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'Some dictators do hold "elections" but they are neither fair nor free'

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JVP office in Kadadolaha, Anuradhapura attacked by thugs in Defender jeep - No. WP GG 9417.Cut-outs & posters for Sarath Fonseka were destroyed

blue lorry

Complaint No.CIB I 55/602 lodged at the Athurugiriya Police says JVP supporters were attacked by five thugs in a blue lorry - No. LC 2914.


Swan at Dehiwela zoo-file pic by: Hafiz Issadeen ~ more pics


Now that Sarath Fonseka has chosen the Swan as his election symbol all Swans at the Dehiwela zoo are in danger of dying "mysteriously"


Gen.Fonseka if elected president will appoint a multi-party,caretaker govt without a Prime minister & conduct parliamentary polls says the JVP


Wimal Weerawansa of national freedom front (NFF) accuses Sarath Fonseka of being a representative of foreign imperialist forces


Wimal Weerawansa says Gen(Retd) arath Fonseka cannot claim credit for defeating the LTTE. He also says Sarath is not the"common"candidate


Weerawansa says any army commander could have defeated the tigers if Ranil had given orders to fire instead of signing a ceasefire with LTTE


Gen.Fonseka if elected president will implement 17th const amendment by appointing Constitutional council & independent commissions says JVP


Sarath Fonseka if elected will take oaths as president on January 27th 2010 & dissolve Parliament on Jan 28th says JVP's Anura Dissanayake


Cabinet minister Alahapperuma says if LTTE chief was alive Praba also would have pledged allegiance to opposition candidate Sarath Fonseka


Alahapperuma says dictators do not hold elections. But that is not true. Some dictators do hold "elections" but they are neither fair nor free

covered the war

President Mahinda Rajapakse hosts grand banquet at Hilton Hotel for journalists who covered the war on Nov 30th but no invitation for some


Invitations sent earlier to Journalists suspected of being close to Sarath Fonseka were canceled suddenly by Brig.Udaya Nanayakkara.Why?


Some scribes "uninvited" for banquet are Ruwan Weerakoon, Tissa Ravindra Perera, Prasanna Fonseka, Mihiri Fonseka and Shanika Sriyananda.


Sarath Fonseka's wife Anoma tells media that astrologers who read her husband's horoscope say good times lie ahead for him

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