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Query to Lt. Gen Sarath Fonseka on "Sinhalese numerical majority"

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Three queries to Lt. Gen Sarath Fonseka:

Query no 1 to Lt.Gen Sarath Fonseka: Do you still think that Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese because they are the numerical majority?

Query no2 to LtGen Sarath Fonseka:Do you still think that the minority communities in SriLanka cannot make what you think are"undue"demands?

Query no3 to Lt.Gen Sarath Fonseka:You said in Washington that "terrorists"in IDP camps must be identified and destroyed.How will you do it?


Rauff Hakeem tells SLMC members that recent developments have changed presidential polls from being "asymmetrical" to an "equal contest".


Rauff Hakeem tells SLMC members that he is continuing with efforts to forge unity among Muslims, Sri Lankan Tamils&Indian Tamils &form front

four principles

Lukewarm response for efforts to evolve common Tamil political front on the basis of four principles enunciated at Thimphu, Bhutan in 1985.

"Mahinda's sister"

TamilNadu media refer to Nirupama wrongly as Mahinda's sister. She is his niece being daughter of George Rajapakse the first cousin of MR

Madurai Meenakshi

Nirupama Rajapakse&husband Nadesan worship at famous Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple. 8 including lawyer arrested for protesting against both


T'nadu reporters ask Nirupama& Nadesan whether pooja is conducted as penance for the sin of killing Tamils in Sri Lanka by Rajapakse regime


Nirupama Rajapakse&husband Nadesan conduct special pooja at Rameshwaram Shiva temple in T'nadu.20 arrested for demonstrating against couple

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