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The Democratic Peoples Front and Sarath Fonseka:Response to Kusal Perera

By Mano Ganesan

My friend Kusal’s article and the messages he tries to convey are well noted. There are plenty of media opinions running around. Some are projected as my opinions. Our party’s official position in view of particularly on General Sarath Fonseka and generally on the presidential elections, if announced will be known only after the announcement. Presidium of our party has already come to a consensus position. We have more than one strategy. They will be discussed later next week in our politburo and finalized. Therefore as a party we have not made our any positions public yet.


Mano Ganesan MP-file pic.

But yes, there are many discussions going on. I do not try to cover up anything. Some of the details are kept secret. We are a small entity here. May be I am as the leader of DPF doing beyond my size as and when other Tamil parties and leaders are maintaining silence. May be they are waiting for the opportune time.

This subject of Sarath Fonseka should not be considered as an isolated issue.

Sri Lanka is a sad Republic today as the main democratic opposition party/alliance is unable to find/propose a professional political candidate within from the opposition democratic establishment. It is shameful. But it is the naked truth. A candidate who is with all if not, sizable credentials such as being a member/leader of a major party, party cadre support, countrywide popular support, policy of accommodation towards Tamil speaking minorities, acceptance among the minorities, commitments to good governance and media freedom, clean record in view of corruption and human rights, brainy, brave, experience and necessarily a Sinhala Buddhist.

Let us start from me. I very confidently believe that I have THE eligibilities to perform as the president of this country. I can vouch I would be a better president than many who live with such presidential dreams. But alas, I am not a Sinhala Buddhist. There ends my dream.

I am not heading a standard NGO in practical sense. (Though a political party is also a NGO) I lead a functioning political party and all the associated organizations. Our party is not one of those major parties but it is also not a so called ‘three wheeler party’. Besides when I talk I not only talk on behalf of our party but also for the vast sections of the Tamil populace of this country. This ‘spokesperson of the Tamils’ tag did not drop from the sky yesterday with the Sarath Fonseka factor. We earned it by our hard, courageous and risky works. It is also due to our unbending stances.

Yes, Kusal is correct, I have a role in national movement for the protection of democracy, media freedom etc. We have performed in solidarity with almost all the national movements for media freedom, democracy, good governance etc. We have taken to roads on these issues than many of the so called ‘major party politicians’.

But we are mainly a party which represents the oppressed Tamil minorities. Not by label but by spirit. Therefore we have to maintain dialogues with all sources. We cannot be always be very ambitious and rigid. We will be wiped off if we refuse to answer all the calls we receive.

We cannot be another LTTE. We value engagements. It is a process. It is the sign of a functioning party. There are some comrades who complain. But they are complaining on everything on earth. But for decades they failed to change even a single street let alone the country.

On the other hand, there are many number of Tamil political parties and many number of Tamil leaders who were ‘brave spokespersons of Tamils’ once upon a time. Today nobody is talking. There are no exchange of opinions. No debates at all. A deadly silence is maintained by all Tamil leaders. Total silence since Sarath Fonseka’s name was proposed initially until now that he is ‘considered’ as the common opposition candidate. But we spoke at the appropriate time and initiated a national dialogue in the media, street corners, households, offices, among the political parties etc. A national dialogue on ‘Sarath Fonseka and Tamil people’.

But (therefore) it seems that my ‘mistakes’ here are ‘talking and discussing’.

We have discussions with Sarath Fonseka. We have sent him a set of questions. We will await responses from Sarath Fonseka. We will then decide. Until then we will say that if his answers satisfy us we will decide positively. It is logical. Isn’t it? First let him answer. We are also discussing with the main opposition for alternative candidates. We are also discussing among the Tamil and Muslim parties. There are some efforts made from the government side too for some discussions with me.

It is very unfair to say that I ‘knew’ the answers of Sarath Fonseka even ‘before’ I sent him the questions. We have to go by the rules. This is what you call a dialogue. Kusal virtually demands that I should not even engage in a discussion with Sarath Fonseka. This is way he claims that Kusal and me and many of us ‘know’ the man Sarath Fonseka. Therefore don’t ask questions. That is what he means by saying that I ‘know’ the answers. This is his logic.

Kusal fails to understand that there are millions of people in this country who consider Sarath Fonseka as the god sent hero. You cannot simply dismiss this worshippers as communalists. We have to engage with them because we are living with them by sharing the one same country.

Don’t ask questions or engage with him. This is Kusal’s position. Strangely Kusal has company. Please note that there are others too who find fault in me for putting questions to Sarath Fonseka. (plenty of web comments such as, How dare this Mano Ganesan? How can he question our Hero?). They are finding fault in me for different reasons.

I reject both positions.

We as a party, (in or out of alliance) would make the appropriate decision at the right time if the presidential elections are announced. We while maintaining our positions keep the options open. Tamils have four options today in respect of the presidential elections. The options are (a) UPFA candidate (b) Common or otherwise opposition candidate (c) A common Tamil candidate (d) Boycott.

We will cross the bridge when it comes. Until then we will engage and discuss.


So dear Mano, you have not formed any opinion as yet! Whom are you trying to fool?

Posted by: Daya | November 10, 2009 06:28 PM

A very good answer Mano! Not only to Kusal but also to all moderate Srilankans. It seems that you understand to core question even though no body knows the answer.

I personally believe their are plenty of moderate thinkers who can steer Srilanka out of the current political storm created by short sighted so called patriotics.

I personally believe Prabakaran would do a better job, if we can just sit him on the seat.This not by his tyranny, but by his virtues. So Mano you certainly beat this bafoons as well.

As I always noted their is a marked drop in country's National IQ,which leads to production of low quality individuals in our system. Hence most popular job seems to be a low quality politician or an army soldier! They both become heroes automatically.

That is the price of the war waged by us for thirty years.

Posted by: Dananjaya Bandara Dissanayake | November 10, 2009 06:36 PM

Yes Who is Mano Ganeshan ? What his his party's voting stength?He has no right to question General Fonseka.He has no right to put accross any questions to the General.

General should ignore those questions.If the General comes forward as the CC, is he going to carry out thr UNF policies or his own policies?Mano Ganeshan must be havibg his own agenda.Will General listen to LTTE henchmen who were the spokemen when the brutal LTTE was having their day.Will the General tolerate the people who participated and delivered speeches for the LTTE rights at the Tamil Pongal celebrations

Will the General come down to such a level of answering evry dick tom and Harry ?If does, then he has commanded an army lower than the Slvation Army and coming from Kilinochchi to Medawatchiya and finally to the jungle Thoppigala and confirming that any fool can fight a war

Posted by: Anonymous | November 10, 2009 07:16 PM

Option (e) Use one of the remaining suicide bombers (kept hidden by Mano Ganesan disguised as a social worker) to assassinate Gen Fonseka to get the sympathy vote for P Ranil.

Posted by: SLFireBall | November 10, 2009 07:20 PM

Mano is talking about that he has the credibility and the ability be the better president of Sri Lanka, but his dream ends because he is not a Sinhala Buddhist.
Well this may not be totally true. When you are living in a society like ours, you will have those minority issues. But as a leader of a community, you should go beyond a communal politics to be in national politics and you need to act as one, you need to reach out to the mass with such heart. You need to be free not from Sinahlese or Tamils, but from yourself.

Posted by: Mahinad | November 10, 2009 07:32 PM

So you also want power and thats why you will accept Sarath Fonseka's Answers and say He is a nice man now !!!!! All you Politicians are gutles ...... Censored !!!!

Just 6 months ago you said he was instrumental in killing Lassantha W and other Journalists and now you say He is our Man for President !!!!!

What has gone wrong with Human policies in this country ???? Its Power Power Power !!!!!

Posted by: Dushantha Kurera | November 10, 2009 07:50 PM

Excellent answer from Mano Ganesan. Hope we can get together as a nation and do something for our people and future generations.

As stated in the absence of a strong opposition candidate who commands the respect of the majority community, Sarath Fonseka is a viable option to once again unite this nation.

Whilst commanding the respect of the majority community he can also garner the support of minorities by giving the neccesary clarifications as requested by DPF.

Posted by: SriLankan | November 10, 2009 07:57 PM

Good on you, Mano for all your efforts to be engauged with and dicuss crucial matters of national interest.

Keep up with your good work...I honour you for your courage and determination.

Posted by: Salila | November 10, 2009 08:50 PM

Politics in this country has stooped to such low levels that one will not hesitate to sell their mother or sister to secure a seat of power.

Posted by: Reality | November 10, 2009 09:16 PM

We can see resemblance of the late "Thonda" in you. All what you want to say is that you have different strategies for different scenarios and hence do not have "one" consistent policy.good for you.....hope to see you as a minster ( with or without portfolio-nation bldg ) in the grand alliance's cabinet which will bigger greater in number than the incumbent one...

Posted by: Mano( namo namo) | November 10, 2009 09:23 PM

Mano, did you have a question to SF, over your early claims about white vans that SF sent/drove?

Posted by: Channa | November 10, 2009 09:40 PM

It is amazing to hear that Mr Ganesan has posed a questionnaire to General Fonseka.

General Fonseka has made enough statements over the last 3+ years indicating his stance very clearly and has made no bones about it. What does Mr Ganesan expect the General to say? This is all politics. The goal of the opposition is to defeat President Rajapaksa at any cost.

No one cares about the country. If Mr Ganesan endorses the General, he is no better than the rest of those political hacks in the opposition.

Worse, if the General accepts the common candidacy, he has no shame or self respect either. Remember, the opposition wanted the General out many times.

Now they are kissing his rear because they want to beat the president and they make no secret of their agenda. In my opinion, they are worse that what we already have.

Posted by: crobe | November 10, 2009 09:59 PM

Mano Ganeshan is right.

As the leader of a minority party he should follow the foot steps of late Thondaman Sr wherever it is beneficial to his community. Politics is a dirty game. Once late Ashroff told me that there is no permanent enemy or friend in politics. However, what is important is when you are in the alliance of a majority party and it goes against the interest of the minority you should have the courage to quit from the alliance.

Sarath Fonseka is no better president than MR as far as the minorities are concerned but there is an opportunity to unseat MR and to bring a sane leader like Ranil back in power though I have deep reservation on what SF will do after he becomes the President whether he will abolish the executive presidency or continue as a military leader, we are not sure. It is a gamble but we do not have a choice.

But for God’s sake do not boycott the election. It was Tamils boycott that brought MR to power and Tamils have already experienced the effect of such boycott. Fielding a Tamil candidate is equally stupid because it will not serve any interest of the minority rather than alienating them from the main stream of politics in this country.

Posted by: Nakeeb M Issadeen | November 10, 2009 10:15 PM

Well said Mano Ganeshan.
Kusal will be just another Wickrambahu.
The only difference is, Wicky blames US for everything and Kusal blames Sinhalese Buddhists instead.
Anyway.. who's gonna take the pair seriousely... ha ha

Posted by: Anonymous | November 10, 2009 11:25 PM

A Tamil man or a woman surely can be the President of Srilanka if the Tamils support the current President to develop the Country as a Unitary State where there are no ethnicity based politics.As for Ganeshan ,he can't hold a candle to a President.

All this talk about SF joining the opposition is simply crap.Can anyone with a right mind believe that Sarath Fonseka is going to answer a questioner from Mano Ganeshan?

Mano is getting a lot of publicity among the diaspora Tamils which is not going to affect the outcome of Rajapaksa's re election.It might however do some good by making Mano the new hero of at least some of the disgruntled pro LTTERs.

Also Mano is having a bob each way with an eye for a Ministry if he can curry favor with Rajapksa, come election time.If he is honest,efficient and not corrupt as he claims,and willing to support a United Srilanka,then there is no harm giving him a position in the next Government under Rajapaksa.

Posted by: Praveen | November 11, 2009 12:23 AM


Posted by: RAJAPASSA | November 11, 2009 12:24 AM

I refrain by commenting on this article as I do not know what questions he gave to general. Everthing is changeable, who knows?

Posted by: Sugath | November 11, 2009 02:53 AM

Irrespective of my personal views of Mr. Ganeshan and his political acumen and stature we have to respect his well articulated response to kushal’s assessment.

Political landscapes / stripes /colors et al change with the sands of time: these days more at the speed of light which may put the likes of Usain Bolt into shame… this is a telling indictment of the stature, acumen, integrity and vision all of which is a pipe dream to our so called politicians of this sad country.

Ironically the topic of “who will the tamil voter support?” was a hot topic debated at the lunch table amongst my colleagues who also included a couple of tamil speaking individuals. Most if not all shared similar views when discussing who and how the tamil minorities will support in a future presidential election.

It’s a choice which puts you between a rock and a hard place as both my tamil colleagues reiterated.

SF and his views of minorities whilst in his military position are well documented.
The incumbent has let down many and his regime of terror and oppression and pilferage (by connected individuals etc) will only exacerbate if voted into power a second time. Also with the IDP issue my view is that the Govt will ensure a vice like stranglehold is maintained (either by not resettling IDP’s or by controlling movement and resettlement) to ensure most of the north and east vote is “coerced” towards the govt.

A third candidate may need atleast 750,000 – 1,000,000 votes to break the votes and create a re-count of sorts. But it will not make material difference as the second preference will always be casted to one of the above which will anyway bring either SF / common candidate or the incumbent back into power.

Hence my view is that the tamil minorities will need to back a common candidate (possibly SF) in an unholy alliance. Else it will be the riches and trimmings associated with ministries and other high posts within the incumbent govt that will make the tamil parties sacrifice their constituencies and put their weight behind the incumbent more with the view towards personal gain rather than making a political change.

The boycott option only alienates the tamils more with in the political process of this country. There will be a material advantage for the incumbent. However, it is unlikely that there will be a material impact in the political landscape. If at all it may work against them.. case in point presidential of 2005.

I have mentioned this in many other forums : SL is not a country where an incumbent president can be defeated at a presidential due to the executive power and the vast state machinery at the incumbents’ disposal to “ensure” victory in any form or manner.

However, to make a political statement or an impact an UNHOLY alliance amongst the UNP / JVP / Tamil & Muslim parties’ et al will need to drive a common candidate with strong southern appeal to even have the ability to challenge the incumbent.

Posted by: Hash | November 11, 2009 04:11 AM

If General Fonseka elected he will not let any donky to dance to their own beats whether its UNP,UNF,JVP or other parties. The way current government is running this country should not be tolerated by any intelligent Sri Lankan. Its like a daytime highway robbery. General Fonseka will clean up this country.
I hope everybody will vote for him if he decides to run
for Presidency. This is our last chance .

Posted by: Deshapriya | November 11, 2009 04:17 AM

Dear Mano

You are the only remaining Tamil politicians in this country who has courrage and guts to speak and act for ever lasting unity of all Sri Lankans. Be aware of so called Tamil Libarators as well as of Sinhala extremists. Your efforts will fruitfull in very near future. ALL THE VERY BEST - SARATH-

Posted by: sarath kumara | November 11, 2009 04:28 AM

I am not supporting anyone here but majority of srilankan singahalease must understand anyone can deliver his or her own expression wihtout harming any race or relegion, also we must remember General Fonseka during the war time deliver speech through media srilanka only belongs to singhalease, thats mean he is racist and arrogant against other communities. Also I have seen these monks are always ineterfering politics and supporting for this present regime to gain support from public. I dont care whether Mano or Hakim or Ranil what they are saying about General Fonseka but one thing I can say those politicians belongs to any cast or relegion at the end all are same in political games. Specially singhalease are emotionally taking decision when election comes, thats the reason even we got freedom 62 years back also we dont get proper development or life style to live safely in this country, para suddo 200 hundred percent better than these singhala kalu suddo if you truly think. God Bless Srilanka. Keept it your minds no one lead srilanka accept singalease until now.

Posted by: mohammed | November 11, 2009 05:06 AM

You said one truth in your response to Kusal,and that is 'many in this country think that SF is a hero'.Yes,he is a hero because he was instrumental in ending Prabakaran and his terrorist out fit.That is all.We all welcome that.

Remember neither he or the Lankan state could have done that if not for the help of the rest of the world or that of our immediate neighbour.But that does not mean SF will be an able President.Remember he is an army man. If he contests and becomes President,as far as the Tamils are concerned they will fall first from the frying pan into the fire, to be followed later by the Muslims and the Sinhalese too when some of the yellow robed zealots and the Hela Urumaya and JVP back him to create a Mayanmar in Sri Lanka with sections of the forces ganging up behind him.That's the risk.

Why do you think you need to wait for SF's answers to your queries.How do you know he will stick to his word? Do you know him that well?

So think before you leap.You will be safe and the people of the country will be ok at least till such time they work out a solution themselves and many will support you for that. Until such time I think it is better to stick to the position "that the known devil is better than the unknown".The people know that you are different from a Sellasamy,Karuna or Douglas for that matter, so it is sensible to continue as such.

Posted by: R.S.Ganeshan | November 11, 2009 06:55 AM

Sorry Mr. Ganesan but you haven't convinced me that Kusal Perera was wrong. But that does not mean your response should be written off or dismissed. The Tamils of Sri Lanka need leaders now more than ever. Independent leaders who genuinely stand up for the rights of the Tamil people and not puppet terrorists happy to fill their own pockets.

Mr Ganesan, Sarath Fonseka and the Rajapaksa clan are made of the same cloth. You know that. Their plans for the Tamils are to keep them as an oppressed, intimidated and terrorised minority. Nothing more. It is their past and present actions that provide evidence of this and any attempt by Sarath Fonseka (if he is the CC) to moderate this position will not only be mere words but completely unbelievable. The word on the ground in Sri Lanka is that Fonseka, for an ex-Army Commander is extremely power-hungry. Once elected, do you really expect him to abolish the executive Presidency once he realises the absolute power that comes with the role?

If the UNP decides to go with Sarath Fonseka, it will be clear to Tamils that the party that was responsible for the anti-Tamil pogrom of 1983 hasn't really changed. It is also clear by offering two anti-Tamil candidates, the opposition and the government have no interest in the Tamil vote. In this scenario how can any self-respecting Tamil vote for either side? Tamils have only two options, (c) and (d). Although option (d) comes first to mind, given the way the puppet terrorists I wrote about above operate, option (c) is probably a better option.

Posted by: Kaz | November 11, 2009 07:12 AM

I feel he is a true politisian... what he say is 100% correct.. Can u compare him with our dear freind DR Mervin.........

I think like USA we also get rid of oppertunistic and be realistic... Lets give hand to true leaders

Posted by: SHIF | November 11, 2009 07:18 AM

The only question is SF credibility after the Election
success. Towards this, some check and balances should
be thought of apart from the 180 day life-time.

Unseating MR is prime. The 17th Amendment and
Parliamentary Democracy will see all problems through?

Posted by: Ardneham | November 11, 2009 08:01 AM

The Generals candidature has already been shot by Ranil. With all the asks from the General making him a puppet in a circus, Ranil has effectively ensured MR will have a free run. No wonder RW is stuck where he is today.

Kudos to you Mano for standing by your people, our people, the people of Srilanka. You are courageous when many a Sinhala politician or opinion leader have been effectively eliminated or silenced through the power of violence. Prabhakaran in action in the South. Blessed by the Ven Monks who through their silence have contributed to the mayhem. So much for religion in Srilanka.

To echo Nakeeb, to the Tamil community, all is not lost. Please VOTE. Vote for whoever you choose. The last Pres election, Prabha and Mahinda/Basil ensured you didn't vote. This time you will wonder, why vote ? There is nothing in it for the Tamil community. Yet VOTE you must.

Towards a democratic, inclusive and pluralistic Srilanka.

Posted by: Vishvajith | November 11, 2009 08:20 AM

Good answer. Reality is minority should support one or the other, better to check now before we choose. No matter you are a leader of a party or an individual voter, you have every right to ask question to a person who step himself for the public office.

What SF had said 3 years back is history and what SF might do after elected to the higher post is secondary question. Rather then assuming what SF might do, better let us ask from him now.

Posted by: Raj | November 11, 2009 08:40 AM


I believe Mano brought in excess of 50,000 votes and was elected by the multi-racial constituency of Cbo North, South, Central and the District.

He and his party also bring in over 150,000 preferential votes to the consolidated UNP voting strength. Now his influence has grown to other areas where people of recent Indian origin live in all parts of the country – notably the Hills.

By the way, I have wondered how Dinesh Gunawardena manages to get plum Cabinet positions when he can hardly claim to represent an electorate or bring in sufficient votes either directly or via manape.

It is said this is at the instance of the Buddhist clergy and the Sinhala supremacist wing because Dinesh G’s forte is an established anti-Tamil posture. There are many others in the Cabinet and in parliament that fall into this category in the South.

Judging by the questions here, I was also wondering whether there is such a thing by way of a list of “rights” on which a candidate can ask another for answers. Also, I think Gen. Fonseka is as human as all of us and does not enjoy any special divinity or other status to the extent he cannot be asked a question by ordinary mortals.

Of course, I have no objection if the faithful want to keep a picture of the man and light a lamp in prayer – or even build a temple or two in his name. We live in a free society where even the demented can exercise live so long as they don't become a public nuisance.

We recall SWRD received such adoration in the late 50s/60s and the trend died a natural death. One adherent was a notorious pavement thug who ran a picture-framing operation in the vicinity of the Maradana Police who later became a UNP convert in the 1960s.

I think with the change of his political loyalties, he also did a change in the selection of his favoured dieties - this time the more conventional ones.


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | November 11, 2009 08:57 AM

Yes Who is Mano Ganeshan ? ………….Anonymous. I thought you want to call him PD too, as Basil once called a CWC (Thond’s) member. You are very brave. Mano has been the sole Tamil voice in the last few years of Rajapakse / Fonseka Thugs’ atrocities against Tamils, especially ‘White van’. For me, he is the real hero, who lent his voice to the voiceless risking his life to the Rajapakse / Fonseka Thugs, or ‘war criminals’. I still think Mano Ganeshan should avoid (a) UPFA candidate –If Fonseka, then should leave UPFA, (d) Boycott-Never. Please keep consulting other parties and come to a better conclusion. Mano, you’re a real hero.

Posted by: Suresh M | November 11, 2009 09:11 AM





Posted by: Deshapremiya | November 11, 2009 10:07 AM

I think it would be a good idea all minoritiy parties together place a common candidate parallel to the other Candiadate if any of the candidate from Sinhalese failed to represent minority's concerns. Candiate from minority should conduct election meeting not only among Tamils, but also among Sinhalese people to convince them. In long term, rather than relying on Sinhalese leaders, minorities can directly engage with Sinhalese to convince them to accept due minorities' rights in Sri Lanka. To convince Sinhalese, the candidate from minonities should have national agenda while addressing minorities concern. Would that be a good idea?

Posted by: raj | November 11, 2009 12:18 PM

Minority communalism can never make compromise with majority communalism.It is for that reason that the leaders of the Tamil Congress and the Federal failed in their efforts to protect or serve the legitimate interests of the Tamil people in Lanka.Looking back in history from 1948 Tamil leaders like GGP or SJV miserably failed although they convinced the Tamil people to back them time and again at the hustings.To that extent they achieved that unity and sole representative status.After their time even Prabakaran too claimed the same degree of monopolistic loyalty from the Tamil people at the point of the gun and to a certain extent got it from a section of the misguided Tamils.But like his predecessors he too could not achieve anything for the people he claimed he was fighting for and had to abandon his task ignominiously because of his own arrogance and political ineptitude.Thus prostration before the enemy was the inevtable fate of Tamil communalism.

The Tamil leaders had made the Tamil people believe that they are fighting a liberation war against a foreign Sinhala imperialism.This is where the whole problem lies.They forgot the fact that the Sinhalese live cheek by jowl in the same island and that the problems which confront the Tamils are the same which confront them too. The thralldom of the Sinhalese is no diffrent to that of the Tamils,but for the fact that the Tamils are now in IDP Camps incarcerated by a supposed to be benign administration which claims the protect them from being blown up by mines.On the other hand the two political parties which claim to protect and defend the the interests of their Sinhalese constituency also resort to communalism to garner votes.Both the ordinary Sinhalese and the Tamils have been thus misguided and exploited by the very same leaders of their respective political parties from 1948 onwards.

Elections are held dutifully according to schedule, coalitions are formed to share the spoils thereafter on the basis of the majorities obtained the same rotten traditions continue under the pretext of governance with the help and assistance of sycophants,lackeys and a lethargic bureaucracy riddled with corruption,nepotism and inefficiency.

This fate will change only if the people are led by dedicated leaders with a vision and commitment to lead the masses in a struggle against the forces of reaction,cynicism,farce and parody.

Posted by: Uthungan | November 11, 2009 06:25 PM

Mano Sir, Do whatever you wish to do.You may support Sarath,Percy or any .It is your prerogative as a typical SriLankan politician.If I were you,I would be with Champika or Wimal!

However please do not attack Kusal,a liberal intellectual who has a fine image among most of the SriLankans especially the minorities of Srilanka. Cheers, Siva

Posted by: Siva | November 11, 2009 09:31 PM

Just look at the number of replies to Mano .Usually his previous articles on human rights mumbo jumbo had so called "three wheeler" responses .

Just the name "Sarath Fonseka" has multiplied views and responses by unpresidented levels (for Mano's calibre) .

Thats the power of the our Hero.Gen Fonseka.

This is the state of Tamil Nationalism today. So called "Liberators" of tamils running to their so called "enemy"/"oppresors"/ with the begging bowl.

Posted by: Gayan | November 12, 2009 12:37 PM

The painful factor is the Christian reality “let him amongst you who has not sinned throw the first stone” (being non-Christian I can err in the phraseology) All our political leaders, I believe with rare exception, are tainted. The only difference is the degree and the frequency. That includes Karu J, who thinks of himself as the local version of Mahathma Gandhi, until he bolted to the other side abandoning whatever principles, policy etc in search of a PM-ship that simply was not there. We notice he has crossed the river again and is pontificating. To a society whose core values have been
hijacked by crass political animals in robes, former sadistic killers posing as ultra-leftists, trade-union mafiosi and other demented assorted beings the arrival of a man with a military background and discipline – with the assured support of the military in the event of his success – seems to be option that has some validity to be tried out. There are too many vermins around who need to be disciplined in matters similar to what the JVP did in their dark days of 1988/89. The very fear of the prospect of General Fonseka getting into politics has already brought down prices (which that buffoon of a Trade Minister
and an uncaring Cabinet/President could not do) the uniformed men have got an
increase (whether the Govt coffers can afford this or not is another matter altogether)What is ironical is that the same man who denigrated the Tamils has now – unsolicited – became their champion and saviour. I don’t think the Tamils will object to that. Why not? Anyone can change and reform. After all, the General has said elsewhere he is a Tamil too. If he adds he will bring to book, with the loot here and overseas, of those who cleaned up the country's resoures and bring the offenders to justice; get criminally extravagant spending Ministers to return every cent stolen then he is likely to win hands down. One recalls when the chips were down in 1970-76, when even cooking rice in your own home was a punishable offence and the entire country was in the dumps, we suddenly saw Sri Lanka becoming prosperous in the post 1977 period. The same thing can again. I am reminded of Dickens (or was it Oscar Wilde) who said “While there are those who look at things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask “Why not?” What is important is to restore Sri Lanka to its earlier glory of peace, unity and prosperity. To me, as Deng Zhio Peng told Maggie Thatcher “it matters little if the cat is black or white so long as it catches mice” That cat has brought China to be almost the greatest financial and political power in the world.

Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | November 13, 2009 07:30 PM

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