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The Battle to Define Again the Soul of Canada

by C. L. Cook

The small boat, traveled from across the world recently, its passengers a desperate collection of men, women, and children fleeing brutal repression in the wake of a failed popular uprising, has provided Canada an opportunity to define for itself just of what it is constituted and for what it will stand.

Fitting that aspiring migrants would prove the opportunity, for what else are all of us here on Turtle Island but peoples come from across time and space who by fate, chance, and weird fortune find ourselves shored up here, elbow to elbow, cheek to jowl, forced to decide just what this tossed ship of state is to be called and how this world is to be captained?

It's a rare moment, and one worthy of more than the proto-racist, hand-wringing calamity promotion purveyors of the new nigger population boom set to explode narrative the government of Stephen Harper and his media managers would like to restrict the debate to.

The press has been abuzz this past week as the MV Sun Sea and its "boat load" of what the fourth estate describes by turns as: "terrorists," and "criminals," and worst yet, "human smugglers" descending on the nation's shores, a "probing effort," bellwether signal they say the scheming "people smuggling, criminal terrorist hoard" in Sri Lanka are watching and waiting for.

They warn, Canada's willingness to shelter the remnant scatterings of the genocidal culling of the Tamil minority barely a year ago will be a sign of "our" weakness, prompting others forced to flee for their lives from the modern plethora of dime store demagogues, and good old fashioned Death Squad states the green light to "invade" the nation.

What the moral midgets calling for the swift return, boot in ass, do not pass go card stapled, no tattooed, to hand have mainly forgotten, or merely failed to remind in their haste to mount soap boxes in Victoria, speed-dial local call-in radio stations, and projectile blogviate across the "internet" is the recent horror the Tamil people of Sri Lanka experienced at the hands of the barely chastized Sinhalese supremacists still in power there. Fewer yet of these have speculated as to the fate awaiting those they would return to the concentration camps and killing fields so recently escaped.

I know the news cycle never stops, and especially now as climate disaster denier defying disasters are blaring from all media quarters it's hard to keep track of stories from all the way back in 2009; but, if we're to have a context, however gruel thin such a one is to be had, it is, I believe, important to take a little ride back in time a short spell. In May of 2009, the LTTE, or more familiarly called, Tamil Tigers surrendered to the their Sinhalese overlords after suffering three years of an intensified "surge." Uncounted thousands were killed and brutalized, and an equally unknown number of innocents civilians, guilty of no more in the main than belonging to an ethnic minority, and living in homes turned battlefield by the government armies.

Those armies were aided and abetted the great blood-letting that culminated last May by the governments of the "International Community" who declared the Tamil resistance and its insistence on a separate homeland within Sri Lanka illegal, and illegal too all those who assist the "terrorists."

Even as the Sinhalese army shelled the concentration camps Tamil civilians were herded into in the waning days of the Tigers' destruction. It is as though the Canadian government and its friends in the Anglo-American Axis, after witnessing a brutal aerial and artillery attack against a trapped population, declared the Palestinian resistance and its insistence it be free to self-govern within the lands of its history without fear of repression or summary destruction "terrorist" and illegal, and then deported refugees from that repression and destruction back to the turkey shoot.

It would never happen of course, but should it, it would be the same thing.

In a country without an ethical core, as Canada is today, a collective raison d'etre is required. For Stephen Harper and the Republican lights providing his media aura, the Tamil "crisis" is an opportunity to move the nation further towards the "illegals at the gate-crazed" constituency he would make of us. It is also a chance for Canadians recognizing this country has strayed too far from the enlightened, humanist tenets we so nearly realized here in the last century.

It is also a chance to look at our world and realize; while we can't provide shelter from the storm to the entirety of those so desperately needing it, we can afford to provide it for those few that make it here.

And, more importantly, it is a reminder to those that would call themselves our leaders; the failure to properly condemn tyranny abroad and to denounce in the most strenuous fashion its excesses can expect to see the victims of ignored atrocities shoring up more often here, just as we see today in Victoria. ~ courtesy: Pacific Free Press ~



Any word about the innocents dies in suicide attacked conducted by the LTTE?

Posted by: SL | August 15, 2010 10:19 AM

Wow !!

What a great article , C. L. Cook.

Thank you Sir !

I’ve lost all hope after being subjected day and night to hysteria that boat is full of Hard Core Terrorists are coming.

This xenophobic hysteria had generous help from the Shameless Sri Lankan Propaganda
I think , most Canadians doesn’t know what is happening in Sri Lanka .

Tamils should help them to understand the dangers the Tamils are facing there

Thanks for doing just that spreading the truth !!

This is a Real Propaganda War and we see on this example that the Sri Lanka Propaganda Machine manage to convince the gullible Canadians that the Tamil refugees are terrorists.

We the should not let the Sri Lanka to blacken the our image.
We should make the comments everywhere on the internet to give the Tamil point of view .

I have notice that many Sri Lanka Government Paid Agents are commenting all over the internet and saying that all Tamils are terrorists

Posted by: Arul | August 15, 2010 10:33 AM

we don't have to be government paid agents to comment there was no popular uprising as Mr Cook says. Instead there were suicide bombings, killing opponents, kidnapping children to battle - if that is called popular uprising Mr Cook - God Bless Canada too. What I don't say is all tamils terrorists. I never said that. LTTE is Terrorist, Tamils who supported the LTTE were/are terrorist supporters, and there are Tamils- --number is growing by day - who realized that future lies with Sinhalese.

Posted by: gamaya1 | August 15, 2010 07:15 PM

In which planet do you live?

"In May of 2009, the LTTE, or more familiarly called, Tamil Tigers surrendered to the their Sinhalese overlords after suffering three years of an intensified "surge."

Tamil Tigers surrendered? Be careful, the hardcore LTTE types in Toronto would not like you saying that they surrendered.

Are you writing in sympathy for the Tamils or because it is a nice convenient stick to beat the conservatives with?

Posted by: Ranjan, Toronto | August 15, 2010 09:29 PM

A refugee is a person who flees from his country fearing persecution.

Almost all the Tamils in Tamil Eelam(TE), genuinely fear or face repression, genocide, arrest, loss of life, lack of accountabilty and injustice.

The world is now aware that the regime in SL is a Tamil genocidal-war criminal regime avoiding UN investigations.

Therefore, if any Tamil flees from SL, such person is not only a real refugee, he also needs the right spiritual input of forgiveness.

Droves of "Boat People", fearing persecution in Vietnam, arrived in Hong Kong in 1960s to 1970's, and were accepted as refugees with love and compasson.

"Boat People" from TE arrived in Australia, Indonesia and now in Canada since the end of liberation war of TE in 2009.

Though this truth is still the truth, the truth on Tamil matters is often spoken in shadows by the Government of Sri Lanka(GOSL). It clothes itself viciously with falacious terms such as "Human trafiking", "Economic migrants", "Human cargo", "LTTE terorists" and the like, to degarde the human dignity of the refugees fleeing from state repression and military occupational atrocities.

Australia was a "Penal Colony". They know very well the pain, agony, hurt and suffering of being "Boat People", yet their treatment of "Boat People" from TE was deplorable, obviously due to the dirty influence of SL and its associates. Repentance and right attitude are required.

With the fleeing of Tamil "Boat People" and their pathetic plight, the UN should set up "Safe Zones" in willing countries in Asia, Eurpoe and America, and recognise each refugee from TE as one seeking a "Safe Zone", similar to the one created by the UN in March last year in TE, for persons fleeing for safety.

Dr Martin Luther King said" injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Injustice to Tamils in SL is becoming a threat to the justice of Tamils and others everywhere. This threat has to be stopped.

Posted by: Sam Thambipillai | August 16, 2010 04:43 AM

My sincere thanks to the LTTE stooges all over the world who protested in 2009 with a banned terror outfits's flags and posters of its leader. Excellent job, now the poor Tamils who are seeking asylum have to face the wrath of the mainstream public of Canada. I wish the Canadian government would deport these LTTE stooges. Now we have the government in exile, excellent, have you seen the honorable members. Tamil people have to stop working against themselves. Hopefully these do gooders do not attempt to help these poor refugees.

Posted by: Loku Banda | August 16, 2010 08:26 AM

Also good day to all the Sinhala patriots who left their motherland to live in other lands and post their anger,taunts and racist beliefs on anonymous forum.

Posted by: Loku Banda | August 16, 2010 08:28 AM

Just to have an idea of Regular Canadians think about these illegal immigrants read the comments posted below the following article

Posted by: SL | August 16, 2010 11:26 AM

Canada does need instructions from an LTTE proxy in how to behave towards a group of economic migrants. They will certainly come out with stories of harassment, but most would have lived in Colombo with no evidence of such treatment. They have no doubt paid large sums of money to the rich "transporters", probably living in Canada itself. HRW and Amnesty International have been recruited in support.

Posted by: Ram2009 | August 16, 2010 12:58 PM

"A refugee is a person who flees from his country fearing persecution"

Fair enough.

Now why he have to flee halfway across the planet when India is just a few Km's away and there are a hundred countries between their so-called "persecuted origins" and Canada ?

Why did they leave from Thailand and how did they get there in the first place ? Might they have taken a regular flight out of Colombo having obtained passports ? How is that possible if they are so oppressed and downtrodden ?

Since they seem to have enough money to spend many thousands of dollars to carry out this (weep! weep!) "escape", why not take a regular flight like other refugees ?

How many Tamils weep Eelam tears from the diaspora and yet happy to travel to SL on holiday ?

Refugee ??? Give me a break..!

Posted by: mercator | August 16, 2010 07:49 PM

If Mr COOK calls the most brutal terrorist organization in history that introduced suicide bombers, child soldiers and killed most of their own leaders a "failed popular uprising"that his prerogative.

Srilankans whether Tamils , Sinhalese or Muslims always try to move to greener pastures in the West whenever an opportunity arises.

I wonder whether Mr Cook has heard about our famous " Hand Ball Team" who took refuge in West Germany.

Following the demolition of the LTTE ,another opportunity has come along and who ever can must use it.

Unfortunately the people who use this opportunity are not the poor who suffered the most.

Boat rides, costing minimum US$ 5000 per person to Indonesia and anything from US$ 20,000 to US$ 50,000 on the ship currently anchored in Mr Cooks neck of the woods, only the people with money or connections to the diaspora can use the opportunity.

All Srilankans must wish them well and encourage the West to take even more without them having to go through this arduous sea journey.

I am sure even the Government will be more happy to send all the Tamils who want to move out.

Posted by: Anonymous | August 16, 2010 07:53 PM

Ranjan, Toronto,

What made for you to come to Canada? How much you paid to come to Canada?Or did you come as a Srilankan Diplomat and stayed in Canada to brutalise Tamil diaspora? If Srilanka is a paradise(even for Sinhalees) why arn't you going back?

Posted by: mahen | August 17, 2010 05:41 AM

Ah LTTE very very bad, terrorist movement killed many Sinhala, Muslim and burger civilians and recruited child soldiers. But, we Sinhalese are very nice buddist people we did not kill Tamils in 1956 , 1977 and 1983. Our brave soldiers did not gang rape children in Lanka( Krishanti was a sham to discredit our brave forces) or in Haiti( The lies have come to haunt Haiti- it was Karma that they got the massive Earthquake), we did not bomb Temples, Churches, Mosques, Schools, Hospitals and Libraries. We Sinhalese people are very very good human beings. Our buddist monks only preach tolerance and according to buddist principles deal in ahimsa in the parliament and in the blessing of the guns at the war front. Look at JHU our monks only speak tolerance and goodwill.

We Sinhala people are very good- the Tamils for no reason got together funded a ruthless movement and attacked the peaceful Sinhalese. Remember in 1983 because our armed forces are mainly buddists and shun violence they were kept inside the barracks for three days when the violent Tamils were attacking the poor Sinhalese in the south.

Now the LTTE is gone we have the Tamils behind barb wires for their own safety. We have also requested the Tamils to re register in Kotahena and Wellawatte so we can send them invitations to our parties. We Sinhalese are good good people but now the LTTE is gone the Tamil people will also become very very good like us.

We Sinhalese are very good people we do not need UN to investigate us we will do our own investigation we are not a barbaic nation like Rwanda, Serbia etc where the UN had to investigate we will do our findings. We have a very powerful software that gave us the results of the inquiry even before the formation of the commission.

If not for the LTTE we Sri Lankans always lived in harmony with our brothers and sisters. There were not anti Tamil riots in 1956,1977,1983 no muslim riots in 1915 and in the 70's we did not kill six muslim in a Mosque in Puttalam nor did we open fire on the muslims in Kandy during Chandrika's Time. We are very peaceful when the students(JVP) had an uprising in 1971(LTTE was behind this as well) we gave them all detention and hakkuru to resolve the issue. Same thing in 1989 when the students(JVP) revolted against homework again we gave them detention but this time we gave them Sherbet(IPKF brought the syrup with them). We are good good people. We would have been saints if not for the LTTE.

We Sinhalese love Sri Lanka that is why we never leave that country for the Middle East, UK or Canada and we do not have cricket matches, baila concerts etc in Toronto, London Dubai etc.


Posted by: Loku Banda | August 17, 2010 02:02 PM

Dear Sam Thambipillai,

The propaganda war you wage could go only so far. You calim that "Almost all the Tamils in Tamil Eelam(TE), genuinely fear or face repression, genocide, arrest, loss of life, lack of accountabilty and injustice". Do you know that by 1981 (the last full Census of Sri Lanka) about 51% of Tamil people lived among Sinhala majority area (out side North and East)? If what you claim is true then Sinhala army and Sinhala civilians do not want to go to North and East to inflict "fear or face repression, genocide, arrest, loss of life, lack of accountabilty and injustice" on tamils, they could easily do this in the Southern part of the country. Why the heck Tamils continued to live in these Sinhala majority area if the "face repression, genocide, arrest, loss of life, lack of accountabilty and injustice"? Yours (and most of the propoganda mongers such as David Pupalapillai) rebuttal would be that after 1983 Black July, this is no longer the case and many tamils migrated. You would further claim that because of "face repression, genocide, arrest, loss of life, lack of accountabilty and injustice" now not a single tamil is living in Sinhala majority area. Many beleive you.

We don't have a full Census to count population in Sri Lanka after 1981, but there is something similar, about school medium of instruction and number of students in these mediums(Tamil, Sinhalease, English). I am reporting 2006 (not 1983) numbers and please see how many tamils are living among Sinhala majority area (see Table 1 below). A 44 percent (or 443,285 out 999,615) of all Tamil medium students are living and schooling out side North and East Provinces. What this "fact" does tell you, Mr. Thambaipillai??? How come the tamil parents of these students which is 886,570 (twice of 443,285 would be 886, 570) still living in these area and going through "fear or face repression, genocide, arrest, loss of life, lack of accountabilty and injustice." Why these people continue to live among Sinhala majority? Why not they getting into a boat and come to Canada? Your claim and the fact that I presented here could not co-exist. Mine is a fact, yours is a propaganda.

If you contemplate why all these people do not get into a boat and come to claim refugee status in a country like Canada, you will understand that your claim: "Almost all the Tamils in Tamil Eelam(TE), genuinely fear or face repression, genocide, arrest, loss of life, lack of accountabilty and injustice" is a propaganda.

Table 1. Tamils living in Sinhala Majority Area (number of students by medium of study)

Province Sinhala Tamil English Total

Provinces with Sinhalese Majority

Western 766226 77692 13548 857466
Central 332106 166467 4962 503535
Southern 476215 13284 5407 494906
N.Western 381377 68419 6706 456502
N.Central 222319 24800 1518 248637
Uva 226889 47775 2187 276851
Sabaragamuwa 312451 44848 4053 361352
Total 2717583 443285 38381 3199249

Provinces with Tamil Majority
Northern 2648 260449 1752 264849
Eastern 74728 295881 1843 372452
Total 77376 556330 3595 637301

Grand Total 2794959 999615 41976 3836550
Percentage 73 26 1 100

% of Tamil Student in Sinhala Majority Area 44
% of Sinhala student in Tamil Majority Area 3
Source: School Census-2006 Preliminary Report, Ministry of Education Sri Lanka

(Accessed 2010 August 26th at:

You can go on your propaganda, but note that intelligent and rational people (including Canada Refugee Board) look at these "soild facts" more carefully than on your propaganda.

Posted by: Mythslayer | September 1, 2010 10:34 AM

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