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Video ~ Syracuse University Event: Removing Barriers to Peace and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka

By Dr. Karunyan Arulanantham
Director Tamil American Peace Initiative

Peace and Reconciliation

• Understanding multiethnic challenges with empathy

• Truth telling and honest confrontation of the ugly past

• Identification of the root causes of the conflict

• Willingness to change

The following is presentation by Dr. K. Arulanantham at the Maxwell School - South Asia Center of the prestigious Syracuse University, NY on April 12, 2011:

Removing Barriers to Peace and Reconciliation (Between Tamils and Sinhalese?)

Professor Lou Kriesberg, Maxwell Professor of Social Conflict Studies moderated the dialogue between Dr. K. Arulanantham and the other participant Dr. Palitha Kohona, the Sri Lankan Ambassador to the United Nations.

Peace Building in Sri Lanka—A Dialogue Between the Government of Sri Lanka and the Tamils of America Participants: Dr. P. Kohona, UN Ambassador of Sri Lanka Dr. K. Arulanantham, United States Tamil Political Action Council Discussant: Dr. L. Kriesberg, Maxwell Professor Emeritus of Social Conflict Studies, and Founding Director of the Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts.


Tamil Diaspora,

Leave Sri Lanka alone !

From the day you left sri lanka you views, aims and aspirations have been merely romantic, and idealistic, believing and wallowing in the distorted and convoluted history of the Sri Lankan tamil people, as propagated by the power hungry upper caste tamils.

Diaspora your concerns area FAR DIFFERENT from that of the ordinary tamil citizens living in Sri Lanka, getting on with their lives, peacefully and amicably with sinhalese, muslims and burghers.

Prior to the advent of the europeans, the tamils sinhalese and the muslims had peacefully coexisted in Lanka for centuries. What we are witnessing today is the consequences of the DIVIDE & RULE policy followed by the europeans. The differences between tamils and sinhalese are few and far between compared to what they share.

When the country prospers and develops it is better for ALL citizens of Sri Lanka. The bitter and venemous DIASPORA are ENIMIES of Sri Lanka. They are enimies equally of Sri Lankan Tamils and sinhalese.

So, Diaspora Tamils, whoever you are, professors, doctors or lawyers.... Sri Lanka does NOT need your advice based on SELFISH motives. SRI LANKANS ARE CLEVER ENOUGH TO LOOK AFTER THEMSELVES

Posted by: Dr. A. De Silva | April 19, 2011 04:22 AM

Tamil-Sinhala differences were a relic from a colonial period. Very soon it will disappear in SL. Only certain diaspora elements disconnected from the reality will keep harping on about this.

Posted by: Panhinda | April 19, 2011 06:19 AM


Why are you only objecting to the Diaspora Tamils getting involved in Sri lankan politics? What about the Sinhala Diaspora? After all Kohona is a sinhala diaspora, so is the Defence secretary, Basil Rajapakse, Rajiva Wijeyasinhe and several others. They have one leg out side the country and wants to dabble in Sri Lankan affairs because they get better salary and the power when they work for the unlawful, rogue government!!!

Tamil diaspora is taking part because they know that the Tamils in Sri Lanka are voice less, powerless with their hands and feet tied, and white vans ready to pick them up anytime and give them a "permanent farewell" Further more the diaspora Tamils themselves had to flee from their country to save their lives one time or other. Most of them are supporting financially and morally their kith and kin back home, without which they would have perished long ago!!

You are hoping that if the diaspora can be made to shut up, your government can kill the rest of the Tamils without any resistance and build a 100% sinhala country and your president can plunder the country whole sale!!!

Posted by: silva | April 20, 2011 03:23 PM

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