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Colombo props up "KP" led ex-LTTE outfit to defeat New Delhi backed TNA in Northern polls

by Upul Joseph Fernando

Though some are waiting in expectation for the release of KP alias Kumar Pathmanathan, it was a long time since he had been released. The fact that he was freed came to light officially when he recently toured the North East along with the leaders of the Tamil Diaspora.

This tour was wholly organized by KP. He made the entire arrangement as the unofficial Chairman of the of the Tamil Rehabilitation Centre. Although he was not officially appointed as the Chairman, yet, he did act unofficially as the Chairman of the TRC. To eradicate a tree in the forest, it is another tree in the thick of the jungle that must be used, is an old adage. Like how Prabhakaran’s armed wing leader Karuna was used by the government to annihilate the armed might of Prabhakaran, the government. is now using KP who built up Prabhakaran’s International network, to destroy that same international chain – a splendid effort indeed by the government!

KP has been the official leader of the Tamil Tiger Organization after the death of Prabhakaran. Although there was a divergence in opinion among the Tamil Diaspora over his becoming leader, following his appointment no one challenged his leadership. Likewise , after KP was arrested, no one was elected as leader. It is therefore discernible that the Sri Lankan government projecting and propelling KP as the current Tamil Tiger leader is utilizing him to destroy the Tamil Tiger Diaspora.

It is learnt that the first move of KP after his release was the invitation extended to the Chief of the Tamil Tiger transnational Govt. leader Rudrakumaran too to participate in the tour of the North and East organized for the Tamil Tiger Diaspora leaders. But, Rudrakumaran had rejected this invitation stemming from his conviction that the Sri Lankan government is trying to use KP to destroy the Tamil Tiger Diaspora, despite the fact that there exists close and cordial relations between KP and Rudrakumaran. Initially, the Sri Lankan government exploiting the ties between KP and Rudrakumaran sought to sow the seeds of dissension between Rudrakumaran and the Tamil Tiger Diaspora hardliners. KP urged the Sri Lankan government on several occasions earlier to discuss with Rudrakumaran , with this objective in view. But, because the Sri Lankan government did not evince much interest in this direction, it did not materialize. However, after America intensified its pressure on the government to initiate discussions with Rudrakumaran, the government became apprehensive, and became reluctant to give him an official welcome.

KP while helping the government to destroy the Tamil Tiger Diaspora is trying to portray himself as an independent individual. But, the government is aware that if he is to be used, he must be released and such release must be vindicated. It is on this account, the government is making the announcement that KP is going to be a future witness for the government in the Courts against the Tamil Tigers. By this, what the government is trying to demonstrate is that during the final phase of the war , the truth about the ‘white flag’ episode among the surviving leaders of the Tamil Tigers is known only to KP. He can therefore be made use of as a witness to lead evidence in support of the government.

Some sources say, KP may come before the Truth Commission appointed by the government and lead evidence in its favour. Nevertheless, there are reports that KP is averse to engaging in such an action, for it will trigger resentment among the Tamil Diaspora, and may provoke them to cry foul that he betrayed them. Consequently, he would not be able to do whatever service he wishes to do for the Sri Lankan government he had pointed out.

In India too, there are speculations that the Sri Lankan government is to appoint KP as its candidate for the post of Chief Minister at the Provincial Council (PC) elections in the North . Though it is beyond comprehension that KP will enter politics, yet the Sri Lankan government must be seeking to use him and win the North PC elections. It is reported that KP is a very popular figure among the Tamil Tigers in the camps. By meeting them he is making efforts to banish their despair and change their mindset. Hence, the government is thinking of winning over the pro Tamil Tiger sympathizers at the North elections by employing him.

It is perceptible that India with a view to implementing the 13th Amendment of the constitution in Sri Lanka wishes that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) captures power at the North Provincial Council elections. India and TNA are closely working together towards this objective. The Sri Lankan government may be aiming at using him in its campaign and defeat the TNA, even if KP does not contest the elections. What measures and strategies the TNA is going to adopt to meet the situation is yet obscure.

In case KP takes the initiative to defeat the TNA, that will constitute more a defeat to India than the TNA. India with a view to establishing democracy in the North and East has chosen the TNA to secure a political solution for the Tamil population, because the TNA which is not linked to the Tamil Tiger armed campaign however are sympathizers of the Tamil Tigers.

The Sri Lankan government has on the other hand chosen to defeat the TNA by using the Tamil Tiger militant leaders of the Tamil Tiger armed campaign, Karuna, KP and former Tamil militant leader Devananda.

Who will win in this competition is unpredictable. - courtesy: Daily Mirror -


It's geting curieser! and curieser!!
And the plot getting thicker and thicker!
After all the AND company seems to know one thing for sure, using people to make their ends meet!
Which is ofcourse fine, if the west cand do it so does the easterners.
@what is good for the goose is good for the Gander!

Posted by: Ajith Boralugoda | June 29, 2010 11:16 PM

This desperate bankrupt government is clutching at straws to save itself from drowning.

KP seems to be their god sent man Friday, KP maybe able to talk to a few members of the Tamil diaspora or the locals but he will never have the respect and loyalty that Pirbha had and is still having.

By this act, no self respecting Tamil will ever get close to KP, will Douggie the thug do so ?,

Anyway the government has lost the first throw at the dice, they just have not been able to impress the eleven who made up a cricket team by their arrogance and boorishness as stated by one of the members from the UK a doctor.

More taxpayers funds down the drain. a j.

Posted by: anthony jones | June 29, 2010 11:32 PM

It is no surprise that the Rajapaksa regime are wooing KP. Birds of the same feather flock together, violent men are comfortable in each others company just like criminals and criminal-minded people like to hang out together. Why do you think Salmon Khan loves the Rajapaksas.

Having said that, this is also about trying to negate any war crimes charges brought against the Rajapaksas. KP for all intent and purpose has a gun held to his head and he is going to dance to their tune, or in this case lie to protect the people holding the gun.

Posted by: Kaz | June 29, 2010 11:57 PM


The Tamils lost all their rights, sovereignty, economic infrastructure, education, wealth, land, and people and were reduced to slaves and refugees in their own land. It is a bitter truth that it was not anybody but the Tamils themselves are responsible for this state of affairs. Petty differences, disunity, jealousy, lack of co-operation and patriotism among the Sri Lankan Tamils are the main cause for their suffering. The Sinhala leaders took advantage of the disunity and other weaknesses of the Tamils to manipulate and divide them further and are continuing to do so. When will the Tamils learn? It is unlikely this situation can be changed until the Tamil politicians and officials truly realize the gravity of the situation and apply themselves sincerely to solving these urgent problems which still exists within the Tamil community. The unity and solidarity among the Tamils (North, East, Upcountry, Colombo) and the Tamil speaking Muslims is the number one priority, they should unite under one umbrella. These people (leaders) have to decide whether or not the Tamils are to continue living as slaves and refugees in their own land.

Posted by: Theesan | June 30, 2010 07:51 AM

‘White van’ Duggie’s recent call for a talk to unite Tamil parties may be the first step. Experienced Sampanthan had only a phone conversation with him.

K.P is a prisoner, and trying his best to escape Rajapakse thugs. There were many reports, including International Crisis Group, that Rajapakse thugs have forced him to transfer overseas Tiger funds to their own. Prof. Gunaratne seems to be the adviser cum facilitator of these transactions.

I am certain that TNA will survive, and win.

Posted by: Suresh M | June 30, 2010 08:20 AM

The Sri Lanka Government which consists of fraudsters and criminals from the top to bottom using other thugs, criminals and murderers, terrorists like Karuna, KP and even Dr.Mervyn to commit violence and mayhem to achieve their ulterior ends. Wonderful Rajapakse Regime which is unique in the world.

Posted by: Colombo Analyst | June 30, 2010 05:26 PM

Little substance and almost all speculation in this piece. The post May 19 leadership struggle in Tiger ranks continues. KP is much more affable and less fascistic in the eyes of the rank and file. Rudra is more sophisticated, urbane and has the influences of those who matter in the global scene including US State and Washington. KPs "arrest" was one in which he was also an engineering factor.

The diaspora is keen in unity and peace. Its interest is the good, welfare, livelihood, safety of the Tamil people of the NEP. They will support a leadership process that will provide this. The recent visit of the nine - as against 22 expected - did not succeed. Bugt the intention is good and should coninue. The regime insisted they want "funds held outside" brought back to help the IDPs and the Tamils. The diaspora wants the Govt to use the enormous funds the donors/overseas community gave for this purpose from mid-2009 to be used. Once the people are settled and are free, the diaspora plans to come out with small individual projects to help - but this will be largely commercially inclined projects. Separate mega investments in the hospitality industry, ports, airport, universities is in the drawing board. The lands under the HSZ should be freed soon, fishing enabled and other infra-structure development to proceed via State resources as announced repeatedly. The State must establish her own goodwill initially. GoSL should not wait for India, China and Japan to invest and do all the develpment and work.


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | June 30, 2010 09:32 PM

The remorseful KP's attempt to help the victims of his past deeds are not only laudable but,also need support ,specially from his mates and supporters overseas.

The Doctor from the UK,after enjoying the free trip and the VIP treatment in his homeland courtesy of the Srilankan government ,came back and ratted on his friend.

What a low character is he?

Most probably he went there on a spy mission taking the opportunity given to him.

He could not give a shit about the poor sods who are languishing in dire misery.

He probably drives a Merceds and live in a Mansion in the outskirts of London.Missus may have a BMW and for the children a couple of sports cars parked in the garage.

It was OK for him to send C4 and detonators with the extorted money ,but does not help KP to feed the IDPs at least Parippu and Paan.

Aparently he was disgusted to see KP hugging the Defence Sec.May be he thought KP gone Gay as well.

Hugging is a genuine expression of affection among men, which is now common even among Whites.

It will be hard to sell to the white man that the Diaspora of the UK which this Doctor represents do not want to help the victims of Tiger Terrorr because KP was hugging Gota.

Gota should give the doctor another invite,This time asking him to come around with the missus and the kids and show them the fruits of the good doctor's labour for the last thirty years.

For his children born or brought up overseas, it will be a good opportunity to experience the fruits of Terrorism that his dad and uncles encouraged and supported for three decades.

Posted by: Anonymous | July 1, 2010 06:26 AM

Gota and SF were locked up in a permanent embrace not long ago - though many watchers then figured they both had different Agendas and the embrce will loosen sooner than later. So it turned out. And so the unusual bear embrace of Gota and dear KP across many divides.

If Dr. Arudkumar from London used the "opportunity" to read and see what the intent of the other side is, ones appreciation of the man increases. I think he has won the admiration of even those who were dissappointed with him. Clearly Amza of London did not too good a job in studying the fully-paid "team" he sent across. They are all not Lambs, as we see. Dr. A, as I gather from the internet, is a social worker devoted to help Lankan Tamils in the diaspora and within the island to regain their "lost Homeland, the freedom, integrity and future" of his people. He cannot be blamed for this. He has a right to choose the type of political stand he wants - and that includes supporting the Tigers, dead or alive. Even Lankans who go as security guards in the West can easily afford to run a new Mercedes - with the high salaries these countries pay - which most Lankans are aware is not a reality that we will enjoy in many generations from now. In what goes as Sri Lanka today the dream of even the middle class today is to get 3 bare square meals a day for them/their children with some bread, vegetables and rice. Meat, Fish, Sausages and the lot is well beyond them. they are now only for those with the Govt and their hench-aiyas - a go-back to the days of 1973-76. Very soon we will have to designate a new Minister of Price Increases. Johnny from K'gala must be wetting his pants in his new job. He cannot be blamed if he thinks this is a trap.


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | July 3, 2010 06:36 AM

Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | July 3, 2010 06:36 AM

"He cannot be blamed for this. He has a right to choose the type of political stand he wants - and that includes supporting the Tigers, dead or alive."


Another individual also has right to support those who finished off the Tigers fighting or surrendering.

Posted by: Soma | July 7, 2010 01:43 AM

Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | June 30, 2010 09:32 PM

"The diaspora is keen in unity and peace. Its interest is the good, welfare, livelihood, safety of the Tamil people of the NEP. They will support a leadership process that will provide this"

They have always been, haven't they?

Posted by: Soma | July 7, 2010 01:59 AM

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