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Sarath Fonseka candidacy will divide Sri Lankan armed forces

from the twitter pages of D.B.S. Jeyaraj


Presidential contest between Mahinda Rajapakse & Sarath Fonseka will politicise and divide Sri Lankan armed forces. Dismal prospects ahead!


President Rajapakse MAY refuse to accept Sarath Fonseka's resignation of Chief of Defence Staff post to prevent SF contesting elections


Since law forbids serving defence personnel from contesting President Rajapakse can keep Sarath Fonseka at bay by keeping him in "service"


Gotabaya Rajapaksa (L), Sri Lanka's President Mahinda Rajapaksa's brother and the Defence Secretary, stands with Chief of Defence Staff Donald Perera (2nd L), Army commander Lieutenant-General Sarath Fonseka (3rd L), the chief of the Navy Wasantha Karannagoda (4th L), Air Force Chief Roshan Goonatilake (5th L) and the heads of the Sri Lankan police force before a meeting to discuss the end of the 25-year civil war at the president's residence in central Colombo May 18, 2009-Reuters pic


Precedent for President MR to decline Sarath Fonseka resignation is that of elections commissioner D.Dissanayake not being allowed to retire


SriLanka will fall from the Mahinda Rajapakse frying pan into Sarath Fonseka fire. Irredeemable harm will be caused to Country if SF wins


UNP,SLMC,DPF&SLFP(M)are blundering by supporting Sarath Fonseka's presidential candidacy.History will record this folly as great betrayal

people and parties

Tamil & Muslim political parties may support Sarath Fonseka for presidency BUT Tamil & Muslim people WONT vote for SF the Sinhala supremacist


Best Proof of "SL patriotism" is for all ministers & senior officials in Rajapakse regime to renounce their citizenship in western countries


Sri Lanka's ambassador to US Jaliya Wickramasuriya is a Canadian citizen.Rajapakse regime fight "international conspiracy "with" foreigners"


Sarath Fonseka who "retreated rapidly" from US to avoid "interview" is now boasting to Sinhala media that he defied the Americans & returned

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