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Mangala goes to prison and meets jailed journalist and student leader

Mangala Samaraweera the leader of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party- Mahajana Wing, made a visit to the Welikada prison this afternoon (2009-10-06) to check on the wellbeing of the journalist J.S Tissanayagam and students of the inter university Sarasavi student Organization. After the meeting Mr. Mangala Samaraweera addressed the media and a short extract of his comments are below.

Mr. Samaraweera stated that the time has come for all responsible citizens to stand together in defeating the rise of a totalitarian dictatorship in the country. He made these comments after meeting Mr. J.S Tissanayagam who has been incarcerated in the prison, and meeting the leader of the university Sarasavi student Organization, Mr. Udul

Premarathne and other members of the student body who are currently under remand.
He further went on to state that while high ranking government officials waste and rob billions of public money, it is sad to see that students being remanded for exercising their democratic rights under minor. This is an indication of the move to suppress the freedom of speech and any dissent in Sri Lanka.

He further stated that it is deplorable to see that a man of such stature as Mr. J.S Tissanayagam who has stood for free speech and human rights, languishing in the prison. Today the whole country is being in the shadow of a totalitarian government and in the face of such adversity we must hold hands with individuals such as Mr. Udul Premarathne and Mr. J.S Tissanayagam in defeating these forces and brining back democracy to Sri Lanka.


Mangala is performing the job Ranil should be doing. The UNP is in disarray and Ranil is slowly becoming history. There is no JRJ around to resurrect the UNP.

The pretenders to the leadership - the grinning dwarf-thief and the mediocre ex-Store-keeper (now ailing) fall far too short. Unless Mangala succeeds in bringing the people to the streets on his own volition - with the feuding UNP doing a piggy-back ride - on the crushing CoL issue Mahinda's clique will get another innings.

And then Sri Lanka will not be far off from Zimbabwe. It is almost there. Red Lentils is at Rs125/kg Bread(Paang/Rs35 Eggs/Rs13 Ordinary Rice/Rs90 Red Chillies/Rs150 Halmesso/Rs200 Sugar/Rs80 Chicken/Rs450 Thoramalu/Rs1,100 and Keerai (miti)/Rs35.

The wage earners and the lower middle class are now "endangered species" As Ron Reagan once remarked "It's cheaper to eat the money"

So, there is such a thing call good times and the right stars for some.

MR's visits to those Hindu temples in South India are helping. Bhagwan Sai Baba does answer even the prayers of Catholic wives. Poor Mangala has the caste dis-advantage also in his baggage - but he's a trier - so far and will remember Sripathi's accident. But everyone is not crushed by the CoL. As Charles Dickens reminds us from his grave "It is the best of times and
It is the worst of times"


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | October 6, 2009 09:24 PM

It is sad to see that only Mangala is taking such a stand. Where is the rest of the opposition? Have they gone to sleep? If we do not counter such totalitarian acts who will? and we will all pay the price which is democracy and freedom.

Posted by: SriLankan | October 7, 2009 12:21 AM

Mangala is a cheap skate and is not worthy of news.
He is seeking cheap pulicity.
All he could do was to visit Tissainayagam in jail??

This Mangala is a spent force and trying hook or by croock to come to power to swindle the GOSL coffers.
he has the taste for it and it is hard to get rid of it.


Posted by: dagobert | October 7, 2009 06:15 AM

Mangala is going to have to engage in lots of similar
activities in order to convince the people that he is
serious.He and the opposition is mainly focusing on
blame politics and alternatives are not even suggested.
Concrete,hearts winning and people friendly approaches
are rare.UNP made blunders and lost Colombo municipal
election which comes to UNP on a platter.There are,even
now at southern PC election,candidates who are retired
from police and other public services,trying their luck
to get back, lost privilges under the pretext of serving the public through another medium.At least I
know one such person who used his entire career just for nothing but luxury.So I would very safely say UNP
didn't choose candidates based on honesty and integrity
Now my question is,if the selection is bad,suppose they
win,what are they going to do? Next question is,once
retired from public service,where does he get the vigour to go into elected public service? Simply because the law doesn't disagree,should we misuse it for personal gain? Just weeks back massive police abuse of power was brought to public notice and there
was huge outcry from the public.SPC election is just
following.UNP can not open its mouth at this all important election,on this huge public outcry,simply
because it has retired police personal as its candidate.See where things go wrong and you get noticed
It's a huge issue that UNP couldn't capitalise on
platforms.UNP of today is simply living on it's past
savings.Nothing new is happening.

Posted by: muzammil | October 7, 2009 09:52 AM

Lets Not forget what Tissanayagam was convicted for.... Aiding and Abetting the LTTE... his propaganda where he had no proof, was used as a weapon against Sri Lanka in order to bring it down in the eyes of the International Community. The whole purpose of him getting LTTE funds was to use his paper to Spin this war as a War against Tamils where he BLATANTLY LIED to try and say the Sri Lankan government was Deliberately holding back Food and Medicine as a Weapon of war... These are the UNDISPUTED CHARGES against this CONVICTED TERRORIST. these are the charges he has ADMITTED to in a Signed confession... and these are the charges we all know are TRUE without a doubt, because lets face it folks, these Tamil Activists are all LTTE SYMPATHIZERS at the very least.... deep down we all know this to be true, ... and so do they.

Posted by: Devinda Fernando | October 7, 2009 12:58 PM

Mangala was with Chandrika when she was earning millions of dollars as commission by selling Sri Lankan and also Petrolium corp.So his crocadile tears are not going to cheat people anymore.Tissanayagam wrote for LTTE getting money from them.As everybody knows LTTE killed thousands of innocent civilians using sucide bombers.So he is in prison now as he broke the law. If he were in USA he would never have seen a layer either.So better Mangala stays home

Posted by: ashok | October 7, 2009 01:28 PM

Mangala is a necessary evil that Mahinda cannot ignore.
Mangala's innocence is not to be taken lightly.
His downfall is he tells it as it is and not to placate anyone including those in power.
After all, he, besides being the son of soil from down South not unlike mahinda, has no need to pander to the powers that be.
He calls a spade a spade which is a dirty phrase for politicians in power be they Sinhala hegemonists or Tamil sycophants of which we have plenty.
Give this man some credit and Sri Lanka would be better placed in the eyes of the internatinal comunity.
Lest we forget, it was Mangala who sought to restore JAffna Tamil library torched by Sinhala extremist politicians such as Cyril Matthew, Gamini Dissanaike and their ilk.
I trust him implicitly to bring reconciliation between the Tamils and the Sinhalese.
Give this man a chance and let us have Chandrika back.
Tamils need some sanity in politics.
Rajapakses are not saviours but self-serving sycophants scrounging on the island's wealth.

Posted by: Pearl Thevanayagam | October 7, 2009 06:37 PM

Mangala Samaraweera is no idiot. he knows he will never win his Southern seat again.

He is trying his best to get a nomination to a seat in Colombo under UNP.Colombo is the only place where UNP can win seats at the next election due its large Tamil and Christian constituency.This is what Mangala is targeting by associating with convicted LTTE operatives.

Posted by: Buddhadasa | October 7, 2009 09:23 PM

Dear Devinda,

"Lets Not forget what Tissanayagam was convicted for.... Aiding and Abetting the LTTE."

Daya Master at one point was the spokesman of the LTTE and remained in the Wanni with Thalaivar right up to the very end, yet the police claims it had "no evidence" that he was involved with the LTTE and he was let scot free. How would you explain that?

Posted by: wijayapala | October 8, 2009 04:52 PM

Mr.Tissanayagam was paid by LTTE. He admitted to this. He was paid by the worlds most ruthless, vicious, sadistic terrorist group. He wrote articles which were not true. He was tried by the laws of the country which are applicable to all 21 million residents. What has Managala Samaraweera got to do with him? Can Mangala Samaraweera explain why he was visiting him? Managala samaraweera is very lucky that Sri Lanka is a true democracy. If he had done this in UK, USA or any other so called Western nations, what would have happened to him? Maybe Mangala is going soft in his head, by thinking about Anarkali!

Posted by: Garayaka | October 8, 2009 07:01 PM


What Planet are you living on? Daya Master is out on Bail awaiting Trial. His surrender and cooperation with Armed Forces is the only reason he will do prison time and not facing the Hang Man's Noose. He will pay for his crimes too, just like the 15 Thousand or so LTTE Cadres in our custody. Some will Hang, others will eventually go free, but none shall escape Justice.

Posted by: Devinda Fernando | October 10, 2009 10:32 AM

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