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How Ban-Ki-moon trapped Mahendra Percival Rajapaksa

by Upul Joseph Fernando

Some foreign media were of the view that the Sri Lanka (SL) Government had trapped Ban Ki moon in relation to the UN war crime panel. They presumed, like how the SL Govt. which is very adept at manipulating International politics, it had won over moon too via the RR Company. It was their belief that, as there existed a cordial and close relationship between President Mahinda Rajapaksa and moon, these ties may have been availed of to soft pedal anything obnoxious against the Govt. contained in the Panel report. Ban Ki moon was of course pursuing a very flexible policy towards the SL Govt. as regards the panel appointed by him.


UN SG Ban-Ki-moon (file pic)

At the UN General assembly last year , Mahinda met Ban Ki moon and held discussions . Lalith Weeratunge, the President’s Secretary referring to the discussion said, it was successful. He also told the ‘Sunday Observer’ newspaper that President Rajapaksa agreed to permit the panel members to visit SL , and meet with the LLRC ( Lessons learnt reconciliation Commission) Committee . Some foreign media construed this as another of SL Govt.’s manipulative ploy to make moon dance to its tune. But what truly had been taking place was, since the launching of the Committee , it was the SL Govt. which had been straying into moon’s snare . Whether this trap was set by moon or by America and its Western powers is yet unknown.

When moon’s special representative was in readiness to visit SL prior to the appointment of the Committee, the SL Govt. declared that no permission will be granted to him to come to SL. But later, the SL Govt. relented and allowed Lynn Pascoe , the special representative of moon to visit SL. After his arrival in SL, he addressed a news conference in Colombo following his tour of SL’s North and East , where he stated that moon has decided to appoint the Committee. This dumbfounded the SL govt.

After moon had appointed the Committee and obtained the permission to send the Committee members to SL, he said , Mahinda Rajapaksa is flexible. The SL Govt. however, after granting permission to moon’s Committee members to arrive in SL, changed its decision, and sent its representatives including Attorney General to have secret meetings with the members of moon’s Committee. It is to be noted that the Govt. itself asserted earlier that if Moons’ Committee members are allowed to meet the SL Govt. representatives and hold discussions , it will be tantamount to the SL Govt. having accepted the Committee . Despite this assertion, the Govt. sent its delegation to New York to hold discussions with moon’s Committee. Perhaps the Govt. must have taken this decision entertaining the view that via these discussions it might be able to turn the Committee’s report in its favor , or even moon might disallow the Committee to furnish an adverse report on SL.

It is now the general consensus that the SL Govt. has tripped and fallen into the trap of Ban Ki moon. After reading the foreign media reports pertaining to Ban Ki moon’s second term in office , it has become a very pertinent question , whether this trap was contrived by Ban Ki moon or America and the Western powers. Last August, the foreign media relying on a UN Organization leaked memo reported as follows:

‘The memo alleged that the spineless and charmless Ban had failed to stand up in the face of massive human rights abuses in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and elsewhere, instead issuing irresolute appeals that fall on deaf ears, that the UN was largely absent from the world’s great crises and that Ban had lost the faith and respect of both , member states and his own staff.’

Following the appearance of this report , the foreign media concluded that it is unlikely that America and Western powers will endorse the second term of Ban Ki moon. But , as soon as the report on SL war crimes was handed over to moon by the panel appointed by him , the Foreign media under the caption ‘Ban gains US backing for second term’ reported, “ Ban Ki moon appears to have secured a commitment from the administration of US President Barak Obama and other key Security Council members to serve . Obama had overcome some of his initial misgivings about Ban’s leadership and recognized him as a reliable ally on some of its most important goals including the international effort to drive Gaddafi from power. Ban has already received preliminary shows of support from Obama and the leaders of Britain and France .A Diplomat told ,Russia and China wont oppose him. I think it is safe to say that he will keep his job”.

In the circumstances, it has now become crystal clear as to who had trapped whom ~ courtesy: Daily Mirror ~


I am surprised that Our lemon puff hero Weera wamsaya is not in action yet to save the motherland from the clutches of western terrorism ????

Posted by: Asoka | April 19, 2011 10:24 PM

The President of the GOSL was given a "cleaned up" Sri Lanka on a platter by the valiant armed forces. No sooner the scourge of LTTE was eliminated from Sri Lanka, our President, just like the previous President, thought he is going to be the "Lifetime President" of Sri Lanka. During the crucial days of the war, the President through his emissaries would have given many assurances to India that the Tamil problem would be solved. Well, the treatment he got at the Cricket World Cup shows how the Congress government in India regards him. It shows India does not respect our President.

The Government of Sri Lanka is not governing the country. When it is not governing, what can we think of their diplomacy. With a person like G. L. Peiris at the helm, it is indeed a grave situation. Loss of late Mr. Kadirgamar must be felt by none other than the President. He could have easily courted him; safeguarded him and made him the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka but because he was close to the former President, the incumbent would have had "butterflies in his stomach". The point I am trying to make is that Sri Lanka should appoint qualified performers even if they are not Sinhalese. Bogollagama was a well dressed fraud whose shallowness was very evident to anyone. He became the Foreign Minister to make his life better. He was successful of sorts by getting his daughter admitted to AIIMS in New Delhi when she could not even get admitted to a technical college in Sri Lanka.

If Sri Lanka does not act diplomatically in the world stage; does not engage every nation of the world on their merits but with their lethargy wallow into the bosom of China, Sri Lanka will become a "servant" of China; they will have to forsake the whole nation to China. China is not a bad country but it preys on nations that do not get their act together; they are fast becoming like the US of olden days propping up highly unpopular regimes, like F. Marcos of Philipines. Then when those nations have nothing more to offer, like the US, China will leave them to the dogs.

The Presient of Sri Lanka is hell bent of being in the top 10 of the most influential person of the world without getting down to solving burning issues that linger on and on in Sri Lanka. Actually, with this report out in the open, I doubt TIME would have a controversial Head of State in any of their lists.

Sri Lanka lost a valuable opportunity to make a success of the closure of the 30 year war. Pity isn't it that people in Jaffna are still scared; people are being murdered and in the South, sinhalese are polarised: city dwellers are victimised but villagers are favoured. Well the President of Sri Lanka seems to be fast going down the hill, and hope not the country.

Posted by: Max Headroom | April 20, 2011 06:21 AM

It was not so long ago that Dayan Jayatileke said that the war was just and that the way it was fought was unjust.

If Dayan knew it then so did everyone else. The future is very interesting.

Posted by: vishvajith | April 20, 2011 09:32 PM

The Indian political establishment, I have reason to believe, will not descend to the level of "not respecting" the leader of another country visiting their shores. The problem is if someone at the level of PM or President of a country forces him/her on the other country far too frequently in private and mutually unscheduled visits, then you place the other side in logistical difficulties. We are all aware visits of Heads of States and foreign dignitaries usually take months to work out.

It appears the heat generated in the WC Final in Mumbai and the tickets fiasco is more by our politicians all and sundry - who went there with their wives, kith and kin. Their plan was to bask in the glory of the publicity once the Lankan team won with the message to the yakkos here "See under our Govt we have even won the World Cup, ah" They probably were dissappointed they did not get the
"up the Murunga tree treatment" they, in other ways, insist here. It is knownBCCI made available 20 VIP seats to the Lankan President's entourage. On pressure from the Lankan side another 20 odd seats outside the VIP enclosure was provided. Demand for tickets were such by the crazed Indian fans IRs100 tickets eventually were sold atIRs.2-3 lakhs each
with ease.

While our Heads of State and VVIPs always left an impression that did us proud abroad earlier, the standards - like most other in the country in recent years - are dropping in recent times. There was a PM who was humiliated at Narita airport not long ago when the Japanese authorities discovered he was trying to smuggle some "illegal immigrants" into Japan in an effort to mislead the Japanese they were members of his official entourage. He must be thankful they did not send him to jail there - as they explained to our diplomatic officials who frantically tried to intervene for VIP treatment to the cantenkerous octogenarian.

It is best we show rationale in blaming all our sins - earlier on the British and now on the Indians. That is when we do not apportion the LTTE or the Tamils as the source of all our shortcomings.


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | April 21, 2011 10:46 AM

Our people over estimate themselves. Ban Ki Moon is no ordinary person to become UNSG. He is one of the worlds top diplomats. Respect the man and give respect where it is due.

On the other hand we have been behaving like Bulls in a China Shop. Our stars are people of the calibre of Modawanse, Vermin Silve and Sajin Vas. MR is fast developing the reverse of the midas touch. Everything he touches is now become an unholy mess.

Posted by: SriLankan | April 21, 2011 12:21 PM

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