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Enhanced Security For Gen (retd) Sarath Fonseka: Request and Response

Reproduced here are the letter sent by Gen.(Retd) Sarath Fonseka requesting enhanced security and the letter sent in response by secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga:

November 16, 2009.

Secretary to President

Request for security after retirement

Reference the discussion I had with His Excellency the President and Secretary to the President today.

1. As agreed upon by H.E., the President it is kindly requested that the following officers/soldiers and vehicles be made available for security duties.

For security duties

(a) One commando officer and 20 other ranks (Officer - Captain/Lieutenant to act as officer-in-charge of unit)

(b) Three officers of the Sinha Regiment and 20 other ranks (officers Major 01, captain/lieutenant 02. I would like to point out that the officer of the rank Major is necessary to command all the officers and other ranks.)

(c) Three women soldiers of the women's brigade (to search female visitors to the residence)

Vehicles and drivers for administrative duties.

(a) Under your verbal instructions the Army had allocated a second hand bullet proof
BMW vehicle and two jeeps but the bullet proof BMW vehicle YuHa 58944 had run 39,477 miles ( 63,163 km) and all the systems of this vehicle need to be repaired. It would take a considerable time to do a complete overhaul and even after that it would not work in the original condition.

(b) Therefore, considering the above facts I would like to request you to allocate that the vehicle I used as Army Commander and Chief of Defence Staff YuHa 55220 bullet proof BMW. It has done only 18,299 kilometres already. This vehicle is also four years old.

(c) In addition I request for three Land Rover vehicles for my security officers/ soldiers, one heavy vehicle and one van for administration of the other ranks as well as a bus with 26 passenger seats for the transport of soldiers.

(d) Considering the number of vehicles to be provided I also request for 10 drivers.

Weapons and communication equipment for security duties.

(a) Ten 9mm pistols for the use of officers and commandos

(b) Mini/Ushi/HKMP5 ten weapons (for commandos and infantry soldiers).

(c ) 72 T56 weapons for other soldiers

(d) Ten hand held walkie talkie sets with one base station.

2. Further as approved by H.E., the President I seek permission to select the officers/other ranks from among those who are attached to me for security duty.

3. I also request that the present security officers and men attached to me be not withdrawn until I am provided with the above security personnel.

G.S.C.Fonseka RWP,RSP, VSV, USP, rcds, psc.

Presidential Secretariat

General Sarath Fonseka RWP,RSP,USP, rcds, psc

Request for security after retirement.

Reference your letter CDS/0/12 dated November 16 addressed to me when you were Chief of Defence Staff.

It has been decided to provide you with the following facilities.

(1) For security duties

a) Ten commandos

b) Two officers and 50 soldiers of the Sinha Regiment

(2) Vehicles and drivers.

a) Vehicle No.YuHa 58944 bullet proof BMW vehicle has been allocated to you.

(It has been decided to release to the present Army Commander the bullet proof BMW vehicle YUHa 55220 you had requested).

b) Two Land Rover security jeeps

c) The Sri Lanka Army will provide a suitable vehicle for administrative purposes whenever the need arises.

d) Four drivers

Weapons and communication equipment for security

The Army Commander will decide these and release to you. As H.E.the President had already informed you General's House at Bauddhaloka Mawatha, the Army Commander's Residence could be used by you up to November 22.

Lalith Weeratunga,
Secretary to President.

Copy to Lt.Gen J.Jayasuriya USP, ndu,psc.
Army Commander - for supplying the above personnel, vehicles and other facilities.
Chief of Defence Staff


General SF's request is reasonable considering his role in the defeat of the LTTE. One notes the rather uncompromising and dissenting tone of the letter from the Presidents Secretary. At a time when even ex LTTE cadres like Colonel Karuna are provided with a huge security detail, it is strange that the Government denies one of the Chief Architects of the Victory his humble request for minimal protection.

Posted by: SriLankan | November 26, 2009 09:09 AM

Wow, it seems like a Hollywood style reality show. Live updates of everything that is related to SF's personal life are now available!

Poor SF, no more helicopter joy rides, no more commissions from military related business, no more foreign vacations at luxury hotel suits and no more privileges of using diplomatic passport.

It should be really hard for this war criminal to fit into a normal life style. Now he needs 60+ commandos to give him cover when he goes to the bathroom at this own house? Wow. Is that called bad karma or what?

Guess what, most of the criminals from both sides that were responsible for all the unlawful actions already paid their dues. Sooner or later, all the remaining lucky criminals will pay their dues too. SF’s story is a good lesson for all the current and future war criminals.

Posted by: A former IDP | November 26, 2009 10:53 AM

the government is giving enough security to SF.. why are u a cry baby, SF.. lying about not getting security.

Why do u need, 6 WOMEN officiers??? so that u can use them like u have been doing?? SHAME on you, BUllet hora..

U should answer the allegations on BULLET $$$$ ur son-in-law made from blood of the brave slodegers..

Posted by: shamini silva | November 26, 2009 02:01 PM

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