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In Pictures: UK Minister Mike Foster's visit to Tamil IDP camps

by UK in Sri Lanka flickr page:

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Development, Hon.Minister Mike Foster arrived in the island for a two day visit (October 6-7) on the invitation of the Government of Sri Lanka.

Conditions in the camps

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During Mr. Foster's visit, he visited the MAG demining site in Palikuli and Giant's Tank for an update on progress on preparations for resettlement of IDPs. He visited Menik Farm Zone 2 and saw UK-funded drainage and health projects in the IDP camps and a UK-funded child solider rehabilitation centre in Vavuniya. In addition he met with key stakeholders in the Government of Sri Lanka, UN agencies, NGOs and others.


Wow I whish thease British dogs allowa us to inspect their IDP s in Afganistan and Pakistan.Arent thease the guys who bombed mother and the father of those people.

Posted by: Roshan | October 7, 2009 06:38 AM

Very few people to be seen?

Posted by: Gamarala | October 7, 2009 07:10 AM


Please try to understand how the international system works. Are you taking Sri Lanka for a superpower? The hard truth is this: Sri Lanka is a developing state, and the government needs assistance of the UK's Dept of International Developement, the IMF loan, oil deal with Iran etc.etc. Otherwise the machine can't work.

Forster came to SL to assess the work done with the money given by his government. He is unhappy, and the UK has indeed decided to cut down their funding for rehabilitation and resettlement. The government needs this money so badly, and that is why he was allowed in.

The simple answer to your question is, has the government of Sri Lanka financially contributed to anything in Afghanistan? If yes, we'll be allowed in with VIP treatment,and if the answer is a blatant 'no', you know your argument does not mean anything...

Posted by: Sharon de Silva | October 7, 2009 09:01 AM

Roshan is one of those people who has a anti western mindset. "Molley passa patthey"

Posted by: Fareminded Kolla | October 8, 2009 06:31 AM


Where in Afghanistan are 300,000 people held in captivity just because the British think there are a few thousan Al-Quaida sympathisers among them?

It is a sad situation where foreigners seem to be more concerned about our own people than we ourselves are. All the NGOs that were housing the orphans, feeding the rural poor, Building houses and schools for the Tsunami victims have been branded "Imperialist enemies" and have hounded out of the country. Such is Sinhala Buddhist gratitude..!

Sri Lanka is the only country in Asia that enjoys GSP+ status in the EU. Some way to treat an enemy! Do geniuses like Roshan ever wonder why Countries like UK, Canada, Sweden, Norway after funding the Victoria Project, Maduru Oya Project, Kotmale Project and Practically the entire pipe bourne water projects in Kandy would want to harm Sri Lanka? All they are asking us is to treat our own brethren in a humane way. Mahinda Rajapakse sees this as the most diabolical threat to the country. (Perhaps despite his fine words he believes they are not really our brothers). Those like Roshan who are unable to think for themselves swallow the Govt line and see this as an insidious imperialistic conspiracy to recolonise Sri Lanka!

Palitha Kohona in his interview on Hard Talk said the detainees will be held until we catch everyone who has received arms training at the hands of the LTTE. He made a Freudian Slip when he said "We need to ELIMINATE those who have had weapons training". What he meant was ISOLATE them, but when he realised the mistake and started fumbling about for the correct word it was too late. He had already used the word ELIMINATE. Kata boru kiyuwath Diva boru kiyanne nae!

Posted by: dingiri | October 19, 2009 12:03 PM

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