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Sarath Fonseka in Strategic Withdrawal

from the Twitter pages of D.B.S. Jeyaraj


Sarath Fonseka in Strategic Withdrawal .Flees from US - Nov3rd 11pm without meeting US officials on 4th.Will arrive in Colombo -Nov 5th 4am


Sarath Fonseka avoids meeting US officials as talking to them may have badly affected his fortunes if the Lt.Gen contested for SL presidency

gives in

Sarath Fonseka gives in to pressure from Govt,JHU &JVP.Puts US green card status in jeopardy & returns to Lanka as loyal patriotic army man

cuts short

Lt.Gen Sarath Fonseka cancels meeting with US officials in Oklahoma.cuts short his US stay & returns to Sri Lanka. Expected back on Nov 5th


Prez Mahinda Rajapaksa in whirlwind tour of Wanni addressing soldiers in a bid to counter Sarath Fonseka popularity with Army rank & file

stop worrying

Rohitha Bogollagama boasts that he has satisfactorily resolved the Sarath Fonseka "problem" by talking to US envoy.Gotabhaya stop worrying.


SL foreignminister Bogollagama tells Parliament that his"diplomatic intervention" n US -Sarath Fonseka issue will yield positive results


Wimal Weerawansa reveals US citizen Gotabhaya was "questioned" for 1hour by US officials.Why did the Defence secy not disclose this earlier?


If the choice is between M.Rajapakse&S.Fonseka in presidential poll the minorities will boycott voting or votefor Mahinda but not for Sarath


If Sarath Fonseka is made common opposition presidential candidate he will not get the bulk of Tamil & Muslim votes


US officials to ask Sarath Fonseka to explain why LTTE political wing members who surrendered with white flags were shot dead in cold blood


US officials may quiz Sarath Fonseka on his remark sto Washington audience that "terrorists" hiding in IDPcamps must be identified&destroyed


"War Heroes"like Sarath F&Gotabhaya R should face US officials bravely & reiterate their stand that NO war crime was committed in the war


There's a furore about what Sarath Fonseka's interview with US officials. Why is there no furore about what Gotabhaya said in his interview?


Those responsible for war crimes wont get US citizenship.This may apply to Sarath Fonseka who boasted that army shot tigers who surrendered


The JVP&JHU must ask Gota&Sarath to prove their patriotism by relinquishing their US citizenship&greencard status.Why divided loyalties ?


its comical for JVP & JHU to rant & rave at US for meeting with a US citizen like Gota & a green card holder like Sarath. What's wrong guys?

US citizen Gotabhaya

As a US citizen Gotabhaya should not prevent a US green card holder like SarathFonseka meeting& talking to US officials about the Wanni war


Since he has US green card status it's Sarath's duty to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the "war" to US officials


After months of triumphalist roaring about "war heroism" its refreshing to see & hear the pathetic whimpering & moaning about Uncle Sam

"snitching" and "snatching"

If Gota is so worried about Sarath "snitching" to the US why can't he do some "snatching" like what he did to KP & make Fonseka "disappear"?


The other war hero Gotabhaya is shit scared about what Sarath may or may not tell US officials about him. So he's trying to stop the meeting


It's hilarious to see our war heroes being so jittery about the US. Sarath is consulting lawyers before meeting US officials in Oklahoma

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