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Rajapakse extends "Olive branch" to Sarath Fonseka

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Mahinda Rajapakse extends "Olive branch" to Sarath Fonseka. Prez has private meeting & lunch with CDS at "Temple Trees" on wednesday. What happened?


Chief of Defence Staff Lt.Gen SarathFonseka attends national security council meeting. President tries to resolve problems with ex-army chief


Govt may have "probe" into Sarath Fonseka "war crimes" to prevent contesting polls.Those probed cant quit service. Those serving cant contest


Rajapakse Govt rattled by support for Sarath Fonseka in army rank & file announce pay rise for soldiers. Troops see through & say "Fonseka payrise"

low price

Rajapakse regime perturbed by Sarath Fonseka phenomenon lowers prices for 10 essential items.People see through&call it "Fonseka low price".


Nirupama Rajapakse & husband Nadesan worship at Trichy Uchchipilaiyar temple & Srirangam Ranganathar temple. Over 30 waving black flags arrested

Buddhist shrines

Military dictator General Than Shwe whose govt killed, tortured & jailed Buddhist priests in Burma is touring Buddhist shrines in Sri Lanka


Burma's ruthless dictator Gen. Than Shwe & ruling military junta exploring avenues of investing their ill-gotten wealth in Sri Lanka

"our Lady of Madhu"

Pope Benedict wants all IDP's to return home & ethnic reconciliation in Sri Lanka.Seeks blessings of "our Lady of Madhu" on Island nation

Shantha Fernando

Shantha Fernando,executive secretary of the National Christian Council who was arrested on March 27th at KIA released on bail on Nov 11th


Human rights activist Shantha Fernando (64) of NCC who was unjustly arrested & detained has now been released on bail with certain conditions

250 days

Shantha Fernando arrested by NIB at KIA & detained by TID for 250 days given bail. His"Offence"was taking a disc with IDP details to India

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