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Al Jazeera video: What will it take for post-war Sri Lanka to achieve national reconciliation?

In this special Feature, Al Jazeera looks into what will it take for post-war Sri Lanka to achieve national reconciliation?

Today, about 250,000 Tamils displaced by the fighting remain in camps in the north of the country and are not being allowed to leave.

The government claims it intends to root out remnants of the LTTE from their midst before resettling most of the civilians by the end of the year.

But critics say the detention is inhumane and urge more transparency from the government regarding the situation in the camps.

Part 1

Part 2


No responsible government can allow the IDPs to go back to the situation where they were no functioning schools, hospital s or other government institutions with everything commandeered by the LTTE. Eer present danger is that the LTTE can start using them and their children again as suicide cadres. Number of incidents, findings of suicide jackets, suicides by gulping cyanide vials have already been reported.

Few of the IDPs may have been relatively well off in the LTTE hey day like the kith and kin of the high command. For example VP’s parents had come from India from the happy state of a quiet existence as pensioners, preferring to join the Mahavir clan which later became the LTTE himan shield.

Poorer IDPs suffered from the the war created by rich diaspora for the last 20 years, Muslim folks being the first to be ethnically cleansed out of Jaffna. Their land is strewn with millions of mines, and LTTE force is waiting to re-establish control knowing where the equipment is buried and additional funds in coffers to resurrect the war effort.

I am amazed at the good sense expressed by the cabinet minister Mahinda Samarasinghe amidst crocodile tears from the NGO spokesmen whose humanitarian efforts were non existent in the time of ‘Bheeshana’ 89 -92 .

Posted by: Tissa Wije | September 28, 2009 02:55 PM

What will it take for post-war Sri Lanka to achieve national reconciliation?

Let me think...........................

Total annihilation of Tamils in SL? - Allowing the DETS of SL (Democractically elected terrorist state of SL) to continue to colonize the Tamil areas with Sinhalese criminals with State sponsored progroms and to complete the Tamil genocide?

That would bring reconciliation and peace since there will be only one race left in SL.

Posted by: M FERN | September 29, 2009 06:45 AM

The Article is Muddling up two separate Issues... NATIONAL RECONCILIATION has nothing to with the IDP situation that seems to be the POLITICAL FOOTBALL of the DAY for the TAMIL DIASPORA and their TERRORIST LEADERS...

NATIONAL RECONCILIATION will only Occur when TAMIL SEPARATISTS drop their EELAM MENTALITY... until then they are not our Fellow brothers, they are the ENEMY. PLAIN and SIMPLE. Any Bitterness or Resentment felt by them is Just too bad... we honestly Dont care... Those Tamils who want to RECONCILE need to drop their EELAM MENTALITY and drop this Nonsense about Autonomy or whatever Degree of SEGREGATION they are trying to push for and come as Equal partners and display Humility and Genuine Willingness to participate in a UNITED SRI LANKA.

Just Remember that after defeating the LTTE, we will never allow any other Insurgency to rise again. Anyone who so much has a thought about Eelam will feel the Wrath of the Sri Lankan State. You can count on that.

Posted by: Devinda Fernando | September 29, 2009 10:35 PM

What a simple three card trick.

1.Get LTTE (hidden tigers) out of the camps.

2.Make them head to buried weapons.

3.Start it all over again.

Sri Lankans have learned from the past. The stupid diaspora can dream on.........All Sri Lankans all over the world are watching actions of LTTE diaspora with eagle eyes...we know what you are up to and you will never never start another war in Sri Lanka.

Posted by: aravinda | September 30, 2009 01:21 AM

Allowing the security forces and the goons aligned to the Govt. to have a free hand in dealing with the Tamils ie. arrest,dissppear, torture, kill, rape etc. will come to haunt you guys who are cheering them now!!!! It has already raised its head in other places not involving Tamils, but the "previledged citizens" ie. Sinhalese civilians!!! eg. latest Kurunegale, Angulana, Lasantha's murder and several other cases. Keep on cheering and you will reap the results!!!!Recruit more people for the army and pamper them, you will have more problems to deal with!!!Good Luck!!!

Posted by: nandasena | October 2, 2009 01:15 PM

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