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Let us challenge reactionary Mahinda regime on May Day

By Dr.Vickramabahu Karunaratne

We are happy to see that this May Day has become a day to challenge the Oppression of Mahinda state. Many strong trade unions have come together to challenge the chauvinist pro global capitalist government.

Government is implementing IMF dictates. Salaries are cut while taxes have increased. Under the pretext of giving a pension to the private sector, the government is planning to rob from EPF and ETF accumulations.

While people are thrown out from urban houses land is given to the rich.

People are driven away from their traditional land made destitute. Even after two years Tamil people are displaced and miserable. Political prisoners are many a time not allowed even to see their kith and kin.

Without what happened to the disappeared not even religious rites could be completed. Tradition and culture has become a prohibited subject. Autonomy for Tamil homeland is still a dream.

All these are done making use of emergency powers and the dictatorial presidential powers. In the mean time the government is using the Ban Ki Moon Report exposer of war crimes to arouse chauvinist feelings. Mahinda is preparing to make the May Day a blood thirsty chauvinist campaign day.

Attempt is to blanket the real issues faced by the workers.

In that context the decision of powerful array of trade unions, to come out to challenge the government on workers and democratic issues is remarkable.

We have decided to participate in this May Day and support it to make it massive success. We appeal to all our members and supporters and all progressive working people to rally round to defeat the attempt of the IMF led government to make the May Day, a chauvinist black day. All should come with respective trade union banners to Fort railway premises at 1 pm on May Day to march to Hyde Park to attend the rally at 4 pm.


Dear Dr Karunaratne,
I must confess that majority of Sri Lankans especially in the rural and to a large or fair degree in urban areas thank the current government for getting ride of the LTTE and any threat of bombs being planted indiscriminately. Therefore President Rajapakse and his current government are riding on this wave, irrespective of mistakes or faults by the government, for the reasons or factors mentioned. Therefore, it may be a waste of time, because unless any party and government in office do advocate a hard line and approach towards Tamils, they will not be voted into office. This is a fact historically in Sri Lanka and unless the majority Sinhalese population believe their sovereignty as a nation and as a people are at stake or any issues that fundamentally makes them afraid of a government in office, they will not advocate a change, as long as the are hardline in their approach and execution towards the Tamils. I sincerely hope and pray that this approach will change, but is a hard mind set, which is not easy to change. This does not mean at all that I am against any Sinhalese, because I value and appreciate them as a people, their culture and heritage, but it is fact, which I must honestly mention. Therefore I hope it is understood from this perspective, view and analysis.
Yours Sincerely,
Muralidaran Ramesh Somasunderam.

Posted by: Muralidaran Ramesh Somasunderam | April 24, 2011 10:39 AM

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