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Democratic verdicts of Tamil people should be recognised in a country which claims to function on democratic governance - R. Sampanthan MP

Statement made by R. Sampanthan MP, parliamentary group leader Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and President Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) on the results of the local authorities elections held in the North East

The Tamil National Alliance (T.N.A) –The Illankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (I.T.A.K) has been elected to power in every one of the predominantly Tamil populated Local Authority areas to which elections were held recently in the North East. In the predominantly Tamil speaking Local Authority areas in the North East, with a sizeable Tamil population, the T.N.A – I.T.A.K has performed creditably.

The Tamil people have thereby continued to endorse clearly the political goal of the T.N.A – the I.T.A. K, that there should be an acceptable durable and reasonable political solution to the Tamil question, based upon the sharing of powers of governance, which will ensure that the Tamil speaking people can live in security and with dignity, in the areas they have historically inhabited, and which will also ensure the fulfillment of their legitimate political social economic and cultural aspirations and rights, through their own initiatives, and without depending upon the mercy of others.

The Local Authorities election results affirm the results of the Parliamentary elections held in April 2010 and puts the democratic verdict of the Tamil people in favour of an acceptable durable and reasonable political solution beyond any semblance of doubt.

The democratic verdicts of the Tamil people should be respected and recognised in a country which claims to function on the principle of democratic governance.

These democratic verdicts of the Tamil people, are in consonance with the verdicts they have continuously delivered at all elections since 1956 – for over half a century. The failure to give due recognition to these democratic verdicts delivered by the Tamil people since 1956, was the primary reason, for the commencement of violence and the outbreak of an armed struggle. This armed struggle has come to an end but the whole country – the Tamil people in particular, have paid a big price. It is widely believed that in the final stages of the war concluded in May 2009, innocent non-combatant Tamil civilians in large numbers paid a very heavy price. This issue is now in the public domain.

The Tamil people do not want a return to violence in any form.

Continuous and callous disrespect and disregard of the democratic verdicts of the Tamil people, would only demonstrate that the Tamil people continue to be governed without their consent, and against their free will, and without being granted any access to powers of governance, in an authoritarian and dictatorial manner. Such authoritarian and dictatorial rule, in violation of the democratic, political, fundamental, and the human rights of the Tamil people, must necessarily come to an end, and we do think that the time has arrived for this end to be brought about.

The T.N.A on behalf of the Tamil people is currently engaged in a process through which it is hoped that an acceptable durable and reasonable political solution can be evolved. The T.N.A has pledged to work with commitment to achieve such an acceptable durable and reasonable political solution.

We appeal to the Tamil people and to all political forces within the Tamil polity, to firmly resolve to be united in the achievement of this objective. The strength of the democratic verdicts of the Tamil people should be accepted by everyone

We extend our sincere appreciation to the people and to all party workers who contributed towards the achievement of these results. We convey our warm congratulations and best wishes to all who have been elected to the several local authorities, and appreciate their cooperation and unity.


Parliamentary Group Leader
Tamil National Alliance (T.N.A)
Illankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (I.T.A.K)


Sampanthan is talking for what percentage of Tamil speaking people in Sri Lanka leave alone what percentage of total population?

Posted by: Soma | April 3, 2011 10:03 PM

Sampanthan is talking for what percentage of Tamil speaking people in Sri Lanka leave alone what percentage of total population?

Posted by: Soma | April 3, 2011 10:05 PM

First, There are over 70 million Tamils all over the world. They may call themselves Indian Tamil, Sri Lanka Tamil, Malaysian Tamil or any other Tamil as they may like. Insofar as Tamils that speak Tamil are concerned they originally came from the Tamil Nadu region. Those that call Jaffna Tamil, Batti Tamil, Estate Tamil or any other Tamil associated to Sri Lanka; they have not evolved to be a different variety to the original to date. The fact that all Tamils speak a language that has the same alphabet, and they benefit from the same literature, and they revere same heroes, and they have a culture akin to the natives of Tamil Nadu prove those points and disprove some of their pseudo claim of a 3000 year old Tamil history in Sri Lanka beyond the slightest doubt.

Second, majority of the people in Colombo are Tamils. And a sizable population of Tamils lives in the central hills and elsewhere in the south. So much so, numbers of Tamils that live among Sinhalese easily surpass the population of Tamils in the North and East put together. Census this year will prove this beyond doubt.

Mr. R. Sampanthan MP brags that he and other TNA MPs have “been elected to power in every one of the predominantly Tamil populated Local Authority areas to which elections were held recently in the North East.” He further insists; “the Tamil people have thereby continued to endorse clearly the political goal of the T.N.A ….”

You haven’t made it very clear what your political goals are Mr. Sampanthan? Tell us, whether you are with TGTE ‘Prime Minister’ or that Vicar or that LTTE rump, Nediavan? Aren’t they your friends? If not, tell us who you are with. Then we can judge your goal. That lot doesn’t hide the fact that they all want Eelam. Only you hide what you want with long-winded words. Anyway, let me go on.

Sampanthans should realize that majority Tamils live among Sinhalese and not in the so-called ‘predominantly Tamil populated Local Authority areas’. Sampanthans must also understand that majority Tamils had not voted for TNA or its political agenda.

Remember, Mano Ganeshan another lover of LTTE ideals who contested in Tamil majority central hills in the south on ‘pongu tamil’ front was defeated; his brother Praba who knew how far to push is now with the President.

Just like Shylock in Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’, Sampanthan and company want their pound of flesh. Sampanthans never learn from their mistakes like ‘Waddukoddai resolution’ that urged Tamil youth to take up arms and not to lay it down until Eelam is won. And what was the outcome?

By the time Sri Lanka forces vanquished on May18, 2009, count how many of your leaders LTTE had killed? No wonder you say, “The Tamil people do not want a return to violence in any form.” But, we remember what TNA MPs said in Parliament when LTTE were the overlords of Wanni. Besides, we know that LTTE rump and the diaspora Tamils haven't given up their Eelam dream. They think they can get Eelam through 'war crime' investigations. That is what we think you too are aiming at?

Let me tell you a reality: We don't trust Tamils or whosoever that asks for 13 plus or minus because we feel such people have ulterior motives. And we hate the word ‘Eelam’.

So, leave out those verbose writing on the rights of Tamil people and their struggles, take a cue from our former Tamil minister Thondaman and work with the government and not against the government for the betterment of your community.

Posted by: Anonymous | April 4, 2011 02:17 PM

The Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) members met the Chief Incumbents of the Malwathu and Asgiri Chapters last week to seek guidance before preparing the final report scheduled to be presented by May 15 -, 3 April 2011

Many eminent Sinhalese(professors, retired judge, retired diplomats and Bishops) made recommendations to LLRC saying that they were doing so because of their faith in the commissioners, without failing to remind them that the fate of the previous commissions shouldn't befall that of LLRC. Are they being betrayed when LLRC goes to the Buddhist prelates for ''guidance''?

Are TNA Mps hoping against hope?

Posted by: ward | April 5, 2011 07:16 AM

The peaceful, lawful protests that began in 1956 offering legal resistance against racially-inspired legislation against the Tamils - denial of Language parity, the discrimination in the Language of the Courts Bill and Govt Service (the latter which Kodeeswaran of the GCSU contested successfully) resulted in brutal assault of respected lawyers and MPs of the FP at Galle Face/Beira Lake area cheered by a PM ebriated by pseudo-nationalistic hubris. This shocked the country and the world at that time.
The placing of Sinhala soldiers in Camps in the Tamil-populated areas - in functions that could have been done
satisfactorily by the multi-ethnic Police - fuelled
fear and anger among the Tamil youth. These were dubbed "Camps of an Occupying Army" The racially-driven soldiers in the camps obliged by harrassing and torturing Tamil men, women and children in the area widening the ethnic gap to hitherto unknown levels. Tamils in the Inginiyagala and Gal Oya areas - living there for generations - were driven away from their valuable homes and properties to make way for Sinhala colonists from the South. Whereas Statesman-ship, justice tempered with mercy, pluralism and accomodation by the political leaders of the time holding power should have been forthcoming what the Tamil people received was nothing but rowdism and thuggery with the message "you do not belong here" Tamil militancy among the desperate youth in response would have surprised only the naive. Thankfully, friends of the country in the area and the world - seeing even the more reasonable of the political leaders were prisoners of their own prejudices counselled better sense. The rest is history.

Those who wish the country well are now being humiliated and insulted by Govt front-rankers and the servile media. As in all aspects of political life, there is a price to pay for all mistakes ("the Cow and the Calf" jokes of 1976/77,
Cyril Mathew's vain threat "to teach a lesson" to countries in the region all cost us dearly) And now we have the new Chandiyas - sarongs raised to measure and with the appropriate local expletives - telling Blake, Ban Ki Moon and others where to get off) The crude thugs of the NFF (Weerawansa, Wijenaike et al)
engaging in their inspired theatrics opposite the UN Office has made that august body be wary of us.

GoSL-TNA talks are a result of what non-transparent deals the Rajapakses have arrived with Delhi, the IMF/WB and Richard Armitage and friends. Insulting TNA, Sampanthan, Sumanthiran can only be counter-productive. These serve neither the cause of peace, unity or justice. Above all, these puerile acts bordering on savagery will cause much harm to the country and its millions of unconnecged millions- both in the short and long terms.


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | April 10, 2011 06:26 PM

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