gas shall be contracted out to Indian firms
India will grab most of the disputed sea bed boundary

Thanks to flouting the west, and china being too far away, diplomatically and financially ( for IMF and World bank loans ), you guys are dependent on India

The Indian establishment may not care too much for tamil devolution, but they do care for loss of face
and Indian 'face' is tied to the thirteenth amendment
The Indian establishment has long memories and they screwed LTTE by naval blockade

That is why the author is trying to mentally prepare you for the thirteenth amendment

Posted by: Anonymous | June 18, 2009 12:13 AM

Gamini wrote

Nepal is of no geo political value to anyone, a land locked country that's only values for China, Pakistan were to destabilise India. A very different of kettle of fish with Sri Lanka.


Thanks to flouting the west,
and if Rajapakse continues with his concentration camps and open demographic engineering, in theory Sri Lanka is 'naked' to any future Indian manipulation, because the west will not try to protect Sri Lanka as in 1987

The more crude the post war scenario, the more the loss of west, the more vulnerable to Indian manipulation
In 1987, when India intervened, it was against the western pressure. In future the western pressure will be absent

This Indian manipulation can be hidden pressure and / or a series of carrots and sticks

Also geopolitically the US is on the decline and the Indian navy is slowly taking over more and more of the Indian ocean from the US navy, with the blessings of the US navy

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 18, 2009 12:26 AM

Dayan Jayatilleka: "... 300,000 strong military, ... Sri Lanka is being subject to intense external pressure and these could turn coercive in one form or another. We must have a capacity to deter them from which ever quarter they emanate, and the sole way of doing this is to have a trained military which is capable of imposing unacceptably heavy casualties on any hostile force that steps on our soil, whatever its technological advantages."

This is exactly why Sri Lanka will be subject to considerable pressure, as will India.
India/Congress will not act out of moral considerations, but will have to do something to save itself from Chinese dominance and Western displeasure.
Western dipleasure because India lost the plot in regard keeping control of the situation in Lanka - not so much regarding the Tamils but re China.

Morality has nothing to do with India's/Congress's decisions and to a large extent even the Rajiv Gandhi card was played for local political sympathy.
Well over 500 South Indian fishermen have been killed by the SL Navy and India/Congress couldn't care less: it does not even have enough self respect in that regard, for what other country would stand by while such a thing happens to its citizens?

But since India has in a sense failed its Western allies (re China)it is now under considerable pressure to do something, and that pressure will translate to Sri Lanka.

The Chinese sponsored 300,000+ strong military together with the threats such as "trained military which is capable of imposing unacceptably heavy casualties on any hostile force that steps on our soil" is not something that India can ignore.
And even if India did try to sleep it off, the West will not allow India to ignore it.

Of course Sri Lanka/GOSL could try to ease things by cooling its relations withe China. But will China allow that? And can the GOSL allow itself to come back under Indian domination?

As to the rest of Dayan Jayatilleka's article ... :)

And what about Antonio Gramsci's views on human commonality?

Posted by: N2 | June 18, 2009 03:53 AM

For all the sinhalese commentators who are proudly saying that they won the war, I would like to remind them the President has said that he got the help of 20 countries to win this war!! It is a well known secret that India won the war!! Now the secret is out that Satish Nambiar was a paid consultant. Pakistan is claiming that they won the war for Sri Lanka!!Sri Lankan soldiers are good at raping, murdering un-armed civilians, robbing in short all the criminal activities!!

Posted by: nandasena | June 18, 2009 05:54 PM

Regarding Chinese help to GOSL vs India

In 1986, Jayawardene asked Deng to invade India to relieve the Indian pressure on GoSL ( John Garver, 'Protracted Contest')
and Deng refused to risk Chinese forces over a remote place

In 1986-1987, while Rajiv was involved with Sri Lanka, Deng tried to nibble at Arunachal Pradesh and moved 1 lakh chinese troops to Somdurung Chu, and Rajiv moved 1 lakh Indian troops to within 200 yard
The stand-off went on for 11 months and defused by intervention from US and Russia ( John Garver 'Protracted Contest' )

Indian cruise missiles remove need for Indian airforce or Navy to pressurise small countries

With Russia providing the hardware and Indian software,
this joint venture is open only to Russia and India
and not open to US or China

The 'Brahmos' Cruise missile is 32 times more powerful than Tomahawk and uses GPS and is accurate to within 10 meters
Several thousand are being built and can destroy precisely without much collateral damage in 30 minutes,
airports, harbors, rail junctions, bridges, tunnels, ships, military bases

As the chief of the program Sivathanu Pillai ( a tamil ) says,

“In 15 minutes flat,” he put it simply in his chamber inside the headquarters of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in an interview to The Telegraph, “your enemy country can be destroyed and you do not even have to go nuclear.”

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 21, 2009 01:16 AM

To the anonymous( June 18, 2009)

Just to add on your Tamil buddists, Mannimegalai, the prime character of the Tamil epic Mannimegalai came to Illangai to worship at the "Sammana Malai", what we call Sivanollipathamalai now.

Posted by: K.Easwaran | June 21, 2009 06:29 AM

Reasons for differences in Indian responses to Bangladesh vs Ealam

1. In 1971, India had a strong anti-china defence treaty with Russia
and 5 lakh soviet troops were poised on the china border to dissuade the chinese from intervening, whereas in 1986, Gorbachev signed a peace treaty with China and removed the troops from the Chinese border and India no longer had Russian protection against China and US

and President Reagan was directly pressurising Rajiv.
Per G.Parthasarathy, Reagan was directly involved in the Indo-Lanka 1987 treaty and Rajiv's hands were tied
Even earlier, Reagan had been pressurising Indira Gandhi using Satellite photos of Tamil militants in Indian training camps, but Indira was made of iron and did not back down

2. Rajiv did not have the political toughness of his mother Indira, who refused to back down in the face of a nuclear threat by USS Enterprise in 1971

3. In the case of Bangladesh, the Awami League of Sheikh Hasina is still grateful to India
In the case of Bangladesh, since it is a muslim majority country, hindu majority west bengal is not likely to secede from India to unite with bangladesh on basis of common language

4. The Dravidianist movement has common linkages in both TN and Ceylon. In India, the Dravidianist movement took money from the british, opposed Indian Independence, Supported Partition of Pakistan, Karunanidhi went around giving speeches in favor of partitioning India to give Jinnah his pakistan, Made plenty of abusive speeches against brahmins, north Indians, and hindu religion.
Periyar of DK, broke several Ganesh idols, did beef eating festivals in front of temples and slippered hindu gods in processions and until 1962, the DMK was openly secessionist. Even now there are some armed tamil separatists in India such as Tamil national retrieval force ( just a few dozen remaining, trained by LTTE in 1990 ). As such the
Indian establishment, while fully accepting and recognising Indian tamils, has suspicions of the Dravidianist movement, with the exception of ADMK faction, since MGR was a recognised Indian nationalist

The fear of the Indian establishment was that an independent Ealam in Sri Lanka would encourage the DK, DMK types to try to secede TN. Prabhakaran was aware of this and expressed this in an interview in 1985 with Anita Pratap that India would oppose independent ealam and he would have to fight India to get independent eelam

The Indian choice was therefore to do a Turkish Cyprus type Indian protectorate of the north-east province
or strive for maximum autonomy within Sri Lanka
The 1987 accord with Indian troops in the north east, made both options possible gradually
Possession is nine tenths of the law is an english saying and defacto, the north-east was temperorily an Indian protectorate and in the Trincomalee area, Tamils were able to recover their land from the colonists

Remember the sinhalese considered the accord a defeat, the monks were protesting on the streets, JVP started its second revolt and a sinhalese navalman tried to hit Rajiv. The Indian public considered the accord a good deal for the Tamils and were expecting armed resistance to the Indian army from the Sinhalese, not the Tamils

5. In 1971, India had the moral high ground and the western public and even western govt officials
Plenty of US govt officials were sympathetic to India and leaked secret meetings and documents of Nixon

6. In 1986, India no longer had the moral high ground, and no longer could get grassroots support from the west
The western supported Khalistan movement was in full force. The sikh guards assassinated Indira and the congress in reprisal killed 6000 Sikh civilians in Delhi. These riots were not spontaneous but rather sponsored by senior congress leaders
And Jayawardene was exploiting this to say that Black July was no different from the Congress reprisals
In diplomatic circles it was hard for India to justify why Khalistan was bad but Eelam was good

7. Congress forgiving the Sikhs vs not forgiving LTTE
Sikhs have 3 main castes
Jat Sikh Landlords
Khatri Sikh Urban merchants
Mazbhi Sikh low castes
The Khalistan movement was entirely done by Jat Sikhs and had no support from the Khatri or Mazbi sikhs
The Congress hired 50000 low caste Mazbi sikhs as home guards and let them loose to kill khalistan sympathisers among the Jat Sikhs
It is estimated that 30000 Khalistani sympathisers of whom about 10000 were certainly innocent were killed and secretly mass cremated
Even now, while the khalistan movement has died out, the Jat sikhs dont vote for congress
They vote for NDA ( BJP alliance )
Manmohan Singh is a Khatri urban merchant sikh and his caste has never been involved in the khalistan movement

8. The role of LTTE in bringing Sonia to power in India
In 2004, the pro-LTTE DMK, MDMK, PMK switched away from NDA ( BJP alliance ) and switched to Sonia and NDA lost all 40 seats in TN and hence NDA lost power
and Sonia came to power on the votes of Vaiko, Ramadoss, etc. Sonia gave a free hand to Rajapakse and ordered the Indian navy to do a blockade of the LTTE. What Sonia also did was to sign the India-Lanka free trade agreement. This agreement gave several billion dollars to the Lanka economy and freed up cash for Rajapakse to buy chinese weapons

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 21, 2009 10:56 PM

Shyamsunder’s comments (#3 & #4) requires comment. Almost none in post-Bangladesh West Bengal, Muslim or otherwise, ever gave any indications to merge with the economically weak new State – one of the poorest in the world attracting the demeaning description “Basket case of the world” from no less than the mild-mannered Henry Kissinger. West Bengal, meanwhile, has become comparably a modern, economically strong, political vibrant State – home to a large number of Muslims some of whom high up in the social and political ladder. The truth is there have been many reported advances by Bangladeshi sources to join with WB and India – which the people of Kolkatta contempetously reject. The millions of Bangladeshi’s seeking escape from this poor, awfully congested and over-populated State of over 161 million population in a relatively small 56,000 sq miles (much of which is cyclone/flood-prone)It can neither feed, clothe nor house or provide livelihoods in the last few decades creates serious security and political problems to Bihar, Orissa, UP, Rajasthan and even West Bengal streaming out from the porous land borders. That Tamilnadu leaders got bakshi to oppose Indian Independence is totally untenable. The commentator appears to have got his facts mixed up because Karunanidhi was no where in the front in the pre-1948 period either in Madras Presidency State politics or even the pro-Dravida movements. He came at least a decade later in a less significant capacity when the Party was virtually dominated by Kalaignar C.N. Annadurai – the popular and acceptable giant of the DMK. The allegation is, I fear, baseless and an affront to Independence leaders like Rajaji – a highly respected leader of the Swaraj movement later to become Governor General. Today’s India and the Tamil-speaking people throughout the world also remember with gratitude the role of the learned like Subramaniya Bharathiar at that time whose poems extolling Swaraj have now become an immortal part of both Tamil and India literature (Aaduvome palli paaduvome; ananda suthanthiram adainthu vittom endru aduvoma) The unforgettable words “.engum suthanthiram enbathai petchu naam ellorum samam enbathurithiatchi” are aimed at dismantling the caste and class division. By no means should the noble work of these great men be ridiculed even by inaccurate interpretations of history of a period of one of India’s finest moments. With regard to a Cyprus-like incision in Sri Lanka this is completely out in today’s world. I believe much can be done by the Indian Govt to empower Lankan Tamils in the
near future with features of internal self-determination with the approval of GoSL and the majority of the Sinhala people within an undivided Island. Incidentally, the “monks” protesting in the streets referred to are almost entirely incensed and mislead JVPers It is well known non-cleric JVP activists in large numbers then took to the streets in yellow robes. The process of healing, . however, will be somewhat slow and fraught with much heat but this, I think, is inevitable. Still the possibility of other options remain and it is upto the Sinhala political leadership and GoSL to act wisely and prudently.


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | June 23, 2009 07:47 AM

Congress vengeance on brahmins for Killing Mahatma Gandhi

The congress leadership used to consist of UP brahmins

The assassin of Mahatma Gandhi was a Maharashtrian brahmin

The congress leadership instigated the Maratha caste ( backward caste farmers ) to assault Maharashtrian brahmins
Hundreds of Maharashtrian brahmins were burnt alive,
Thousands of Maharashtrian brahmin women were raped
Maharashtrian brahmin rural lands were grabbed and Maharashtrian brahmins driven out of rural Maharashtra

Now the maharashtrian brahmins live in Poona City
and Mumbai city and vote BJP
They never vote congress

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 23, 2009 10:38 PM

Refuting Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan
The political space in pre 1967 Tamil Nadu, consisted of Congress versus the Dravidianists ( DK, DMK )
Rajaji, Subramanya Bharati were of the Congress stream along with Kamaraj, P.Chidambaram, G.Parthasarathy

Periyar, Annadurai, Karunanidhi were of the Justice Party, DK, DMK stream

Periyar was giving speeches in favor of Jinnah partitioning India. Periyar followers even 3 years ago have attacked hindu temples and assaulted hindu temple priests, in TN. And in TN, the staunchest LTTE supporters are Periyarists

The Justice Party was on british payroll
Periyar and Annadurai opposed Indian independence
Periyar asked the british to carve out Dravidistan in south India

Until 1962 China war, Annadurai was an open secessionist. After 1962 defeat in the China war, TN public opinion felt scared and sharply turned against secessionism and Annadurai scaled it back to autonomy
What Autonomy, already in 1956, TN had linguistic state
and no further autonomy has ever been given to any other state

Subramanya Bharati and Rajaji were of the Nationalist congress stream and were brahmins who were targets of Abuse by the dravidianist movement, Periyar , and thanks to DK, DMK and 70% anti-brahmin quota, most brahmins have left TN for Bangalore, Other Parts of India and Silicon valley USA
Even a few months ago, Karunanidhi publicly abused TN brahmins as enemies
Whereas , Rajaji in 1958 openly condemned the sinhala anti-tamil riots in Lanka

One of the key aspects of the Dravidianist movement is to go back to the sangam period and remove the bhakti period , 500 AD onwards

Annadurai even abused Kamban and Kamba Ramayanam
as Kamba-Rasam

You will never find a Dravidianist express sentiment publicly in favor of the Tamil Saivite and Tamil Vaishnavite saints

As far as hindu scriptures go, after sanskrit, Tamil has the most amount of hindu religious literature

While the Dravidianists will extol Thiru Valluvar,
( and rightly so ), The entire, tamil religious historical figures are not respected at all

Ouvviar is absent from their list of heros and heroines

Regarding bangladesh, nobody in Bangladesh wants to join India except for the 10 million illegal immigrants who are in fact imported by Congress and Communists for a vote bank
On the contrary, Bangladesh muslims have had a long term plan, openly expressed to flood Indian border districts with bangladeshi muslims, change the demography and in future with opportunity, such as major war or other calamity, when the Indian state is weak, to secede and make the border districts join bangladesh

The point I am trying to make is this
The Indian establishment, given a strong leader like Indira Gandhi in the future, and given that in 30 years, Indian GDP will cross the USA GDP, can given the right international scenario, do anything it wants in Sri Lanka - 1 piece Lanka, 2 piece Lanka or Lanka swallowed as 2 additional linguistic states in India ( I have heard this sentiment expressed in some Indian circles, since within India, there has never been a single act of violence between hindus and buddhists in India )

JR.Jayawardana understood this after the 1987 food drop
and after Premadasa , the sinhala leadership has been very deferential to India ( even though they hate India ). Post Premadasa, the sinhala leaders have courted Indian National Parties, Congress, Communist, BJP. Even Rajapakse has been polite to Indian concerns. It will be a very reckless sinhalese leader to be publicly abusive to the Indian establishment like Jayawardane abused Indira Gandhi

Whereas, the LTTE murdered every other Tamil leader who tried to speak for the tamils,
and depended on the extreme rabble rousing wing of the DK-DMK-MDMK, and did not reach out to National parties
and Indians in other states
In the LTTE websites you will find plenty of abuse of India and IPKF for the last 20 years, whereas in the official Sinhala websites they are more guarded, even though they dislike India

Next, Given the political will, the Indian govt has a lot of carrots and hidden sticks to ensure a fair deal to the Sri Lankan tamils
Again it is the Indian establishment that has to be courted, not rabble rousers like DMK and Vaiko
Some Tamils in the Indian establishment are P.Chidambaram and G.Parthasarathy

The Indian establishment has very long institutional memories and does not trust the Sinhalese one bit
However, it feared the LTTE. It was very reluctant to intervene, because it feared the LTTE more than it feared a Sinhala victory. The Indian establishment can temperorily live with an anti-Indian sinhalese regime. Whereas an LTTE victory would cause a crisis in TN

Even now, you can see Rajapakse on Indian TV,
saying he is pro-India and not anti-India and his daughter has married a Maharashtrian and the entire crop of Sinhalese leaders frequently visit hindu temples in India very publicly and are followers of Indian gurus

On the contrary, the pro-LTTE voices in India tend to be catholic priests, which alarms north Indians

So what has happened is that Indian public opinion outside TN, which was pro-Tamil until 1987, is now actually pro-Sinhalese

Again the central fact is Opinion of Indian establishment. Since 1987, this opinion has been 13th Amendment for Lanka.
Keeping the Indian establishment Opinion in mind, Most Sinhalese leaders pay lip service to 13th amendment ( though they plan to bend the rules )
If for example the Opinion of the Indian establishment in 1987 had been Eelam, then Eelam would have been carved out in 1987

The key fact is to court the Indian establishment like the sinhalese, not declare war on the Indian establishment like the LTTE

Even now, Rajapakse courts India and disdains the west and UN, whereas the tamil diaspora courts the west and UN and disdains India
The sinhalese have learned the lesson of Jayawardene
whereas the tamil diaspora is using Jayawardene technique

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 24, 2009 10:40 PM

To Shyamsunder,

Have you ever considered the plight of lowercast hindus and the untouchables? Their plight prompted E.V.R. Periar to revolt against Congress. Arrogance of Neru and connivance of Ghandhi with Neru made Jinnah to ask for separate country.

Late C.N.Annathurai had difference of opinion with his leader E.V.R. Periar about the Indian independance. E.V.R. Periar was unhappy with the Congress dominated by brhamins and said the independance was a sad day. However, C.N.Annathurai said it was an independance of half measure. These are the people keeping muslims of Tamil Nadu as fellow state folks. As ISS said Kalaignar Karunanithy was a young fellow at the time of independance. If you want to know the thinking of Late Mr. C.N. Annathurai then read the attachment below. I wonder whether the Editor would allow it as it is too long. There are some Tamil couplets sprinkled here and there, but I am not going to translate for fear of tarnishing the flow of Anna.If interested, get hold of some Tamils to get the gist of it. Let me now take leave of you so that you can understand the character of Late Mr. C.N. Annathurai. K. Easwaran(Thanks to Mr.N.Nandhivarman for this treat)

C.N.Annadurai - காஞ்சீபுரம் நடராஜன் அண்ணாதுரை

Annamalai University Convocation Address
Tamilnadu Chief Minister C.N.Annadurai

18 November 1967

[contributed by N.Nandhivarman, General Secretary, Dravida Peravai ]


Mr. Chancellor, Mr. Pro-Chancellor Mr. Vice- Chancellor, Graduates of the Year and Friends:

Thankful as I am for the unique honor conferred on me by this institution, it is not without hesitation as a good deal of trepidation that I stand before this august assembly to-day to deliver the Convocation address, for though it is a pleasure to be present on the happy occasion of greeting the graduates of the year and wishing them all a bright and prosperous future, it is not an easy task to place before them appropriate guidelines-conscious as I am of my own limitations and aware of the eminence of those who stood at this rostrum in the past and gave weighty and worthy advice to the graduates.

Stalwarts in various walks of life, scholars of erudition and experience, administrators of rare abilities, have all been here to deliver instructive discourses, and I do not for a moment imagine that I have the capacity to add any thing substantial to what has been already said by those who preceded me. I am convinced therefore that to be called upon to deliver this address is not so much an invitation as a command to me bestow the most careful and considered thought on the role of Universities in general and of the Annamalai University in particular.

The fact that I am conscious of my own limitations gives me a sense of relief, for attempt I shall not to offer original ideas or theories with a special stamp, but only reiterate some of the cardinal principles enunciated by those who offered their a advice in past years, perhaps with annotations here and there, bringing to bear the lay-man's point of view to the findings of experts in various fields connected with education.

This is the age of the common man - whatever the regrets some might have –and it's his point of view that matters most and I do claim to represent him in all his ruggedness.

Systems and schools of thought, whether it is in philosophy or politics, ethics or economics, are certainly meant for him. Of course, the interpretation should come from scholars and experts and the art of translating them into every day activity is to be undertaken by the administrators. Universities, as the repositories of knowledge and the nursing ground for the emissaries of thought wisdom and service, have got a prominent role to play-and the prominence is growing every day, as more and more individuals get themselves equipped for the task of bettering society in all its age when we have eschewed monarchy and autocracy and have inaugurated the era of democracy.

During the monarchical or feudal days, Universities had to train scholars and poets to adorn the chambers of Royalty or the gilded mansions of Lord and nobles and their wisdom was meant for the mansion, not for the market place. Those were days when numbers did not count, nor were eminent scholars asked to face the problems confronting the masses. They were content to work in secluded spheres, far from the din and noise of the common man and weave the costly fabric of philosophy of poetry which on turn was to be converted into dazzling garments for the select and the privileged.

The role of the University to-day is not cloistered and confined as in the past. Its function has been enlarged-not in its fundamentals but in its domain. It has to take into account the commonness, but to trim and train, guide and lead him, for asked to do his duty as the citizen of a democracy-a task which kindles sweet hopes but which demands, patience and perseverance, faith and confidence, faith in himself and in others and confidence in his inherent ability to shoulder the responsibilities. The common man has become the birth place of a potential ruler and the duty today, the responsibility today of the universities is to fashion out of him as an individual fitted and equipped for the task of making democracy fruitful and effective.

I said that the duties and responsibilities of Universities have grown in dimension and scope, but pointed out that the fundamentals remain unaltered and these fundamentals are of permanent value and of perennial interest. The supreme task before the University is to give those who seek a vision of knowledge in its true proportions and perspectives, to maintain the sovereignty of ideas and ideals in the world. A balanced mind, the ability to discriminate between what is merely trivial and what is important, the capacity to look at a problem from all its angles without fear or favour, to be tolerant of the other man's point of view. These are fundamentals which are unalterable and it's only the universities that can provide society with a continuous stream of men and women endowed with these qualities.

While addressing the University of Brussels, Dr.s.Radhakrishnan, our former president, made the following statement:

"For its proper functioning democracy requires more qualities than other forms of government. It is in the universities that we can develop the true spirit of democracy, appreciation of other points of view and adjustment of differences through discussions. It can be kept healthy and strong by the exercise of individual responsibility and judgement in universities we have to re-call the struggles of the past and realize the perils and possibilities, the challenges and opportunities, of the present."

Democracy is not a form of government alone –it is an invitation to a new life-an experiment in the art of sharing responsibilities and benefits-an attempt to generate the common task. Hence we cannot afford to waste a single talent, improverish a single man or woman or allow a single individual to be stunted in growth or held under tyranny and the universities should through the graduates it sends forth year after year, annihilate the forces that attempt at aggrandizement and tyranny, fight against caste and hypocrisy and enthrone human dignity.

Graduates of the year, I wish you all a prosperous future-for, after all, the immediate concern of every individual, graduate or no graduate, is to acquire the means for a decent living. That is the first motivation for all human activity and no one can ignore it, but that ought not to be the sole objective. Something higher and nobler than mere individual material advancement is expected of you – for remember that this University education is a privilege that you enjoy, for which you are deeply indebted to the community of which you are a member.

Most of the money needed for maintaining institutions of higher education come from the revenues collected from the community through the State, and a good proportion of that revenue comes from the tillers and the toilers, men who did not enjoy this privilege, men who willingly submit themselves to discomfort, so that they can enable the next generation to lead a better life.

Graduates of the Annamalai University, may I ask you, how you are going to repay – what is to be your contribution to the social chest on which you have drawn so largely. Unless you replenish it richly, coming generations will find only an empty coffer. Your superior education increases your responsibility to society and therefore, apart from or along with your own individual advancement, society has got a right to expect an adequate return from you – not so much in terms of money as in terms of service – in toning up society, in bringing light into the dark alleys, sunshine into dingy places, solace into the afflicted, hope unto the despondent and a new life unto every one.

That this is a welcome and worthy ideal none would dispute, but not every one will come forward to translate that ideal into action – and yet our ancient as well as modern thinkers have all stated in unmistakable terms that wisdom is manifested in action.

Unless service is the outcome, the sermons become sweet nothings. As Jefferson stated,

"We must dream of an aristocracy of achievements arising out of a democracy of opportunities"

And when I seek your help and co-operation in the supreme task of serving society, please do not wink and smile and say, it is all so easy to say. I am not unaware of the difficulties in the way, nor am I going to brush aside the influence of the environment on you. May be, the world in which you are to begin the journey is one which will dim your hope, disturb your determination. You may come face to face with the unpleasant sight of practices widely differing from the principles inculcated in you. You may find self-seekers enthroned and the patient worker decried. Tyranny of all sorts may stare at you and every step you take will be a struggle. I admit that the environment is such that even people with robust optimism will be discouraged and forced to take to the part of ease and comfort.

But, we should also realize that a continuous stream of men and women endowed with the spirit of service has been carrying on the crusade successfully and have conferred rich benefit on humanity.

We, the Tamilians have been holding aloft this ideal for more than two thousand years and hence we find in Pura Nanuru this passage,

"உண்டால் அம்ம இவ்வுலகம் . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
தமக்கென முயலா நோன்றாள்
பிறர்க்கென முயலுநர் உண்மை யானே!"

As inheritors of that rich legacy, you are best fitted to overcome even the environment and serve society to the best of your abilities,

Anyone, who proposes to do good must not expect people to roll stones out of his way, but must accept his lot calmly if they even roll a few more upon it. A strength which becomes clearer and stronger through its experience of such obstacles is the only strength that can conquer them – says Albert Schweitzer.

Though the problems in various countries are of a similar nature, the peculiarity attached to the problems of our country is of a pronounced nature.

Ours is not case of starting from scratch - had that been the case the only thing needed would have been the intensity of effort to be put forth. Ours is a case of erosion of the mind – we are not in search of fields, but have to engage in the task of fertilizing it, irrigating it, we are not in search of ideals, but are engaged in the more intricate task of classifying, codifying and verifying layers of ideals. We are not wanting in culture-but have to cleanse it from the cob-web of time and de-adulterate it. In short, we have to re-discover ourselves, and re-construct our entire thought. Once task to-day is to allow fresh air and sunshine and regain the original shape and stature – that which made us well

Known is distant lands and climes.Our literature, art and architecture are fine specimens of human intelligence – but they bear the ravages of time and also the effect of currents and cross currents so that to-day we have to listen to the foreign historian or scholar in order to realize the "glory and grandeur" of our own country.

Age commands veneration –but unless it is recuperated, decay sets in. our culture and civilization are hoary, but we have allowed scars and wrinkles to disfigure them. It is our duty therefore to re-discover and re-construct what is ours and enrich it by drawing liberally upon the achievements of other countries.

Our problem is not want of a system –in any branch of knowledge. We have fine specimens in all spheres. We claim also –and that rightly –immortality for our systems, but we have not succeeded in keeping them fresh and young, effective and energetic, for we have allowed them to decay.

If a system has to endure, says, Dr.Radhakrishnan, it must be perpetually young and ready to change. In other words, it must be capable of accepting new ideas, have the resilience of mind which the young have, have the openness, flexibility and spirit of adventure by which they accept what is given to them and transform it out of recognition.

Eos, a goddess falling in love with a mortal, prayed to god to grant immortality to the lover-'yes', said god, and the mortal gained immortality. But he grew old, infirm, senile, decayed –and what was a feast once to the eyes of Eos became a sight to shun and grieve over –and he who gained immortality longed for death – for what is life if it becomes a prey to decay? Then Eos sighed and said, "I prayed for immortality for my lover, forgetting to pray for perpetual youth."

We in this country are facing some such situation – and we are in charge of the task of rejuvenating our culture and civilization – our entire thought, instead of attempting that, we have been, for too long a period, doting upon the decayed forms attempting to defend them from critics and currents of new thought. And while other parts of the world, after persistent and patient search after truth, have arrived at new conclusions and are scaling new heights, we are content to sit near the shattered rampart and narrate past glory.

Our religion has degenerated into rituals, our society which was once classless and casteless has degenerated into water –tight compartments of caste and creed and all the while, we have kept either silent or have been supplying defense to superstition and orthodoxy by offering liberal allowing this state of affairs to exist, despite condemnation and protest, and, more than that, whenever a doughty warrior comes forth to fight against the evils prevalent, we decry and denounce him as an annihilator of noble values and hoary systems. Periyar Ramasami represents and symbolizes the fury and frustration in a sizable section of society at this state of affairs. To allow systems to degenerate and at the same time denounce those who champion the cause of rationalism is but to perpetuate superstition and orthodoxy and allow this society of ours to get decomposed.

Universities offer the proper forum for a free and full discussion of these intricate problems and graduates trained here are to go forth as emissaries of that social reconstruction which is long over due. The country looks to centers of learning like this

Universities to enable the people to pursue the path of progress, braving difficulties and if need be, courting danger.

Graduates of the Annamalai University, let me call upon you to carry on the crusade against caste which cannot co-exist with democracy, against superstition which cannot co-exist with science and against tyranny of various dimensions which cannot co-exist with liberty, equality and fraternity.

Pursuing vocations for your and your families' well being, you have to perform your duty towards society. You are to become torch – bearers of rationalism – and rationalism does not mean repudiation of basic and fundamental truths and maxims, but the annihilation of dubious modes of thought and action. You have to work hard and with daring and dash, for we have to clear cob-webs which are centuries old and let reason reign supreme.

Another peculiar feature of our times is the fact that we are a nation in the making, and if in their anxiety to forge integration, some confuse unity with uniformity, it is the duty of men trained here to clearly enunciate the principle and see to it that, in the name of unity, no part of the country is made to become the vassal of another part-knowingly or unknowingly. We cannot be a party to foul play, however worthy the goal.

Just on the eve of independence Rajaji stated with an acumen all his own, "our political experiment is really like melting iron and metals and pouring them in to a crucible and making an alloy, an alloy which can stand wear and tear . It is not like the chinaware that other people have turned out in their countries. Their democracies were easy to make – like plastics. But we are dealing with metals." National integration is a goal, worthy and much – sought after, but neither in the field of language nor in the economic sphere, could we tolerate injustice and domination. That is exactly why this government was brought into existence – it represents the determination of the people to be coerced into accepting Hindi as the official language.

When we plead for the continuance of English as the link language, some people do misrepresent us and misinterpret our motive. They trot out untenable arguments and disputable statistics, bring in the bogey of disintegration and want to silence people by threats and troops. Problems were never solved by autocratic methods – and this problem of language is intimately connected with our way of life, not for the present alone but for the future as well.

The government of Tamilnadu has stated in unmistakable terms that Tamil and English can serve all our purposes, the former as the official language of this state and the latter as the link language. If it is accepted and the most emphatic of Hindi protagonists do accept that - if it is accepted that English can serve admirably as a link between our state and the outside world, why plead for Hindi to be the link language here? What serves to link us with the outside world is certainly capable of rendering the same service inside India as well. To plead for two link languages is like boring a smaller hole in a wall for the kitten while there is a bigger one for the cat. What suits the cat will suit the kitten as well

English is foreign, some argue, as if we were out to destroy or give up everything foreign. We bring foreign wear in foreign ships. We seek foreign aid not only in the shape of money bur also in the from of technical know-how and not a week passes without one or other leader undertaking a journey to the west or east to secure whatever aid is possible to secure. And on top of all these things, we have given up so many systems peculiarly our own.

We are not content with rural economy, we want Trombays and Ennores. And we are not conscious of their being foreign; only in the matter of language we pose as being ultra –nationalists and dub the English language as foreign.

Shelly and Byron, Keats and Coleridge, Emerson and Bacon - they are not foreign to us in the strict sense of the term. Is Tiruvalluvar a mere Tamilian? They are all world citizens – world teachers. And the language enshrining their thoughts is not to be discarded just because it comes from another country. That we are not going to accord a higher status to English is borne out by the fact that we have accepted and are implementing with due caution the principle of making Tamil the medium of instruction in colleges –progressively.

University education is an epitome of all that is best in thought cultivated in various countries, and from you should radiate universal thought and cosmopolitan ideas.

And if we are to get all these and more from out of the graduates of the University we have to re-examine the methods in vogue in universities, in teaching and in administration, and so perfect them that every student feels that he is a co-sharer of the pleasure and privilege of knowledge along with his professors. I shall not dabble in methods of teaching or administration-experts in that field are the natural custodians-my plea is only as regards the necessity for a re-examination.

While the functions assigned to universities are mostly of the same type, the Annamalai University, by its structure and spirit, has got a special function of its own. The great founder's nobility and generosity has made this institution gain the esteem of eminent men here and elsewhere; but if we analyze the thought and motive force of Rajah Sir Annamalai Chettiar, we will find that he wanted this place to be not only a seat of learning and research of Tamil Culture and Tamil polity. He had the foresight to realize that Tamilians were going to cultivate their special talents and that was exactly why he started and made a success of the Tamil Isai Movement. Rajah Sir was never a man of tall talk-he believed in solid work and he knew the time was bound to come for us to delve deep into our annals and literature, culture and civilization and succeed in getting due and adequate recognition in the world forum.

Truly great has been our achievement in the field of literature. To be able to announce to the world that we the Tamilians do possess..

"நற்றினை நல்ல குறுந்தொனை ஐங்குறுநூ
றொத்த பதிற்றுப்பத் தோங்கு பரிபாடல்
கற்றறிந்தோர் ஏத்தும் கலியோ டகம்புறமென்
றித்திறத்த எட்டுத் தொகை"

And to present to the world the great Tirukkural which is a Code of Conduct for the entire humanity are something about which we can have pardonable pride and pleasure.

And yet, are we devoting enough attention to these Tamil Classics? Addressing the Convocation here in 1943, the late lamented Sir R.K. Shanmukham Chetty had the following to say:-

"I graduated with a complete ignorance of Tamil Culture and History: in fact with a great deal of contempt for these. I attained a fair degree of proficiency in English literature and the history of European culture. I acquired some knowledge of even Anglo- Saxon and Gothic. I read the translation of the Bible in the Gothic language , but I had not read the Kural of Valluvar. I could understand Chaucer, but the name of Ilango was nothing but a name. Even after leaving College, I kept alive my interest in these studies and built up a Library in which there was not a single Tamil book.

In my early youth when I lived in a world of my own with no sense of responsibility, all this made no difference to me and I was proud of my learning. Soon when manhood came with its cares and problems, I found myself a stranger in my own home…….Gradually I began to realize the incongruity of my scheme of life and for some time now I have been endeavoring to rectify the balance. It was only a few years ago that I seriously attempted to study some of the Tamil Classics. I find that they are fit to rank among the immortal works of the world. I now bitterly regret my neglect of the treasures of my own land."

It was not an apologia, but the expression of a new determination and Sir R.K.Shanmukaham lived to establish the truth that he had mastered not only the Tamil language but Tamil literature as well. Had he lived for some more years, he would traveled many a land carrying the message of the Tamil Classics, which spoke at such a hoary past about

"ஒன்றே குலமும் ஒருவனே தேவனும்"
"யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்"
"வினையே ஆடவர்க்கு உயிரே"
"நல்லது செய்தல் ஆற்றீ ராயினும்
அல்லது செய்தல் ஓம்புமின்"
"எவ்வழி நல்லவர் ஆடவர்
அவ்வழி அல்ல வாழிய நிலனே"
"செல்வத்துப் பயனே ஈதல்"
"தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர் தர வாரா"
"பகுத்துண்டு பல்லுயிர் ஓம்புதல் நூலோர்
தொகுத்தவற்றுள் எல்லாம் தலை"

Thoughts now placed before the world as blossoms of the modern age.

You, graduates of the Annamalai University, have got undertake the special task of carrying the message that our classics contain to the entire world and declare that what was the most ancient here is what is being introduced to-day as the most modern.

South India is the home of the most ancient culture Though for a fairly long period there was the mist of ignorance, thick and widespread, it has now been acknowledge by all that Dravidian Civilization of a highly developed character can be traced back to the second and third millennia before Christ. Many a Foreign scholar has borne testimony to the perfection with which Tamil language has been developed into an instrument of precise and subtle thought and to the beauty and richness of the literature – which is contained in it. Dravidian literature, philosophy, art and architecture offer therefore a rich and fruitful field for exploration and critical investigation.

Not for more glorification but for a just appreciation of all that is of real value and beauty in our past heritage. We need this research and investigation.

I do not propose to talk about your responsibility in the political arena. Suffice it to say that you should make democracy safe and sound, salubrious and fruitful.

Carry the message that this Universities has given to you wherever you go, whatever the station you find yourselves in and elevate the common man- the average man-

"He seems incredible but represents two –thirds of mankind. He lives in hut. He cannot read or write. His energy is sapped by disease. He labours up to 15hours a day. He works on land he does not own. He and his family are family are usually hungry. He will die young. But he still has hopes for his children; that they will be strong and healthy; will be able to read and write, will know individual freedom in a peaceful world. This is the world's average Man."

And the world over, this average Man has become conscious of the injustice done to him and as a consequence we find agitations and marches, struggles and clashes. In many a country, measures to raise his level have been undertaken. Take a pledge, here and now, that we will not lag behind and leave our average man in the lurch. For if the base is weak, the dome is doomed. Inheritors as you are of a noble heritage, you are eminently fitted for this noble task, and on its success depends the future of this nation as of others.

Let us remember what Woodrow Wilson said,

"Nations are renewed from the bottom not from the top . . . real wisdom of human life is compounded out of the experiences of ordinary men. The utility, the vitality, the fruitage of life comes like the natural growth of a great tree, from the soil, up through the trunk into the branches to the foliage and the fruit. The great struggling unknown masses of the men who are not the base of everything are the dynamic force that is lifting the level of society. A nation is as great and only as great as her rank and file."

May I submit my plea to you, youths blossoming forth from this institution, be firm but not obstinate, let here be a blending of ideas, but never cheap imitation and injurious adulteration, beware of mistaking obsessions for principles and fads for facts, strike at a synthesis and avoid subservience, view as the final on to protest against injustice but project not your own view as the final one, forget not the ancient saying

"கற்றதுகைம் மண்ணளவு கல்லா துலகளவு"

And father not when you practice what you profess.

University education gives you the basic needs for this stupendous task, but that is not enough. Say along

I read, I study
I examine, I listen
I reflect, and out of
All this, I try to form
An idea in which I can put as
Much of commonsense
As I can.

And remember the longest journey is the journey inward, and since graduation is but the starting point of that journey, I wish you success-reach the goal yourselves-teach others to march towards the goal and let that goal be,

A world without the beggar's out-stretched palm, the miser's heartless, stony stare, the piteous wail of want, the pallid face of crime, the livid lips of lies, the cruel eyes of scorn,

A race without disease of flesh or brain, shapely and fair, the married harmony of form and use-where life lengthens, fear dies, joy deepens, love intensifies, and Man regains his Dignity.

And to get these things realized, let us one and all strive towards the ideal enunciated by Thiruvalluvar,

"உறுபசியும் ஓவாப் பிணியும் செறுபகையும்
சேரா தியல்வது நாடு"

I am confident that you are being sent into the wide world by the Annamalai University with this objective-you are bound to win, for you are adequately equipped with the spirit supplied by this great institution. May your life be a bright one, and may its luster brighten the entire land! Accept my congratulations and march onwards, towards the land of smiles.

Posted by: K.Easwaran | June 25, 2009 12:52 AM

K.Easwaran wrote
Have you ever considered the plight of lowercast hindus and the untouchables? Their plight prompted E.V.R. Periar to revolt against Congress. Arrogance of Neru and connivance of Ghandhi with Neru made Jinnah to ask for separate country.


Are you aware that Narendra Modi is from a most backward caste oil presser community
Are you aware that Mayawati is a Dalit and got elected with a sizeable number of UP brahmin votes

So far TN has never had an MBC or Dalit CM

And who is doing the dalit atrocities in TN today, not brahmins but rather OBC castes, the followers of Periyar

And the LTTE called EPRLF as "Pallan and Parayan Party"


Some quotes from Periyar on Dalits

"On no account should the existing status of Sudrans be reduced to the level of Parayans"

"'One of the main reasons why there is an upward trend in the prices of clothes and textiles is that women belonging to the Scheduled Castes (Parachies) have started wearing blouses these days. The reason for growing unemployment in society is on account of increasing number of people belonging to Scheduled Castes (Parayans) taking to school education and higher education'. "

Periyar on independence
"'Though I might have blocked the exit of the Englishmen from India, though I might have betrayed in a treasonable manner the cause of India's freedom, I have not been a party to the installation of sinners from the Brahmin community with its fall out effects of domination of people from Northern India.."

While today, the DMK is more careful about words, North Indians know it is the follower of Periyar tradition and have worries and the facts are the Indian establishment has a lot of North Indians
and the Indian establishment has to be won over, not alienated


In addition there has been a lot of mindless anti-brahmin comments by LTTE

G.Parthasarathy, P.V.Narasimha Rao, Venkateswaran of Foreign service are all south Indian brahmins who did a lot to stop the tamil genocide in Lanka in 1983 and tried to get a fair deal for Lanka tamils during the negotiations

Cho is merely the personal advisor of Jayalalitha
As far as N.Ram of the Hindu paper,
( the favorite brahmin target of the LTTE )
He is a communist, atheist, beef eater, with European wife and his daughter has married into Karunanidhi family. He is widely reviled as Naxal Ram, and is in general, Pro-China, pro-Pakistan and anti-Hindu
The only thing brahmin about N.Ram is the accident of his birth into a brahmin family

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 25, 2009 10:07 PM

Indian annexation of Sikkim by Indira Gandhi
In 1947, Sikkim and Bhutan were inherited from the british as protectorates
The King of Bhutan was very obedient to the Indian establishment and got rewarded by gradually getting Indian help in moving towards independence and got UN seat in 1971

The king of sikkim on the other hand, married a CIA operative, and with US and china instigation made outreaches to US and China
Sikkim had a native buddhist population and a lot of Nepalese hindu immigrants

In 1974, Indira Gandhi sent in the Indian army and annexed Sikkim. Then she announced that she would hold a referendum to validate the Indian takeover
In preparation for the referendum, she imported over 1 lakh nepalese hindus to vote for India
She also used bribes and threats to take care of the buddhist monks to ensure that the buddhists also voted for India
So the referendum was held and India won 95% of the referendum vote

Keep in mind, Sikkim is on the China border
China and the west complained loudly for several months
and slowly people forgot all about Sikkim
As far as the people of Sikkim, they get the right to vote in Indian elections and to run their own state
In a very crude way, it was similar to Chinese takeover of Tibet ( with a lot less brutality ), however, the saving grace is after the referendum, the extra Nepalese were removed and colonism banned and the inhabitants of Sikkim do get a fair amount of autonomy as an Indian state


Turkish invasion of Cyprus and post invasion demographic engineering

The turkish population in Cyprus was not living in separate districts
The turkish population was living in turkish villages
intermixed with greeks living in greek villages
The turks were 18% of Cyprus

Turkey was a key US ally since it controlled the straits of Bosporus and could choke off Russian naval access out of the black sea

When Turkey felt that Turks were in danger, it sent in navy and army and captured 40% of Cyprus for the 18% turks and later enforced a population exchange

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 25, 2009 10:34 PM

Article by Walter Ladwig on Indian navy

( and implications for smaller countries )

*the world’s fifth largest navy has instead undertaken a sustained buildup that seeks to
develop power projection capabilities, particularly the capacity to conduct expeditionary
warfare. Admiral Mehta recently outlined an ambitious goal: “by 2022, we plan to
have 160-plus ship navy, including three aircraft carriers, 60 major combatants,
including submarines, and close to 400 naval aircraft of different types.”
*This 44,500-ton capital ship, which will be renamed the INS-Vikramaditya, will carry 16 fighter aircraft and another half-a-dozen anti-submarine warfare
helicopters. With a range of 14,000 nautical miles
*The Indian Navy’s strike capability received a major boost in 2006 with the introduction
of the supersonic BraMos multi-role cruise missile.52 A joint venture between
Russia and India, the 290-km range BraMos can receive guidance and targeting information
in flight from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and patrol aircraft. Multiple
variants under development will allow the missile to be launched by aircraft, surface
ships, and submarines.
*India’s ability to conduct amphibious operations beyond its territorial waters was
enhanced by its June 2007 acquisition of a 16,900 ton Landing Platform Dock (LPD),
from the US in its first-ever purchase of an American ship. Capable of transporting
nearly 1,000 soldiers and six medium-sized helicopters
*The Navy is already considering acquiring a
second LPD from the US, while its present complement of Magar-class Landing Ship
Tanks, which can transport 500 men or 15 armored vehicles, will be supplemented by
four new amphibious assault ships.
*India would be on the verge of possessing Asia’s only viable expeditionary naval force.

In the Indian ocean, the only navy that is superior is the US navy, and will be true for the next 50 years
China cannot project enough naval power, that far into the Indian Ocean to Indian coastal waters

The question then arises for the need for all these naval expeditionary forces, they are not needed for Pakistan, the answer is to provide the capability for gunboat diplomacy, if the Indian establishment so chooses. Or even better, to induce compliance to the Indian establishment and remove need for direct threats

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 26, 2009 12:04 AM

Re. Shyam Sunder’s comments June 24... I think the Editor will expect us to cooperate and limit our comments within the Indo-Lankan contemporary historical reality than delve into the bottomless pit of the Indian caste-system.Yet Transcurrens/Tamilweek has gained for readers’ benefit wide knowledge and data from SS, to which I remain thankful. Someone remarked this blog now sounds like a post-graduate course.

Like in most countries, the evolution of Indian politics has hardly been moral or ethical. As the irreparable damage SWRD caused to Lankan politics and its hitherto tranquility, South Indian politics has never, is and probably will not be short of its own quota of anti-people treachery and contradictions at its higher echelons. How else can one explain the repeated election of a Brahmin woman of questionable virtue as CM, an outsider to a lower caste dominated State after many of the anti-Brahmin aberrations listed by SS? The 1963-1967 period saw another Brahmin M. Bakthavatsalam as CM. It is curious whereas in many parts of the democratic world people caste their votes to elect a government of their choice , in many parts of India, people vote their castes in. I don’t think old Plato had this in mind when he came out with those lofty thoughts of The Republic. Periyar is said to be a debaucherous, unprincipled trouble maker whose sole aim was to come to political power in the Madras Presidency and so he went for the larger number of dalits in the system of one-man one-vote. To hell with unity and peace could well have been his thinking. He took his anti-brahmin line forward so insensitively and recklessly, it is writ he even arranged the cooking of beef, repugnant to Hindus, right opposite several prominent Hindu temples. These brahmins were, after all, as Tamil as everyone else. While Brahmins may have received favoured treatment during colonial times, there is no need at all in cultured India to try to balance matters by humiliating their women in public, attack them physically in buses and trains and even kill some of them in temples and elsewhere as indeed did happen then. The unforgettable Tamil film “Parasakthi” – from the thoughts and the pen of M. Karunanidhi - gave birth to that cellular demi-God Sivaji Ganeshan - was nothing but a call to dalits to harass Brahmins. Annadurai broke away from Periyar also because he may have found the anti-Brahminism unnecessary and excessive. As popularly known, CNN was a decent man and less opportunistic than his successors. He felt a united and wholesome Tamilnadu state and society is possible without disturbing the racial, religious and caste equilibrium. As to comments CNA spoke against Kamban I note, as recently as a few months ago, Karunanidhi and friends disowned the venerated Ram on the Sethusamudram issue – believed to be a pot of gold to make his somewhat less abler son - and heir-apparent in the State -Stalin a multi-billionaire. Auvaiyar, by the way, is not totally rejected by the DMK types – for remember the song “Kilavimel kaathal kollada, thamila” that gained popularity in the DMK-dominated era. The TN Brahmins refuge to Silicon Valley, SS refers to, came in decades after these events and around the mid-1980s. The turbulent decades in post-Independent India saw many countries unshackle from their colonial yoke. Independence and break-away were features and ideals in vogue then. It is in these times Periyar, the DK were trying to raise their stakes within by calling for a State along linguistic lines. Nehru, Patel and the then Govt opposed this and brought in amendments to Sections 352, 356, 359, 360 making it punishable offences to secede from and undermine the Indian union. I have no evidence that the Justice Party “was on the payroll of the British” that SS refers to. After all, today it is common from Bob Rae, Vaiko, Bruce Fein to Ranil Wickramasinghe to be accused they are all in the pay of the LTTE.

As to Bangladesh, the overtures that I referred to as rejected by India and West Bengal, was in a way a wider conspiracy against the Indian State. Yet, there is a strong under-current of peaceful Muslims both in Bangladesh and Pakistan desirous of a political arrangement to work and live with relatively stable and peaceful India – however incredible this is. One look at Pakistan today and in recent times goes out to support this belief.

President Rajapakse has no daughter. The marriage you refer to is, I believe, a relative of one of the Rajapakse brothers. While it is true Sinhalese today, in general, mistrust India, I am convinced Sinhalese in general “do not hate India” Except for the Sinhala extremist political parties to whom this is raison d’etre. The leadership of most political parties, I venture to state, have good relations with the Indian political leadership. The once India-prejudiced R. Premadasa, probably taking his political genes from his mentor the rabble-rousing, anti-Indian A. E. Gunasinghe - learnt his lesson
later. It is said Rajiv Gandhi arranged a helicopter for him to visit
the Buddhist temples in North India as a signal “India and its leadership is willing to forget your aberrations” The increasing number of rural and suburban Sinhala folk going out to India on pilgrimages and visits results in better understanding and a friendlier attitude. I agree we must build closer ties with the wider political establishment in India. At the same time Tamils here remain grateful to Vaiko for consistently raising his voice against atrocities against them. And these I refer to are ordinary Tamils and not hard-core LTTE. I also believe there is much more work to be done by the Tamil leadership here to educate Tamilnadu and India of the validity of Tamil claims for political rights in the North-East and other related issues. To say catholic priests in Tamilnadu are pro-LTTE is incorrect and can create difficulties for Catholics in Sri Lanka. Fr Jagath Gaspar you probably have in mind is a kind, decent young man who feels strongly for the suffering of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Fortunately, for us he is not alone. There are millions more Tamils supportive of their cousins here than before – thanks to the mishandling of the asymmetric “war” in the Wanni in the last few months. This in no way should be translated as anti-Sinhalese as mainstream Tamilnadu looks at Sinhalese as normally friendly and peaceful people. Incidentally, N.Ram is now married to a Keralite Syrian Christian. And dalit Karunanidhi’s grand-nephew Dayanithi Maran has a Brahmin wife from the Hindu Newspaper family. Why not? High caste Brahmin Rajaji gave his daughter in marriage to the son of non-Brahmin Mahathma Gandhi - one of whose sons former HC to Sri Lanka, now Governor in West Bengal and tipped to be a future President of India – and a very cultured, learned one at that, if that comes to pass soon.

I am afraid, Sir, despite all your good intentions the soothing, idealistic and poetic call the culture of “Yaadum oore yaavarum keleer” (roughly translated the world is my home and I can live wherever I please) will not work in the present Sinhala-Budhhist land of the pure where Lankan Tamils are even finding it difficult to live, go back or claim our homes. You do know half of the Tamil population in the Wanni are behind barbed wire forced enclosures widely referred to as “Concentration Camps” by most of the world.
Looks like divine intervention is the only answer to these unfortunates - our kith and kin.


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | June 26, 2009 09:21 AM

Just for fun of your Pallan Parayan Party for EPRLF. I think you have got it wrong. I was in Jaffna at that time and the term used was "Eelam Pallar Revolutionary Liberation Party", not PPP; it does not go with EPRLF. LTTE never had a meaningful strategy to achieve Eellam. I have no respect for any of the Neru family members. However, when Rajiv was murdered, I said it was the end of us. We compromised Tamil Nadu by doing that and Tamil nadu lost its cloud in our matter. Why I have no respect for Neru family. The first US president refused to take the presidency third time saying it would harm USA, not in exact words but the essence is that. Neru died as PM and did not give Indians the confidence that there are so many able persons to take charge.When he went to America, he requested the scientist Chandrasekar to return to India to take the position of the Vice President. He could not understand the calibre of Chandrasekar.

When it comes to bhramins, there is no such issue in Sri lanka. They do their part and we do our part. In fact A.P. Venkateswaran lost his powerful position on our issue. G.Parthasarathy too did his part better within his bounds. He too was sidelined by Rajiv because this. Of Narasimarao, he did not try to harm us to favour Sri Lanka Government. The BJP Government too never tried to barter our interest for the goodwill of the Sri Lanka Government.

I am not an anti Indian fanatic like LTTE. What India under the leadership of Rajiv and the virual leadership of his wife done to us is horrible.

Former TN CM , late Mr. Kamaraj was not from high caste. His caste can be compared with that of Mody's caste. Kamarajar's hand was, unlike Mody's, not tainted with blood. Such a great man lost because he was forced to go with Hindi. He did not like Hindi, but he could not say no to Neru. English would have been a better choice for stronger India.

Of Periyar, he really worked for the underdogs and against the bhramins like Subramaniyasamy and Cho. He was a lifelong good friend of Rajaji. CNA had a cluster of able people around him to carry his messgae. MUKA, like VP made it a sole property.

About China, Burmese are suffering because of Indian Naval base at Andaman-Nicobar. Not that I want India to leave Andaman-Nicobar, but that is the reality. Like us, Burmese are paying the price for India China rivalry. It is the foolishness of VP that we got trapped in this vice. It can go on like this but let me stop here.

Posted by: K.Easwaran | June 26, 2009 05:10 PM

In replying to ISS

It is my personal belief, that the Long Term salvation
both in terms of human rights and economics of the tamils and MOST of the sinhalese of Lanka is re-union with mother India.
IMHO, it will happen sooner, if the over-confident sinhalese try to play the china card too much and forget the examples made of Nepal and Sikkim
The Indian weakness is political will, missing since Indira Gandhi, not lack of capability of the Indian forces
In 1988, the IPKF had defeated the LTTE as a conventional force in 8 months, with much fewer casualties and much less civilian collateral damage
( rest of time LTTE took Shelter with Premadasa as a hit and run insurgency ).

But sooner or later reunion with India will happen,
it is inevitable
When historically Lanka could not resist even a strong ruler in TN, it has no chance against a strong leader in the Indian central govt
Next in the long term, Lanka cannot look for help from foreign countries for the following reasons
*They cant get help from western europe, since in 30 years, western europe will be 30% muslim and civil war is expected
*They cant get help from US, since in 30 years, whites will be minority in US and US will reduce in internal cohesion
*They cant get help from China, since from the time of Deng, they refused to fight a war for Lanka

Long term I expect Indian pressure on Lanka for a reunion, by means of
*Economics, in 30 years, Indian GDP will cross US GDP
*Buddhist revival in India
For decades, the Indian establishment has supported the revival of Indian buddhism as a safety valve for Dalits and this could motivate some buddhists.
Indian buddhism under Ashoka supported non-violence
whereas the sinhalese have corrupted buddhism

The mahavamsa for example is based on the earlier Deepavamsa. The Deepavamsa just has 10 paragraphs on the Elara war and does not have the anti-tamil hatred of the Mahavamsa which has 10 chapters on the Elara war
The tamil buddhist epic Manimekalai, circa 200 AD, mentions Lanka as almost entirely populated by tamil buddhists. The Mahavamsa is dated to about 500 AD and coincides with tamil saivist revival in India, leading to the embittered tamil buddhists fleeing to Lanka with anti-saivite feelings later translated into anti-tamil feelings.

These are the reasons that many Indians distrust the sinhalese.
*The sinhalese took advantage of political weakness in India in 1964, to send back lakhs of Indian tamils

*The sinhalese proved themselves ungrateful in 1971,
when after Indira Gandhi helped crush JVP-1, during the bangladesh war, Sirimavo, a supposedly personal friend of Indira Gandhi, gave re-fuelling to Pakistani planes. Sirimavo stopped this when Indira Gandhi threatened to shoot down the Pakistani planes.

*Periodically the sinhalese have had anti-Indian dealings with foreign powers

Given this historical Indian distrust of the sinhalese, it is solely due to self-deluding arrogance
of the LTTE, that Indian establishment today tilts to the sinhalese

As far as advice to Lankan Tamils
1. Get rid of the remnants of the LTTE
especially in the diaspora, Eelam is never coming,
Lankan tamils lost Eelam when they fired the first shot at IPKF.
2. Learn from the Indian tamils, wherein Thondaman,
by playing off the sinhalese against each other, won many concessions
3. I actually feel that the next phase in Lanka is islamic jihadi terrorism, since the muslims mostly stayed out of the war, and reproduced to critical mass.
Raising Tamil birth rates is imperative
Even before the war, the reason that Lanka tamils got screwed is demographics
In the 1830 census, Jaffna tamils by themselves were 20% of Lanka. and too big to be pushed around
Whereas by reduced fertility, Jaffna tamils were just 12% by 1950 and easier to be marginalised
The missionary education is a poison, what it leads is
to over-educating women, delayed marriages and reduced fertility, while it gives jobs in the short term
as a bait

4. Build bridges with Indians, especially non-TN
both in India and with Indian diaspora
The non-TN diaspora largely supports VHP
and will not be receptive to non-hindu Tamils
and will be more receptive if the issue is framed in terms of atrocities on Lanka Hindu tamils

5. Build bridges with Indian parties outside TN
6. The human rights campaigns in the west are of no use
Same in Delhi may be more effective
7. Get access to Indian TV channels with special emphasis on detention of Saivite Priests and destruction of Hindu temples and make contacts with VHP
8. Get pictures of the wounded to Indian TV channels
9. For the short term, focus on IDP, rehabilitation and not on devolution
As I said, the long term fate of Lanka within 40 years is voluntary or involuntary annexation to mother India
10. Stop the anti-IPKF propoganda, for all its faults, the IPKF was a saint compared to the sinhalese army
The sinhalese army even desecrated the bodies of the dead, whereas the Indian army gets Indian muslim priests to give a decent burial to dead pakistani soldiers

IMHO, the bulk of the massacres of the civilians happened in the last 6 months of the war, and at least 50% of the blame can be laid on the LTTE and 50% on the sinhalese army which is certainly guilty of deliberate recklessness

11. As far as eastern province, it was lost when the IPKF left Lanka under joint demands of LTTE and Premadasa.
Instead of trying for merger, ask for special rights for tamils in eastern province in police % and land % and removal of colonising. Given that Pillayan is CM, the sinhalese may be more receptive

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 26, 2009 09:36 PM

Regarding the BJP govt, several members like George Fernandes and Bal Thakeray were sympathetic to the tamil cause and thats why when LTTE took Elephant pass in 2000, and the buddhist monks came onto the streets begging for Indian IPKF to help them, India only offered a humanitarian evacuation of Jaffna.

Regarding Rajiv, IMHO, he was well meaning and easily misled by scumbags like Romesh Bhandari and remember the Rajiv food drop, prevented the Sinhalese army from taking Jaffna. Regarding IPKF, until the Thileepan fast, there were no tamil casualties and in the Trinco area, IPKF helped many tamils regain their lands
and even when IPKF went into combat mode, it was overall much more humane than the Sinhalese army

Sonia Gandhi is a totally different person
Remember the Tamils of TN and Vaiko, DMK, ditched BJP in 2004 and voted in Sonia

Since I am of older generation,
I am fully aware that the root of the Sinhalese hatred is the buddhist monks due to the Mahavamsa text
I remember that sinhala mobs desecrated hindu temples, and burnt alive brahmin priests even before 1983

However, I do need to alert that the sinhalese are wooing the BJP and presenting the problem as a buddhist vs catholic problem, whereas 80% of tamils civilians are hindus and the IDP camps hold saivite priests as prisoners

What I would like to make clear, that any other Indian Govt other than Sonia, while approving the anti-LTTE war, would have put a lot of restraints on Rajapakse such as bombing civilians and would have forced a devolution package before approving the war

The best course of action is to try to rebuild bridges with Indian establishment and national parties
Do the human rights lobbying and protests in Delhi in front of Indian TV , instead of in west for western TV

The incident that comes to mind is Serbia
In 1914, Serbia allied with west, in 1918, when the west won WW1, Serbia got a lot of provinces added
and changed name to Yuogslavia

In WW2, Yugoslavia ( Serbia ) allied with west again
and gained more provinces

In 1991, the west turned against serbia, then removed the non-serb provinces.
In 1999, the west sliced off even Kosovo from serbia province, so now Serbia is smaller than in 1914

Small countries live on the mercy of big countries.
Long term in Lanka, the only thing that matters is support of Indian establishment.
At this point the sinhalese bend and bow before Delhi
This will likely stop since LTTE is gone

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 26, 2009 11:22 PM

Thank you Shyamsunder and K.Easwaran for your informative comments: please continue, it is useful as well as fascinating.

On the matter of the BrahMos missile and the Indian naval build-up:

If and when the Russians make full operational use of the BrahMos then that will be proof of its true effectiveness.

Until then I can only imagine that
a) it merely serves the vanity of the Indians and
b) it (and other such military hardware procurements) makes some people lots and lots of money - Bofors comes to mind here.

It is a huge understatement to say that "In the Indian ocean, the only navy that is superior is the US navy"!
There is no comparison. It is like comparing tigers with house cats - but of course house cats can kill mice!
Also in comparison to the US, the Chinese navy and general technological military capability is insignificant - that is why China will never invade Taiwan.

India's present military technology as well as its expected build-up stands on platforms of old or highly restricted (borrowed) technology.

If not for the US, India will not be able to stop or even make deterring noises toward China.
It is China that thinks India is an irritant; however the irritant has an extremely powerful ally in the US/West that they cannot afford to displease.

(Now the Chinese military technology too is derived and based on old technology at present, but, unlike India, China is far less dependent and is free to go what ever way they will in the future and most importantly keeps its secrets much better).

The questions now are:
a) how much the West/US now feels that India has failed to control Chinese influence in the region?
b) while internal Indian politics and caste games (with revenge, ego and personality thrown in - hence the British colonialists found the Indian elites so easy to play with), are an entertaining kind of soap opera, to what extent can that be allowed to go on given the future global stakes?
c) in consideration of the above what are the US/West's plans for India? - note that in regard to the Taliban when the US told Pakistan to 'Jump', Pakistan meekly asked 'how far?' and is still 'jumping'.

Posted by: N2 | June 27, 2009 05:15 AM

Shyam Sunder:

Your obsession with 30yrs is somewhat curious. Although even some Sinhalese here express the wish of an Indo-Lankan merger as a panacea to Lanka’s recent political ills, I wonder if this is feasible or in mutual interest at all now or in the coming decades. Personally, I have no objection because I have a presence and family connections (via my children) there as well. But in the interest of the Sinhalese, very precious to me, I think we should be what we were between the 19th century to the mid-1950s. The Sinhalese must be helped to build their proud culture and traditions. We must help them to free themselves from the grip of the pseudo-Buddhist political priests and the parasitic extremist nationalist crap that grew on their shadow – and then you will find a marvellous, pious, religious people. India has a long way to go to achieve, if you will forgive me, the Quality of Life we have for the Lankan people in spite of 30yrs of raging war. Today, a good part of middle-class Delhi is cursing your govt as they are without power with some taking refuge in their air-conditioned cars. Tamilandu is short of power,
c;ean water and general public infra-structure. As A.P. Venkateswaran,
former F/M Secy, told me here when I hosted them at Dinner a fewy years ago, India is unable to provide clean drinking water to more than 70% of your people. Poverty, hunger, malnutrition and illiteracy are rampant even today – and that’s a shame. Most of metropolitan India are nothing but filthy and disease-prone. Are you happy that Dharavi (in Mumbai, your show piece city) is a stinking, disease-infested, sub-human slum. There are many such there. Some strange fellows proudly boasted in Mumbai they have the worst ghettoes in the whole of Asia. Before claiming to take over the GDP of the USA, India must put its house in order. I have faith Sri Lanka can overcome its problems and be a startlingly beautiful and prosperous land only if we shake ourselves out of the grip of the Buddhist mafia and the greedy politicians - from all races here. Even today we are ahead of India in infra-structural
development and have a higher PQL than many developing countries in your league. As to Europe becoming 30% Muslim in 30yrs, I have my own thoughts. The entry of Turkey to the EU is being openly resisted because of this factor. Former French President Gistard d’Estang is on record saying that – and Turkey is less fundamental than most Islamic countries. Dutch politician Geert Wilders and anti-Islam fellow-travellers in Europe have increased their tally in the European Parliament in the recent elections on this particular issue.

And yet, do continue to comment in these pages. You are a reservoir of valuable information in Indian history, politics and literature. We have much to learn from you.


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | June 27, 2009 11:08 PM

I really think that for some years, instead of talking about devolution, which alarms the sinhalese,
the goal must be to weaken the pseudo-buddhist priests

1. The older deepavamsa must be popularised, showing that it is far less toxic and has fewer fairy tales than the toxic mahavamsa

2. Manimekalai must be translated into sinhalese and english to show that there used to exist a sizeable tamil buddhist population

To N2
In 1962, the chinese had a 6:1 advantage over the Indians, these days it is more like 2:1

*The russians sell their latest weapons to India, and sell only older models to china, because they fear china may grab Siberia

*The west has an arms blockade on china, and does not have an arms blockade on India

*India gets most of its Russian weapons upgraded by Israel, which gives a quality edge

*You are aware that Indian moon rocket was only 1 year behind the chinese moon rocket

*Most of chinese naval assets are locked in its coastal regions to face Japan, USA, South Korea and Taiwan

*To get into the Indian ocean, China has to cross the straits of malacca, which is choked by USA and also chokeable by Indian aircraft from Andamans

*Meaning only a small portion of chinese naval assets can reach Indian coastal waters / Lanka

*Lanka is not only vulnerable to Indian navy, but also aircraft from mainland India

*Hambantota is a refuelling station and does not yet have weapons. I believe the 1987 treaty forbids Lanka from 3rd party bases

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 30, 2009 12:52 AM

You refuse see the reality. China is in Burma targetting Kolkata, Visakapattinam and Andaman-Nicobar Islands. Chinese started very early. Chinese Occupied Tibet in early fifties to control India. Chinese(say Burmese military if you want) chased Indians from Burma in sixties to cut India rom Burma. Chinese gave rice to Sri Lanka in fifties get hold of Sri lanka away from India.

Andaman Nicobar Islands are not defendable against Chinese attack from Burma. Manipur, Megalaya, Assam etc. will fall like house of cards as supply will be very difficult through a narrow passage between Bangaladesh and Bhutan. Furthermore, remember in sixties, Sukarno almost mobilised his military to support Pakistan.Mind you Indonesia is 250million muslims. Coup by Suharto helped India. Chinese are using Burma for a grand drama.

Only a friendly Eelam Tamils will keep Sri Lanka out Chinese influence. Tamil Nadu Tamils and Sri Lanka Tamils will, cool and calm, make Hambanthota inoperable. The way the present Governments is treating Douglas, Karuna and others, soon they will approach India for help. With Sri lankan Tamils, and with the absence of VP, you do not need aircraft/Naval vessels to keep Sri Lanka under control. Few supplies will do the trick.

Chinese had A' bomb in 1964, 10years ahead of India. West is not that much worried about China. If EC and North America refuse to buy items from China, China will become a third world country overnight. West also want to keep China with them. China and Russia together, too big a problem to manage and Russia is in the backyards of EC. Like OBAMA, other US President will also court China, not India in the near future. India had only one ally and that was Sri lanka Tamils. Rajiv, his widow, VP, Anton Balasingham and the Malayalee advisors of Rajiv's widow spoiled it.

Posted by: K.Easwaran | June 30, 2009 04:10 PM

Shyam sunder:

I do not want to sound unduly boastful. My friend Shanka Menon is giving way to my other friend Nirupama Menon-Rao. And these are good signs for us. India, as almost every one of some unbiased thinking in SL will grant, is our best bet - politically and economically. I think even those power-yielding priests in Kandy and the Amerapura sect leadership (the alternative Govt) will agree. So it is time to build confidence into this space. The Sinhala people and leadership are naturally afraid they will be swamped by a growingly rich and political powerful Tamilnadu. You and I know this is furthest in the mind of both across the ocean there – inspite of the irritation now and then from a few men like Vaiko, Nedumaran, Ramdoss, Tholar Thirumalavalavan and the like. The 1st thing is to invite a large delegation of TN multi-party MLA's, a strong Tamil Press corps and some society leaders from there enabling visits for them to go anywhere in Sri Lanka to assess matters for themselves. This to be followed by a visit of senior Buddhist priests and regional Sinhala political leaders from here to Tamilnadu and other parts of India (the Mahanayakes can be invited in a more fitting matter later) The Press at both ends to focus on these people-to-people contact regularly. I know there is sufficient goodwill among the people at both sides for this to succeed inspite of those dregs in the JHU, WW, the SLD-Dayasiri types. That is, of course, a Sinhala problem. The political leadership in Tamilnadu and Delhi willl provide, I am confident, all required support. I have discussed this with many IHC's - including the two named above, personally as well as many others in Delhi and have an inkling of their feeling. Men like Navin Gunaratne, Kumar Rupasinghe, Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne, Mangala Moonesinghe, The Selvanathan Bros,
Tilak De Zoysa, Nanda Godage et al have built a vast array of influential Indian friends there to make my thoughts a success. Our Mission in Tamilnadu also should be manned by a more high-profile official with a known anti-Indian record whose task should be to build Lanka's injured image there. I have personally given MR proposals to this effect when he was PM. All this must be done using Barak Obama's thoughts "The urgency of Now"


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | June 30, 2009 04:39 PM

Way back in 1983, I was attending an NRI meet in USA

A tamil sri lankan, came and recounted the tamil oppression in lanka

He then said
"The only person who can save us is Mother Indira Gandhi"
( not Reagan )

True then, true now, focus on the Indian establishment

The western establishment really doesnt care how many non-whites get killed, it is simply a statistic
or they make fake sympathy
to get tamil immigrant votes

When he left, the NRI crowd was discussing this,
and then someone noticed that he had a xtian name
and the support level dropped 90% amid talk of missionary plot
True then, true now, get some hindu spokesmen

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 30, 2009 07:27 PM

N2 wrote
in consideration of the above what are the US/West's plans for India?

They already have a western agent Sonia Gandhi ruling India

Posted by: Shyamsunder | June 30, 2009 07:35 PM

Replying to K.Easwaran

Back in 1987, the preference for many Indians was a Turkish cyprus solution, mainly to make an example of Jayawardene
However, to do a Turkish cyprus type solution, India needed obedient loyalists among the Tamils, say like Amirthalingam

VP eliminated TELO for being pro-Indian
As early as 1985, Indian intelligence had detected that VP was anti-India. In 1985, He gave an interview to Anita Pratap, that he is expecting to fight India.
VP also had links with a lot of Indian terrorist groups like ULFA, Maoists, Naga separatists etc
Kittu died when his boat carrying weapons from Pakistan ISI, was captured by Indian navy in 1993

Due to VP, India absolutely could not allow an LTTE win
and India choked off, supplies from TN

And we Indians remember that the sinhalese refuelled pakistanis during the 1971 war,
however, at this time, the sinhalese are viewed as more obedient by the Indian establishment, since they publicly bend and bow before Delhi, and no tamil group bends and bows before Delhi establishment ( since VP killed off all other tamil groups )
And to be fair, the BJP still controls 160 MPs and has no MPs from TN and is unlikely to be motivated on Sri Lankan Tamils, until BJP starts to win 5 - 10 seats in TN
As far as Sonia, it was TN tamils who voted for Sonia in 2004 and 2009, and the matter is out of our control, since we got zero seats in TN in 2004 and 2009

Regarding Burma and expulsion of Indians, it is more due to buddhist hatred of hindus
In 1935, Burma was part of British India, and just like Jinnah, the buddhist monks demanded and got partition
Even in Thailand, the buddhists dislike hindus
It is rather strange, every hindu respects the lord buddha as the 9th avatar of vishnu,
whereas, buddhist monks even destroy hindu temples and burn alive brahmin priests. The reason is the buddhist loss of India due to the bhakti revival, induces hatred in the buddhist monks
Some years ago, I saw on the internet, a painting inside a buddhist monastery ( outside India )
showing Lord Ganesha in a deliberate pornographic painting, drawn by buddhist monks

As far as Indonesia goes, they now have a naval treaty with India, since they fear the chinese navy

Regarding Rajiv, when he was doing food drop, he was also successfully repelling an attempted mini-chinese invasion of Arunachal Pradesh, ( this was suppressed in Indian press to limit panic )
And to be honest, most Indians felt that the 1987 agreement was not a bad deal for the tamils, and with Indian troops inside Lanka, having a grip on Jayawardene, things could be slowly improved
Remember except for VP, all other tamil groups accepted the 1987 accord

Here is a report from NY times, June 1987
on the India-china border face-off, of 1986-87

By EDWARD A. GARGAN, Special to the New York Times
Published: Tuesday, June 2, 1987

As tension along China's easternmost border with India continues, China is pouring tremendous numbers of soldiers and weapons into the sparsely populated mountainous area along the two countries' disputed border.

In the last two weeks, convoys of troops, artillery, rockets and supplies have been winding over the dusty gravel road leading to the border.

One day last week, Chinese Army trucks covered with thick olive-green camouflage netting trundled through the southern town of Zedang toward the border 75 miles away at a rate of one a minute over a period of six hours.
For two weeks, from May 6 to 20, Tibet's only civilian airport, in Gonggar, 70 miles from Lhasa, was closed to commercial flights on even-numbered days. This has not occurred since Tibet was opened to foreign tourists seven years ago, according to Tibetans and Westerners. On even-numbered days, large military transports were seen at the airport unloading equipment. A Western diplomat said he saw rockets being loaded onto trucks. 'That's the War'

In the last two weeks, helicopters and jet fighters have frequently roared over this city of 150,000. A resident of Lhasa said when a fighter plane streaked overhead, ''Oh, that's the war.'

Posted by: Shyamsunder | July 1, 2009 09:22 PM

I do not believe that Kittu brought arms from Pakistan. This is a bogus story. I consider Kittu did a lot of damage to our struggle, but he was not carrying arms from Pakistan at that time. He was coming from U.K. Kittu was the fellow who orchestrated the TELO, Plote, EPRLF massacre. In retrospect, as military units they should had been ready to defend themselves, from any quarter and they did not. They were not the fittest to survive, though I would have preferred it otherwise. Telo was eliminated not for pro Indian but VP wanted to be the supreme leader. If India was pro Telo then India would have allowed N. Satyendra, Q.C., to stay in India as he was advising Telo at that time.

Your statement "Back in 1987, the preference for many Indians was a Turkish cyprus solution, mainly to make an example of Jayawardene" is a pure fabrication. Romesh Bandari had been the Foreign Secretary and he had openly taken a very hostile position towards Tamils. It was also rumoured at that time that he was lavishly rewarded by the Sri Lankan Government during his many visits to Colombo. G. Parthasarathy had been a cautious man and he never gave Tamils any undue hope but he did not let them badly down either to favour Sri lanka Government. Romesh Bhandari in Delhi and Dixit in Colombo chartered a course of action to barter the Sri Lanka Tamil interest for Indian interest by slanting towards Colombo's interest. Romesh Bandari was succeeded by A.P. Venkateswaran as Foreign Secretary in early 1986. He tried to break this anti Tamil trend. He was quoted as saying once to Rajiv that Rajiv was bending backwards to please Colombo. APV was unceremoniously removed from the scene in about one year, in February 1987. Mr. Chidambaram too was involved but he has always been a pupet of Rajiv and Co as he has no support base in Tamil Nadu then and now. His presence in the political arena is a pure gift to him from Rajiv and Co. He would be quite happy to deep fry Tamils to satisfy his master/madam. I would like to quote Dixit here; Quote " ...Rajiv Ghandhi also asked me to emphasize to JRJ that India's policy towards Sri Lanka's enthnic problem is going to be an "Indian Policy" and not a policy dominated by any narrower Indian ethnic considerations.." Unquote. It is very clear on the slate that India prostituted our issue to its unadultrated interest. Even Indira Ghandhi did not want ot favour Tamils but JRJ was so mischievous that She was ready to consider a Cypress type solution. In India's post Indira policy, after 1984, It has never been an option. India never appointed a Tamil High Commissioner to Colombo since independence. So do not sell me this rubbish that India tried for a Cypress type solution. I however personally feel that not only we should not go against the interest of India, but also not speak against India. You raised some issues and therefore I came out with these facts. India is too big for us to deal with and therefore we should not upset it. However we will not sell our rights.

BJP has to mend its way to earn support. There is no other magic in democracy.

Bending and bowing to Delhi establishment, forget it.

As for Indonesia, India only needed the treaty, not Indonesia. From Aystralia to the tip of Sumatra, American interst is jointly safeguarded by Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. Still I reiterate that the choking from Andaman and Nicobar is far fetched, but it is a very good listening post other times but it would become useless in case of conflict.

Sincerely, I feel that we should not have sent IPKF back. The longer they stayed, the more the Sinhalese would have got agitated to behave irrationally. We lost a golden opportunity. To be fair, IPKF initially behaved well and people were happy with them. LTTE irritated them to behave otherwise. Diixit and Co too demanded many bad things from IPKF. IPKF killed so many people inside the Jaffna Hospital, but in Murungan area, in a similar situation, LTTE attacked IPKF from inside a Hospital and the entire IPKF detachment perished because they did not want to repeat the Jaffna mistake. LTTE was helped by the Sri Lanka army in that operation. An old Tamil man recorded it and thanked IPKF pupblicly for its restraint.

Not that I am in favour China vis a vis India, but China has been taking steps inimical to India since 1949. It is not the Buddists, but the China with Military as proxy. Otherwise buddhist monks should be running the show in Burma as in Iran or as partly in Sri Lanka.

There was a fleet of ships, not very large, legally ply from Valvettithurai to Burama till independance to bring rice from Burma. That is why fishing became extinct in Valvettithurai, a fishing village, as shipping was profitable. Sri Lanka Government closed all these and made these illegal and termed it smuggling.

Posted by: K.Easwaran | July 2, 2009 07:23 AM

Shyamsunder: "They already have a western agent Sonia Gandhi ruling India"

That was only a possibility while Rajiv Gandhi was around.
Anyway that idea is now well past the use-by-date.
Besides it was Congress/Sonia who dropped the Chinese ball so they are seen as a problem.
The Western solution is to make India docile and compliant and dependent. And given the nature of the Indian elite that is easy!

Posted by: N2 | July 4, 2009 07:37 AM

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