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Government should be blamed for the boat people fiasco, Mano Ganesan MP

Full Text of Media Release

The high sea boat people episodes off the seas of Indonesia and Canada are direct consequences of Government of Sri Lanka’s handling of Tamil people of this country. Some of the boat people could be the escapees from the camps in the north said DPF Leader and CMC Convener Mano Ganesan MP in a statement issued today. The statement says further,

Government is keeping over 250,000 Tamils in the camps. These camps are surrounded by barbed wire and military security. The wire and military are not there to secure the inmates of the camps from any outside aggression. They are there to prevent these people from escaping to freedom. These are now public facts. Recently the army fired at some of the inmates who went outside the camps seeking firewood. One person died and many injured in this incident. We cannot blame the army but the political leadership in Colombo. Under these circumstances the government has also said that thousands of inmates have escaped the camps through the security. The boat people at the north American and southeast Asian seas could be some of the escapees.

Democratic Peoples Front does not encourage Tamil people to seek foreign citizenships. It is not the solution. We call upon the Tamils to stay back and fight for the rights democratically. It is our general policy. But there are individual cases who’s lives are at risk. Individual decisions are taken to leave the country based on personal experiences. We call upon the government to address this issue by releasing the people at the camps without any further delay. Less than 15% of the land is under landmines. Those who’s villages are situated within the mined territory could be allowed to stay in a friendly transparent camps instead of closed and protected camps.


We all know what happened to people who decided to fight democratically. Tissanayagam, Lasantha, Tharaki, Tamil MPs Ravi.
However Mr. Mano Ganeshan you are doing a wonderful job. I salute you. I do not have any rights to criticise your writing. I am a coward who left my motherland.

Posted by: Ravi | October 21, 2009 02:01 PM

Yes the SL government should take the blame for some opportunistic Tamils paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to people smugglers to get in to a greener pasture claiming their lives at risk. Wonder why they want to go to Australia, New Zealand and Canada when they can easily go to Tamil Nadu, which is close by and home to 60 million Tamils, who are culturally and linguistically related to them.

Posted by: SLFireBall | October 21, 2009 06:21 PM

LOL! Sure,why not...? After all MANO GANESAN has Blamed the Government For EVERYTHING ELSE... including the fact that Tamil Tea workers are being paid so little, despite the fact that Commodity Prices for Tea are not dictated by the government but by the Open Markets in the West...

But I wonder, would a TAMIL COMMUNALIST and HYPOCRITE like Mano Ganesan ever Blame Prabhakaran, the LTTE, or even the RACIST TAMIL MENTALITY that people like him have fostered in their Ethnic group, for any of the mess that Tamils find themselves in today?

Posted by: Devinda Fernando | October 21, 2009 08:29 PM

Why are some people concerned where the Tamil people are going? It looks like some people don't want to treat the Tamil people well at the same time they dont't want them to get out of SL and enjoy the freedom!!!! Do they want them to live behind the barbed wire fence, hungry,neglected, tortured, without education!!!!

Posted by: nandasena | October 23, 2009 09:04 PM

When are these so called Tamil politicians going to stop blaming everybody else and take up some responsibility upon themselves for the betterment of Tamil population by practicing non confrontational politics? Are you lot that politically bankrupt and have no selfesteem?

Posted by: Chaminda Tilakumara | October 24, 2009 04:29 AM

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