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Video: Tamils on Probation

by Reporters, France 24 TV

As the last bastion of the Tamil Tigers fell, tens of thousands of civilians who had fled the fighting were detained in refugee camps. Now the Sri Lankan army has given them permission to return home. We went to meet these refugees who have lost everything.

Sri Lanka: Tamils on probation: courtesy of France 24


Tamils were not listening to Pillian They were made to listen by Sl Government under ak47 wielding soldiers This is DEMOCRACY Srilankan style taught by the Chinese.

Posted by: pandaravanian | March 28, 2010 05:08 AM

Many of those on "probation" usually graduate to the
higher level. Will this truism be denied to the TamilNation?


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | March 28, 2010 10:50 AM

This is I feel is a bias and pro Ltte article.

they are been shown only a one sided story. There were so many who were victims of LTTE , child soldgiers, exortion, non tolerant of dissent...

Its been a very violent history and it'll take time to normalise. We Sri Lankans do not want a nother war or violence. The tamils need to win the trust of the rest of the non tamil citizens of this country... by highligting in the foriegn media what are the tamils going to gain.

There problems and grievences should be taken up in a legitimate way by volantry organisations... according the the law of the country. The militarisation was to counter the insurgency... and if the tamils yet to overcome thier mindset of inferiority, it will be never possible to live a normal life.

One so called fisherman said he used to fish all night before but my understanding is that there was restriction for fishing during that time... so why can't they carry on thier fishing now even if they live far from the coast?

please to all people do not worsen thesituation now... don;t try to take it outside... try and live and coexist and solve the problem within... most of the blames are half truths... superficial and partial in reporting... without knowing the depth of the real problems facing people of this battered country...

We have suffered enough give us a chance to breath without violence... DOn't victimise the victims of war by cheap media blitz for money or propaganda.

there is a human catastrophy in the war zones , every step forward should be done with caustion and good intesions. Not to bring disharmoney again. Please highlight what progreesive steps could be taken to overcome the injustice for the war victims...

THis is not responsible journalism...

Posted by: Anonymous | March 28, 2010 02:53 PM

The video speaks clearly.
It is a military controlled society by the terrorist regime of the family junta which now seeks to rule for a third term if a two thirds majority could be attained by even enticement as was done earlier.

Posted by: Das | March 29, 2010 08:26 AM

Dear anonymous,

Violence and Sri lanka are inseparable!!!! LTTE was born because of the violence perpetrated against the Tamils by the Sinhalese!!!Organised violence was un-leashed against the Tamils in 1956, 1958 long before the LTTE was born.

Violence has not stopped after the LTTE either!!! Violence is endemic to the Sinhalese race, despite their "so called following of Budhism" Budhism is just a name in Sri Lanka!!! You can plant any number of Budhist statues and temples from North to Soutn, and from East to West, but compassion, tolerance, justice has to come from the hearts and minds not from lifeless statues and Bo saplings. In relaity Bo tree is supposed to suffocate the host tree!!! This is what is happening in Sri Lanka!!!!

Posted by: nandasena | March 29, 2010 11:39 AM

*** This is DEMOCRACY Srilankan style taught by the Chinese ***

What are you WHINING about Pandaravanian, this is no different to what the LTTE made the Tamils do... you people should be used to this by now?

Posted by: Devinda Fernando | March 29, 2010 11:46 AM

Dear Anonymous,

Violence was started by sinhala govts since 1948 and still continues. So far sinhalese has not accepted the the rightful rights of Minorities. Its not just tamils want the quarrel or fight. They just want to make sure their culture and home land is not swallowed by the sinhalese. I know you will start saying that Tamils are in colombo and so on. There is no objection for sinhalese living in Tamil areas. But there shold not be any clonisations. We need to have control of our area as in Uk, india and in many other countries. Why sinhalese do not like that. Because they just want the Minorities under them.

You are talking of giving space to breathe, but your army and govts are making the minorities suffocated since independence.

I know you will have no answer. Im can come for any open debate with anybody infront of a justful people.


Posted by: karikalan | March 29, 2010 01:10 PM


The tamils need to win the trust of the rest of the non tamil citizens of this country..

The Sinhalese also need to strive to win the trust of the Tamils. You cannot forcefully evict people from their lands and in their places bring in Sinhalese to live and deny these people their right to live in peace and then ask them to behave well.

Posted by: Mahesh | March 29, 2010 08:26 PM

At last Devinda Fernando has spoken truth for once by saying "... this is no different to what the LTTE made the Tamils do...."

He has accepted that the Tamils were forced by AK47 to sit and listen to the Govt. propaganda. And he is accepting that there is no democracy in Sri Lanka and the Tamils should accept that!!!

He is domicield outside SL and preaching those people in Sri Lanka to accept whatever the govt. does in Sri Lanka!!!! What do you get from the Govt. to do this propaganda for a TERRORIST STATE!!!!

Posted by: nandasena | March 30, 2010 05:18 PM

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