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Many writers in Sri Lanka seem to treat war crimes with a broad brush

Many writers in Sri Lanka seem to treat war crimes with a broad brush and seem unaware or unwilling to clarify the issues

by Dushy Ranetunge in London

I read with interest SL Gunesekera’s article international thuggery on Monday the 28th of March. He ends with “fiddlesticks”, more a two fingers up to the concept of the allied military operation in Libya being “noble”.


Home grown thuggery

One could measure the “nobility” of the Allied operation in Libya to the “humanitarianism” of the Sri Lankan military operation in the Vanni.

An even better comparison would be Indian aircrafts escorted by Indian fighters dropping “humanitarian” supplies over Jaffna after violating Sri Lankan airspace in 1987.

The Indian intervention in Sri Lanka and the Allied intervention in Libya were and are against the established state and on the side of “rebels” who had declared war on the state.

In both instances, the “state” declared the “rebels” to be terrorists, “Al Qaeda” muttered Gaddafi and “LTTE” said the Sri Lankan state.

The “defenders of the faith” in Lanka, say that it can never happen in Sri Lanka because we are a democracy, unlike Libya. But it has already happened in Sri Lanka in 1987 and could easily happen again.

When Gaddafi branded his opponents as “terrorists” no one believed him. When Sri Lankan’s refer to Tamil rebels as terrorists, the world hesitates. The Sinhalese seem incapable of understanding that the diaspora has the sympathies of most host communities, including India.

Only the LTTE were proscribed as a terrorist organisation, because of its own foolishness but none of the other Tamil militant groups made it to the list.

In both Libya and Sri Lanka, a certain section of the population is hostile to the state and is “rebelling” against the state.

The “peace” that was in Libya and the “peace” that is in Sri Lanka is a militarily “enforced peace”, with soldiers in every street corner in Jaffna.

In a recent interview one of our most respected ex-diplomats H.M.G.S. Palihakkara stated “Sri Lankakn governments, and the political parties, had shown a failure of leadership and that therefore “external prescriptions become inevitable” with the country facing intense international attention."

“Diplomacy was not a “zero sum game of cultivating one or one set of friends at the expense of another”. Instead, it was about seeking common ground.”

Palihakkara’s words apply to Sri Lanka as well as Libya.

It is the failure in “leadership” and “diplomacy” in Tripoli and Colombo, that results in external prescriptions.

“Democracy” in Sri Lanka is a label for convenience, similar to the label “terrorist”. The extent of “democracy” and “terrorist” in Sri Lanka is as variable as demonstrations and death fasts against the UN are allowed, and student demonstrations against the state are broken up, and all this in the capital Colombo. If this is what happens in the capital, one can only imagine the quality of democracy in the streets of Jaffna, where journalistic access is still restricted.

Grinding Axes

Mr Gunesekera in his article also highlights injustices to the Sinhalese in 1915 at the hands of the British. Writers in Sri Lanka frequently resurrect past injustices to selectively have a go at “colonials” of their choice to grind present day axes.

These are irrelevant in the 21st century.

Sri Lanka has been the subject of “colonisation” from the beginnings of history and there is absolutely no difference in the behaviour of the “colonisers” who have landed on our shores throughout the millennia.

The first “colonisers” to ravage our land were the “Sinhalese”, when Vijaya and his merry band drove the many tribes that inhabited Sri Lanka into the forests after massacring them and then grabbed their best lands. The natives were denigrated and portrayed as inhuman barbarians and this in “Buddhist” chronicles.

There is absolutely no injustice that the European “colonials” did to the natives of Lanka, that the Sinhalese “colonials” did not do to the native tribes of Lanka.

Therefore it is somewhat ludicrous and misleading to selectively highlight injustices of colonials of choice. Since we are currently under scrutiny for War crimes, the British are the favourite “colonials” of choice to have a go at.

When Ranil invited the Portuguese to celebrate an anniversary of their arrival on the island, Portuguese colonial “injustices” were selectively resurrected by the “faithful”.

If on the other hand we had celebrated the Portuguese arrival on our island and their heritage, it would have rejuvinated our links with a European nation and generated economic activity around the anniversary celebrations providing employment. Instead we expect the countries in the Middle-east to solve our unemployment problem and complain that our women are mistreated.

Rather than blaming the British and the Portuguese for colonial injustices and blaming the Arabs for employment injustices, we should perhaps look more closer to home, if it is blame that needs to be allocated, for failing to follow policies to maximise employment opportunities for our citizens.

War Crimes

Mr Gunesekera also touches on the subject of war crimes. Many writers in Sri Lanka seem to treat war crimes with a broad brush and seem unaware or unwilling to clarify the issues.

In school, during our Buddhism lectures we were taught that according to Buddhist teachings to commit the sin of taking a life, certain criteria had to be satisfied such as seeing the animal, the thought of killing, the plan for killing and the execution itself etc.

The act of a war crime follows a similar process.

If the US, British, Sri Lankan militaries could demonstrate in a court of law that their targeting system has integrity, and that a target was acquired believing it to be a legitimate military target, and later after the attack it was revealed to have been a civilian target, this would not constitute a war crime.

Attacking a hospital knowing it was a hospital irrespective of it being in or out of a no fire zone, extra judicial execution of those who have surrendered would constitute war crimes. “Following orders” is not a defence in a court of law.

In the militaries of the United States, United Kingdom, France and NATO forces, the level of accountability is high and follows a transparent process that would stand up in a court of law. Their targeting systems are regularly scrutinized and procedures reviewed in a transparent manner so that they could withstand criminal investigation. Those who do not follow due process are triggered and face investigation. The Press in the West expose irregularities without intimidation and selfcensorship.

The presence of reporters in the ground in the Libyan conflict zone will result in whistle-blowing of any transgressions, and this in itself acts as a deterrent and careful action by allied bombers. These are all processes, which will legally protect and defend the Allies and now NATO against war crimes allegations.

In the Vanni in Sri Lanka, only selective reporters were given “monitored/controlled” access. This in itself created suspicion and gives credence to allegations of war crimes. Even today, foreign journalists access to the North is restricted.


This is a well fitting reply to SL Gunasekara. He nurtures the dictators for the reasons kknown to all.If he wants to show his championshiop of democracy why did he not utter a word about the ghaddafi bombinh his own countrymen.Where was he, wimal, alavi mowlana, azhar and rauf hakeem. All these people have no right to object to the current operation which they did not object to previuous similiar incidents in many countries around the world.

They read only Srilankan newspapers and comment, let them read international newspapers, Tv sna new sites and the interviews by the libyan people. They want to justify the plundering of national assets, selling of crown lands without anyone's knowledge just for these poltician's survival.

Posted by: Dr. Rumi - London | March 29, 2011 12:54 AM

Your somewhat twisted article drives one point home very clearly, the Democracy prevailing here 'claimed as such is identical to the democracy prevailed in Egypt or Libya' so there is ample ground for sensible folks to think about what the democracy REALLY is and do the comparison to the current and Ideal( or say at least what is available in America, say for example).
Then there is definite action requires to allay the differences.
The modalities of going after it should definitely not by cats PAW like what is happening in Libya, but for sure like it happened in EGYPT.!!!
WAR crimes let me not address it, I have my reservations. How about Blowing a bomb on a 6.30PM bus where innocent by standers try to get home by hook or crook to muster something for dinner as moms, dads who buy few Fruits or sweet-meets to a toddler waiting for thatti to turn up, innocent school children half starving try to get home by bus after tuition classes to help the exam rat race here.
Now is that a Crime? if not what is it?

Ajith Boralugoda

Posted by: Ajith Boralugoda | March 29, 2011 03:28 AM

"An even better comparison would be Indian aircrafts escorted by Indian fighters dropping “humanitarian” supplies over Jaffna after violating Sri Lankan airspace in 1987."

No, the valid comarison would have been the IAF dropping bombs, not food. Your initial premise is faulty so it follows that your "analysis" must also be so

Posted by: Anonymous | March 29, 2011 09:24 AM

You must surely be jesting...

Why have you ignored the glaring fact that the "oh-so-concerned-for-Human-Suffering" West utterly and completely ignores the goings on in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and chose not to bomb the heck out of those countries, out of concern for the suffering protestors and in the interests of Democracy ?

Libya's issue is purely internal - the only reason the West is getting involved is that it can secure (yet another) supply of oil at the expense of someone they don't really like and now have an excuse to do something about.. Do you remember a place called "IRAQ" - apparenly had oodles of WMD and the methods to deliver them and was on the cusp of doing so ??? Another famous Humanitarian Operation... Cost (and continues to cost) hundreds of thousands of civilian lives which shall go unreported. Why ? Because guess what ? The transparent West limited access to reporting... !!! Whatever next ?

Do you even have a theory you can advance ?

You speak of "selective reporting" - methinks you are also guilty of the same

Posted by: Anonymous | March 29, 2011 09:34 AM

For us, the Anglo-French-American consortium that manipulated to pass the UN resolution 1973 is a set of oligarchy with an eye to grab oil. But for Dushy, they were humanists with a mission to bring about peace to civilians in Libya.

He doesn’t see Caucasian consortium had duped the Arab League to get them vote in favor of the resolution and it is that Arab vote that made a number of countries vote in favor of the UN resolution and BRIC countries to abstain.

Dushy is wrong about Kaddafi as well as the Caucasian consortium all the way. Dushy should know that Libya was officially the poorest country in the world with per capita income at less than $50 a year just 42 years back when Kaddafi ceased power. But today, Libyans enjoy the best standard of living and have the best human development indicators in the African continent.

Dushy should know that Libya's oil wealth has been ploughed back into the economy giving the Libyans free housing, free healthcare and free education services. For those who wish to set up a farm were given land for free, plus livestock, seeds and equipment - plus a farmhouse.

What has the Caucasian consortium, heroes of this man achieved in Iraq after they seized it illegally with a phony pretext? Have they brought democracy to Iraq? No. Or Stability? No. Or, peace? No. Sure, they replaced Sadam with a stooge.

Apart from that, only change they brought about has been the heighten of the killings of the civilians. That was far beyond total number killed at Sadam's time. For eight long years Caucasian consortium continued to foster more than one million civilian deaths. For eight long years they had caused to explode bombs that killed the civilians that they avowed to save.

As usual, Dushy doesn’t fail to aim a shot at Sri Lanka and Rajapakse. He said ”The “peace” that was in Libya and the “peace” that is in Sri Lanka is a militarily “enforced peace”, with soldiers in every street corner in Jaffna.” This man cannot visualize wits of the average man and how he perceive things in Sri Lanka. He cannot fathom, Rajapakse was rewarded handsomely for the development he is spearheading at local elections by the village folks in this country.

I can just imagine how he forms his views for I can see who his friends are. Dushy had been boasting RanilW is his good friend from the age of six. Dushy wrote;”he is one of the few politicians in Sri Lanka who do not have any allegations of robbing the nation.” If I were him, I would be ashamed to call a member of the kollu club as a bosom friends - besides, Federica Janz of the Sunday Leader wrote in her editorial few weeks back that RanilW never accounted over one billion rupees that he received as funds for UNP. The fact that RanilW never disputed it or sought to sue her proved Janz is right and Dushy is wrong about RamilW.

Perhaps, Dushy must be living in the midst of the vicious circle. He must be hanging around all kinds of pubs with LTTE rump, its followers and its cohorts like Adele Balasingham, the woman who is known to have tied cyanide necklaces around the necks of LTTE suicide cadres. Brits should have charged Adele for aiding and abetting the deaths of over 325 LTTE suicide cadres and those young, old and the sick people they blasted to pieces. Instead, together with their Caucasian consortium, Pommys tried to save the father of all terrorists, Pirapaharan at his last breath. Failed they did for Rajapakse knew better diplomacy.

Dushy must have been so influenced by the dame of the assassins and the knight of the honesty he has become not just anti Rajapakse but an ardent anti Sri Lankan as well.

There is a hell of a lot to write here. But, I have few other matters to attend right now.

Let me tell you this much: Going through your own testimonial at Jayaraj com, I feel it’s a good thing that you stay put where you are right now.

One more thing; don't let your friends and kith and kin hang about in Sri Lanka, (I mean the wog lot that admire you) to be under a village ‘peasant’, that’s your term is it not. Sponsor them and get them down to where you are, and fast. Join the BNP, I am sure you can be the leader of it when Nick Griffin retires in 2013. Another thing, consult that Michael Jackson’s surgeon to change your skin color change to pale.

Posted by: Leela | March 29, 2011 07:36 PM

Very nice article. But the external prescriptions have failed in 1987. How can they be effective now.

Posted by: Mahesh | March 29, 2011 07:58 PM

Excellent article, Dushy. Unfortunately, the "faithful" you refer to in your article are a highly insecure lot, and prefer to play the anti-Western blame game (except when it comes to IMF loans/tsunami relief, etc.).

Posted by: Mervyn L. | March 29, 2011 10:37 PM

National thuggery:

People with freedom of thought and action express themselves in various artes.

The government that is trying to hide the political, economic, social and environmental oppression in Jaffna further oppresses by imposing a music ''festival'' from Colombo:
Jaffna to beat to the rhythm of folk artistes, 13 February 2011:
‘’The festival will take place amidst a folk village camp setting which is built surrounding the main stage, explained the coordinator Jaffna Music Festival Ramesh De Saram.’’

The government doesn't have to show the Jaffna people how to celebrate music festivals. They need to stop trampling them and to let them breathe first. They are driving ICRC, UN and other aid agents out of Jaffna when there is so much of need for recovery.
Above all there is an urgent need for law and order.

Is this ''festival'' meant to hide the killings going on in Jaffna?

Posted by: eureka | March 30, 2011 02:07 AM

Up to 18 May 2009:
''In the Vanni in Sri Lanka, only selective reporters were given “monitored/controlled” access''

After the war was over, UN and ICRC weren't allowed to go to Mullivaikal - this is as serious as war crimes up to 18 May 2009. Puthukuiyuruppu is still a no-go area for many - that's where many massacres occurred in march/April 2009 according to those who were ''rescued'' on 18 May 2009.

Posted by: eureka | March 30, 2011 05:34 AM

We need more Lankans speaking their mind out - well outside the box. Incompetency rules sway and feeds malfeasance - now an established industry; ignorance of governance and what our rights are makes our society a pathetic one; all essential limbs of the government are either in their last breath or in servility to the political establishment; mere literacy is taken for granted as wholesome education where learning is absent. While the country bleeds and gropes in the dark one sees even here there are those who sing hossanas to the non-performing State. Yes. The Rajapakse regime has done a few things and says its trying to do more. But it is more "too little" and, perhaps, too late. Gear up, my friends, further and greater sacrifice is required from us if we read between the lines of what the President said recently. Parents, let down by the many promises in the Chintanaya - are now readying to tell their children "rajakang karapang;
naththang bola gapang"


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | March 30, 2011 08:36 AM

A good piece Dushy. I too feel a repeat of 1987 is inevitable. Alas, we can only blame our selves as we continue to marginalise our Tamil brothers and sisters.

Posted by: vishvajith | March 30, 2011 04:18 PM

Poor comment Leela, and really very disappointing; coming from someone with your abilities and intelligence.

Personal attacks on anyone (be it Dushy or the "wog lot")does not make good reading, let alone good writing.

You may want to reflect that others too can have differing opinions to yours, and yet must enjoy the same right as you do to express them without being subject to insults and similar insinuations.

Servility to anyone or any cause has its limits, but you surprise me to the extent to which it can be stretched. Civility does not permit me to go beyond that.

I am no kith and kin of Dushy Ranatunge and do not require any skin decolouration to state what I have said.

I also feel in this country one can still have a contrary view and still be guarded by our constitution, and need not seek any pastures anywhere else to seek refuge.

When you have the time for some self reflection, I invite you with due respect to think whether you have an independent mind which can discern the right from the wrong, or, whether you consider that some of the world's political leaders can never be wrong and must therefore be supported, come what may.

Posted by: Justice and Fairplay | March 30, 2011 11:37 PM

Srilankans have never been as confident and proud as they are now in the new Era of freedom and development.

Roads are good, traffic flows freely even in the heart of Colombo, no pavement hawkers and the house keeping is awesome in all parts of the country.

People have nothing but praise for the President and his management team.

The most interesting comment was from a Van driver who said that families in Colombo who had two or three members working always took different buses in the same rout although they left home at the same time and often went to the same place.

Eliminating that risk of travel alone was good enough for him to be a life long supporter of the President.

On the political front. UNP and the JVP are treated with contempt in the rural areas.Even the DJ's who represent the SLYuppies bag the UNP as liars and BS artists.

Junior Premadasa who promised the mases a new Govt and restore Premdasa Sr standards was demolished in one media interview and lost even his own base at the last Election.

No wonder he hasn't the balls to challange his party leader .

This writer and his overseas mates may try hard to garner support for invasions with their Western pals.But it ain't going to work this time in Srilanka.

No one in the rural sector and even urban areas are going to become rebels with hired guns from the West.

Unless of course, the Colombo Elite and their Diaspora mates force their children to join their passion and mission for separatism and airlift them into Srilanka.

Even then without their "Homelands" it will be darn difficuilt to drop them off without being noticed.

Posted by: Kalu Albert | April 1, 2011 02:51 AM

Dushy! I salute you. If all Sinhalees think clearly like you, then we would have no problems in Srilanka. Again, it is regrettable, a few here, are criticising you for thinking clearly, and talking about, the LTTE violence on the innocents, and trying to justify the government violence against the innocents. This is what surprises me always and I wonder how even many of these educated elite cannot think impartially. I wish, many, many people like you exist among the Sinhala society and come forward to speak bravely like you to the Sinhala population as well as to the Tamil people. Then not only the Sinhala mind-set will start to change but also people like me, who advocate for the arms struggle again will re-think our stand. Thanks again.

Posted by: afool | April 1, 2011 02:57 AM

To Mahesh:
Dear Mahesh! In 1987, things didn't work-out because there were spoilers in both sides. Tamil's side the LTTE and the Sinhalees side Mr Premadasa. Now, the things are different. The Tamils would support any reasonable political solution to their problems. But in the Sinhalees side this time, the winners will never, never agree, even the little things to be given to Tamils. So they will vehemently oppose any out-side interference, for sure. Again, the world political climate now is not like 30 years ago. The world has become small through effective communication and the political awareness through-out the world is very high. I support the international intervention in Libya, even with the awareness of the West's double standard in selecting the regimes to topple, because A) Mr Gaddafi should not be allowed to OWN his people and the country called Lybia. B) A precedent was set, that the people's uprising should not be allowed to be put down-by the barrel of the gun. Now, it is up to us Tamils, to decide how to take-up the struggle further. I was telling my bro-in-law, immediately after the demise of the VP, now there is no excuse left for Sinhalees to use violence against Tamils, if we go down to the streets to protest. The only problem now is, how now and how soon, our naturally power-hungry and money hungry Tamil political leaders in Srilanka, will prepare and organize our people to struggle democratically against the government of Srilanka, like the way the Arab population rose-up against their dictators.

Posted by: afool | April 1, 2011 03:47 AM

Hi Ajith Boralugoda,

You have put across the point of view of one tribe. There is another view on the other side.

Let me give an example;

The LTTE attacked the Dalada Maligawa. For the Sinhalese Buddhist tribe this is a terrible act that that is clearly not a legitimate target.

A Few months later I was at a Sri Lankan army child soldiers rehabilitation facility in Jaffna. After the army took me around, I requested to speak to the mostly teenage Tamil kids alone.

One was 15 years old and had been arrested on suspicion for the Dalada Maligawa bomb attack. Capt Jayawardene who ran the facility thought that they were rehabilitated, but when I spoke to the Tamil kids alone, I realised that they were hard core LTTE cadres and continued to have contact with the LTTE who were coming as relatives and visitors to the facility. The Tamils at the facility thought that I was a foreigner. I mingled with them freely and alone and they spoke to me candidly exposing their extremism.

Later in Ottawa, during a LTTE peace conference, Dr Ethiveerasingham put up a slide of a Bombed out church in Jaffna and turned to me and said "this is our Dalada Maligawa and you have bombed it".

Sri Lankan government only showed Sinhalese civilians, like you, atrocities of the LTTE. They hid from you, atrocities committed by the Sri Lankan security forces.

Not on all occasions, but there is a certain pattern of LTTE atrocities which tends to indicate that they were often revenge attacks. At the time it was almost as if, the army or the airforce bombs or kills Tamils and the diaspora funders were requesting the LTTE to exact revenge by killing Sinhalese.

I have also been told by specialists in the field that during the early phase of the war, frustrated with being unable to get on top of the situation, the military deliberately targeted Tamil civilians under the belief that Tamil civilians will pressure the LTTE to give up the struggle.

Our military has confirmed to me that we used torture to extract information from LTTE cadres. To counter this the LTTE came up with the cult of the cyanide capsule. We used snipers to extract high casualties from the LTTE and the LTTE countered it by wearing head gear and that drastically reduced their sniper casualties. In many instances it seemed that the LTTE attacks on Sinhalese civilians were revenge attacks because our security forces had killed Tamil civilians.

If the LTTE wanted, they could have killed a large number of Sinhalese civilians. But often it seems that their targeting was measured to achieve their goal and had a certain pattern to it.

A lot of propaganda was fed to the Sinhalese and they are still drunk with it as the truth was hidden from them by the state. It is still happening. As time passes, the truth will slowly emerge.

Posted by: Dushy Ranetunge | April 1, 2011 07:43 AM

Mr Ranetunge says that if the LTTE wanted they could have killed many more civilians.

Sure , Your mates of Colombo succumbed to the LTTE and pandered to their every whim and fancy. Didn.t they?

So their Foreign mates pulled the hand brake of the LTTE machine Right.

When they attacked the Dalada Maligawa it was the worst crime they could have committed because no civilized person would ever think of attacking a religious place of worship, let alone the centre of Buddhist culture of a population of 20 million.

LTTE destroyed the whole Srilankan Airline fleet with the loss of Ten innocent Japanese civis. Are these measured reprisals.

Come on mate . Get real, If the Western buddies of yours didn't pull them back they would have killed many more innocents .

When Rajapaksa took over it was a different ball game.

For your bad luck the Western buddies couldn't release the hand brake because it would have looked bad on them.

But they tried every other which way to get your "Fredom Fighters" off the hook.

Too bad it failed and they aren't going to ever come back .

Posted by: Anonymous | April 1, 2011 10:10 PM

Dear Dushy

"A lot of propaganda was fed to the Sinhalese and they are still drunk with it as the truth was hidden from them by the state. It is still happening. As time passes, the truth will slowly emerge."

One thing I cannot I agree with you is the government could 'hide' the truth. LTTE had the loudest propaganda machine. You may say, if you like, the government always 'denied' the truth.

Posted by: Soma | April 1, 2011 11:57 PM

Mr Sengutuan's comments are hilarious.

Colombo Elitists were totally and absolutely demolished at the last Elections.

Srilankans now treat scare mongering and false allegations with contempt.

Galle bus stand could not be built properly for 30 years.

Roads choking Galle town could not be widened for half a century.

These are being attended to in a very efficient and professional manner.

Colombo city is as clean as some of the Western cities on a relative basis.

No rich & powerful choking the roads with unauthorized parking.

Traffic flows quite smoothly which i have never seen before.

I have been in the country only 5 days so far and didn't notice one item that disappointed me.

Even the Apartment prices have come down significantly and I am tempted to plough in some dough in to one on the seaside.

Not even one power blackout. Only intermittent disruptions to the World Cup game on Dialog when there was a deluge that night..

Posted by: Kalu Albert | April 2, 2011 01:31 AM

My Dear Anoy,

You are living in a fools paradise

It was India and the west that facilitated Rajapakse to win. The security forces were trained by Western specialists,, we got intelligence from the West to sink ships, it was the West which banned the LTTE even before Sri Lanka and it was the West that prosecuted and locked up LTTE activists and disrupted their funding and support network. It was india that handled South indian factor. The buffel troop carriers came from South africa with american help. The UAV's and Dvora's came from Israel with American help. Our intelligence gathering ability in the skis came from the US. Janaka Perera, Sarath Fonseka and the present airforce commander were trained at the Royal College of Defence Studies in the UK.

The dalada maligawa attack may have been revenge for the many hindu and christian places of worship which our security forces had destroyed and could still be seen if you travel to Jaffna and the Sri Lankan airline attack was perhaps to cripple our economy as revenge for our government trying to cripple their economy by disrupting their funding network etc.

Newtons law old chap, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. doesn't buddhism say the same thing?

If you didn't like the dalada maligawa being attacked, you should equally condemn the destruction of churches and hindu temples in the north and the east. Since you do not condemn these, you are merely being a tribalist and moaning about an attack on your tribes places of worship. A hutu, complaining about the attacks of the Tutsi's, while ignoring the atrocities committed by the hutu's. You form the majority of our people and as long as your type persists we will never have peace in our land.

Peace is only a mirage that you see in your mind, while reality is far away.

Posted by: Dushy Ranetunge | April 2, 2011 01:34 AM

Justice and Fairplay
In my opinion, what Leela gave Dushy Ranatunga is an apt reply for he has been attacking personally on Mahinda Rajapakse.

He thinks, Church in Jaffna = Dalada Maligawa.
How naive he is or he thinks we are.

Posted by: Anonymous | April 2, 2011 04:59 PM

Hi Mr. Ranetunge,

I salute you!

You are one of the few brave Sinhalese writers who have exposed the truth to the readers without any bias.

Please keep up your good work and all the best to you and your family!

Posted by: Arul Sittampalam | April 2, 2011 06:34 PM

Mate please tone down your way of interpreting the truth/ground reality. I don't think my dear most sinhala brothers/sisters have the mindset to understand/accept the truth.
You are absolutely right, if LTTE wanted there would have been larger sinhala civilian casualities.
Anyways, Tamils have suffered enough in the hands of Sinhala dominance and still hurting. Waste no time speaking of LTTE as they are no more.
It's been two years since the war ended, but there is absolutely no progress in finding an ever lasting peace rather MR regime is more into power grabings.
Very saddend by what is unfolding, indeed so bad to live through this knowing our inability to change it. If a word against the quasi regime surfaces, there comes a white van without a number plate with masked men.
Every day is a struggle, having a good day hardly comes by for the people in North & East. Tears are fully dried up, there is nothing more to loose.....only holding on the "uyir"....why? to see the day where we can live in peace, harmony, free.

Posted by: Nerudal | April 7, 2011 05:15 PM

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