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'Why I'm glad we didn't win the World Cup'

(This piece, posted on facbook by a Sri Lankan youth is reproduced here)

First: It was a great game and India were the better team at the final, and during the tournament. I mean to take nothing away from such an epic victory, which I believe is something the entire subcontinent can be proud of. My gladness for Sri Lanka’s loss stems not from anything to do with India or their win.


Before and during the game I supported Sri Lanka and hoped for a victory. Being an unsinkable optimist down to the very last ball I continued to believe that there was hope. But then we lost. We clapped for Dhoni, Gambhir, Zaheer and most of all for Tendulkar (Few Sri Lankans like Yuvraj or Harbajan).

It was only when I was on my way home that I understood the full implications of what a World Cup victory would have turned Sri Lanka into. Perhaps I should have known this all along. Perhaps I was just blinded by a possible World Cup victory. Perhaps I’m not always as aware of what’s going on around me as I would like to think.

As we drove past the offices of Sri Lanka Cricket we saw them with the gates wide open for the first time in a long time, ready for an all-night party. Their walls and gate decorated and their officials dressed to the nines. I felt sorry for them not getting to throw their big bash. But then I remembered… this is the same Sri Lanka Cricket who ****ed fans who queued up overnight to buy tickets for the games in Sri Lanka by selling almost all the tickets to scalpers.

This is the same Sri Lanka Cricket who orchestrated a vicious smear campaign against former captain Arjuna Ranatunge through the vernacular electronic media in the days leading up to the final. This is a governing body that does not care about the fans or the players. And I’m glad they didn’t get to party all night with my money.

Then we drove past Independence Square where giant awnings had been erected in preparation for a national celebration. This was to be an event that was to be attended by the president where he would confer special honors upon the players.

This was to be an event where the President and his sons basked in the glow of a victorious cricket team and used the team’s win to add further veneer to the regime’s pseudo nation-building program.

This is the same President that ****ed the whole country by raising fuel prices on the eve of the World Cup final, when they knew everyone would be distracted.

This is the same President who’s pork-barreled almost all of Sri Lanka’s development funding into a semi-arid sparsely populated district in the South-East, and then built a cricket stadium there to please his son.

This is the same President who’s responsible for the deaths of over three dozen journalists and media people, and the exile of many more. A win last night would have been very easily interpreted/hijacked as a
validation of his rule.

It was only when I woke up this morning and heard of all the other state sponsored events in Colombo which have been cancelled because of the loss that I fully understood why I must’ve been bat-shit crazy to hope for a win.
This would’ve been an unprecedented public relations coup for the regime. All the glory of winning something awesome, minus the having-to-kill-your-own-civilians part.

Have no fear. Sri Lanka will win the World Cup again someday. But I hope it’s in a time when we have a leader we can all stand behind, a government that we all trust, a flag that we can unite under, an anthem we can sing in whatever language we want to sing in and a nation that we can all be proud of.

That victory will be epic, and it will be ours.


Well said Sir ! There are many others in this blessed country who share the thoughts of this writer.

Posted by: AjayH | April 5, 2011 10:07 PM

I have written a response to the article published here, and would appreciate if equal prominence was given to that too. After all, I am simply exercising my freedom of expression, and my right to reply as a citizen of Sri Lanka.

Posted by: Thishya Weragoda | April 5, 2011 10:46 PM

Hope Sangakara with his new found IPL home team leadership experience develop good bilateral ties with Andhra and groom a future leader of the calibre of Rajasinghe to bring peace and prosperity to both Srilanka and Southern States of India with exchange of neighbourly "foreign talent".

Posted by: KirthiSri | April 5, 2011 11:56 PM

The President entered India through a side entrance of a Temple in Kerala and left the stadium through the back door without even meeting the team. Sorry sight.

Posted by: LBW | April 6, 2011 01:00 AM

Marvellous comment

Posted by: Au | April 6, 2011 01:56 AM

Well said son - the
obituary will be so as
sports and Public events
are one and the same?

Posted by: ardneham | April 6, 2011 02:58 AM

Thank you for posting this.

The author has clarity of thought.

Every Sri lankan cricket fan should read this. I supported SL team too. I know many sri lankan tamil expats in london gathered in PUBS and friends home with cases of Lion larger to watch the match. Many of those were key organisers and participants at the Westminster protests during the height of the War.
Certeintly they could do with reading this piece.
Thanks again.

Posted by: selvan | April 6, 2011 04:16 AM

hello my dear young man

why did yoou conveniently missed out these....

this is the president who violently killed approx 60 thousand

innocent tamils.

this is the president who inhumanely imprisoned the innocent tamils behind barbed wire in that scorching sun.

this is the president who is arrogantly building budha statues and pansalas
in the predominant tamil areas.

this the f*** president who is behind all the white van operations in the island.

this is the president who thinks he can get away mith murder! not long i hope!

we will rope him and his brothers (B T F )with the help of UN and ICC.

Posted by: chelliah | April 6, 2011 04:26 AM

Like the quiet word in Sanga's ear to remember to thank the president for "his guidence" in his post match speech.

Posted by: dingiri | April 6, 2011 06:37 AM

Ha.. ha!!... it was only a matter of time before some joker tried to pin the winning or losing of a game of cricket on the Rajapakses as well..

This surely must be a "youth" who wrote this.., and an ignorant one at that., No serious writer could legitimately lay the fuel price increase which affects the whole planet, at the feet of the SL administration and expect to get away with such a ridiculous assertion.

I wonder what they would do when the price of a barrel of oil reaches the forecast USD200 eventually, from it's USD108 today (up from USD25 in the Seventies)- blame that on a Rajapakse as well I suppose.,

Of COURSE a Victory would be a PR Coup for the administration,. as it is for the Indian one and as it would have been for any other nation that would have won it. To expect otherwise is to be criminally naieve.. oh well!! A "youth" I suppose..

What a Maroon !!

Posted by: Anonymous | April 6, 2011 07:14 AM

What would really have happened if sri lanka had won is evident by the reported assaults and arson on upcountery indian tamils and their homes, after sri lanka lost.

Posted by: Samuel | April 6, 2011 07:59 AM

Thank you - you've written this excellently on behalf of very many people.

Posted by: eureka | April 6, 2011 08:31 AM

An interesting view from the ground. T The last para.. is telling. Alas, the Nation awaits for this to happen.

Posted by: vishvajith | April 6, 2011 10:44 AM

This news item will be appropriate:

Lloyd's of London, the British insurance and reinsurance company has rejected maritime insurance related to Hambantota harbour.
Loyd’s have stated that the situation of the harbor would encourage forming sand dunes due to the large amount of sand that deposits in the harbor daily.
They also point out ships could get damaged due to the number of rocks that exist in the sea nearby and also point out that the surf is rough throughout the year in the area.

The government of Sri Lanka has asked the Chinese company which is carrying out constructions of the harbour to remove the large rock at the entrance to it.
However, the Chinese company has pointed out that removal of the rock would endanger the whole Hambantota town.
They have also pointed out that removal of the rock would cost about hundred times more than what was spent for the construction of the harbour.

Posted by: Southerner | April 6, 2011 11:38 AM

Ennada Chelliah,

"this is the president who violently killed approx 60 thousand innocent tamils" - No Thambi, it must have been 60 million - make any number you want !

"this is the president who inhumanely imprisoned the innocent tamils behind barbed wire in that scorching sun" Poor you...You must be feeling very cold in YENGLAND or CANADA.

"this is the president who is arrogantly building budha statues and pansalas in the predominant tamil areas" Are they predominantly Tamil before or after the LTTE ethnically cleansed the areas ?

"this the f*** president who is behind all the white van operations in the island" - Sure.. I saw him driving one....

"this is the president who thinks he can get away mith murder! not long i hope" Murder of whom....the 600 billion Tamils ???

"we will rope him and his brothers (B T F )with the help of UN and ICC"... GOOD luck brother.....

Salaam Alai Qum

Posted by: true srilankan | April 6, 2011 05:31 PM

some day sri lanka wii be free every dog will have his day now is gadaffi tomorrow wiill be his friends

Posted by: Anonymous | April 6, 2011 08:20 PM

Hay Genius
Thank you for openning my eyes.
Now I am so happy that we lost to India. But in the longer version I am still really warried for we didn't loose to LTTE. Why didn't us loose to LTTE as well, as we used to be for 30 years? If the LTTE was there to beat the shit out of us how nice this country would be? No world cups, no big stadiums, no president and no his sons to bask in glory.
Only burning banks and oil tanks, body parts spread all over the highways, villages full of innocent civilians hatched to death and miserable one eyed presidents.
Really why did they defeat LTTE for us to share this country with Gal moosalaya like the guy who wrote this? Why didn't they let this country go to hell with all the idiots like him?

Posted by: Lal Jayalath | April 6, 2011 09:34 PM

This article is partial and written with a great anger. Certain things can be true but not all.

Posted by: R. Sivarasa | April 6, 2011 09:44 PM

Thanks for your persenal comments, whole article shows what a looser you are , you lost all elections, now you lost cricket final

Posted by: kris | April 6, 2011 09:47 PM

I agree with the writer and I have to add something.I too like this defeat because if sriLanka had won Mervin Silva of Kelaniya could have said that they won because the team got 'Devaasheervada'on behalf of his Puja at kelaniya temple.

Posted by: Saman from Galle | April 6, 2011 11:04 PM

As for this article, its was all to do with immotions & personal political overtones.
Leave the subcontinent apart, Sri Lanka was in the game up to the fall of the 02nd wicket (Tendulkar's).
What baffles me was thereafter, the performance of the Sri Lanka Team, thereon.

To the naked eye, India performed magnificiently. Sri Lanka not to be outdone set a challenging total that was
built around Mahela's glorious hundred and which was certainly defendable.
What I was at a loss to understand was how the Sri Lanka Bowling & Fielding fell apart after the fall of that 02nd wicket.

As for this Sanjaya Senanayake's ourburst, it totally unnecessary and immature.
This Sanjaya Senanayake appears to be a political lunatic. His blinkered political immotions have got the better of him.
Be it in the Democratic World or otherwise, it is the nature of every Politician to gain easy mileage. As such, capitalising /
felicitating sportsmen/artiste ect., occurr in every country and that by the Politician. Sri Lanka is & was no exception.

What baffles me was the Sri Lanka performance on the field.
Only time will reveal what actually happened on that day. Everybody is resigning but none have spoken out.
But, one can not hide the truth for that long if there was one that contributed to our debacle and it will prevail.

To the naked eye, India was the better team on that day and I am happy that India succeeded in winning.
This win for India meant uniting 1.2 billion people in that Country where disunity is the norm.
This victory has brought them together. I do not know for how long BUT for the time being before it
false apart again.

If not for this win, entire India would have been torched and the Country would be burning as of this
momemt. The players and the Officials would have been destitute & probably Sri Lanka would have had to
provide them refuge.



Posted by: dagobert | April 7, 2011 12:10 AM

Yes, I strongly agree with this article. This is what exatly what I too think.Up to the semifinals it was all good, and then politics creeped in and spoiled the game.

Posted by: robinson | April 7, 2011 01:37 AM

You must be a 'Youth' living in some other country, not Sri Lanka

Did you forget that this is the same president who gave the leadership to destroy terrorism in Sri Lanka, so that my parents now travel to office in one bus.

This is the same president who allowed us to freely move around my whole country without any problem

Finally this is the same president who allowed us to sleep peacefully in the night without any fear of tomorrow getting us killed by a bomb

Come to Sri Lanka and live here you idiot!!!

Posted by: Lankaguy | April 7, 2011 02:36 AM

What the UNP don't realise is the ever rising popularity of the President who saved the country from terrorism and made it possible for every citizen to live in peace and harmony. None of the UNP politicians wished the team good luck when they qualified to the final. This shows the mean attitude of the opposition thinking that had Sri Lanka won the World Cup the credit of the victory would have gone to the President. This shows the unpatriotism of the UNP.

Posted by: Palitha Ranatunge | April 7, 2011 02:56 AM

Very true, I am sure he was waiting to gain political millage with the win. I think the time has come for him and his family to get lost

Posted by: cindy | April 7, 2011 03:57 AM

singhala foot..typical tamil mentality..
otherwise will some one with a common decency, wish loss and destruction to his own country just because he doesnt like the rulers....typical tamil!

Posted by: billy | April 7, 2011 06:41 AM

What a stupid article!

This guy is happy Sri Lanka lost the world cup because Rajapakse is President ????????

Posted by: Anonymous | April 7, 2011 07:18 AM

The write up indicates a hateful & a warped mind set. Degrading nationally significant sporting achievements based on one's political views cannot be described any other way.

One can also argue that the regime still enjoys the trust of the overwhelming majority of the population. Accordingly, this could be interpreted as an insult to the ordinary people of the country who aspired to see their national team winning the world cup, but equally magnanimous in treating the team as heros even in defeat (irrespective of surrounding politics).

Posted by: Hela | April 7, 2011 08:51 AM

Rajapakse bro's could not cheat their way to a World Cup Victory. Millions, if not billions, of eyes, were watching every development up to the last wicket. Unfortunately, the tribulations of the 40,000 Tamils that were killed in the last few months by fascist Rajapakse's war machine did not receive nearly the same degree of scrutiny. In any event, let us be glad that the Sri Lankan team participated in a corruption free event, and lost with all manner of appropriate pride and dignity.

Posted by: HS De Silva | April 7, 2011 01:11 PM

Bloody hell, Southerner, where did u pick this info from. Not that I am asking from where, this makes the whole project a HUGE WHITE ELEPHANT. And guess what we will pay through our noses to the China-man for an nonviable project. Phew!.

Posted by: vishvajith | April 7, 2011 09:00 PM

Obviously written from the depth of his heart, in sorrow and anguish for what has happened to our beautiful country. Thank you.

Posted by: Sue | April 7, 2011 10:46 PM

ah at last justification for my line of thinking...albeit from a student, Oh for the innocence and the wisdom of youth !

Posted by: Ravana | April 13, 2011 09:16 PM

Mr Annonymous,

Victory would be a PR Coup for the administration of every country that won the cup. Really! Australia won this cup on four out of ten world cups so far and three of them consequently. No government administrator took credit for these victories. After all it is a game.
- Australian

Posted by: Sri Varman | April 16, 2011 04:51 PM

I think MR may have a hand in this, He sold our world cup for some money? or his masters in India forced him to do so.

Posted by: sunil.k | April 17, 2011 01:03 PM

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