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Political objective of UN Secretary – General to interfere in internal affairs of Sri Lanka should be rejected - JVP

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) has issued a statement on the report on Sri Lanka by the advisory panel appointed by UN Secretary - General Ban Ki Moon. The text of JVP statement is as follows -

The report of the ‘Panel of Experts’ appointed by Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon to advise him on the alleged human rights violations committed during the final phase of the war in Sri Lanka has been released. The political objective of the UN Secretary General to interfere in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka, on the pretext of any issue that crops up, should be rejected.

When considering the manner the Secretary General and the UNO acted in issues that cropped in many countries, it is evident that instead of the honest interest of protecting human rights or democracy in those countries, they make use of these issues for entirely deferent political objectives. The undemocratic, arbitrary and oppressive administration of President Mahinda Rajapakse should be held responsible for this as it is this administration that paved the way for the UN Secretary General to intervene in internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

It is the present regime that has allowed the UN Secretary General to act in this manner using human rights issues in Sri Lanka. During the two years since the end of the war the present regime totally failed not only to establish democracy in the country but also to protect human rights. The regime that carries out a concealed, unofficial suppression in the country against its opponents carries out a complete oppressive administration in the North of the country. The government has still not made any attempt to provide basic rights of the people living in the North and the East. The government has arbitrarily neglected establishing a civil administration for the people in these areas to live without fear or suspicion displaying to the whole world that it has no regard for human rights.

On the other hand the government has failed in diplomacy as well. While displaying a pseudo patriotism to deceive Sri Lankans by making various statements and carrying out bogus ‘deadly fasting’ feasts, the government carries out various dealings and discussions with the Secretary General and other officials of the UNO and imperialist countries without the knowledge of the people in the country. What is being targeted is the result of the idiotic acts of the government.

While rejecting the attempt to make use of the report of the ‘Panel of Experts’ of the Secretary General to intervene in internal affairs of Sri Lanka for various political interests, we emphasize that the imperialist intervention against Sri Lanka should be defeated and also the anti-social and undemocratic role of the present regime that paves the way for such interventions too should be defeated. We emphasize that the government should be forced to protect human rights of all people living in Sri Lanka and to establish democracy. We call upon all masses to rally to achieve this goal.

Political Bureau,
Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna.


As India and China say it is not the Sri Lankan internal problem anymore. The international governments and institution have all the rights to verify the way of conduct and the act of responsibility of the Sri Lankan government.

The reason is being that there are hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing to all over the world from Sri Lanka. All the refugees had given one common reason to justify their refugee status. And that reason was that Sri Lankan government is not safe guarding our life, rights, properties, and the freedom.

Many foreign governments had already requested the Sri Lankan government to address this issue in a non violent manner. However those calls were merely fall on deaf ears. Sri Lankan government did not work in the truthful manner to resolve the Tamil political issue so far.

Today, it is the big issue in front of the Sri Lankan government. There is a high possibility that many of its friends who helped her in the war, would back away from the scene.

So your rejection would become null and viod in the eyes of international community and in the view of those didn’t support the war in Sri Lanka.

Posted by: Mayu | April 19, 2011 03:00 AM

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