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The three stooges of Ban-Ki-moon and character certificate by the Tamil National Alliance

By S.L. Gunasekara

IF Mahinda Rajapaksa had heeded the ‘demands’ (couched as requests) made by Moon, Clinton, Miliband and Kouchner etc and declared a ceasefire while we were on the point of victory, the terrorist Prabhakaran would still have been alive and terrorism would have thrived in the country.

IF Mahinda Rajapaksa had heeded those demands:-

i. civilians of all races, ages and genders would have continued to be dismembered by bombs and explosive devices placed in buses, trains and crowded city centres;

ii. little Tamil children resident in the North and East would have continued to be kidnapped by the Tigers for use, inter alia, as canon fodder;

iii. those Tamil and Muslim civilians resident in the North and East who displayed any kind of dissent to or in respect of the LTTE would have been continued to be murdered;

iv. the hard earned money of Tamil civilians resident in the North and East would have continued to be extorted from them by the Tigers;

v. Tamil civilians resident in the Northern and Eastern Provinces would have had no freedom of movement, of speech or any other freedom to which they and all other citizens of the Country are by law entitled;

vi. the Tamil and Muslim civilians living in areas controlled by the LTTE would have continued to be subjected to a rule more repressive than any experienced by any segment of our populace in any part of our Country at any point of time in our history;

vii. the Tamil National Alliance, and in particular its leadership, which sought and continues to seek to distance itself from the Tigers ever since their defeat, would have continued to praise the Tigers to curry favour with them and to hail them as being the sole representatives of the Tamils thereby representing to one and all that Tamils are and can only be represented by a gang of ruthless murderers and thugs.

FORTUNATELY, Mahinda Rajapaksa did not heed those unconscionable demands of the West but only the best interests of the People of this Country of all races, ages and genders. In short, he snubbed the West and their puppet Moon and continued to combat terrorism and restored peace in our land. Hence, the appointment by Moon of his panel of his own "Three Stooges".

IF Mahinda Rajapaksa had been so stupid and/or so timorous as to heed those demands as his pusillanimous predecessors would have done, terrorism would have continued to thrive in this country and civilians as well as unarmed solders, sailors and airmen on their way home on leave and while returning from leave would have continued to be slaughtered willy nilly according to the whims and fancies of the terrorists for an open ended period, as they are being slaughtered in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza, Libya, Syria and Yemen which were all ‘blessed’ with the ‘bounties’ of Western interference.

Had terrorism continued to thrive in this country and civilians and unarmed soldiers, sailors and airmen continued to be slaughtered, the puppet Moon would not have appointed his panel of "Three Stooges". The West would have been satisfied that Sri Lanka was no better than any of those countries where they had interfered resulting in endless loss.

Moon’s panel was clearly and indisputably a first step in the revenge of the West against Sri Lanka for the well deserved snub they got from Mahinda Rajapaksa as well as from the Human Rights Commission of the United Nation at a later stage. It is the revenge of the West against Sri Lanka for having been successful in ridding this country of terrorism when they have failed in every such endeavour.

It is the revenge of the West for their successive failures which were shown up by our magnificent success. It is no doubt the desire of the West to further this revenge by using some stratagem to persecute the President and the Commanders and other Senior Officers of the Armed Forces for having been successful in defeating terrorism. It is the duty of one and all to stand behind and defend those targeted by the scheming West and their puppet Moon. Let us not forget that the TNA did support the candidacy of General Sarath Fonseka for the post of President.

Despite having so extended its support to General Fonseka, in the immediate wake of the issue of the report of Moon’s "Three Stooges", the one time lackey and stooge of the LTTE, the Tamil National Alliance lost no time in according to the report of the ‘Three Stooges’ a character certificate full and overflowing with the use of the hyperbole and the type of filthy insults to Sri Lanka that their former masters, the LTTE, were accustomed to hurling at us.

It is pertinent at this stage to delve, albeit briefly, into the history of the TNA, when assessing the value of those accolades. While the LTTE kept kidnapping Tamil children, extorting the hard earned money of Tamil civilians and committing theft and burglary of food, drugs and medicines sent by the government for the civilians of the Northern and Eastern Provinces, the TNA breathed not one word against them or on behalf of the affected Tamil civilians. They only attacked the government for fighting those oppressors of the Tamil civilians, while protecting and praising the Tigers who oppressed those civilians and robbed them of what was being sent for them.

When the Tigers murdered members of other Tamil groups such as the EPDP and the EPRLF in cold blood, the TNA sought to justify those murders. They never breathed a whimper of protest when the Tigers suppressed all the democratic rights of the Tamil people living under their thrall and even refused to permit the veteran Tamil politician V Anandasangary to cast his vote.

The TNA though posing and claiming to be the elected representatives of the Tamil civilians in parliament, were in fact only the representatives of the Tiger terrorists who oppressed the Tamil civilians and not of those civilians. In short, they represented the oppressors of the Tamils and not the oppressed.

The TNA was well "rewarded" for their treachery. Many of them became quite at home in foreign capitals wherein they got free board and lodging in return for defaming Sri Lanka in foreign climes. Indeed, there was a time when more Members of Parliament of the TNA were out of the country than in.

Despite many of their leaders including A. Amirthalingam, Neelan Thiruchelvam and A Thangadorai having been murdered in cold blood by the Tigers, they never ever had a single commemorative meeting for any of those past leaders or even mentioned their names in any connection. While those leaders were alive they fawned on them and tried to get what they could out of them.

Getting a "character certificate" from the TNA can only be a likened unto a person applying for a job armed with a character certificate from the synthetic ‘doctor’ Mervin Silva - for such a certificate would only damn the bearer thereof irretrievably rather than enhance his chances of acceptance. There can be no doubt that if there be any person whomsoever who was so obtuse as to think that there was some modicum of substance, bona fides or merit in the report of "Three Stooges", he would have had his mind completely disabused of such a fantasy upon reading the character certificate given to that report by the vermin called the TNA.

For that much we must thank the TNA. But at the same time, the character certificate given by the TNA to the rantings of Moon’s "Three Stooges" places beyond all manner of doubt the fact that they are not for this Country but against this Country as they have been all these years. This raises the question why does the government continue to engage with them and have discussions with them ???

The TNA and its leaders in particular, should be ostracised not only by the leaders of the country and by all political forces in it but by all civilians as well. – for they never ever had the interests of the Tamil, Sinhala or Muslim people at heart. All they wanted was to feather their own nests as they have done in the past, and to gain political power for the sake of enjoying the perceived fruits of that power. Let the government and political parties even at this stage take heed of this fact and avoid the TNA like the plague in all matters.

Proceeding from that garbage dump to another, let us now consider for a moment the validity of report of the three stooges. I will content myself in this instance with two matters. Firstly we must remember that Ban Ki-moon had and has no authority whatsoever over Sri Lanka which is governed by those elected by the people of this Country to do so. Ban Ki-moon is not a member of that government. He is simply a foreigner who holds a big job temporarily in an international organisation. He had no power or authority whatsoever to appoint his stooges to inquire into any matter pertaining to Sri Lanka.

The so called "war" with the LTTE" was in fact an operation by which the government sought, successfully, as was its duty, to suppress and overcome a gang of underworld criminals called the Tigers. It was a ‘crime busting’ operation to save the lives of civilians now living and to be born in future. That was entirely an internal matter. It was not a matter for Moon, for Miliband, for Kouchener, for Clinton, for Cameron, for Carl Bildt, for Obama, for Sarkozy or any other person/persons whomsoever. It was solely a matter for us. Hence, Moon, who never thought of appointing any panel whatsoever to inquire into the horrendous breaches of all kinds of humanitarian laws by the United States of America at, inter alia, Guantanamo Bay, had not the remotest semblance of a fraction of a right to appoint any body to inquire into our affairs which are our business and ours alone.

The appointing authority of these "Three Stooges" having been without power to appoint such a panel, the panel itself was wholly illegitimate and nothing whatsoever can in law flow from the purported findings of those "Three Stooges".

The second factor of importance is that while there is peace in Sri Lanka which snubbed the West, there are daily terrorist bombings and other murders of civilians in those countries where the West did actually interfere, such as Iraq, Afganistan, Gaza, Syria, Yemen and Libya.

Had we been unsuccessful, nobody would have cared, but since we were successful they who have suffered failure upon failure are jealous and want their revenge. Hence, the panel of "Three Stooges" and their report.

The report of the "Three Stooges" have made manifest the fact that we are today faced with hostile foreign foes from the West. The TNA has characteristically thrown in its lot with those foreign foes. It behooves the rest of the populace of this Country to unite as we have never been united before to defeat the intentions of those foes. It behooves all political parties and civilians to forget our differences and throw in their weight behind the Government.

The Government including Mahinda Rajapaksa is by no means perfect – no, not by a `long shot’. The faults of our leader Mahinda Rajapakse and his Government are legion, and would take too long to catalogue. However, those are as nothing compared to the dangers faced by us from foreign interference. To combat that we must be together and speak with one voice and one alone, condemning out of hand the interference of foreigners in our internal affairs and their impertinence in getting Moon’s "Three Stooges" to submit their purported report.


What a difference between decent gentlemen like Jayantha Dhanapala commenting on the Report with responsibility, finesse and charm - and this degenerate who has been part of most of our political parties who have, sooner than later, shown the door to him due to his irresponsible, inconsistent and undiplomatic tongue.

Even in our Courts lawyers of lesser standing conduct themselves with dignity and decorum. They will not stoop to the level of calling 3 outstanding lawyers of UNSG's Panel, respected in their own countries, as "3 stooges" Sri Lankans owe them and their countries an apology for this low blow.


Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | April 21, 2011 07:08 PM

I watched the Al Jazeera video report before reading Mr. Gunasekara's item, and I wondered which planet Mr. G is on? In the heat of battle in any war, civilians are caught in the crossfire and killed, but what happened in Sri Lanka was the bombing and shelling of civilians who had been asked to move to so called "no fire zones" and the killing of LTTE carders who had surrendered or had been captured. The evidence is available on satellite imagery and on video, and is indisputable.

If the Rajapakses think the UN is on a witch hunt, why not leave the UN? If the West is also biased against Sri Lanka, why not break off diplomatic relations with the USA, UK, France, Germany, Norway, etc? Then, we can be as free of outside interference as North Korea, which also means we are free to starve and eat grass when natural disasters strike, as the North Koreans are forced to do.

Posted by: Anonymous | April 21, 2011 09:45 PM

What we are seeing in fact is our own reflection in the mirror. The so called three stooges and UNSG are a result of our own actions over the past 2 years after the war. Although we do not realise it this pantomine that goes in the name of governance is quite visible internationaly if not to us.

We think that by denieing access to independent observers, censorship and crushing dissent we can do what we like to our own people. But everything is known abroad in better detail than locally. None so blind as those who refuse to see. None so deaf as those who refuse to hear. None so dumb as those who do not speak up.

Posted by: Anonymous | April 21, 2011 10:14 PM

It’s sad to see that the UN has once again fallen prey to the Western financial culpability/domination and their vested interest! Is that the mandate of the UN? Will the UN HR Council intervene if the US, France or UK breaks into civil war and when the State/Govt. uses its army /military forces to repeal domestic violence [terrorist]. Or is the word “terrorist” inter changeable to suit the UN HR Council and its vested alliance.

Why did the UN not intervene in US, UK or France? Or when US African community where persecuted by the white American government backed cults/clans [ ]? Or has the UN HR Council forgotten Ireland’s civil war and its leaders? Or more recently, when Bush, Dickcheny were found fabricating WMD's in order to gain access to natural resources, at the expense of many thousand Iraqi lives [see wikileaks/John Perkins also see] ?? Why is there no probe into the Abu Gharib torture chambers? Why not investigate the Goldstone report? Why not investigate Tony Blair/Gordon Brown’s UK government for war crimes and gruesome torture in Iraq [see UK Guardian 23rd March 2010 & AI report and]? Is this something beyond the scope of UN HR Council when blood is shed with UN impunity and approval? Where is justice and the needed closure to the many families who have suffered by such atrocities at the hands of UK, US and UN/France, what happened “Justice/Democracy to the World at large and their pain”/Investigation into Human Rights ??

“Let he who is without any sin among you caste the first stone” [John passage-8]

The idea of ‘International Justice’, 'Universal Right to Human Rights' and ‘Human Equality’ is now none existent in the UN charter, it’s a shame to see the UN/US/UK/EU display its duplicity. The instigators subtle hand is evident to all of the Developing World and to all those who see its immorality in their line of work and destabilizing approach opponents of West is Best Ideology. This inaction by the UN HR council and the many lapses of investigation into its own Security Council Members is glaring and shameful to all righteous men. The UN is not worthy of serious thought and its ad hoc work is mere waste of Western Tax Payers Funds. Clearly what this report says it’s good to kill one ethnic group [the Sinhalese and Muslims, Moors, Burghers] who DO NOT seek favor with the West. Or put differently the UN HR Council supports those who sell their motherland to gain political asylum/social welfare from the West/Political patronage. It has been proved beyond reasonable doubt [see wikieleaks/John Perkins] that the same US/UN diplomats who talk about “War Crimes” and “Human Rights” obtain financial support for their own political campaigns/office, with social welfare monies been provided by the so called “domestic tax base” [see Political Corruption in America: an encyclopedia of scandals, power, and greed By Mark Grossman].

What needs to be understood, is that in any civil conflict there is no one side that is right/wrong, nor can any side hold moral right to inflict death and destruction on another group for want of reason. In that case will the UN HR Council hold LTTE financiers and their sympathizer accountable? Will the UN bring the LTTE to book and also hand out equal punishment to those Sri Lankan’s [Tamils] who funded, colluded with the LTTE -Terrorist Org so deemed by US/UK/EU states, to commit many atrocities and destruction home and abroad? Aren’t they too found to be ‘Mens rea’ or to be held as accessory to mass murder?

Sri Lanka does not need advice from outsiders. Therefore, let the people of Sri Lanka [all ethnic groups on the ground, who have suffered through a life time of 30 years because of the war, mentally and physically] deal with healing and reconciliation process in manner that will be right by all communities that have been affected. Both parties have had their fare share of death, loss of assets and loss of appreciation for life. Let the people who lived through this on the ground, therefore, deal with the wounds and find a path to mutual self respect, shared reconciliation and dignified co-habitation. The UN can keep its “So called” report in a place where it so chooses it belongs. As it does not belong to the People of SRI LANKA!

Posted by: Law to All | April 22, 2011 03:01 AM

As the Russian government correctly pointed out, this so called UN Report is not sanctioned by UN members but a personal advisory request from Ban Ki- moon. Also it is an outrageous attempt to harm the ethnic reconciliation process which is underway in Sri Lanka to create bitterness and division among the communities. Do not forget all the fact finding this panel did was from Tamil diaspora who financed LTTE and the die-hard supporters of LTTE. What do you expect to find ? The mistake the democratically elected Sri Lankan government did was not to allow this panel to visit Sri Lanka and talk to the people who were caught in the middle to find the truth. Government thought this UN panel will destabilise their own Truth and Reconciliation Commission, therefore they refused to corporate.

Let us analyse why UN is doing this.

Prior to the ending of war, internationally banned terrorist outfit LTTE has been running a virtual government in Nnorth and East of the country forcefully taking away the children and training them as suicide bombers ,the concept they invented that other terrorists follow at present. This war has been going on for three decades where LTTE violated the rights of people ruling by the gun financially supported by Tamil diaspora overseas.

During the final phase of the war in which Sri Lankan forces eliminated the LTTE and rescued hundred of thousands of civilians held captive as a human shield, USA, UK and Norway governments requested SL government to stop the war and offered safe passage to airlift 100 odd top leaders of LTTE and their families. USA did not want SL to be the first country to defeat terrorism when they were in a mess to control Iraq and Afghanistan. Also as per Wiki-leaks the Tamil diaspora virtually blackmailed western politicians for votes if they did not support LTTE. LTTE has smuggled the Tamil diasporas and smartly settled them in certain electorates to get the numbers significant enough have a say.

Sri Lankan leaders stubbornly asked the West to go to hell. Wiki-leaks confirm what was said to David Milliband and the French FM in Colombo. This is why these countries have a vendetta against Sri Lanka for revenge. They were the colonial masters after all. Now most of the UN funding comes from these western countries especially USA. It is not rocket science to understand UN is a puppet of the western world. UN sanctions, the invasion of countries western powers don’t like / vested interest in resources are paving way to massive human right violation of civilians caught in the middle.

Ban Ki-moon is near the end of his term in office and is due for re-election. No secretary general is appointed without the blessing of the major funding nations. Who is Mr Ban trying to please now? Sri Lankan nation or his masters who can reappoint him? Ban Ki Moon and his UN does not care a donkey about what the truth is but only their own interests. I wonder what the UN has to say regarding the Iraq indiscriminate bombing (shock and awe tactics), Guantanamo Bay enquiry in US and Iraq enquiry in UK that were swept under the carpet by the respective governments.

Posted by: Lak Puthra | April 22, 2011 04:37 AM

This statement by Gunasekera is a typical lawyer's exercise -- indeed a defence counsel's address!Ignore the detrimental evidence,exagerate as much as possible,throw in a few personal attacks etc._If the evidence is against you attack the character of persons involved!_More like G G Ponnambalam than Colvin R de Silva!
This is the tragedy of the political discourse in Sri Lanka:TOO MANY LAWYERLY APPROACHES!
And it is difficult to see what SLG is so agitated about:The reports condemn both the LTTE and SLG forces.And the evidence to condemn them has been known to everyone paying attention in Sri Lanka for sometime-- long before the UN issued its report!

Posted by: rajan karalasingham | April 22, 2011 05:47 AM

Maybe, you should advise your leader, the 'universally-renowned three-sinhaladhipathi' to quit the UN and form an alternative UN with Gaddafi and such like.

Posted by: cyril | April 22, 2011 06:56 AM

Poor S L Gunasekera is up in arms and runs to condemn the UN Report even before the full report is published,only when one is guilty do they react like this as the guilty conscience pricks the mind!

1)in any war civilians do get killed but not like this when they are asked to go to safe zones and then bombed

2) The executive summary itself is proof enough that the report is unbiased as they have listed out the whole list of LTTE atrocities and crimes

3)Regarding Libya ,the Libyan people themselves are thanking the West for helping them against the tyrant called Gaddafi! perhaps good old SL gunasekera has forgeten about the rape victim of Gaddafis forces who tried to tell the media about her plight in Tripoli and was then dragged out of there

4)Cardboard hero S.L Gunasekera has forgotten how he was kicked out the JHU then known as the Sihala Urumaya in 2000 when they won a single seat in the General election!

5)If Mr Gunasekara is so concerned about the freedom of Tamil people then why on earth was he silent when white vans went around abducting killing and then dumping Tamils not so long ago?

6)Poor S L Gunasekera does not realise that unlike in the past century in this war (esp towards the end) many atrocities have been videoed and released some of which has come from the mobile phones from the Army men themselves hence denying them is going to be a really tough call for the cardboard heroes!

Posted by: Pro Bono Publico | April 23, 2011 07:37 AM

Interesting that Gunasekera points out Guantanamo Bay as a parallel to the Sri Lankan debacle. In fact, there is no parallel. Gunasekera in his rush to judgment does not mention, or is unaware of the fact that (1) the legality of Guantanamo was challenged in the US Supreme Court, (2) virtually every prisoner in Guantanamo has legal counsel, (3) less than 10 people (out of several hundred) have actually died at Guantanamo, despite the latter being in operation for over 6 years, and (4) a list of names of all those detained at Guantanamo can be found on the internet (public domain). Where is the Sri Lankan parallel? Absolutely none! If you want to bash the West, at least do so with a semblance of accuracy.

Posted by: HS De Silva | April 23, 2011 09:37 AM

SLG is barking at the moon - doing some kind of
service as commanded by his boss MR. Well done.

Why compare the local situation to the Wars in
the West that is on-going? Even without this Report, the facts are well known and are adquate
for prosecution!

Posted by: Punchiniame | April 25, 2011 09:35 AM

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