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UNP faithfuls want own candidate

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Discontent in UNP ranks about supporting Sarath Fonseka as common presidential candidate. Party faithfuls want their own candidate


Mahinda the Medamulana Machiavelli will confound everyone by conducting Presidential elections before Parliamentary polls say Govt circles


A woman carries balloons printed with images of Sri Lanka's President Mahinda Rajapaksa before his speech at his political party convention in Colombo, November 15, 2009.-Reuters pic.


Tamil National Alliance undecided about supporting Sarath Fonseka. Three different schools of thought within TNA


Contrary to news reports Mano Ganesan's Democratic Peoples Front is yet to decide on supporting Sarath Fonseka as Presidential candidate


SriLanka's most successful Army chief Lt.Gen Sarath Fonseka bade formal farewell to the military on Monday November 16th.He's a civilian now

absent, Air Force chiefs conspicuously absent at farewell ceremony to Sarath Fonseka. Were they debarred by the government from attending?


Media unable to cover SarathFonseka's final farewell to Army because they were prevented from entering Army premises until ceremony was over


Sarath Fonseka in "civvy street". He will announce his political plans within 48 hours after deep thought and consultations with supporters


Sarath Fonseka pays homage to fallen war heroes after bidding farewell to Army. Declines to comment to media about his plans wearing uniform


Army commander Lt.Gen Jagath Jayasuriya announces that all soldiers will get increased salary & additional allowance with effect from November

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